Debunking Conspiracies Around The Coronavirus | NBC News NOW

Debunking Conspiracies Around The Coronavirus | NBC News NOW

26 thoughts to “Debunking Conspiracies Around The Coronavirus | NBC News NOW”

  1. F U corporate waste, you will not be allowed to cover this up. 2020 is chaos personified, culminating in all out martial law and civil chaos by election time !

  2. The reason the flu is more deadly is because it’s more widespread but of those infected only .01% die. Coronavirus has a 2-5% death rate and has only just begun to spread. That’s the difference. Coronavirus will definitely become much more deadly killing millions and its more easily spread. This is serious and don’t try to undermine the severity of the situation. Quarantining a city of over 11 million with makeshift hospitals and that death rate is scary AF.

  3. Oh, thank you for giving me the "Offical" way to think. I'm so much more informed by listening to you. I believe everything that NBC says.

  4. Oh yeah way to go NBC…. well over a thousand dead and cities the size of New York under quarantine but' the flu is far more worse'…… you've got to be effing kidding me……!

  5. 1.Yes trust the government! Mike Epstien hung himself in Federal custody
    2. Willing gave African syphilis to study the effects
    3. Japanese concentration camps during WWII
    4. Trail of Tears
    5. Did experiments with LSD to develop psychic abilities
    6. Lying about UFO for the past 80 years.
    7. Injustice in legal system
    8. Showing more favor to Caucasian than any other race!
    9. The housing crisis of 2008

    List goes on and on yea, I really trust the government!

  6. Debunk the fact that after trying to arrest Dr. Li for spreading warning of the virus they still held the buffet knowing about the outbreak.

  7. These main stream media keeps comparing flu to coronavirus is the biggest misinformation war ever while watching China quarentines 60 million people still couldn't control the outbreak, and still bigger outbreak could happen else where, airlines bans flights all over the place just like WHO an health organization focuses on politics and economics instead of people's health news organization focus on the news and truth get us the info we need.

  8. Now I'm not afraid I put my trust in the Lord but I will never put my trust in the peacock news🤣 she said my times😂NBC oh my stomach is hurting from laughing, believe the George Soros owned media with the same news and speech from channel to channel in different cities,wake up people.

  9. Years ago Ozzy Osbourne bit the head off a bat and I live concert. Look how he turned out. Is that long-term Corona virus affect?

  10. Gee, thanks. Now I know that our government and our mainstream media are 100% trustworthy and always have my best interest at heart at all times.

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