hey guys welcome back to my channel and
welcome to the last and final update of the grow and slay with me series/challenge whatever you want to call it I am back with the curls blissful lengths
hair growth vitamin and this is my final check-in because as you know if you
follow curls on Instagram or Facebook the challenge is over
the challenge was from October 16th through December 31st and they did
announce a winner but since I don’t have much to update you about for this
vitamin I wanted to do an update on the challenge on my channel and I have a
special announcement at the end so if you’ve been following the grow and slay with me series here on my channel you know that I actually started taking the vitamin
back in September it was actually September 17th and so I was taking it a
month before the actual challenge started and I am actually on bottle
number 7 but I’m really claiming to be on bottle number 6 because I took a
week’s worth of vitamin I took a week’s worth of bottle number 7 and I left it
in South Carolina because I didn’t want the hassle of traveling with it so I
left with my aunt so she could try it and see if she liked it so I actually
did like six and a half bottles so I’ve actually been taking his vitamin for
almost four months now and it has been a great experience I really enjoyed this
vitamin feel like I’ve experienced some growth I wore my hair straight because I
had it straight for the end of the challenge and as you can see it’s pretty
long it’s still right above my bra strap my mom dusted my ends for me right before
this video so I am still getting rid of the dead ends that were colored and
damaged I still have about an inch to cut off but my mom it’s not a licensed
beautician so she did not want to cut too much but overall I enjoyed this
vitamin I really really liked it I didn’t have any problems one update I do
have for this vitamin is that I did actually started taking it at night and
I drink about 4 to 5 bottles of water I drink actually a whole bottle of water
right after taking it and then I go to sleep I didn’t have any problems are
they keeping me up at night if you know from previous videos I was having a
problem staying up all night when I was taking at midday so I did switch over to
taking it at night and honestly that is the only difference from the last
check-in and this one is the time that I changed from taking it from midday to in
the nighttime so that is the actual check-in update as far as the vitamin
goes I really do enjoy the vitamin if you want to know if I’m gonna keep
taking the vitamin yes um CURLS actually had a flash sale right before I wanna say
right before Christmas I can’t remember when the sale was but CURLS had a sale
and so I actually got four more bottles of this stuff and some exciting news she
had for the first of the year was that it should be out in more targets more
CVS like it should be excess more accessible so with the flash sale I
did get me four more bottles of the vitamin so the answer to the question is
yes I’m gonna continue taking it I do have a goal if you know from previous
videos I don’t really have a straight hair goal like I have a goal in mind but
really I wear my hair curly mostly so my curly goal with this vitamin I’m gonna
see how long it takes is to get my curly hair to bra strap length now my straight
hair is already there let me show you it’s kind of hard to see now my straight hair is already there
but I want my curly hair to be there so I’m gonna continue taking it I don’t
know how long it’s gonna take I will keep you all updated on the vitamin and
my growth the next update is a channel update so now that I’ve got myself going
I’ve been on YouTube here for about 4 months now I am ready to actually set a
date to what I’m gonna post videos so I’ve actually decided that I’m going to
post videos every Wednesday and I’m gonna see how that works if not then I
will be doing it every Sunday but I think Wednesday’s will work for me so
starting next week I will be posting videos every Wednesday and it will
probably be about 5 o’clock every Wednesday
I’m just so I could get into a routine here on my channel and I have some
exciting videos coming up for you guys I put together a natural hair kit for
beginners or anyone who is natural and trying to get their hair healthy because
my goal for the year is just have healthy hair not necessarily long hair
but healthy hair I actually am doing a challenge of my own for myself and if
you would like to join me you’re more than welcome so I’ll have information on
that and I am actually gonna be dabbling into more updos and different hairstyles
because I don’t wear my hair straight but I also don’t want to get bored with
wash and gos so that is the update here on my channel I’ll be doing some new
things here on my channel and I want to thank you all so far for rocking with me
for 3 or 4 months now so that is the information about my
channel so the last and final thing so if you follow me on Instagram and
snapchat or you follow curls you know that they did announce the winner of the
girl and slay with me challenge and the winner was announced on December 31st
and I was actually in the car driving home when it was announced and so if you
don’t know drum I did win I won the grow and slay with
me challenge with curls I’m super excited it took everything within me not
to just post a video that night and explain how excited I was I worked
really hard taking photos it’s really hard for me so I worked really hard
making sure I posted when I was supposed to and sometimes extra post and
I made sure I took my vitamin every day and I’m super excited because I actually
feel like the vitamin helped my hair grow I actually did two trims during the
chall no I actually did a trim before the challenge a trim during the
challenge and a trim recently after the challenge and my hair is still at bra
strap so with the hair that I’ve been cutting off it’s still growing back
automatically to my bra strap and that makes me so happy so I can’t wait to see
what is in store with this vitamin in the future but yes I was super excited I
could not wait to tell you all because there were so many people that I know
that were wishing me good luck and telling me they hope I won and I did I
did not expect it I was super super excited so thank you thank you curls and
the rest of the ladies who put on the challenge and I’m sure they’ll be doing
another one in the future so if you missed this challenge there’s always the next
one um and I kind of forgot what I won because it’s been so long since I looked
into it but I’m pretty sure I get some more vitamins so that’s perfect and some
products from the blueberry bliss line so I’m super super super excited if you
cannot tell I could not stop smiling I was screaming in the car my mom’s like
do I need to drive so that is it that is the conclusion of the grow and slay with
me challenge as well as this series I will probably post updates here every
three months maybe or so but as far as keeping you posted every month with
updates that I’m done with because I didn’t really like having to straighten
my hair that much because I really am focused on the health of my hair so I’ll
check in probably every three to six months we’ll see how it goes but I’m
super super excited glad the challenge is over cuz I have to
worry about remembering to take pictures but I am super excited that I was able
to win so that is all that is my quick check-in for my channel and this
challenge I do want to wish you all a Happy New Year this is the first video
of the new year here on my channel and I cannot wait to see what the new year has
in store for us so if you like this video please please please give it a
thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe and turn on the notification bell so that
you can be notified when I post new videos and I’ll see you all in the next
one bye guys


  1. Ayyyyyeeeee girl congratulations!!!!! You totally deserve it!!!!!! Can’t wait for all the new videos for the year!! Super excited to see them!!

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