29 thoughts to “Court documents outline Lori Vallow case”

  1. Oh, my! You can't put a person's full name, birth date, address and last 4 digits of their social security number on public tv! Someone's going to be in trouble!

  2. You need to take down this video. You are displaying last 4 of a SSN. THAT IS ILLEGAL. EVEN THOUGH IT'S FROM A CRIMINAL THAT DESERVES IT.

  3. To whomever is concern about her address being shown etc… Nobody cares. We only care and want to recover the children asap and most importantly, safe.

  4. Good process!! Warms my heart how they are separated now. We need to see Lori break at some point, this is progress πŸ˜„πŸ‘

  5. So the plot thickens. The brother and Lori brought Tylee and JJ somewhere in Yellowstone and got rid of them. Maybe they fed them to the wolves in the park and then Lori got Chad to poison the brother and then his wife..

  6. Sep. 23, 2019 – J.J. Vallow is last seen in Rexberg.
    Feb. 21, 2020 – Lori Vallow is arrested and faces extradition to Idaho.
    Dec. 9, 2027 – Lori Vallow is convicted for the premeditated murders of her children.
    May 24, 2028 – The sentencing judge demonstrates his commitment to gender "equality" by sentencing Lori to probation.

  7. Just a little side note to question….who and/or how was she able to reapply fresh makeup and fix her hair for her mugshot?

  8. She will make bail and more drama will take place ! Then July will come and we will never know what the God did with her kids ! This is not Justice for her two missing children !!

  9. Law enforcement should be sleuthing these comments to get clues and leads to find the children's whereabouts.
    Well done citizens πŸ‘Œ

  10. TyLee was last seen with her mother and the uncle that killed her father on a trip to Yellowstone Park. And now that Uncle is dead, if Alex murdered Tylee, that would be a clear motive to kill Alex.
    Lori wouldn't have to pay off Alex for murdering her husband and there be no witness to tylee and what happened to her.

  11. Lori/Chad saw this coming-they have a plan. They aren't idiots! Could be Another Casey Anthony case. Lori only has to serve 90 days max. on current charges. Chances are she'll get off March 2nd.

  12. Painfully clear that Chad should face murder charges as well. He lied by telling his family that Lori was an empty nester, and there was no evidence of the children at the new townhome in Hawaii. Obviously Chad and Lori had it fairly well worked out to start a new life far from where the children were last seen, so no one in Hawaii would even know that children had ever existed. My guess is that one of the grandparents started asking questions about the kids' whereabouts, for the people from the Rexburg school would not know that JJ had not turned up in Hawaii. This is all somewhat similar to the Casey Anthony case, where the grandmother kept asking to speak with the little girl. Also, Lori's brother (Alex) was probably in on the murder of the daughter at Yellowstone park, as well as the killing of Lori's ex-husband. But Alex was probably going to crack and confess, so Lori and Chad probably had him poisoned to death or something similar. I'd look into the similarities of the deaths of Alex and Chad's deceased wife, Tammy. This case is all too easy, no mystery here. Give me a tougher one. Casey Anthony was tougher than this, as well as Kyron Horman. (I figured out that one as well.) Feel free to contact me for all your junior-detective needs. Lol.

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