“Cornerstore Caroline” Falsely Accuses a 9-Year-Old Black Boy of Sexual Assault | The Daily Show

“Cornerstore Caroline” Falsely Accuses a 9-Year-Old Black Boy of Sexual Assault | The Daily Show

Let’s talk
about white ladies.
There’s a lot
of things they love:
bottomless mimosas,
being on their friends’ boats,
and pumpkin spice anything.
But this year’s biggest trend
for white ladies
is calling 911 on black people.
It’s a scenario
that’s become all too common,
where a minor incident results
in a white person
calling the police
on a black person.
In this case, a nine-year-old
black child was accused
of sexually assaulting a
white woman at a Brooklyn deli.
There are officers
down the block. They…
“Cornerstore Caroline.”
I love that now black people
are giving white ladies
their nicknames on the spot.
No. ‘Cause it used to take
a couple of days,
but not it’s instant.
It’s almost like black people
are thinking of nicknames
for every white lady they see
just in case some shit
goes down.
It’s like we’re walking
around like, “Okay,
“she would be, ‘Lower
Your Voice Laura,’ all right.
“That one’s ‘Bathroom Betty,’
oh, ‘Rooftop Rachel,’
I actually hope she calls the
cops so I can use that one.”
So “Cornerstore Caroline” joins
a whole bachelorette party
of white women
who have called the cops
on black people in 2018.
“BBQ Becky,” “Permit Patty,”
“Pool Patrol Paula,”
and just like them,
“Cornerstore Caroline”
was not gonna let anyone talk
her out of calling the cops.
(audience reacts)
Okay. First of all,
“Good-bye 911 operator”?
White ladies call 911 so much
they just talk to them
like they’re dating?
Is that what it is?
“Oh, 911 operator,
you hang up.
“No, you hang up.
“Okay, on three.
“One, two, three.
“Are you still there?
“Oh, me, too.
I love you, 911 operator.”
And you know a white lady
is going too far
when other white women
are trying to stop her.
So wait. So wait.
Now white ladies are using the
term “white lady” as an insult?
“You cut me off, white lady.”
“Hey! Who are you calling
a white lady, white lady?”
“You’re about to get
a face full of rosé.”
“Oh, yeah? What year?”
“I love that year.”
“Me, too. Oh, my God,
me, too.
“Oh, my God.
I totally love that year.”
“I love it, too.”
No, but kudos
to that other woman
for stepping up;
that’s an ally.
And here’s the thing,
here’s the thing:
If you’re an adult
and a nine-year-old kid grabs
your ass,
you don’t call the cops, okay?
It’s a kid.
Kids grab things all the time.
I’ve been in the subway
and felt a grab,
and I looked down and it was a
kid holding on to my leg. Yeah.
I wasn’t like,
“Ah, sexual assault.”
I did what any adult does,
all right?
I picked him up,
told him his mom chose me,
and I took him home.
You don’t call the cops.
And here’s the thing,
I’m just saying, like,
even if we never knew
what really happened,
she was in the wrong,
in my opinion.
Except, we do know what happened
because there’s a video,
and it turns out that kid
wasn’t grabbing anything.
TV REPORTER: The store
surveillance video
tells a different story,
clearly showing
the boy’s backpack accidentally
brushed against Klein.
(audience reacts)
Yes. It was a brush
by a backpack,
not a sexual assault
by a nine-year-old.
Those two things should be easy
to tell apart
unless this was the kid’s
backpack, then I’d understand.
And, honestly, like,
we can joke,
but it’s hard to watch the story
and not be reminded
of Emmett Till way back in 1955.
False allegation against a
black child by a white lady.
It’s the same ingredients.
But, the one silver lining
in this story is this:
Two days later,
“Cornerstore Caroline” went back
to that same store
and somehow,
the whole hood
was there waiting for her.
TV REPORTER: Back in Brooklyn,
last night a dramatic scene.
Klein returned to the store
and reviewed the footage,
taunted by a crowed.
(indistinct shouting)
You can put that on WorldStar.

100 thoughts to ““Cornerstore Caroline” Falsely Accuses a 9-Year-Old Black Boy of Sexual Assault | The Daily Show”

  1. before we go any further, what a** is she referring to that can appeal someone or a black person to touch??

  2. i mean the person she should be reporting is the one who told her a lie that she got something behind her that can be grabbed

  3. Her calling her “white lady” wasn’t an insult, it was her subtlety saying you’re not one of them – you should be on my side.

  4. If you are a 40 year old woman with no ass and a nine-year-old touch your ass you should get excited that somebody like your ass LOL. Now that you have been exposed no one is going to touch your ass. Hahaha

  5. Thank god we have cameras now. If this would have happened in 1950s then he would have thrown into jail without a proper trail and incarcerated for life and then say oh he is just 9 years old so death penalty is off the table

  6. Maybe our government will sterilize or give anesthesia to people like her until she reaches her eternal slumber. Death isn't a joke, but there are too many racists, among other forms of trash, in this world. Guarantee, had the child been white she would have gone about her business as if it was an accident. White boys grabbing booty, no way. Black boy, yeah, without a doubt. I need to call the police. F*cks wrong with this lady!!! She is quite literally brain dead if she thinks a booty grab by a child is sexual assault. I guess that would be called "sexual ass-ault."

  7. Insane people everywhere. Let us not be the enemy we despite. Let us not use stereotypes. It’s not about white ladies, it’s about freaky ladies

  8. False accusations should carry a penalty when proven false.

    This woman creates an incident that the kid will remember for the rest of his life, and gets away with an apology?

    Some people deserve far worse than simple public shaming.

  9. I was once on a farmers market as a kid and lost my dad (used to hold his hand all the time) and so when trying to find him, i was looking for hands that looked like his because i was very littke and didnt look up. So i grabbed the hands and started to speak as i would to my Father. But it was the wrong hand 😂 it was an old Grandfather and his wife next to him asked him what i wanted from him and he smiled and said he caught the wrong hand and went along. Didnt call the cops on me or anything it actually made them smile and chuckle.

  10. First of all there is no ass on that lady, she have a rear end, but that flat thing on her back can't be call an ass.

  11. Kind of embarrassing to call the cops and say Sue's been sexually assaulted by a child…kind of think she wanted it dam.

  12. This story reminded me so much about Emmett Till anybody has not heard about that story look it up it is sad


  14. This cunt has no idea what sexual assult is. How fucking sic is this eomen. Or is she just mentally ill and has a very bad attention thing. How sic.

  15. Not gonna lie I dont think this is similar to emmitt till. He was murdered for flirting with a white woman and then the killers got away with it. Correct me if I'm wrong but I dont think the woman accused him of assault and even if she did that wasnt the focus of the trial

  16. This is why gentrification needs to stop and why we need to unify. These people will stop at nothing until we are either arrested or killed. Wake up brothers and sisters !✊🏾

  17. thats kinda wrong. I wanna say its kinda wrong to stereotype all white women but im probably gonna get shit for it

  18. Not to be as racist as a white lady, but we should collectively bully white people who do these things a go free. The societal backlash should be enough to fix these whites.

  19. Why call her white ?
    Isn't that racist?
    Horrible humans exist.
    A black women will rape the kid on camera.
    I don't think kids should go through this but what is the difference with adults, why don't you take evidence into account when a white or a black man is accused Especially a white man.

  20. The kid isn't guilty but don't act like 9 year-olds dont think like that. I thought my 4th grade teacher was cute as fuck. Even in 3rd grade I thought too bad Im too ugly for a female pedophile to come at me

  21. First society shames a black person for not being interested in being gay, then they wanna say that black men are the most famous for sexual assualt and are now making it look like they are from our youth, seriously? Im sure this kid was just probably trying to get her attention or something 😂.

  22. From a comedy perspective, that was probably his way of saying hello while stating that he is also an ass man at an early age lol.

  23. Ladies and long statements, we call it oyibo grammar jhor.. Lekpa for that matter like say that black kid like bones.. He just throws it at his dog at home.. Bs.. Lol… I'm glad black people all over the world are getting mentally stronger at oyibo drama.

  24. The bitch's name is THERESA KLEIN: https://www.theroot.com/cornerstore-caroline-finally-apologizes-for-falsely-acc-1829729708

  25. this woman can't tell the brush of a backpack and a hand grabbing her @ss. clearly cornerstore caroline hasn't been touched in decades. this is some funny sh*t going on these days

  26. This is a racis episode saying that all white girls are like that but whait know is ok to be racist againts white people but help me good if you do the same about black girls

  27. You bastards and your ideology of calling people out on skin color, then wonder why racist people exist.

  28. First off you got it all wrong. You said black "person". There is no such thing. All blacks are just used farm equipment that never should have been wearing a backpack anyway. You are an abomination anyway turning against the plantation owner that took your momma behind a tool shed and fucked it up the ass so many times that you came out halfway decent. I can only hope he filled that cunt in front of your farm equipment relatives especially it's young garden plows. To make you as European as you are but much less as you are white I believe you to be Mexican.

  29. I got sexually assaulted by a little white boy in Vystar. I overheard the boy telling his dad he is going to smack my ass and the dad was like "no, don't do that" and the boy did it and the dad acted like he was shocked and then laughed a little.

  30. And the worst thing is had this been in other parts of this country the young man's life would have been in Jeopardy. Just because this is 2019 we all know racism still exist. Had he been in Alabama or perhaps some parts of Texas or other Southern States or some backwood Northern City off in the cut this poor child and his mother lies would have been in Jeopardy. SMH! Thank God the camera was there to resolve the issue.

  31. This has been going on since America began. Most of them look like they need some sexual healing or at least some mental healing. There's a lot of Retarded white women out there.

  32. Plot twist….she is black and the kid is her son, and yes…its Trumps fault,and hes racist and a fascist and a raper and a pussy grabber and a everythingphobe..lmao

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