100 thoughts to “Congressman: US troops are a force for good in Iraq”


  2. You yourself don’t understand that you live in a black room where you only move on someone’s commands from speakers on the wall (News Channels) and under state control of cameras on the ceiling (Laws and restrictions).
    To make the right choice you need to have experience, but how can you do this without knowing the elementary – History, Culture, Tradition, Truth?
    The US government and the president told you that Iraq has chemical weapons, but where is the evidence and where is the once developed country, where are the lives of the dead American soldiers and Iraqi civilians?
    Zombie apocalypse occurs in your head.
    Suleimani was the PEACEKEEPER in the Arab world, and he was presented to you as a terrorist.
    He came to Iraq to discuss peace talks with Saudi Arabia, but the news channels tell you that he came to plan attacks on American embassies.
    Think about your lives, and the expression "In God we Trust" seems to have become just a catchphrase.

  3. Lol " taking over other countries" theyve never fired one ballistic missle anywhere up until recently for the retaliation of their general. U guys cant fool the american population anymore. No one is playing these war games except america. All of a sudden trump is tweeting non stop to the 100s of protestors in iran. But disregarded the millions of supporters who were at soleimanis funeral. They downplay it to thousands but there was over 5 mill. Its all part of divide and conquer. Weve seen this play out wayy too many times across the world. What happened to bringing democracy to syria? Asad is still president(by popular vote) yet once they destroyed the whole country into ruble all of a sudden no one cares about their "democracy" anymore nor the rebels. Trump said last week he still has soldiers there for taking the oil. Who str8 up says that. The american people are not stupid. And we the people do not condone such occupations and oppressions.

  4. More CNN Bullshit..
    How can you watch this Extremely Bias Crap
    Every Story is Against Trump.. EVERY STORY
    That should be enough to wake you up ..
    Blue pill Bullshit to keep you in the Matrix

  5. US: " We support democracy!"
    Iraq: " Ok great! We took a vote and we would like you to leave now"
    US: " Oh we were just kidding about the democracy….. SANCTIONS if you make us leave your country"

  6. Well it appears this guy is a poor representative of America and its military. People you do understand that the base of his statements are to militarily occupy that country? We need to pressure to stay. Its for their own good. They are not kids. Trump wants to bring em home??? BRING EM ALL HOME!!!

  7. Watch a video about the largest family in the world located in Ukraine, grandfather record holder with offspring 350 people

  8. Enough of the Washington bullshit. The American Tax payers want out of the middle east. The country gave it's money and it's children 18 years and the Government still can't finish what is impossible to do. We are not a force for good, never were and will always be put in the history books as the continuous invader. People wake up your government hasn't listened to you in years and there not about to start now. They have silenced your voice and this video alone proves this like thousands of others have. But yet they sent 3,000 more back over and if you believe that number your more out of touch than even you realize. If Washington says 6 believe 9. if they tell you 3,000 believe 5,000 for the proven fact they can't and won't tell you the truth! I refuse to support or believe in a government so corrupt and so against it's own citizens that they are willing to gamble it all in risk of loosing it all. There is nothing left to fight for in the middle east. Between ISIS, the US Government and Russia it's a waist land of dead decaying bodies and bombed out cities leaving thousands starving and home less. What the news will not show you are the thousands of refuge tent cities of homeless women and children being housed, fed with medical at the cost of the American tax payers because they have no where else to go. Your government has created the 2nd holocaust and must continue it's foreign aid as a bride conscience payment for the Busch's, Rumsfeld's, Chaney's, Obama's Biden and now the Trump administrations bad decisions and still going strong. They will continue these crimes against civilians for as long as the American people allow this kind of action. Yes folks your are in part as guilty as your own government for not even showing one ounce of remorse over there decisions by even the slightest attempt to stop it. Good luck fools you now have another 18 years of a US made holocaust and I have washed my hands of it years ago I suggest you do the same.

  9. How the fuck you guys are helping Iraq… bomb the shit out of the country and flipped the country… they don’t want you guys


  11. So, the US is to decide what is best for the iraque people and not they themselves?
    And cause the nuclear deal didn´t solved all the problems, it was better to cancel it, so there is no deal at all and the threat of the iranians getting a nuclear bomb is revived? Now there is no deal and all 3 problems are noch solved. If you have medicine that cures cancer but isn´t effective against headache…you dismiss it, cause it´s worthless?

  12. well, how could thses people electTrump back in 2016 as if what they said is their true thought? the only answer is Trump was their "chosen one" privately at the very start. so many said one thing did opposite while getting no change of support/approval rating.

  13. Alternate title: Leftist Propaganda Machine faux reporter gets visible upset when he doesn't get the answers he's fishing for

    TRUTH doesn't care about your feelings Clown News Network

  14. Excellent work Mr Secretary Esper. Nothing outside of the minimum information needed. Don't give up anything that may aid these adversaries and those foreign groups and nations that mean the west and the United States great harm!

  15. All I see here from one news channel to the other is that the MUTHER FUCKING REPUBLICANS have not even one straight answer or a logical answer to what they are asked about and it's one or the other, the TRUMP-ET C0CK SUCKING team just Fucken worKs on Covering up the SENILE MAN in his LIES , Fucking TRUMP! the man can't even tie his own FUCKING SHOE LACES and YOU people let the DELUSIONAL REPUBLICAN MAFIA BOSS from NY run this type of corrupt extorsion of IRAN. You people in US of MICROWAVE AMERICA NEED TO STOP eating Mac Cheese and remove the CORRUPTOR FROM THE WHITE HOUSE. THE MUTHER FUCKER IS INDANGERING THE WHOLE WORLD NOT JUST THE AMERICANOS. WAKE UP AMERICA before you cause WW3 and you all will just enjoy the horror of war from Your fucking living room sipping on a Fucking Frappuccino from STARbucks and calling on the number of Your troops being KILLED in battle! REMEMBER THE BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS YOU ARE THE ATTACKER YOU ARE SENDING YOUR MAN TO KILL OR BE KILLED. FOR WHAT ?? The man in battle kill 10 fucking terrorist and 110 potencial civilian terrorist ranging from MOTHERS WITH CHILDREN TO ELDERLY, JUST LOOK BACK A BIT WHAT HAVE YOU ALLOWED THE CORRUPTOR TRUMP TO DO AT THE MEXICAN BORDER ( CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY ) IF THIS IS HAPPENING IN YOUR COUNTRY JUST IMAGINE WHAT IS HAPPENING ABROAD. Think about it! THE LARGEST TERROR GROUP OF THE WORLD LED BY A RASISTIC-NARCISTIC MUTHER FUCKER TRUMP. DO SOMETHING BEFORE THE INNOCENT SUFFER AND YOU JUST DEBATE THE AFTERMATH OF THE TERROR YOU CAUSE IN THE WORLD.

  16. REMINDER: to anyone saying someone sides with terrorists because they don't support meddling in other countries, that's exactly what they said about people who opposed the Iraq war. Don't fall for it again.

  17. CNN is a shit house news so why in hell anyone will believe what these shit head say. They hate Trump and can't get over KILLARY lost the election so shut up.

  18. Are you going to contract Cancer .. will ?probably, maybe . Then stop smoking execute cancer . PS Communist News Network interviwers should be wearing Turbans


  20. Yeah Madeline Albright coined it best “ the death of 500,000 children in the middle east was an acceptable cost of war”

  21. No, invading and occupying another nation , originating from lies, and false evidence is NOT a force for good. We steal their right to sell their own resources at the price THEY deem proper. We are the global thieves, terrorists, and conducting a capitalist take over of weaker nations. Its sad that so many think its ok. Would it be if we were the ones being occupied?

  22. Esper wouldn't back up the Trump*'s fantasy narrative so they trotted out someone who would. Expect him to be re-doing all the talk shows that Esper and Pompeo did in the coming days…

  23. The US has killed and displaced millions of Iraqis. I doubt very much THEY see you as a force for good. They don't want you in their country anymore and have asked you to leave. You should respect their sovereignty and get out.

  24. Wow whatever you do, don't press him after he gives you BS instead of answering your question. YOU'RE A JOURNALIST! DO YOUR JOB!

  25. 5 seconds in and I already want to tear your throat out. Forgive me Father, but if these men are your enemies than they are my enemies. Any man who sells His soul for money of this realm will be left behind in this realm. You have been warned.

  26. This is bullshit. We are not at war with Iran. So Trump had no legal basis to kill an enemy combatant. This was the top general of Iran and number 3 in the government there.

    The War Powers Act doesn't let Trump just assassinate whomever he wishes.

    The fact is we were at peace with Iran before Trump came in and threw out the peace treaty we signed and a Bi-partisan Congress ratified. Trump unilaterally made the US break its' oath. Trump unilaterally did an act of war, without intelligence stating there was an imminent threat. A hunch or a belief is not evidence.

  27. America is the biggest terrorist group aided with our British Allies. You are the evil doing the work of Satan! I will complain against you that have killed others. You must repent! Stop what your doing and walk away! Do not lose your soul for these liars. These evil being ordained to lie to you so that you will kill others. Understand Satan cannot kill us. He can only influence. Satan is real and if He can get somebody to push that button to get this war started. He's gonna do so. Why can't you people stop what you doing? Keep it up! I will be the executioner in the life after. I will ask my Father to imprison you like a rock on the side of the road. Eternal, Spirit trapped watching the everyone else walk on by. Keep it up ass holes.

  28. ''u.s. troops are a force for good in iraq'' BING! BING! bullshit detector going off! a force for good? pfft, don't make me laugh. while our u.s. soldiers a brave and honorable guys, i don't think their making the nation any better, especially now that our government fucked up royally with iran, not to mention the u.s. military is no longer being used to pursue the goal of being a peacekeeping force. no, the only thing they serve are our american governments selfish interests, mainly involving money, all while our brave u.s. troops are unaware. if the u.s. cared about the people of iraq, they wouldn't have killed an Iranian general and then go public with the news.

  29. Point of order: SCIF = Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, and not Secret Compartmented Information Facility.

  30. HE DIDN´T ANSWER THE QUESTION if the World is sager now that the US ripped apart the Iran-Nuclear-Deal!!!
    Yes, Iran funds Terrorists! Everybody has knowsn that for decades!

    Trump didn´t make the World safer, quit to the contrary here! By getting out of the Nuclear Deal he basically said "Hey, Iran build a Nuclear Rocket"!
    And he didn´t make the World safer by almost starting WW3!
    Got this Loon out of the Oval Office!!!

  31. First of all CNN, I would like to thank you for giving this GOP Congressman the opportunity to show that he can publically lick the boots of the Tang Commander In Chief as well as any other GOP Congress member. Secondly, he stated that this Iranian General was killed on the battlefield but how is that possible when the US is not at war with Iran or Iraq. But, I'm sure he made a good showing for Head Tang.

  32. The AUMF was given to take action against the perpetrators of 9/11. Iran had nothing to do with 9/11 and citing the AUMF is not justification for killing an Iranian military commander.

  33. Trump is a monster. He obliterated the 9 young men working security for Soleimani. In war time he would be ruthless, but in peace time he's a monster and a one term president.

  34. How can others come out of that briefing saying they told them nothing, yet this guy says he totally understood there was an imminent threat. Makes no sense.

  35. American troops are a force for good in Iraq? We can tell, with all the soldiers and mercenaries committing war crimes. Yeah kind of like how the America was a force for good in Vietnam.

    Force for good sounds like a goddam recruiting slogan.

  36. Please tell us again why Iraq was invaded and why so many civillians were killed. Also why all the historical museum treasures were allowed to be looted?

    Like wise the families of 3.5 million Vietnamese ask WHY?

  37. Iraq and the middle east was relatively stable until America lied about weapons of mass destruction and have destabilized the entire region.

  38. ICBM's is on step down from a nuke. Imagine being 25ft away from it. So here's my peace why do we Americans have fight another country battles. Is it just for money, oil, what is it? Because we fight to protect a country (USA) that treat us like we don't matter. The government needs to come out here and go through these new attacks from our enemies

  39. US has to respect the will of the Iraqi people. The parliament voted US out and the government made request for US to leave.

  40. Does NOBODY else remember when WE assassinated the democratically elected leader of Iran in the '50s to replace him with the SHAH who would sell us oil?? Let's not be too "Holier Than Thou" here. We are in the present and we do have to protect our kids that are there,but don't bullshit ME about why we are there.

  41. Terrorist vs ballistic missile🧐I rather deal with the terrorist🤔nobody can do battle with a nuclear weapon.

  42. Well that interview didn’t go like you’d hoped! Did it, Mr. newsman?? Still don’t know your name and it seems I don’t need to!😆😆

  43. Wasn't he just a protester in that particular context? At what point did we decide as a country that we were at war with Iran in order to designate him an "enemy"? Define "enemy", define "combatant", define "enemy combatant".

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