100 thoughts to “CNN’s Paul Begala: Trump Jr. tweet is ‘indescribably stupid’”

  1. You want to drain the swamp duck trump pull the plug on yourself and wave by by to the single called organisms smarter than you are orangutan

  2. Green tee shirt lady is making bullshit whataboutisms to defend Hunter Biden from even Jake Tapper's very mild rebukes. Don Jr. has nothing to talk about. But Joe Biden should not be given a pass. I'm sick of everyone acting like Biden can't be spoken to at all about his family because his wife died and his son died. It's been a little minute. Everyone has people die in their life. That's not a get out of jail free pass for the rest of your life!

  3. C'mon these clowns, can't even lie & fabricate enough B's to win an election. Donkey asses have nothing good to offer. The squad endorsing Bernie is as worthless as Hilary endorsing Trump. Liberal losers. No one believes CNN. RIP Dems, it's over, love watching the drowning though..

  4. You give a beautiful life form "orangutans" an undeserved bad name. Two peace signs and a helicopter ride to be w Nixon is my dream. I had a dream ,America would be rid of your ignorant ass duck trump

  5. Washington D.C's. nepotism has PATHETICALLY been an (inbred) institution in and of itself…
    Let's END IT!
    Make it a law under the domestic emoluments clause….NOW NOW NOW!
    Sorry, piglets at the trough…get employment like the rest of America does….WITHOUT Dad & Mom's thumb on the scale…

  6. Donald Jr would be waiting tables if it weren't for daddy Donald, and daddy Donald would be selling used cars if it weren't for grandaddy Fred.

  7. Trumps policy in Syria an turkey beyond believe treason to our allies the kurds an release of ISIS prisoners from trump actions America call your congressman an senators tomorrow to have fbi remove an arrest trump from White House what trump did to our allies as American an vet I never have been ashamed of our leader than now if our goverment cant remove him we can !!!!

  8. Jr is the last person to talk about anyone making money off of the name of their father.
    Trump Sr did it because of his father now Jr is doing the same.
    Crooked Sr and Jr have NO room to talk about anyone.

  9. Now is the time for all intelligent people to come to the aid of their country. Bickering and name calling will destroy the USA. Seriously!

  10. The interview with hunter actually eased my distaste for what happened. He was honest and while I still think that company was dirty and it all played out “conveniently”, I think Joe Biden has had a lifetime of doing good, his son got to take advantage but he doesn’t lie about it which is pretty much all I wanted to hear.

  11. "Looks swampy" Hmmm Joe Sr says "Fire the detective or your not getting the money. …son of a B they fired the detective!"
    Joe on VIDEO extorting Ukraine! CNN is the the propaganda arm of the Liar Liberal Corrupt Treasonous Socialist Anti Semite
    DEMOCRATIC Baby Killer Party of Slavery!(with poor ratings) Do not be a "useful idiot" of this party! look up Sal Alinsky "beware of the useful idiots" 8 ways. cnn is " indescribably "corrupt and dangerous to the country!

  12. Trump can grab a young Kurdish girl by the pussy, then shoot her, on Fifth Ave, and nobody will care in the Republican party.

  13. Donnie Trump Jr. may be a moron that inherited his dad's low intelligence and whatever success trickled down from his grandpa, but let's not forget that he's a very successful "sport hunter" that enjoys killing defenseless, endangered creatures and bragging about the "accomplishments". He's a very special boy – probably has few, dead hooker skeletons in his closet.

  14. Let’s make a Deal! Hunter Biden’s 20 years of tax return vs Trump’s 20 years of tax return. So we can all look if there is any corruption on both sides. Win-Win for the American people.

  15. You psychopathic gaslighters have been CAUGHT . Since you directly said the American voter is stupid as sh"#% and that all you care about is ratings hear this ..
    Your Narcissism is your downfall. Those videos are going to keep on coming. Hundreds of hours of undercover work PROVE this is premeditated gaslighting. We are sick of the repetitive nonsense. Wake up America and watch those videos.

  16. we are being blasted with stupid. everything and everyone of team trump is so incompetent and just morons. none of them have any business whatsoever in public life.

  17. Hunter Biden did NOT have a position in the American Government & he has NOT done nearly what Ivanka & Jared are doing at this moment with their "No Salary Whitehouse Con-Jobs." THEY are Shaping American policies to enrich themselves! Just in 2018 Ivanka & Jared: $82 million dollars went into their pockets! WTF ⁉️👀🙁
    THEY had dinner with the president of China & soooo the very next day, he approved for Ivanka 7 new items…
    #Patents 🇨🇳 Made in CHINA
    Illegally Aquired From Their Whitehouse Con-Jobs! #FACT

  18. Hey Dumbo

    The difference is that Jr had business dealings before Trump was president and will have them after

    The corruption is that Joe's little son got rewarded for being nothing more than veeps son

    Can't believe for stupid one has to be to not understand this. My gosh

  19. How will they explain this
    Bidens donor s  recognize  that Joe is in trouble and they  don't believe that  the  MSM can continue this  FRAUD  despite  the Contrived polls   ?? 
    The time line 
    Joe Biden  committed  and Admitted to EXTORTING UKRAIN   in 2014  under the  orders of OBAMA  ?
    The DON did not  come into office until January 2017 
    So when the DON discovered the Extortion  he had a DUTY to  investigate  as Joe Lost his Political immunity  -The Dims call that Impeachable because  RUDY and Barr  are investigating ??? OBAMA knew since 2014

  20. Please listen to both sides before making any assumptions. We are smart Americans. Don't let media influence your minds just watch it both sides .. Watch this https://youtu.be/uy1DX1HI474

  21. Cupcakes President Trump Is Your President And after 2020 he Will still Be your President put That in Your Socialist Liberal pipe And smoke It.

  22. And what position does Donald Trump Jr. currently hold in the Whitehouse that his father gave him? Hmm? He certainly doesn't have the experience to hold it, how did he get there? Hmmmmmm…

  23. trumpelthinskin and trumpelthiskin Jr. will be able to keep each other company in their cells next to Michael Cohen's and remember the good old days.😱


  25. The pot calling the catle black!!! Meanwhile…THE WHOLE TRUMP FAMILY making millions while the clown is in the WH…what a joke that family is! Stupidity is hereditary!!!

  26. Bullshit, trump's spawn aren't kids, they are unqualified incompetent and ethically corrupt adults! Why should our tax dollars go to them jet-setting around the world, making business deals to enrich themselves, and speaking to foreign leaders and diplomats? It's a fucking joke!!

  27. Jake Tapper why Joe Biden ask the prosecutor to be fired the video is all over the internet him and his should be investigated

  28. Seriously guys: I'm literally watching the Trump Rally in Texas, and wondering how on EARTH you look in the mirror every morning. It's insane. Look at your fellow citizens showing the love. Are they not your countrymen? Are they not your neighbors and your friends? You should simply report news. Not biased, anti-Trump crap. You've lost that battle, CNN today is a poor substitute for what it used to be. Where's the pride? Where's the feeling of success and leadership? It's ridiculous, and no-one with any sense believes your shows any more.

  29. you Democrats are the most corrupt people ever and i don't know who is more stupid the Democrats or the people who follows this liers

  30. Ironic…the same network that broadcasted and alleged that flight MH370 disappeared into a black hole in 2014, calling something stupid? Lmao!

    Look it up if you don’t believe me.

  31. Not withstanding he , Hunter, is so handsome……. Can I say that ? Yes i can . Lucky wife and children. Love to see a wholesome family. I hope you forgive the nay sayers, most of them wished they were in your life.

  32. Y'all are doing just what trump want y'all to do. His dirty work for him…if nothing was founded why are we talking about it..wow!

  33. Why in the world would anyone believe Hunter Biden? His father was vice president and he was given opportunities that no one else gets to have just by virtue of him being the vice president’s son. He obtained his position while having no knowledge of the job that he was actually doing. He made millions from Ukraine! He made millions from Ukraine! He should be investigated!

  34. Trump did nothing wrong in suggesting Biden and his son should be investigated. The media is trying to twist it and make it look like he was trying to uncover dirt about a political opponent. That’s not at all what really happened!

  35. Holy crap what MSM hogwash! Uses the word “swampy” in serious conversation of “the issues”. “Subtly” pushing the message that Joe Biden has the best chance of defeating Trump. What page from Manufacturing Consent did you pull this from to put into your playbook? The myth of the liberal media will continue for the mindless…

  36. CNN again interpreting things differently than we the people. This comment is not leftist leaning socialist so will probably be removed.

  37. No one on the left will address the time line ?
    Biden  side steps  questions  about the time line and for reason 
    In 2014  Joe admitted and boasted to EXTORTING   Ukraine  under the  orders of OBAMA  ???
    In January 2017  the DON took  office 
    When the DON found out about the CRIME of EXTORTION  he had the DUTY/ OBLIGATION to investigate  regardless  if Joe was a political rival 
    or who he sent to investigate  ?? 
    Joe lost his political immunity when he committed the crime ???
    Nancy has  this as one of her Impeachment  articles

  38. Isnt ironic . That evey piece of dirt trump finds on others it comes out that he has the very thing being exposed in his life.. just think it wierd .

  39. yes it's true Paul Begala is the expert on stupid (through practise), just not so good on character associations with it, maybe a mirror would help narrow down real retardation, plus you can repeat your lies again…and again…and again, and still no one will believe

  40. I chose this video to say to you…. i would NEVER SUPPORT ANY BRAND OR COMPANY YOU ASSOCIATE yourseles with. You and NYT are shit.

  41. Jr. was selling properties with the Guarantee that the buyer would either get a photo op or a personal meeting with the president of the USA – how is THAT not profiting off your dads job directly?!?!?

  42. What? CNN calling Trump Jr. stupid? ….. I'm sooo shocked. I'm so glad CNN found this guy and gave him a microphone and put him on TV. Makes me want to puke. Soon CNN won't be on at all the Airports in the country anymore. I'm tired of Pinocchio's day after day and talking heads that have no credibility to be put on TV for the general public to listen to.

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