54 thoughts to “CNN host: People are asking, ‘what’s wrong with this picture?’”

  1. What a liar! Two qualified gave ay 5% just before the debate but missed the deadline! What a joke! It’s not About ay. It is 5% voters whose voiceS must be heard!

  2. Oooo, I know, the Democrats, you know, the all inclusive non racially biased party have whittled it down to all white people and one that's. 0014% Indian.

  3. Bernie Sanders has been fighting for women's rights forever.
    Bernie urged Elizabeth to run for president.

    Donate to a real progressive, Bernie Sanders, here!


  4. Where’s the disabled candidate? Where is the candidate who’s transgender? Where is the candidate who has yellow as a favorite colour etc etc. have fun turning on yourselves lefties

  5. More DIVIDING TALK PER CNN SOCIALIST! No one is asking about color diversity – only CNN stirring a pot that does not exist. Color does not matter because NOT ONE OF THESE whatever color CANDIDATES CAN BEAT TRUMP- THE POWER OF THE DNC IN ACTION=A toilet flushing!

  6. At least there are no candidates claiming to be victims because of their skin color.
    It it were a Republican debate cnn would be calling them racist.

  7. Damn the screen is so bright let me just put on my sunny 😎
    Oh Where’s Andrew Yang ?…… and how is Steyer and Klobuchar on there?

  8. Not one single mention of Andrew Yang by Tom Perez. There was no need to mention Kamala Harris, and not too many people were seriously pissed off about Booker not making the debate. The backlash is all because Andrew Yang should have qualified for the Democratic debate, but because of the DNC only counting specific polls and deeming the majority of polls that were conducted as non-qualifying Andrew Yang didn't meet the qualifications to get his 8 minutes of speaking time on the stage, compared to somebody like Elizabeth Warren getting 20. Andrew Yang has been treated like a black sheep from the majority of the media, he has had his back against the ropes during his entire presidential campaign, but yet he has outlasted multiple senators who have public recognition among everyday people. This election would be in his back pocket if he was given the same amount of coverage as those such Warren, it would be no contest.

  9. For fucks sake stop making everything about someones skin color and focus on their ideas and policies for a change.

  10. That's right, CNN demands diversity no matter how incompetent they may be!!!! LoL, CNN, the leader in comedy FAKE NEWS!!!!

  11. ROFLMAO "We have set a really remarkably inclusive and frankly "low bar" and im proud of that. The closer we got to Iowa we would raise the bar!" … you can't make that shit up!!!

  12. Everything is wrong with that picture, none of them have chance against President Trump……………..and thats a good thing !

  13. Dang, Yang went out with a bang, I knew he couldnt sang so Dnc went outback and hang good ol yang who never had sweet pew tang. 🤧

  14. Repent. How long can hypocrites hide behind the name of God to fool people? Talk is cheap. Bible Judges a tree by its fruit. In recent history, what they've produced are wars and death. but why the 'infidel' has raised the GDP of billions of people and rebuilding the world?

  15. Michael Avenatti arrested by IRS AGENTS during a Bar Association meeting. Why didn’t Brian Stelter, or just CNN in general, report on this? Oh wait, they are the same types of people.

  16. It really doesn't matter who. Trump filling Areas with thousands out side.
    The Democrats are lucky fill a small community hall.
    Donny T 2020.

  17. None of these nut jobs are gonna win anyway. So none of this matters. The best President in history will be doing a 2nd term. It is already a done deal after the way you democrats have been acting lately. So………go eat a bag of dicks.

  18. I should be a polotician I can beat everyone in the current world and any.previous person that lived in a debate. I de bait the hooks as they come up and it's time to go home.

  19. I admit to watching very small segments of the Democratic debate,
    but I did watch enough to formulate the following take away, it’s possible for
    a male to run for the American presidency and not have to dye their hair, even
    though the current occupant of The White House  did and won as a trashy air blown blond, so,
    it can be a fifty-fifty choice, what is in doubt, as it was argued can a female
    win?, there is no doubt she can run, but must dye her hair, preferably blond for
    the win, and if female hoping to cover the election as journalist, or commenting
    as pundit, a lot of hair dye will certainly be a must, along with a set of wet
    greasy looking lips, otherwise, she should arrange to stay at home, stay there
    until our cultured hair dye appearance preferences has come to an end, and that
    can apply to both main stream genders, and for that third of the population currently
    well-hidden if allowed to participate…

  20. Scamala Harris and Corny Booker aren’t there because they thought they could pull another Obama on Black people. Well Black people aren’t going for that shit anymore. Deval Patrick may as well take his ass home too.

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