Clash Royale Season 3 Reveal! 💪 TV Royale September Update News & Balance Changes

Season 3 of Clash Royale
is coming soon.
We return to Legendary Arena.
We’ve got Legendary Emotes,
Legendary Tower Skin,
and Legendary cards up for grabs.
We have big balance changes and more.
Keep watching this video to find out
what’s coming in Season 3.
What’s up.
I’m Drew from the Clash Royale team.
Here to tell you all about
Season 3 of Clash Royale.
It’s time to Be Legendary.
We return to Legendary Arena!
Legendary Arena is a mystical arena
located somewhere in the Royale kingdom.
Above 4000 trophies,
all battles in Season 3
will take place in Legendary Arena.
As always, we have
a brand-new Tower Skin.
The Season 3 Tower Skin is the Fortress.
With its flowing waterfall
and floating rocks,
the Fortress Skin truly is Legendary.
As with any season, there’s
new Pass Royale rewards.
The Legendary Chests are back at Tier 35,
making sure you get all of those strikes.
We’ve moved the Tower Skin
to Tier 10 this season,
making it easier for you to collect.
There’s an exclusive Legendary
Princess Emote at Tier 20,
and as always,
there’s more Pass Royale rewards to earn.
As this season is all
about being Legendary,
Season 3 Special Challenges will include
many chances to get Legendary cards.
Check out the Legendary Emotes
throughout the season.
We’ve got big balance changes
coming this season.
Executioner is getting a huge rework.
This changes his stats,
and how he interacts with other cards.
Let’s take a look.
Executioner’s getting
a massive damage increase,
dealing nearly twice as much damage.
To balance that out, his hitpoints,
range and hit speed are getting reduced.
His axe returns faster,
letting him get in more hits.
The new Executioner
will be fast and deadly.
He can wipe out Barbarians
with one throw of his axe,
but he will be much less effective
against long-range attackers,
and his hitpoint nerf means
he will be a bit easier to defeat.
Royal Ghost is getting a buff
to his area damage radius.
The Dark Prince is getting his area
damage radius nerfed.
P.E.K.K.A can’t hit the tower
from the other side of the map.
She’ll be getting her range
reduced to medium.
Goblin Cage’s getting a nerf
to the Goblin Brawler,
whose speed’s being reduced.
Season 3 is dropping on September 2nd.
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and we’ll see you in Season 3. Bye!

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