Chris Matthews Calls Adam Schiff’s Speech ‘Most Compelling Case For Removal Of Office’ | MSNBC

Chris Matthews Calls Adam Schiff’s Speech ‘Most Compelling Case For Removal Of Office’ | MSNBC

100 thoughts to “Chris Matthews Calls Adam Schiff’s Speech ‘Most Compelling Case For Removal Of Office’ | MSNBC”

  1. Senate: all the democracy you have worked so hard for all these decades, Schiff said, is at risk because trump USES his office to withhold moneys to extort for investigation to ruin Bidens reputation! You vote to impeach!
    Or else what Will Trump do after this trial????

  2. I wonder how many of these Dems had/have their grimy little hands in the Ukraine cookie jar along with the Biden’s.

  3. Except Ukraine and Russia had no knowledge of the money being withheld. Schiff is making it sound like Ukraine couldn’t buy bullets for their guns because the Aid was being Withheld..Question how can the Aid be Withheld if they had until then end of September to release it? Which he did on September 11. Keep in mind That the 400 Million is Only 10% of Ukraine’s Military budget, Ten percent that’s it

  4. Trump withheld money Ukraine desperately needed while fighting Russian military aggression. Trump took Putin’s side over the entire American intelligence community. After the Kurds fought Isis on our behalf trump left them to be slaughtered by Turkey and its president, Erdogan. MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

  5. Y’all got this wrong…. innocent until proven guilty, if they can not prove guilt on what they have, this sham needs to end NOW. That is our system. The defendant does not need to come up with anything for the prosecution PERIOD!! The Democrats sucked at the impeachment hearing and want the defense to do their job for them to remove him from office. How stupid is this. The burden of proof ALWAYS falls to the prosecutor. How many times do you hear if they don’t have enough evidence they will not go to court.

  6. Even if you don't like Adam ship you got to respect him, if they still ignore what he's done after this there's no hope for them

  7. If the Republicans don't see the corruption the vital importance for removing Trump after evidence being presented so clearly to them and anyone with half a brain can see theirs no defense, then theirs something definitely corrupt in their party.

  8. What was compelling is they failed to prove their case. Schiff just babbled for 2hours to confuse the American People. They are changing our system right in front of y’all noses.

  9. This impeachment is hurting Trump so bad that 100,000 people have requested tickets for his upcoming NJ rally, more ticket requests than any other rally he has EVER had!
    Thank you..thank you.. thank you, Democrats, and Liberals for turbocharging Trump's base and attracting more moderate voters to support him.

  10. Hahaha hahahaha 😆😆

  11. yes, Chris…. every MAGA Cult member has a problem as an American CITIZEN…..
    and they have even far worse problems as a HUMAN BEING.

    they are just a basket of Deplorables, exactly like Hillary said. (by far the most accurate thing Hillary ever said.)

  12. These people in Congress will willingly following this President know that he is guilty 100% yet still they are giving the American public the finger she want that they really don't care and it's a sad day for America when it comes to that

  13. Anyone with an ounce of common sense can see that he's guilty and the Republican Senators that are trying to avoid the rest of it coming out are culpable they should lose their jobs for not putting the Country first

  14. Why is the media not stating the obvious. Trump is disqualified from the 2020 race. You can't get caught cheating in the race and be allowed to run in that race.

  15. Ooops. Trump dropped himself in it again. Asked today about the impeachment TRUMP said Dems haven't got anything, he's got it all but the Dems don't. He can't help himself. How stupid is that.

  16. Chris you must be the dumbest dickhead in america. What a joke from a bunch of LIARS. WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE STAND WITH TRUMP. Not the corrupt DEMS that foreign countries buy with American money. Get over it losers

  17. Rep. Schiff has been doing an amazing job so far at presenting the case 👍👍👍 Even if he's facing the most corrupt administration and the most corrupt gop senate in history.
    In a few years from now, history will begin to judge already. More evidence of impeached trump's corruption and crimes will have come out, and all those who covered up will be exposed. Soon, very soon ⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️🇺🇸

  18. Sounds like when Russia invaded Ukraine, and Obama refused any military aid. Sad really is sad. Old Schiffty Schiff telling lies again? No way! He is a embarrassment!

  19. Allegiance to country over political party! 🇺🇸
    We ALL should demand that our Senators conduct a true, fair impeachment trial with witnesses and documents.

  20. Republikkkans wanted to impeach President Obama for wearing a tan suit. Now Republikkkans are contorting themselves into knots trying to defend Spanky McBoneSpurs' crimes.

  21. Ugh. The us did a coup in Ukraine, then our corrupt political class went to collect their pay off. Your great new Ukraine installed govt was going to outlaw Russian language when many people living there are ethnic Russian. Schiff knows all this of course: guys like him on both sides of the aisle. Would sell their grandmother to win an election. Read the actual history of what happened in Ukraine. All that said I want trump out. He is a disgrace to our nation.

  22. Chris is MORE STUPID than Bug eyes Schiff if that’s even possible. This will all be wrapped up by next week and the Democrats could go back to wasting time and taxpayers money with false accusations. All of this has just secured President Trump’s next win in 2020.Thank you very much all you Democrats we wouldn’t be able to win without you.

  23. Trump has been selling the USA out to Putin from the start, 2015 . This a hole is owned by Russia. If we can not get him out by impeacment then we are sunk. The Republican are owned by t rump. Crooked every way you look at it. Trump and his kids have cost taxpayer millions to travel the planet, secret service, for their vacations, and fraudulent "fuc&ing" state visits. T I see the Queen of England and those dinners for God's sake….. That as$hole works for the American people… He has to be fired…. Not doing his f..IMG job. Get out of MY OVAL Office a hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?(

  24. heaven forbid a president cant meet with a foreign president on time???? what never happened before?? but ya know that photo opp is worth the conservation of an entire country. dems act like we dont read n see this. tried to hide it from the press, even today nbc stopped coverage after multiple reajusting of"facts" yo just cause u get an insider to say what you want then quote it doesnt make it real. a tweet is more powerful the the entire american empire? wooowwwww priorities, whoever is tell you that is wrong. Keep trying to say clinton trail cause it only helps, clinton had actual recordings and a report. this is redic love watching this bonfire

  25. You have to be blind, deft and dumb to believe anything that Schift says. You just have to share his hatred for President Trump. It is a sad day for America and the world.

  26. I have a few family members that support Trump and think he is smart as well. One of them has wet brain and the other two have no common sense.

  27. Equal Protection Under the Law; Equal Application of the Law.

    Those two phrases make me wonder why Hillary Clinton' role in selling 20% of our uranium assets to Russia is not looked at more.

  28. All roads lead to Putin… Abandoning our allies in Syria, Destabilizing the Middle East, Withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord, insulting our NATO allies… This Traitorous un-American Criminal in Chief cares nothing for America, its Constitution, Democracy or the world, accept himself and Putin

  29. 1/23/2020 To any America that Vote Republican you are a Disgrace to America. You Support a Croupt Regime called REPUBLICANS. Anyone can see how Croupt the REPUBLICANS are by looking at McConnell and the Fake Trial by the Republicans. When the Senate Republicans announced they will not  convict Trump before hearing the evidence. You have a Fake Trial without Evidence and Witnesses. The Democrats and Adam Schiff has presented the Truth but the REPUBLICANS has blocked the Truth in every vote. Trump is dividing the country and destroying the Democracy of America with the helping of the REPUBLICANS and Putin. While Putin is laughing at us. Trump is a Evil People like Satan that is selling America out to Putin. And the people that back and support Trump and the Republicans is Supporting the process. Trump and the Republicans are destroying the Republic and turning America into a Dictatorship. The REPUBLICANS wants take over America as A COOP (meaning control in America  as the primary leader in the Courts, the Senate, Congress and President) and McConnell has endorsed this ideal. Why you may have not seen this coming it's the Plans of the REPUBLICANS and Trump. But Trump or McConnell wasn't planning on Adam Schiff. If you love your Country you will vote all Republicans from Office and Demand Trump be Impeached. America it is time to remove McConnell, Graham, Trump from Office. It's time to Jailed all that has Supported and Covered Up for Trump. It time to  Expose the Lies of Trump.

  30. You idiots want to label our President "IMPEACHED" for life, SO WHAT!!.. You and your party The Democrats, are labeled "TREASONOUS & CORRUPTED for life by 68% of Americans.  I truly wonder what is worst?.. dah!!

  31. #TheRoadToSeditionBeganHere  …
    … explains the filth in/at CNN et al, and the seditious degeneracy infecting Obama and the Democrats: "Obama, Mueller and the Biggest Spy Scandal in American history": Google deleted the original link , so try )

  32. While the Deep State (Hill, Holmes, Kent, Taylor, Yovanovich) slept and accommodated sedition, a REAL professional and defence lawyer was working in the Ukraine to acquire information and evidence ("Guiliani Claims He Has Ukranian Docs Showing 'Collusion' With Dems": )

    The fascinating thing is that he passed them to the State Department who MUST have passed them to Yovanovich and Hill!

    THEREAFTER, John Solomon of The Hill points out the stupendous fact that Marie Yovanovich THEN makes a speech in the middle of the Ukranian elections asking for the ouster of ONEt of the Ukranian Prosecutors investigating Burisma, the company paying Hunter Biden $86,000 PER MONTH. ("John Solomon Responds To Bill Taylor's  Testimony": )

    Not to be outdone, Ms. Hill … accent and all … never mentions that she once wrote an OP-ed urging Obama NOT to send lethal aid to Ukraineas Trump did! ( ). Motive against Trump? Bias for Russia?

    Now Democrats are asking us to believe the fantastic proposition that the PRESIDENT CANNOT ASK FOR AN INVESTIGATION INTO A CRIME THAT WAS COMMITTED AGAINST HIM AND THE USA ("… Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire: Kiev officials are scrambling to make amends with the president-elect after quietly working to boost Clinton …";  By KENNETH P. VOGEL and DAVID STERN01/11/2017 05:05 AM EST ( )

    Will America, or the idea of America,  survive its Democrats?

  33. Schiff is a liar. Fact. The transcript of the phone call is there for everyone to see. There is no crime. Trump 2020

  34. It's high time for TRUMP'S removal. Indeed he puts his own interests above others instead of rebuilding America. His lies and denials are the worst and spread like gangreen.

  35. Trump has disgraced America as no orher president has done in the past. Dont even rely on Europe. They are tired of him. BTW Putin is there for chaos. He is not stronger then Western Europe. I applaud Rep Adam SCHIFF. Its ACCOUNTABILITY time.

  36. Chris, I picked up your morse code you signaled with your ring. Or was it your watch? Anyway, I got the message. Havana Bar, D.C., Friday night, be there. Aloha…

  37. if you believe this, how in the American people be so ignorant. is the how our Congress functions. All these people are lying to us as Americans
    So these illegitimate Democrats in Congress can run our country into the ground, as they have been doing. Through the Obama presidency and the people of our country did not see that.
    God Bless America

    S I C K OF IT !!!!!!!!!

  39. Trump is so obviously guilty, it will be really shameful to this country if he is acquitted. Then America is Instant Togo.

  40. Mr Schiff.You are just Great.You should be the President of the U. S.A. NOT THE REIDENT THAT IS THERE NOW. Don't Ease Up Now .You Have The Tools.Say Hi To MissPelosi. GREAT JOB.Certain Resident Should Not Underestimate the Power of A Woman of Miss Pelosis Genius

  41. "Read the transcript." Come on, Don the Con, this is the reason you're impeached. The Transcript!! Everybody knows that.

  42. Did Chris get that homosexual orgasmic thrill down his leg from that truly otiose and idiotic hours long diatribe and stream of disarticulated nonsense from Schiff? Cheap thrills.

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