12 thoughts to “Chris Cuomo to John Yoo: How is that espionage?”

  1. asha rangappa don't put ms. vinograd on my Google. l don't like ms. vinograd . asha you are doing things to hurt me. l hate ms. vinograd pleasel don't want her nowhere on my phone.because that's your girlfriend. l love you asha , l already don't want you on crazy Fredo show. but please, don't put ms. vinograd on my phone.because my feelings is easy to get hurt. you treat as if l don't have feelings.

  2. Fredo coumo is leading a double life. he can't talk about nobody. he is having sex with his co_ worker.. trump ain't going nowhere. they don't have enough votes from the Senate. so coumo , so go home and take a blood pressure pill. have your heart checked out.because you are gonna eventually have a heart attack or a stroke worrying about trump. trump got a real big Base.

  3. Three people who have little integrity as human beings…a torturer, a hater and a man who used to hang out with a child sexual predator….just sayin🙄

  4. The blatant bias shown by Cuomo & his coworkers is astounding. News isn’t what it used to be. Used to be about reporting facts to the best of the media sources’ knowledge with impartiality and honesty. Now it’s about political leanings, propaganda, reporters’ personal opinions, and just straight misinformation. I know it happens on all sides, but CNN and MSNBC take the cake.

  5. More leftist projection by Chris Cuomo, accusing his political adversaries of doing what he does regularly on CNN. Me thinks he deludes himself over his gas-lighting abilities directed at clear headed Americans.

  6. Trump hired this guy i love trump he plays you idiots against each other mean while trump over here hitting home runs allday everyday you guys are a sleep at the wheel if you wanna win your socialist ways wake up early wash your face off drink a big cup of joe your gonna need it i would eat some wheaties its gonna be a long ride buckle up your to slow for this race

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