100 thoughts to “Chris Cuomo argues Donald Trump isn’t normalizing corruption; the GOP is”

  1. Americans must FIRE Trumpturd ! And the Russian lovers called the GOP ! What a bunch of pussies ! Republicans are shit !

  2. From Europe with love. The US is facing a frightened future. It's creepy to see how history ( the rise of the nazi party) rehearse itsself. And there's nothing you can do about. Next attack are the media except Fox, second the Pentagon, third the Democrats. And he will make it personal. So emigrate to Canada or go underground. Even when you have a paper vote and a computer and the paper says Bernie and the computer Trump, he will stay and all his opponents will be arrested and banned and locked with the force of Police and army. Trump is a bad exampel for Europe. We suffer allready from extreme rightwing policy. His unleashed Twitter behaviour, inspires a lot of european politicy. Look at the UK, The Netherlands, Hungarian, Pol and. We hope you succeed in turning the danger of a US dictator. Asap please

  3. Congratulations, Graham, Collins,
    McConnell, M. Rubio, Sullivan, C. Gardener, Perdue, Cotton, Risch, Ernst, P.
    Roberts, Cassidy, Hyde-Smith, Daines, Sasse, Tillis, Inhofe, Rounds, Alexander,
    Cornyn, Capito, and Enzi your vote in the Senate released the dictator in
    Trump. You forgot one thing; YOU ARE UP FOR ELECTION IN 2020. You may want to
    start looking for a civilian job. Adios, amigos!

  4. When someone tells you who they are, BELIEVE THEM. Dump is corrupt. He freely admits what he does. Just because he says it’s not corrupt doesn’t mean it isn’t. He projects what he is guilty of on everyone else. Can’t you see the pattern?

  5. The Democratic Party wants to see the country decline so they can then further oppress it in order to assert socialist control.

  6. Why does POTUS Trump think that corruption is normal?
    …because he believes it to be "good" for his interests and desires.
    What is required for one to think, speak, and act this way?
    Is it not the claim of "FREEDOM" to do what is right in one's own eyes, for one's way, for one's will?
    Does the DEVIL also believe in this "FREEDOM' to corrupt for self interest?
    The One Creator God said that “that which one speaks, that which comes out of one’s mouth, shows what is in his heart.
    What is therefore in satan’s heart?
    What words did satan SPEAK?
    He asked Eve if she was “FREE” to take of ANY of the trees?
    …and declared that if she believed in the name of this “FREEDOM” to take of the forbidden tree, that first of all “you (& this “freedom) shall surely not die” and that she would be like a ‘god’….& that now with “opened eyes” she would redefine the fruit of the forbidden (evil/disobedience) tree to be instead good/freedom for one’s wisdom and desires.
    Satan has also declared…
    …I will (my will – my right to ) ascend into heaven (to the top).
    …I will (my will – my right to) exalt my throne (ruler ship) above the stars of God
    …I will (my will – my right to) sit also upon the mount of the congregation
    …I will (my will – my right to) ascend above the heights of the clouds (the glory of God)
    …I will (my will – my right to) be like the most High….to be equal to God…and if equal to then also not subject to God’s Will.
    These are all words of defiance, rebellion, and disobedience for self will , self rights, self rule, self magnification…..and man calls this “my FREEDOM”.

    And he said this directly to Lord Jesus…
    …Satan tried to deceive Lord Jesus, Son of the One God, with this “FREEDOM” to serve and magnify oneself , to do one’s own will, when he offered Christ the “kingship” over all nations without having to do the Will of the One Creator. Lord Jesus instead stood true in His love for and His servitude to His Father (for Jesus said “I did not come to do my will but to serve my Father’s Will) …and He said to satan that he is to worship ONLY the Lord your Creator God and Him Alone to serve in obedience and love…for ONLY the Father is GOOD.

    God calls this claimed “FREEDOM” by satan…to be corruption, disobedience, iniquity, lawlessness, sin…..and this "FREEDOM" is reserved for judgement and to be sealed/imprisoned in the pit.

    Satan, the adversary, not only believes in “FREEDOM” to do his will but he is also the father of it.
    Satan believes that this “FREEDOM”, this CORRUPTION, is ‘normal and good’.
    And satan presents himself as an angel of light proclaiming the way of “FREEDOM”.


  8. WOW! THIS LEMON IS sour! He is a Trojan Horse. THEY'VE USED HIM UP. THEY'RE going to break him – soon. This poor Negro thinks he's accepted..

  9. Welcome to Trump's ostrich party. Bury your head in the sand See No Evil Hear No Evil. Speak lots of evil. The mighty Republican elephant lies bleeding in the dirt. Don Jr. Has put a bullet in his brain as he poses for a selfie. Welcome to the New Order of United States

  10. How is Cuomo you can never seem to come up with anything negative about Democrats . Is that because your family and baked solid in the Democrat party and you try and sell yourself as a middle of the road journalist, its like Don Lemon said CNN is not anti Trump . Imagine that . Cnn are only after truth . HA HA Ha . CNN have lost all respect expect for die hard Democrats. CNN FAKE NEWS>

  11. The GOP has now been getting paid, and there's nothing like greed to corrupt people. Our political party is now filled with people that are so greedy for that bottom dollar. Shameful as regular hard working citizens are now hurting for food, housing, work, health care, education and social security. Damn shame!

  12. If I recall correctly the bible speaks of a time when we will have to take the sign of the beast to live. Is this it? Is Trump the beast?

  13. It's not about Fear or Power.. its about money.. I bet you this, RUSSIA will compensate Republicans by putting money in there bank accounts or dig up dirt on Republicans if they dont support trump..

  14. What changed? Well THEY ALL GOT FALSE promises AND a BIG NO HUGE PAY OFF FROM RUSSIA. I'm NOT ONE OF THE BRAIN DEAD CULTISTS that will eat any swill that putin and trump throw their way. I see the @$$&@[*$ for what they REALLY are

  15. The DNC became HYPER Corrupt when the Clintons took over. And THAT from granting Pardons for favors…even money kickbacks. And not to mention Hillary's illegal "Clinton Foundation" and stealing classified government documents to place in her bathroom, home, server. The Democrat Party is one of the most corrupt political organizations on the planet. Thank God Trump is fumigating the DOJ…the FBI and the CIA of Odumbo Deep State operatives. When that is complete…WATCH the Demonic-rats…SCURRY for cover! lol!

  16. Bingo , douchebagery is and will be Trump 's normal . Making up history as you go is what narcissists do , it's a living and always lots of collateral damage .

  17. Oh fraddo, it's the same Manufacturing of Consent. Never do they cover any storys but hatemongering Trump. This is our media today? 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 12 months a year, year after year of pure hateful biased vomit. Bernie or bust!

  18. If you peeps really believe the title of this video, then what the hell have you been reporting these past three + years(?)(.)

  19. The irony: one side claims the other is corrupt, but both are complicit in corruption. Trump pardons crooks and the DNC manipulates primaries. Stop playing the two party game. 🐑🐑🐑

  20. all these years black people been harassed frisked rights violated then we witness all this talk about spit in our face this is causing mental illness

  21. The Dan bongino Show puts all these liberal news reporters to shame with facts documented facts
    never once seen Fredo Como with any documented fact ever in front of him you ever ask yourself why is that because he doesn't have any facts it's all propaganda

  22. 💠Now the crazy CNN and MSNBC fake news people are back at Russia Russia Russia collusion nonsense. They know the Democrats have nobody that can beat President Trump so they’re making excuses already for another democrat loss.

  23. What you meant to say Fredo is that the crooked Dems in the Obama DOJ and FBI normalized
    corruption, don't you? Did you forget Hillary deleted 33K emails and smashed computers and
    Blackberries with a hammer after she was issued a subpoena and Preservation of Evidence Order?
    The text book definition of obstruction of justice and NOTHING happened to her.

  24. WHO THE F$&K DOES TRUMP THINK HE IS? “EXONERATION” of criminals and allowing Russia to steal our Democracy!!! It’s a damn freak show psycho-President. Pump him up even more Republican Party and watch the monster grow even more irrational and oppositional. When I served as police office probable cause was grounds for arrest and bring before a magistrate. Now the fu$king process is a joke for the elite!!!

  25. NO ONE PERSON, president or not, could do this much damage to our country alone. There must be several Republicans that have agreed to be as corrupt as he is to achieve this level of evil. Remember in November. He's not doing it alone!


  27. King Donald and his Knights of the Round (Oval?) Table, riding roughshod over the laws and people of the US of A. None of them could lie straight in bed.

  28. Susan Collins: "I think he's learned his lesson."

    No you spineless fecks just gave him more permission to be more emboldened to do what he wants without consequences.

  29. We have a dictator. This is a terrifying nightmare. When is Trump going to start murdering opponents and voters? This is scary. Trump and the GOP are behaving exactly like fascist Nazis.

  30. I have heard i all after all we have found out about criminal democrats in the last 3 years chris como has to say Trump or the gop is normalizing corruption amazing listen i no chris isn't stupid i no he nose he is running propaganda for criminal democrats you see whot chris como is doing for criminal democrats thay no whot is about to come out about there criminal activity so chris is getting ahead of whot is about to happen so pathetic disgusting for criminal democrats soon the helicopter rides will start arrest Will be massive and sudden turmp 2020baby

  31. 13 days ago tump holds a rally in new jersey a Democratic strong hold ok new jersey is a Democratic strong hold 171 thousand people log on for tickets all Democratic frontrunners could have a rally in new jersey a Democratic strong hold at the same time 400 hundred people would show up maybe look it is over for demacrits all of AMERICA is laughing at democrats cnn msn turmps accomplishment off the charts turmp 2020baby PS you ignorant donkeys

  32. Clinton sold nights in the Lincoln bedroom and took the furniture with him he did return the furniture obama sold quarterly meetings so this was common dnc policies to do

  33. Blagojevich served enough time. Get off his case. Various Liberal Judges sentence 2nd murder convicts to only 10 years. I also thought President Obama did the right thing to Chelsea Manning. Give the man a break. No Italian-American from New York should say a word about corruption. Got it?

  34. 3100 inmates freed under Trump first step act so Trump has a record of fighting against harsh sentences would have been mentioned if a journalist was present

  35. Warren called Bernie a sexist and Bernie proclaimed that Warren is a liar. At the same time, cnn showed that they were totally biased. Recently, Bloomberg has been blasted for buying his vote. Bloomberg is the epitome of what you might consider corrupt by buying his seat, which Trump never did.

  36. The REAL question …is… Who does NOT TRY to INFLUENCE the results of the US elections???!!!Maybe Zimbabwe? But I would not be surprised if Zimbabwe has lobbyists in Washington and/ or contributes to someones campaign / and or favors one candidate over another on social media .Levin, a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for Politics and Strategy at Carnegie-Mellon University, found that the U.S. attempted to influence the elections of foreign countries as many as 81 times between 1946 and 2000. Comment: That’s just till 2000! The US has gone nuts since then.

  37. A bunch of Republican Traitors and, disgraced the Senate and, made it The Big Tent Circus full of Republican Clowns and, Trump is the Ring Master !!!!!!!

  38. Corruption has always been normal, it’s the American way. It has been the way of many vast empires.
    Lie, cheat, still, undercut, what ever it takes to get to the top. Trade sides, sale out, if it’s in your self interest.
    A hand full of good people sustain the world going round. The good are always few and rarely have power. Because power is corruptive and the pursuit of it distracting. It is a great dream, that a country so vast could overcome division and be ruled by law. Maybe the next experiment will succeed.

  39. I just texted Anderson that I remembered the its f…ing golden tape. He was not squeaky
    clean. I think his sentence was a little to much but he did some things wrong and he will not admit it. Anderson destroyed him!
    I'm happy for him he got out early but could he just apologize and say he
    should have done a few things differently. And Ryan went to jail so he should have been very carefull.
    Good night to ALL!

  40. Hey Chris you want to talk about corruption in politics, let’s talk about your brother. The governor of New York.

  41. Trump is helping great companies like stock symbol: ALPP, ALpine 4 Inc to bring manufacturing and technology jobs back to the USA

  42. Fredo you been normalizing fake narratives on Trump for years and should be in jail for aiding and abetting several deep state leakers such as Shiff and got it wrong every time. Come 2020 when Trump's re-elected there will be a lot of pink slips flying around Communist Network News {CNN}. I hope a few of your contributors like Brennan, Clapper, Struyk, Comey, and Page will be brought to the plate. I hope they all get a train in prison and have gapes in their asses like the gaping mouths the pundits of the MSN did when Trump beat the high priestess. I often wonder if your pitcher and bitter Lemon is the catcher ( Coughs).

  43. All the Demoncrats are doing is looking power over the people in this country.
    They lie! They cheat! And they steal.
    And most of them? Are authortarists be are looking to rule this world under an iron fist, and 1 World government.
    So? Believe want you want. But? I know.
    Tim-US Army Veteran.
    God? Is real. Jesus? Is real.
    And Satan? Is real.
    I met Jesus? When I passed away on February ,8th 2014.
    If you want to know? What Jesus actually? Looks like?
    Google- Girl in France paints Jesus Christ.
    That is exactly …..what he looks like.
    I am serious!
    So? Believe whatever you want.
    Tim US Army Veteran. Selah! Amen! To all my brothers serving in the US military?
    God bless you all.

  44. Republicans are all treasonous, self serving Cowards!
    The Tzar sold us Alaska…Now it’s payback time; Russia is buying out America!
    Art of the Deal, Baby!

  45. Hey Fredo it said us meaning the United States of America and all its citizens including you the party you represent is the party that is robbing this country blind of money and freedom

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