China demands Trump veto pro-Hong Kong bill

China demands Trump veto pro-Hong Kong bill

100 thoughts to “China demands Trump veto pro-Hong Kong bill”

  1. China and its Communist leadership has its ideas, based on a dictatorship, US is a free country, and we don't want a Communist to tell us how to lead our country! A dictatorship does not have freedom, and now, they want to impose their Communist dictatorship to Hong Kong! We can't agree with this!

  2. Deal will be off if bill is pass. Will Trump, for the interests of his farmers, supporters seal a deal and put HKGERS rioters under the bus? Anyway what Freedom, what democracy? Look at Iraq, Lybia, Syria, Venezuela, Bolivia, Iran. All protests are created not for Freedom or Democracy but for US own interests.

  3. If you ready "care" about Hong Kong people, please act, words alone is not helping. All American …. please pressure Congress to pass a bill to grant asylum status to ALL Hong Kong people. China will use it fleets & planes to deliver ALL of them to the U.S.

  4. CHINA is the world's leaders so the usa has to obey what CHINA, Russia, IRAN, NORTH KOREA says. The usa only have opportunity when come to ISIS and criminals around the world ,because they are their master.

  5. The Schiller Institute has great insight on traitor Hill and the situation in Ukraine, she's supported by the Devil's advocate Soros. Maybe Schiff, Biden and son are too

  6. Hong Kong voting results smash Xi. They want Democracy. Hooray! If Xi kills people now with his goons, the rap will be even hardef on his stupidity.

  7. No it's NOT! The deep state has been running the USA forever and the foreign policy coup took care of that, your enemy is them and the Pentagon thieves and the elite and of course, the Israelis, not the people the elite again. Making money from the demise of the USA, selling it out, without even knowing it in many cases. But those who do not love the USA are quite contented such as China and Russia and most countries really. Happy collapse USA! It's only a matter of time, and it started quite a long time ago.

  8. This was a stupid resolution to be introduced at a time when the POTUS is negotiating trade deals. Unless of course it can be used as leverage to get what we want. Lets see how bad China wants that veto. This is also a great indicator of just how respected and powerful our POTUS is globally. Do you think Trump would care what Chinas political machine thought on a similar US domestic issue?

  9. I believe in Democracy and I am disgusted by the information of concentration camps, etc. However, the United States makes the world WORSE everytime it sticks its nose in other countries affairs. This isn't a simple issue.

  10. Watch the HK protester who threw a brick at an old man's head, killing him. Then tell me that President Trump should sign that bill, supporting those protesting maniacs. Not only should you not wish to align yourselves with killers, the timing of this law in the middle of US trade negotiations with China is rather curious.
    This is an obvious ploy for deep state operatives. Luckily for us, President Trump is not easily deceived.

  11. Yes only the demogrsts will serve there chi com masters. Let that scum bag le bron praise his chi com masters. He forgot about king and freedom

  12. If everybody would leave the man alone and let him do his job, everything would be better for everyone idiots😬!!!!!!!! Trump 2020 🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸👍

  13. The senate and the house just openly abandoned human decency and chose to side with the terrorists, just to bring down China. So to bring down China, the US is about to commit worse crimes than China. Call this American democracy lol

  14. I have to say, I wouldn't be surprised if he does veto it though. He talks big against China but then when it comes down to it he changes his mind and says he's come to some kind of deal with them. He should have listened to Russell Peters – "Chinese can't give you a good deal".

  15. Who are these un(non)Americans in the American government???? Check their allegiance to their countries of origins?

  16. China needs to start cracking down on their own corruption, and lack of a integrity in business not the freedom in Hong Kong.

  17. Trump and his enablers hate democracy, of course they’ll side with China, North Korea, Russia, Turkey, etc etc etc, and do whatever is asked of them, FOR MONEY AND POWER

  18. President Donald Trump does not listen to demands from communist losers or anyone else! If China hasn’t noticed, Obama and his lapdog Biden aren’t in office now! There’s a new sheriff in town! 😂

  19. It is the United States that intervenes in China's own affairs first. Is China's request that the United States stop interfering in China's internal affairs an interference in the internal affairs of the United States? Does the internal affairs of the United States interfere in other countries every day? Who do they think they are? Are they God? Take care of your own business first!

  20. the United States are the ones who set up the whole system after ww2 in order to encourage global trade and democracy and every prosperous nation in the world has them to thank for that prosperity. Not to mention the WTO and the UN both are thanks to the united states. China decided to sit things out until the 1970's and begged the US to let them in on the prosperity which they were allowed to no thanks to the United States's good will and generosity despite the fact that they were to remain communist at the core. And look how China exploded since then. The so called Chinese miracle and all thanks to the US. It's not just China who have benifited thanks to the system they created look at South Korea, Japan, Taiwan the list goes on and on And what have the CCP has done since, lie, manipulate and cheat the system for their own benefit. Trump is the first politician to call them out for their dirty dealing and rightly so. America has been all about the rest of the world first for decades which has been mutually beneficial to all involved don't get me wrong but it's amazing how much they're demonized for wanting a fair playing field within a system that they created.


  22. What this is trying to say is …"How dare you consider me to give um my communist empire" demandingly, the Chinese Emperor




  26. Once a nation has had a taste of freedom…trying put them back in chains will take a lot more effort than they thought…except for the morons in America that are begging to be put back in chains……SOCIALISM ???…..Are you serious???

  27. Don't expect the Australian government to lift a finger to help the people of Hong Kong. Scomo is far too dim. We can't even help out Julian Assange who is Australian.

  28. Who gives a shot of Trump sign or not. That will just make Hong Kong hurt and USA trades with china via Hong Kong So they can smash hongkong. They want that. After this they can put in jail Joshua Wang for treason ! Simple as that. It’s just a city. Not a big deal for china now ! They just hurt themself ! The Hong Kong guys cry for this bill to happen but this will hurt the Hong Kong economy in fact ! So stupid !

  29. Allowing China to have a seat at the WTO has been a huge mistake. Whom thought it was a good idea to do that. 1

  30. wOW China thinks Trump will take orders from President XI strange that how bout we increase the tariffs Again!!!

  31. America needs to learn how to haggle. When a Chinese person demands something, we don’t actually expect to get it. So far however, the west has been too obliging.

  32. No matter what our president does the trade wars will continue. Just say NO to the Chinese regime!! Let's do what's right for the Hongkongers. Those are people who really appreciate freedom. I'd sure would enjoy having them here and the liberals over there 👍👍

  33. Faux china communist party Hong Kong all the way Hong Kong is Hong Kong now and China is china. Thank britan for Hong Kong freedom

  34. CCP cannot buy our freedom because freedom is our way of life in the truth..the whole world should stand up for our freedom and we should fight the CCP dictactor

  35. I hope President Trump realizes that the Chinese just want to string him alone and wait him out. A couple of positive headlines regarding the China deal appeared yesterday, they are clearly thinking of this bill and not the deal. Trump should either try to get them to sign the deal before he signs the bill or just sign the bill. They are not to be trusted. The Chinese will have to sign a deal sooner or later. Screw them.

  36. UNITE Africa, Middle East, South America and Asia UNITE and take a stand to Western Colonial Oppression.
    Help Me Fight this Global Oppression.
    I'm only small but we will grow

    Raphael LemkinOne of the people Responsible for Colonialism genocide and cultural cleansing upon Asia Africa North Americas South America and Australia

    Malcolm X – How the White Man tought you how to hate yourself

  37. This bill is already veto prof. To over ride a veto both houses of congress has to have two thirds votes . Both houses already have more that. China sorry it is already law With out Trump''s signature. The reason why the USA has this in the constitution is to prevent a dictator. The USA goes by the rule OF law. China doesn't understand this, because China goes by rule BY law. So you have ended up with a tyrant dictator!

  38. CHINA WAS BUILT FINANCED BY THE EUROPEAN ARISTOCRACY BANKSTERS… for the purpose of overthowing and deindustrialization the WESTERN CHRISTIAN COUNTRIES…as was Germany was Financed and industrialized post WW1..Who raised from the ASHES Germany in JUST 15 YEARS to wage WW2… SO WE SEE CHINA CCP TODAY

  39. Congress have enough votes to overcome veto.
    Stand with Freedom, with HK people and with the greatest country on earth United States of America

  40. I’m a THICC little bear with no balls, and I whine like a little girl. When I get angry I steal organs, and imprison religious people in internment camps

  41. Democrats and democratic party more supporting HK, we don't believe & trust Republican party and Donald Trump supporting HK

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