Celebs PAID To Say They Have Coronavirus?!?

Celebs PAID To Say They Have Coronavirus?!?

What a time to be alive, where everything
that’s happened over the last three months has shocked us to our very core, and as if
you didn’t think things could get even more weird, a new rumor is going around that celebrities
are being paid to say they’ve tested positive for Coronavirus… What’s up guys, it’s Sussan Mourad bringing
you all the breaking news updates here from my in-home Clevver studio as we continue to
practice safe measures, but apparently celebrities are putting a dangerous twist on how they’re
choosing to ‘spread awareness’ amid the virus outbreak. They say that “no press is bad press”,
but what if some press is so incredibly toxic and fabricated that we’re just forced to
believe lies about celebrities who claim that they’ve tested positive for COVID-19? Desperate times call for desperate measures,
I guess? But according to Idris Elba, who has previously
stated that he and his wife Sabrina have both tested positive, this conspiracy theory is
completely ridiculous and counterproductive. During a recent Instagram Live session, he
pushed back against the theory that some celebrities were being paid to report that they had contracted
the virus. The Shade Room posted his Live session to
their Instagram page, where he talks about the debate on whether the rich or poor get
a test kit for Coronavirus that is currently in high-demand. He said QUOTE, “It shouldn’t be about whether
rich or poor gets it. I think that the negativity around test-shaming
is counterproductive. It’s like, I got a test but I also got COVID. Does that make me preferential? I don’t understand that.” He added that the rumor that celebs are being
paid to say they have the virus is absolutely disgraceful and that it’s creating more
harm than anything. And honestly, if you really think about it,
what good do people think will come out of saying you’ve contracted the disease, because
I’d do my best to steer clear from that person for like, as long as possible even
when this is all over. But I’m curious to hear what you guys think
about this rumor — have you heard it going around, and do you think celebrities would
go that far making up a false claim, especially one that’s as serious as something that
could be life threatening? Let me know all your thoughts down here in
the comments, BUT as far as Idris is concerned, he doesn’t have time for the negativity. He added, “There’s no benefit to me and
Sabrina sitting here saying we’ve got it or we ain’t got it. I don’t even understand the logic of that.” He also urged his fans to believe that this
is real and that the proper precautions should absolutely be taken seriously, saying, “I’m
just a human being and I just happen to be in the public eye. So I want people to understand that this is
very real. I don’t feel like I’m privileged because I
got a test because I actually contracted it.” Along with many other celebrities, including
Andy Cohen, The Bachelor’s Colton Underwood, Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, Idris
took to Twitter to reveal that he had also been tested positive for the virus after finding
out that someone he had been in contact with also tested positive. He wrote on March 16th QUOTE, “This morning
I tested positive for Covid 19. I feel ok, I have no symptoms so far but have
been isolated since I found out about my possible exposure to the virus. Stay home people and be pragmatic. I will keep you updated on how I’m doing. No panic.” Since then Idris, along with Tom and Rita,
have been keeping fans updated on their health status and progress. Tom even managed to put his comical touch
on his most recent update, saying, “Hey folks. Good News: One week after testing Positive,
in self-isolation, the symptoms are much the same. No fever but the blahs. Folding the laundry and doing the dishes leads
to a nap on the couch. Bad news: My wife @ritawilson has won 6 straight
hands of Gin Rummy and leads by 201 points.” Ok guys, so right here, right now, let’s
vow to put a stop to the rumor that celebrities are using Coronavirus for clout. We’ve got a lot of bigger things to focus
our efforts on, so let’s all move past the rumors and focus on ways we could help contain
the outbreak and give back to those in need. I’m also curious to from you. Had you heard the rumor? And what do you think? Get to talking down here in the comments,
and after that you can click right over here to see how celebrities are giving back amid
the crisis. As always, don’t forget to hit that subscribe
button and ring that notification bell so you never miss a breaking news update. Thanks so much for tuning into Clevver News,
I’m your host Sussan Mourad and I’ll see you next time!

84 thoughts to “Celebs PAID To Say They Have Coronavirus?!?”

  1. "And people want to spread that [rumor] as if it's like news. That is stupid" 🙄
    👎🏻Clever not so clever on this one!

  2. I think that Cardi B is right…these celebs must be getting paid to say that. How is it possible that they all tested positive but are not sick. So why are they even being tested? I work in retail and am exposed to all kinds of people and I felt sick and tried to get tested and I wasn’t able to get the test. They feel nothing and get tested. Also none of them are deathly ill. Kinda suspicious…even Weinstein joined in 🤦🏾‍♀️

  3. Shooting,military air-force attack with vietnam troops,murder fires and death threaths with parked police car used in several planned murderes with utøya police chief since lock-down at home.And whole geography is clogged with smoke from fires unkown place."SANITARY" cars,new income for the filthy rich drove 3 pieces behind me today,to sanitise corpses.


  5. I believe it! I’m sorry but these motherfuckers are LYING!!! Also to be blunt we ALL HAVE CORONAVIRUS! Coronavirus is already airborne. We all have came in connect with someone who had/has the virus. There’s NO WAY IN HELL That we haven’t! Come on now!🙄 Now that being said many people’s bodies have overcame the virus and have built up a immune to it by now but unfortunately those who have weak immune systems unfortunately haven’t. That being said I definitely don’t think this whole Coronavirus shit is annoying at this point! We all have it!

  6. People are so stupid. It’s not impossible to get the coronavirus as a celebrity. In fact, they’re more likely to have gotten it since they travel so much. People will come up with anything to point out a conspiracy.

  7. Scientists and doctors who are doing researching and trying to find a cure for this disease should be the ones getting paid. If this is true, than these actors and celebrities lost all my respects. But till than I won’t be conclusion jumping into it but I hardly buy it because they’re not invincible either. Anybody could catch this. What makes them think that these actors can’t?

  8. You have got to get a Blue Yeti or RODE microphone. Either one would be perfect for what you doing. If you're a Podcaster or YouTuber those are the microphones of choice.

  9. Hanx saying his wife is beating him by 201 points while also showing a Corona typewriter… that he brought with him to Australia???… seems like a nod to Event 201. A mock pandemic exercise that happened last october. Go ahead and pull it up on YouTube. Its all sketch af. I dont blame anyone questioning the mainstream narrative at this point

  10. First I hope this isn’t true, and if it is true. This is sick like really messed up. Especially because a lot of people are panicking already and are also worried about people. They care about and follow.

  11. That's so stupid the amount of conspiracy theories around this virus is absolutely ridiculous I dont understand why someone would lie about this and why people thing they would lie about this

  12. Of course they're paid to say they have coronavirus. They would accept to say anything as long as they're paid. Who knows, maybe we're all being lied to and no such thing as coronavirus ever existed. I wouldn't be surprised if we're being drawn into an illusion lol

  13. This happen before with the swine flu they used celebrities to push the agenda. Watch "Deja Vu The Swine Flu Vaccination Fraud of 1976 *MIRRORED" on YouTube

  14. I love a good conspiracy theory, and I might have even gotten behind this one if it wasn't for Tom Hanks. No way that guy would go along with something like that.

  15. What do people get out of lying? This virus is serious and people are dying by the hour. What Cardi said was ignorant and making people ignore social distancing, making this outbreak worse.

  16. MAN I'm sick of youtube running four minutes of commercials for every 2 minute vid you watch. Google is run by a bunch of fucking bottom feeders. No more YouTube on my phone and most certainly no more shitty Google apps. Google preloads their spyware apps on every Android phone. Scumbags.

  17. Proof mathafucker!!!! Where is the proof ???? It is a shame and really toxic If they did get paid to say I have corona😤😡🤬🤬

  18. I'd say I have a virus I know I don't have for a few million…esp knowing I'll be fine once it's over and it helps push the 5g agenda 🤷🏿‍♀️

  19. Tbh I found it all suspicious.. you can't believe everything the news etc tells you. They tell you what they want you to know. You need to find out information for yourself.

  20. Idk man. All the celebrities that claimed to be positive for the Corona, don't show symptoms. But people who aren't celebrities are red, pale, literally looks like zombies…
    I thought I was the only one thinking it. Kinda weird.

  21. I've watched SCANDAL like 6x's … That show made me believe ANYTHING is possible. Usually the theories are seen as crazy only because it's the truth that no wants to believe. We'll just have to let God handle this.

  22. If this rumor is true those celebrities who faked it are the worst people on earth. I’m not saying it’s true. I’m just saying imagine how horrific that would be.🤯

  23. I don't think Tom Hanks and Idris Elba would lie about it…I could maybe see ones like Jake Paul or any Kardashians because it's more publicity. But not Idris or Tom….

  24. If it's true. They are so messed up. And karma will get them. But I don't think it's true. Celebs get it more cuz they travel so much.
    I really hope it's not true they get paid for this. Wow.

  25. 20k are dead so far it makes sense some celebs have it and waaaaaaay more people have it than is able to be tested and reported on. This seems wack


  27. If there was a conspiracy. Seems like an easy was to dip and save themselves without looking rich and selfish. Just because I am bored at home.

  28. I wouldn't go as far as to say that they are getting paid to say they contracted the COVID-19 virus, but, I think a lot of them are faking it for CLOUT and faking it to try and get people to take the disease seriously. I just find it weird that all the celebrities who claim that they have tested positive for it, look HEALTHIER than the people who don't have it. I mean, you would think that atleast one of them would have some serious medical problems, but, NOPE, nadda. They all look healthy as hell. They just mad because Cardi B EXPOSED they asses. To be honest, them claiming to test positive for it, is counterproductive when they look so healthy. I mean, maybe one of them should die or something if they want us to be SCARED and super terrified. Who's gonna volunteer to die? LMFAO! Am with Cardi B on this one…something ain't right with all these celebrities claiming to have tested positive for COVID-19. AND, Cardi B is a big celebrity and so she would have some INSIDE knowledge, so, if she say they getting a CHECK to fake it…who knows? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GH-ILs0VrU

  29. how did they get the tests so fast when some of us cant even get one. so that conspiracy seems valid. of course hes gonna be dismmisive so not to get in trouble with the public

  30. Maybe they have the virus and get paid to tell the world about it, I mean if someone gets tested they are not obligated to anounce it to anyone (except if they are leaving the house and police confronts them about it). They probably just want people from the US to be more aware of the virus, Idk. Anyone can get the virus, just because someone is a rich celebrity or politician doesn't mean they are immune to it, the virus doesn't care who you are. And everyone reacts different to the virus, I've heard from many people how it was for them, some were super ill and in pain for 2-3 weeks, and some barely even noticed anything and only found out because everyone in the area they lived in was tested. And I'm talking about healthy young people who had these mixed reactions. Meanwhile my aunt's mother in law is 84 and has health problems and she handled the virus just fine, while others die at her age.

  31. I am not one to say if to true or not, but it would make sense. Younger people will not take the virus seriously, but they do tend to listen to celebs more. So pay a few celebs to say they have it and how dangerous it is and maybe it will be take some seriously by the younger generation. 🤷🤷🤷

  32. Ebola just disappeared
    Measles just disappeared.

    Covid19 caught on and who knows why things are the way they are.

    I studied virus and I have never heard a "natural" virus that can spread all over the world.. different climates, altitudes, environments, people. It doesnt work this way. But now if this was a man made virus… then… that I dont know..

    But there is a reason behind all of this. We wont know. But that's okay. Karma.

  33. They want us logged in all the time. What better way to make everyone fear one another. And become depended of the wrong things.. like governments drugs alcohol etc. Funny it doesnt affect children specifically but it affects random people in random parts of the world with different genetics and cultures. Because they can mold kids the way they want later

  34. Well it isn't a "rumour". He clap backed at cardi b. She kept saying that if celebrities are being paid pay me too.

  35. No,Sussan I havent heard that and I watch everything.I hope yalls wroters didnt make that up.I Love You And Emile and know yall would never do that.

  36. Honestly I think they are as well because I mean look who gets a test and don’t even have any symptoms that doesn’t even makes sense

  37. I don’t understand how people can believe this because it’s doesn’t make sense for celebrities to make their fans worry for no reason.

  38. It’s Not True.! How can it be True when all these people are Dying around the World..! Come On Wake up people..! Don’t let Mass Hysteria and Conspiracy lead you astray to become lost in this Pandemic, When We Need every Bright Light in this darkest hour..!
    We All are in this together..! Keep a Level head, Stay Focussed, Continue to self Isolate, keep clean and always wash hands after every task.! And Stay Safe.! “””Peace”””

  39. They are actors. Lying to keep u sheep in line. Comply when the law comes. No more food people is being imported. This is bigger than the virus. WE GOT NO MORE FOOD!!!!


  41. Tom Hanks is in Australia one street over from my sister in laws sister 😱 there’s gotta be six points of separation in there somewhere

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