100 thoughts to “Cavuto rebukes Trump over attacks on Chris Wallace”

  1. Chris Wallace is a crypto Commie.

    So was his Jewish father.

    Cavuto defending the rat is upsetting because it shows that Cavauto is probably and has always been controlled opposition.

  2. Sorry. I used to like Chris Wallace, even when I didn't like what was reporting, but lately he has demonstrated time and again his disdain for President Trump. Most of his so-called, factual reporting sounds very much like editorial opinion. I turn Fox off when he comes on.

  3. chris wallace son of "oh ,I'm not white"mike 'myron' wallace Vietnam traitor, the nut doesn't fall far from the tree.
    Giving the poor Jewish people a bad name since 1960.

  4. Wait a minute, are you saying that top journalists such as yourself and Chris Wallace are now saying that we should use our foreign aid tax dollars to support the oligarch, Nikolai Zlochevsky, along with Hunter Biden and others, and rebuke Donald Trump for checking who is exactly receiving our aid, and where it is going? Are you saying Orange man bad, Oligarch and Soros good?
    Wow, that sounds like Pocono talk to me.

  5. Hi, Chris Wallace is obviously a LIBERAL, and he's very clever in disguising it…he'll never make it through a truth test. His reporting is Pablum and never controversial.

  6. The problems I had was when Chris Wallace was clearly misrepresenting what was said in the testimony. I don't know he he had not actually watched what was being said and had only been handed a summary that was wrong or incomplete but, there where assessments that he said that were demonstrably false and others that could only have been interpreted as taking the most extremely biased interpretations of what was said. Now one of the reason I do like watching Fox is that there are people like Cavuto and Juan Williams that tend more toward the left and can give an opposing view to. But in this case I believe Trump's criticism of Wallace is sound.

  7. Chris- Here is an idea if you wanna look like real news and harass people by asking them the same question over and over again which gives you the name fake news. Then harass Obama for losing money, harass Hillary every time about her emails and Benghazi, and harass joe every time about his illegal oil company! Then you will look real! Harass these people about all the corruption they’ve been a part of with the facts and documents.
    Even if there is none you’d harass Trump. What a joke that our country has come to the cover up of real corruption. The people who do the corruption investigate themselves and never get caught. That’s how this country has been run for years!

  8. Squishy Cavito and Phony Wallace are birds of a feather who stick together. For as bold as they both seem about Trump, I don't remember either one of them saying anything while Obama when he was running the country into the ground. Where was all their bravery and bold reporting for those 8 years? They are as bad as CNN and BSNBC!

  9. Thank you to you and Chris Wallace, finally people in Fox that are open to the facts. and for the viewers please don't start insulting or saying that I am from the left, right , homosexual or whatever any other adjective you can come out with. I am also a registered republican and I want to listen to facts only that.

  10. if i did not know where Wallace works i would say he works for cnn, nbc, abc, or any of the fake news networks. if there is too much of this i will abandon watching fox.

  11. I'm not a Fox news follower but I must say that this was very well said. And this guys professionalism is remarkable in this video. It too bad for Trump that he is turning on his biggest supporters.

  12. Since when did Fox start broadcasting for only one viewer? And why should an opinion commentator have to defend a true journalist?

  13. Everyone knows the Senate can remove a president, but a second, lesser-known vote could disqualify him from future office. It would take only a simple majority to banish him from the presidency for life. No second term and after he's ousted he will be subject to the obstruction of justice charges from the Mueller probe.

  14. People who were born in the USA do not appreciate anything. They take for granted every blessing this country provides. Then they feel sorry for themselves ; for what?! lazy, inbred, dimwitted humans.

  15. Why the heck does this post have 4.3k dislikes? This man is telling the truth. This man has REAL BALLS to speak out. I admire his courage. It's time out for LEFT & RIGHT, BLUE & RED, what about America? It's people? If there were no RED or BLUE parties, it was just be us (the US) taking care of our country shoulder to shoulder. Let's get back to the basis folks and call a spade a spade and get back to a better country.

  16. Wallace is out of his league and Cavuto is wasting his time trying to defend him. No one is asking Fox to be a Yes Man for Trump that's not needed nor warranted, but we've come to a place in politics in the past 30 years that these Left-wing goons don't play fair and have frankly embraced Scorched Earth methodologies and technics, ( Judge Bork, Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump) just to name a few who've been victims to these types of assaults. Wallace better raise his game or he too needs to go because playtime is over and his skill level is lacking relevance in this urgent time where left wing Media is highly committed to peddling their narratives, acumen's and malice. Now Tucker Carlson he's a beast a complete package and next generation of the 'IT' factor journalist ( brain's, brawn and intellectual gravitas as well as honesty)

  17. I support Chris Wallace and Cavuto for this accurate news coverage. Trump thinks all negative news against his is "fake"! It's only fake if you live in a state of denial.

  18. Wallace should not be on Fox with his anti Trump talk. Does CNN or MSNBC feature pro-Trump newspeople? NO! So, what's up with Fox even having Donna Brazile as a contributor. Ugh!

  19. The impeachment hearings have been a joke. Wallace defending them is equally a joke.

    P.S. I'm an independent who has voted for Democrats, Republicans, and third parties. No partisanship here. I call it as I see it.

  20. Whatever Trump does is leader like as he is a perfect leader and cares only about the American people. Trump will fight till the end of days for the America people

  21. Chris Wallace is a leftwind Democrat that onw to the Clintons/Obamas. No leader should give him an interview over video call or other midium just left him out

  22. Crist Wales is a corrupt Democrat like Cabuto that owns to the Clintons/Obama. Do not give interviews to ether corrupt FOX employees.

  23. Shame on you, Cavuto. Most Fox News viewers don't like Chris Wallace and Chris can take his lame show to CNN. Good riddance, Shephard Smith. Wish you would go away, Chris Wallace.

  24. I don’t want a bias press. The press shouldn’t be the friend or enemy of any branch of government, but should question everything and report the findings. I fear to think what this country would become without a free press.

  25. Goodbye Fox News…You Have Become Just Like The Fake News MSNBC And CNN And New York Times And Other Anti Trump Stations.

  26. I’m happy to see that twice as many viewers disliked this video.
    What happened Cavuto? You usually have a lazy, phlegmy voice. And Chris Wallace will NEVER be his Father…I’ve said that for years. Wallace is too old skool..he’s gotta go.

  27. You r so condescending, full of yourself. Even i u have a point, my advice is for u to wrap it more diplomatically, with good no condescending vibes. As u do it now, it is repelling, n insulting to his voters, who ever u r, …..cavuto, with a small s, n u deserve it

  28. lol so much hypocrisy from fox, when trump attacks others they cheer but the sec he comes after them they cry foul.

  29. 🤔Cavuto…you need to leave Fox News …NeverTrumper!!you bash a successful president daily NO ONE LIKES WALLACE!!HE IS A LIBERAL HIDING AS A MODERATE??😬REALLY?…FLIP FLOPING MODERATES! LOL WE conservatives VOTE FOR JOBS!!, LOW TAXES, God N country N MAGA!😉YAAAA MILKTOAST Cavuto n WALLACE 🤪😜😠

  30. This is the moron back and May saying that we would be in a recession by the end of the year boy Crow must taste very good for him today

  31. Do not buy anything advertised on FOX News when Wallace and Cavuto are on air – they are Filthy Rich Socialists at your expense ! Turn off your TV when Wallace and Cavuto are on air, or ……. REVOLT AGAINST FOX NEWS – TRASH OUT YOUR TV !

  32. Of Fox news..Kudos to Cavuto, Wallace, Baier and (and now departed) Shepard, Keep that 1st amendment exercised and muscular, otherwise you will no longer have a democracy.

  33. Oh BS Chris Wallace hates Trump he tries to hide it but its painfully obvious. Kinda like Neil lol. Just tell the truth your not fair you hide dems crimes and push there lies every chance you get. We see that so stop pretending your impartial because You and Walksce or NOT!

  34. Anchor: "freedom of the press is in our constitution, saying the press is the enemy of the people is antithetical to the constitution."
    Deplorable trump supporting scum: "globalist leftist communist CNN lock her up!"

  35. Fake News is any fact or information byte that disagrees with you or challenges your dogmatic political view of the world. Truth be damned. It ticks me off…therefore it's fake news…..just like in the rest of the authoritarian countries.

  36. CommieGroperFuhrer Trump wants to run a "Crocked Joe" campaign in 2020

    If Hunter Biden's taking a job was a potential corruption issue

    Why did'nt the Repug-Bull-KLANs investigate this back in 2014?

    Repug-Bull-KLANs were in charge of the congress and senate

    2014 – 2015 – 2016 – 2017 – 2018

    So for 5 years it was not an issue??????????????????????????

    Back in 2014 Bill O'Reilly said "Fox investigated Hunter Biden taking the job and found no wrong doing"

  37. Why ARE there more down-votes than up-votes for this video?

    Oh, let me guess – all you haters are Rethuglicunts, aren't you?

    Why not just shoot yourselves?

    Seriously – why NOT?

  38. Fox's Cavuto doesnt like Trump criticizing Chris Wallace. Of course not, Cavuto and Wallace have long been haters of the real American's President.

  39. Washington Week hosted Time reporter Mike Crowley who covers event of Trump rub out of Iranian
    General. He and Dems say WH claim event saves many GIs could be another Trump falsehood. Implying it should cost him votes. THE PURE BS WONT STOP. THE DEM MACHINE ARE CONSTANTLY PUTTING FALSEHOODS OUT THAT TRUMP LIES WHEN THEY ARE THE MASTERS OF LIES.

  40. Cavuto was told by the new management of FOX to attack our beloved President. So Cavuto being the kid who throws rocks at windows and runs like a coward.

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