Carmella Vs Bayley Womens Championship Booked For Smackdown On Fox! Huge! WWE Spoiler! WWE NEWS!

Carmella Vs Bayley Womens Championship Booked For Smackdown On Fox! Huge! WWE Spoiler! WWE NEWS!

Here is your news for
February 11, 2020. We’re kicking off today’s video
with news from Monday Night
RAW, as Shayna Baszler finally made her move
against RAW Women’s
Champion Becky Lynch. Following Bazler’s victory over
The Man at Survivor Series
2019, and months of reports stating that the pair will
face off at WrestleMania, the
Queen of Spades certainly made an impression
this week, following a
successful title retention by the Champion. After defeating a very game
Asuka, Lynch was a sitting
duck for Baszler, who after locking the Kirifuda Clutch,
seemingly bit a chunk out of
the back of Lynch’s neck. Whilst The Man was able to
drive her own ambulance
too and from a local medical center, it’s clear that
Baszler has her eyes set on
her first RAW Women’s Champion, and plans on taking
the gold on April 5th in Tampa. Speaking of WrestleMania,
we’re already looking ahead
to next year’s show, as the WWE has confirmed that
the 37th iteration of the iconic
event will take place in Los Angeles, California. The brand new SoFi Stadium
will host the show, which will
take place on March 28th, 2021, and this will be the
6th WrestleMania to take
place in the Golden State. The $5 billion stadium has a
base capacity of over 70,000,
which can be expanded to over 100,000 for events
such as WrestleMania, and
the WWE confirmed the focus around Los Angeles,
with a snazzy new logo,
complete with the iconic WrestleMania logo and
some film reels. One Superstar fans shouldn’t
expect to see at
WrestleMania 37 though, is Matt Hardy, as the Woken Superstar
has once again teased leaving
the company. On this week’s edition of
Monday Night RAW, Hardy
looked to get some answers from Randy Orton, following the
Viper’s assault on Edge, but
instead received a conchairto for his troubles. Many have speculated that this
is a way to write Hardy off WWE
TV for good, and during RAW, the former Tag
Team Champion tweeted out
“Goodbye”, with a video to episode 9 of his
‘Free the Delete’ video series. Hardy’s contract is set to expire
within a matter of weeks, and
so far, there has still be no reports of him
signing to stay with the company. Whilst his brother Jeff’s contract
has been frozen so that the
Charismatic Enigma can recover from injuries and
handle his personal issues,
it seems Matt already has one foot out the door, and
time will tell where the
legendary Superstar will go next. From one Hardy to another now,
as though Matt may be
counting the days until he is out of the company, Jeff
Hardy could be very close to
returning to the ring. According to the PW Insider,
Jeff is scheduled to be at the
WWE Performance Centre this week, so that the
company can check his
progress, following a leg- injury that sidelined him
in April last year. Though Jeff’s contract was
supposed to expire at the
same time as Matt’s in early March, a clause in their deal
means that WWE can freeze
a contract due to injury, meaning that Jeff would have
to stay with the company until
at least 2021 before he can be given the choice
to leave. Despite being out of the ring,
Jeff hasn’t exactly kept a low
profile, as the former WWE Champion has also been
dealing with a series of legal
issues. He is currently schedule to
appear in court on April 6th,
the day after WrestleMania 36, to deal with
charges stemming from his
October DUI arrest, and with bad publicity such as that,
it may still be some time
before fans see Jeff Hardy back on WWE TV. We’ve got another Superstar
who is set to be returning
soon, as this week, the WWE confirmed the return
of Andrade at Super
Showdown. Recently, the reigning United
States Champion was
suspended for 30 days for his first violation of the WWE
Wellness Policy, but has been
advertised for the Saudi show, as one of the participants
in the Tuwaiq Trophy Gauntlet
match. In addition to Andrade, R-Truth,
Rusev, Bobby Lashley, AJ
Styles and Erick Rowan have also been named for
the Gauntlet match. Named after the Tuwaiq region
of Saudi Arabia that consists
of mountains and valleys, the Trophy follows the
tradition of their being a
trophy at the Saudi Arabian shows, with Braun
Strowman, Shane McMahon
and The OC all capturing trophies of their own in the
middle eastern nation. WWE Super Showdown will
take place on February 27th
at the King Fahd International Stadium and will
also feature WWE Champion
Brock Lesnar defend his title against Ricochet, and
Bill Goldberg return to the
ring, to challenge the Fiend Bray Wyatt for the
Universal title. WWE certainly has plenty of
work to do in preparation for
WWE Super Showdown, but there’ll be little
time for the Superstars to
recover from the show, as on March 8th, the WWE
will host their annual Elimination
Chamber Pay Per View. During this week’s RAW, an
advertisement aired in the
Philadelphia area that seemed to give away the main
event of the show, before the
company made it public. If the advert is to be believed,
the Pay Per View wills see an
Elimination Chamber match between Roman Reigns,
Daniel Bryan, Shinsuke
Nakamura, Braun Strowman, Robert Roode and
King Corbin, and the winner
of this will face the Universal Champion at
WrestleMania. For a while, reports have stated
that the plan is for Reigns and
Wyatt to face off at WrestleMania, and this could
certainly come true, if the
Fiend retains at Super Showdown, and the Big Dog
wins this Chamber match. It’s certainly strange that this
advertisement would air
before the WWE has confirmed the match on TV,
and we can’t help but think
that someone backstage will be on the receiving end
of a verbal tirade, curtosy
of Vince McMahon. Now, we all know that Dwayne
‘The Rock’ Johnson is a
legend of both WWE and Hollywood, and now it seems
that his daughter is ready to
follow in his footsteps. This week, Simone Johnson,
the Brahma Bull’s 18-year-
old daughter signed with WWE and has started reporting
to the Performance Center. This won’t be the first time
Simone has been at the
Performance Centre though, as she’s been doing training
there sporadically for at least
the past year, but this announcement confirms that
she is under a developmental
deal with WWE. There’s no word yet on when
Simone will make her NXT
debut, but expect big things for the 18-year-old, as
she follows in the footsteps
of her father, her grandfather and her great-grand
father, as WWE’s first fourth-
generation Superstar We’re looking ahead to Smack
Down now, as this Friday’s
Valentine’s Day edition of the Blue brand will feature a
huge title match between two
former best friends. On last week’s show, Carmella
won a fatal four way to become
the number one contender for the SmackDown
Women’s Championship, and
during a commercial break during RAW, it was
confirmed that the Staten
Island Princess will face Bayley this week. There had been speculation
that the title match would
happen on February 27th at Super Showdown, especially
after a WWE email before last
week’s show indicated that the number one contender
would face the former hugger
in Riyadh. It’s unclear why the match was
moved from Super Showdown
to SmackDown, but following the Crown Jewel match
between Natalya and Lacey
Evans last year, expect the WWE to continue
pushing for more female
roles in the middle east country, as part of their deal. Back to RAW now, and whilst it
was reported that MVP’s loss to
Rey Mysterio on the RAW after the Royal
Rumble was the former US
Champion’s last WWE match, it doesn’t seem like Porter is
finished with the company
just yet. On this week’s edition of the
red show, MVP brought back
the VIP lounge, and tried to coax Drew McIntyre
into taking him on as his
business manager, an action that left Porter reeling from
a Claymore Kick. According to the PW Insider,
there have been talks for
MVP to join WWE backstage as a producer, along
side fellow former Superstsrs
such as Kurt Angle, Jason Jordan and Fit Finlay. As someone with over a decade
and a half of experience in the
wrestling industry, bringing MVP into the fold is
definitely a wise decision for
WWE, especially as they wouldn’t want to see him move
to AEW. We’re taking a break from the
ring to look at the XFL now,
as this weekend saw the relaunch of the Vince
McMahon owned league,
to a pretty good response. On ABC, the first game
averaged 3.3 million viewers,
and the game peaked near the end, with 4 million watching. On FOX, the the Sunday games
brought in a respectable 2.77
million viewers, and these figures have certainly
had an impression on those
in WWE. According to Brad Shepard, his
sources in WWE have said
there’s quote “cautious optimisim” in the WWE about
the XFL, after the first week. Whilst the previous XFL that
lasted for just one season
also did impressive number in its first week, before the
viewing figures started to
plummet, many football fans have said that the quality of
play in this recent league Is
much higher than in the 2001 original XFL, meaning
that Vince McMahon’s new
brand of football may be here to stay after all. Now, if you’ve been watching
Friday Night SmackDown for
the past few months, you’ll have seen Shinsuke
Nakamura be flanked by his
manager Sami Zayn, but one thing you won’t have seen
s the Canadian Superstar
competing in the ring. This has led to speculation
that Zayn is dealing with
some kind of injury, but that reportedly isn’t the case,
according to Dave Meltzer
who spoke on Wrestling Observer Radio. According to the veteran
wrestling journalist, there’s no
physical reason why Zayn is being kept as a manager
instead of competing, but
instead that WWE Creative have merely decided that
being a manager is his
role for the time being. Given his skills on the mic, it
makes sense that Zayn has
been paired up with the likes of Nakamura and Cesaro,
two men who have struggled
in promos over the years, but for now, there’s no
news on when, or if, we’ll ever
see the former NXT Champion return to the ring. We’ve got some news from
Impact Wrestling now, as
during their weekend TV Tapings in Las Vegas, the
company confirmed that Ken
Shamrock will join their Hall of Fame. Shamrock, who recently
returned to the company, was
part of Impact’s formative years in 2002, and is
recognised as the first World
Champion in the promotion’s history, holding the NWA
World Championship. In addition to his career in
Impact, Shamrock also had
success in WWE, capturing the Intercontientnal Champion
ship, as well as being crowned
the 1998 King of the Ring, where he defeated The
Rock in the finals. With this news, the World’s
Most Dangerous Man joins
Sting, Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett, Earl Hebner, Gail Kim,
Abyss and the Dudley Boys
as part of Impact’s Hall of Fame, and we hear at Slat
Rock Wrestling would like to
congratulate Shamrock on his induction into the
Hall of Fame. And finally today we’re ending
with the results from Monday
Night RAW, as the red brand continued on the
road to WrestleMania and
Super Showdown. In the show’s opener, Kevin
Owens, the Viking Raiders
and a returning Samoa Joe confronted Seth Rollins, Murphy
and the AOP, followed by the
RAW Women’s title match that saw Shayna Baszler
take a bite out of Becky Lynch. After the Street Profits
defeated Mojo Rawley and
Riddick Moss, Moss turned on Mojo to capture the 24/7 Title,
whilst Drew McIntyre got
physical with MVP, when he appeared on the VIP Lounge. After Angel Garza defeated
Cedric Alexander, NXT
Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley sent a message to
Charlotte Flair with a win
over Sarah Logo, whilst Ricochet also made a similar
statement to WWE Champion
Brock Lesnar when he defeated Bobby Lashley. After Randy Orton attacked
Matt Hardy, and Aleister
Black defeated Akira Tozawa, it was time for the main event,
as Rollins, Murphy and the
AOP stood tall over Owens, Joe and the Viking
‘Raiders. Time will tell just how this war
between the two factions go,
but one thing we do know is that the Monday Night
Messiah and his tag team
partner have no intentions on losing their
titles anytime soon.

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