Can Australia’s PM Scott Morrison recover from the fires? – BBC News

Can Australia’s PM Scott Morrison recover from the fires? – BBC News

No you’re an idiot mate. Stand down now. ScoMo has got to go! Australia is on fire. Are you from the media? Tell the prime minister to go and get- And people are turning their anger on the prime minister, Scott Morrison. You’re out, son. You are out. So what happened to Morrison, I have always believed in miracles. and his miracles, a man who as tourism boss, signed off on this famous, or perhaps infamous, advert. So where the bloody hell are you? Well it was this very catchphrase that came back to bite Morrison, hard. As fires ravaged the country in the lead-up to Christmas and some politicians were spotted helping out, it emerged that the prime minister was on an unannounced holiday in Hawaii. And despite days of public outcry, he only cut his vacation short by about 48 hours. But his actions, once back on Australian soil, didn’t do much to improve the situation. The prime minister’s decision to compensate volunteer firefighters only came after weeks of pressure from the opposition, and after claiming that the firefighters ‘want to be out there’. In the period from Christmas to New Year, as the fires reached catastrophic levels, Mr Morrison made just one public appearance, despite finding time to host a cricket reception and hit the beach. While on another beach the world saw unprecedented scenes of Australians huddling to escape the fires, as Morrison toured the country, seemingly unable to secure a single handshake. I’m only shaking your hand if you give more funding to our [Rural Fire Service]. So many people here have lost their homes. The solution, from a prime minister who prides himself on his marketing acumen? A promotional video, complete with upbeat music. And for a short while, a link for donations – to his own party. Well thankfully we’ve had no loss of life. To make matters worse, on a visit to an island affected by fires, Morrison appeared not to realise lives had been lost there. Two. Two, yeah two that’s right. I was thinking about firefighters. For some of his critics, the prime minister’s failure has been one of leadership in the face of an immediate disaster. For others, it’s a failure to address the wider context of climate change. This has to stop. We can’t keep forgetting and pretending that climate change isn’t real. He has, however, acknowledged climate change in recent press conferences. Climate change has impacted on the world weather patterns that have led to where we are here today, to some extent. The ruling Liberal Party does not have a robust record of taking climate change seriously, though. Back in 2015, ministers were caught joking about rising sea levels affecting Pacific Island nations. Time doesn’t mean anything when you’re about to be, you know, have water lapping at your door. There’s a boom [microphone]. But while climate change may have increased the likelihood and severity of the fires, it didn’t cause them. In any case, climate change is a global problem which requires global responsibility. Many people strongly support Morrison’s defence of the mining and energy industries, which have long been at the heart of Australia’s economy. But the public mood suggests he must also be seen to take leadership on climate change, particularly as the hot country will in all likelihood continue to be at the front line of the issue. This is coal. Don’t be afraid! But it may take a lot to convince the public that a man who brought a lump of coal into parliament is serious about climate change.

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  1. Not an Aussie but how the fuck do you elect someone like this as Prime Minister?
    It's hard to feel sympathy for Australians, i only feel sympathy for the animals.

  2. Saw a clip of him announcing how proud he was to ask the ADF for help for the first time ever for australian government to be asking them for help in a devastation on our own lands….as if like scomo has legacy . Lawyers are not good politicians. Put a buisnessness man or someone whos actually naturally proud of australia into power

  3. The faked he didn’t know there had been two deaths on kangaroo island really just goes to show he really doesn’t give a crap about the average Australian!

  4. I for one support Scott Morrisson and his Government. Our nation has come under some sort of carefully planned premeditated attack. The odds are we will never get to the very bottom of this, but we are actually in a new kind of war.

    Unlike the British, some of us down here aren't stupid.

    Who is to say if Scott spoke to anyone from U.S.A. regarding national security while on holiday in Hawaii? Now we are on the brink of world war three.

    Back in 1939, arsonists set Australia on fire, just before world war Two.

    You can't touch a freemason.

  5. A third rate advertising hack who backstabbed his way into the prime ministership after making a name for himself by coldly locking up victims of war and persecution, including children, women, girls, boys and men in abusive conditions on corrupt island nations, where they were and are known only by numbers, not names and continue to be abused. Principle? The man is the stain and bottom of a barrel of moral turpitude, although he honestly, truly and deeply believes his particular brand of god does miracles for him…like job promotions. We are led by a gormless cretin with all the mockery of morals that is the hallmark of so many of the devoutly, and as such delusional, religious.

  6. This is why not everyone can be the prime minister. You only know who the real leaders are in times like these. scomo you should be ashamed of let our whole country down. pathetic swindler. you are no leader.

  7. There reverse programming is rite at the start
    Tell your PM to go get f,d shown by the media who are the ones manipulating climate change narratives.
    In reverses it's tell the .edia to go get f,d 🤔

  8. Weather Modification, Doppler Radar is responsible for this dramatic and criminal climate changes, Australia cries for justice

  9. This is another attempt to do what they did to Abbott. The left were able to smear Abbot because he was being "white anted" from within his own party by Turnbull. The same smear tactics won't work with Morrison. He is supported 100% by the party, and there is no heir apparent. These left-wing smear tactics will run out of steam very quickly because Morrison knows how to deal with them.

  10. God bless the fire fighters! They are busting their ass and risking their lives trying to put out the fire. Everyone trying to save many animals they can. Thank you for saving the animals and fighting the fires. I have been praying for Australia.

  11. What a Dickhead! … Oh wait, he’s a “Christian” so all is forgiven…. Silly me…. God May Save The Queen but Will God Save Scott Morrison?

  12. oh Christian people…. the only thing that will make miracles is to do something about it rather than doing nothing and let shit like bushfires getting worse, this is why im not Christian anymore stop praying to air that ain't gonna help us smh fml

  13. This conservative, rich mans evangelical scum isn't fit to clean toilets for the public, let alone be PM.
    Its the Right wing filth in this country who are stopping proper action on climate change !!!

  14. Commissioner for police went to dinner during a bushfire emergency, he had big complaints. Now he goes on holidays while every thing burns and he’s had to drag his useless ass home and force a few exhausted people to shake hands. To make himself look good. Vote the crap out.

  15. There’s only one word to say fuck Scott Morrison he has done absolutely nothing about this! Just forcing people to shake his hand F off

  16. Going on holiday while the country was experiencing the challenges of the decade ? Poor political judgment, not sure how he become the pm

  17. This is the fault of climate activism, & college educated idiots , when you stop select cutting, brush clean up, controlled burning on the off season nature takes its natural course, the fire strips the land to zero* starts over, part of a natural cycle going on for millions of years, if humans want to live on earth they need to understand this process or we will be extinct, you cant let an idiot control your life.

    in my area an owl was found " the spotted owl" logging was stopped select cutting was stopped, forest management was stopped, the people truly managing this forest the correctly were told to leave. Here is the result 1000s of lost jobs, small towns shut down, liberal government stepped in with tax payer hand outs, depression set in, an opioid crisis ripped families apart …. our coast decimated ripe & ready for fire, & more despair. All because a college educated idiots & a corrupt government stepped in.

  18. Not all the fires were caused by climate change, the ones in new south wales were caused by arsonists but the ones in south Australia were the ones caues by climate change since there was extreme drought in the area

  19. He friggin smerks, at our losses our heartache he's a Narssistic no empathy prick, I wish we the people can sack him.. why can't we? We vote.. let's sack the prick..

  20. He was elected by the people and should remain as our PM. ScotMo protected our freedom and democracy which is the most important thing you could possibly expect in life!!!!!

  21. He's Aussies version of Trump, denied climate change, loves the coal, hates the poor, doesn't pay the volunteer firefighters but holidays in Hawaii? Sound familiar? Just change hawaii for golf course.

  22. "Australia to Kill 10,000 Camels for Causing Global Warming" 14 Jan 2020
    During the days of hippies and the Vietnam War, moonbats used to display posters reading, “War Is Not Healthy for Children and Other Living Things.” That should be updated for the current age by replacing the word “War” with “Global Warming Ideology.” We have seen what it does to children. Here is what it can do to other living things:

    Nearly 10 years after Australian camels (and their methane emissions) were identified as a factor in climate change, 10,000 of the country’s wild dromedaries now face a slaughter.

    The cull, which was scheduled to start Wednesday 15 Jan 2020, comes as part of an effort to help conditions in fire-ravaged Australia.

    Instead of dealing with bushfires by overcoming the objections of environmentalists and clearing deadwood so that the work of arsonists does not get out of hand, moonbats have opted instead to blame global warming, which they hold responsible for all bad things that can’t be blamed on racism/sexism/Islamophobia/transphobia/etc. According to leftist dogma, climate change is mainly caused by greenhouse gases like methane CO2.

    Camels are getting scapegoated for drinking too much water and worse still, for making it be too hot out by farting and belching, in accordance with global warming ideology.

    According to an NPR report from the faraway year of 2011, a single camel can produce greenhouse gasses equivalent to over a ton of carbon dioxide.

    Why a ton? Why not make it a hundred tons? That would be even more impressive.

    Meanwhile, they have yet to prove that carbon dioxide is a dominant factor in global temperatures, much less that killing every camel on earth would make any difference regarding the severity of Australian bushfires.
    Culling the camels may be a good idea for other reasons, but killing them by the thousands for causing global warming is alarming in the extreme. When killing camels fails to make the climate stop fluctuating for the first time in world history, what or who will the true believers want to sacrifice next?

  23. The Greens refuse to allow any fire breaks to be made.
    Illegal to take any firewood from state forests, for the last 10 years?
    Arsonists, 200 arrested, the new norm!

  24. The strange thing is the NSW State emergency services minister was on holidays as well but nothing is mentioned about that.

  25. When you've become widely known as #ScottyfromMarketing, you're in trouble. His only saving grace is that the next election is well over 2years away, and the far too powerful Murdocracy will do everything it can to ensure that the public forgets.

  26. It's horrible having right wing leaders anywhere on the planet. Melaninated people know this.
    Now the rest will know.

  27. The Australian bush will regenerate, many species need fire to germinate. The bush will return but the PM will be gone. Take a look at the longevity of PMs in recent times, hardly time to warm the seat.

  28. Have he ever thought what would he do, once the coal mining would come to an end, what if international students stop believing shitty process of immigration. Thats where 70% of gdp is.

  29. Sorry, but you get what you deserve when you elect corrupt, self-serving school boys to positions of power. I can't believe he's still PM.

  30. ALLAH .the warning of non muslim .its small non muslim not belive in last day .hell largest into covering 7 erths 7heaven .Allah is greatest

  31. 1 billion innocent animals died and millions acre burned and his highness partying in Hawaii and raising funds for his party! Shame

  32. Hey guys, there's a chrome extension called "Tab for a Cause" and every time you open a new tab, you get "hearts".
    These hearts are basically money made from the ads when you open a new tab, and you can donate to the Australia Red Cross and World Wildlife Foundation as well.
    Also, you can get 350 hearts every time someone clicks your link and starts using this extension.

    So here's mine;

    Please help!

    btw I'm basically copying and pasting this on every video I watch hehe
    spread awareness <3

  33. Don´t blame your leaders. you deserve it Australian people. You are the ones who most evil gases produce on Earth. Moreover your country has a third word country water management. DONT BLAME YOUR LEADERS IF YOUR ARE NOT WILLING TO CHANGE, AUSTRALIAN.

  34. Why he doesn't call the Russians for help? They have a lot of good equitment and experience to fight against great area fires. You dont belive it? Follow the link! They could do a lot.

  35. I couldn’t believe it when he walked up to a seated firefighter who clearly didn’t want to talk to him and Morrison tried to grab his hand out of the firefighter’s lap to shake it and the firefighter clearly had no interest in shaking Morrison’s hand. Incredible! The man is a twit!

    Edit: shown at 1:32

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