100 thoughts to “Camerota asks voter how she would vote if Trump shot someone. Hear her response”

  1. I love all these salty tears, and comments from Trump haters, and find them funny as hell, as Trump haters, and this impeachment bullshit is a big joke. If the only reason I have to support Trump, and vote for him, is because it drives Democrats, and their voters crazy, then that's a good enough reason for me. Lol.

    Btw I'd have no problem with President Trump shooting someone, as long as it's Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, or any Demonrat, and Trump hater trying to impeach him. The United States would be a much better place without Trump haters in my opinion.

  2. Alisyn is nothing but an extremely smug far-left liberal instigator now. But she acted like a conservative Republican for many years at Fox News.

  3. Awwwww, is everybody here on the CNN channel the Communist News Network sad because they aired something that was actually truthful and you know that Trump's going to get another 4 years I can just taste the salty tears anybody who doesn't believe it's your beliefs it's crazy or cultish five out of six of them women are going to vote for Trump and you say it has a difference it does not matter if there is a Republican or Democrat in that white house they are all puppets the same propaganda will be shown the same lies will be told the same agendas will be ran and the same narratives will be followed they have us so divided look at this it's disgusting might as well call ourselves The Divided States of America

  4. CNN populism! Maybe they learn with Fox news… another realty show network, transvestite as an news channel… they choose the most dump people they can get. And want you to think that they represent the swing voters! CNN is portraying USA as a mental retarded nation!

  5. Yay, let's give voice to the people who support trump because they get a dopamine hit from the fact that his corruption, dishonesty and ineptitude pisses the rest of us off.

  6. The republicans were the ones who said our job is to stop Barack Obama from accomplishing ANYTHING.
    Wake up you are being deliberately blind trump is a nightmare for America

  7. So she wants to ask how has trump brought us together? Lol. While she works for one of the main networks that have been attacking trump since day 1. Doing the Democrats work for them. Trump/Russia collusion remember? This network has single handedly kept the divide going and then acts like trump is the one dividing. Great moral compass. But when you are generously fed money to be corrupt I guess morals are not to be considered.

  8. Remember CNN had a reporter wear a flak jacket, bulletproof helmet, air raid sirens going off in the background and scrambling to put a gas mask on while claiming they where doing a live broadcast from the frontline in Iraq and were under enemy fire? Remember that? When in actual fact they were on the rooftop of their new York studio. That's CNN "news" folks.

  9. Seating chart of these interesting position holders
    Back row: DEF
    Front row: ABC
    Dems can take ABCE. Let D&F disrupt, I mean contribute to the GOP.

  10. Im watching this from the UK its so funny!! When asked how Trump is bringing everyone together…the silence lmao!!!!! She should of asked, if Trump shot a member of your family on 5th Avenue would you still vote for him?

  11. How fucking dumb are these Trump supporters… Firstly, when asked about a president withholding aid for dirt on a political opponent, they start complaining that the money should go to homeless veterans. Not even answering the question. Then, one of them finally answers the question, and it's starts right here: https://youtu.be/wsTYso3hmEA?t=111
    First this idiot says "they should be about to ask for military information" then gets corrected by the host, "it's political information. She then responds, "they all do it", then seconds later says, "I dont' know that to be true". WHAT A FUCKING DUMBASS.

  12. Wow no matter what the president did to all those white women he slept with while cheating on all his wives they back him. Obviously they don't Read and fox news is their only education source.

  13. Frightening that people like this are allowed to vote. If Obama did any this, would they be perfectly OK? They came unglued when Obama wore a tan suit!

  14. I see a Trump Dynasty in the making! Trumps already won 2020💪🇺🇸! Maybe instead of fabricating news you could start reporting it! Like maybe how Joe Biden sold his country out to China 😉!

  15. This was an exceptionally well-done interview. Thank you. All rational people are trying to understand the irrational minds who continue to support a leader with too many deficiencies to list. Your questions and non-confrontational demeanor allowed us to see the disturbing rational more clearly.

  16. Now we know how Trump won (even partly, thanks so much Electoral College)—imagine millions of Crystals watching Fox News and drinking the Koolaid.

  17. It's hilarious to see Trump supporters attacking Hard-Right, Military-Industrial Tactic of shoring up our allies who are fighting our foes.

  18. Remember when Obama told Putin he could be more flexible after the Election? I do
    But this CNN reporter doesn’t….
    All presidents do this all the time it’s politics

  19. The "I'm just sayin'" lady is, in truth, actually admitting she's fine with corruption in the highest office in the country. "Everybody does it" is not a valid defense for breaking the law.

  20. Asking about divisiveness and the lady changed the word “people” to “republicans and democrats”.
    That’s divisiveness.

  21. All the problems they stress about the country are trying to be solved by Andrew Yang. Practical solutions, a role model stressing compassion, no ego stroking, just wants to leave the country better for our children. #Yang2020

  22. We are committing genocide and are over throwing leaders while endangering and killing our american soliders for political and monetary gain. Just pouring money into other countries regime changes while the money should be going to americans! We can not afford to have establishment candidates ever again, the system is broken! #yang #tulsi #bernie , all others candidates will definitely continue this non transparent corrupt system we have.

  23. Wonder how many of these Trump supporting women would want him grabbing their pussies. I wouldn't let him near my cats pussy.

  24. Military aid keeps the industrial military complex going its necessary so we can keep producing the best arms in the world. They also buy lots of weapons and the markups are ridiculous.

  25. That last women is a dangerous idiot. She actually asked "what he shot the person for". That is what you call a new kind of stupid.

  26. CNN still sucks with all their bias and lies. CNN needs to be burned to the ground. Why is CNN giving the impeachment so much credibility?

  27. To begin with, I’m shocked that any of these people actually support themselves. That said, if they are business owners I guarantee they are cheating in their taxes.

  28. Crystal: Didn't every other president ask for political info
    Camerota: I can't speak for other presidents
    Crystal: they all do it lol
    Camerota: I don't know that to be true
    Crystal: I don't know that be true either

    Me:….What just happened lol

  29. Twisting things and asking loaded questions is exactly how a news organization should behave. MSM is fully corrupt and lies on a daily basis to the public. Do your own research. #Walkaway

  30. The woman on the top right is literally a mouth breathing moron. Lol

    There a whole lot of asking to speak to a manager in that room.

  31. I believe that NONE of these people pay attention to anything that the President has done other then the headlines from the media! Take time and fund out ALL the thing's the President has accomplished so when the ASSES from CNN use you, you will have ALL the facts!

  32. This just shows how out of touch CNN and the left are with middle America.It also highlights in the comments how the party of peace and love has become a group of angry trolls.

  33. Please America this one time, be smart and vote for Andrew Yang. Please don't screw up this opportunity to choose the best possible President in American history.

  34. I actually feel kind of bad for this lady. She is completely ignorant and unqualified to be a registered voter but that doesn't make her a terrible human being and she just made a complete mockery of herself on national television and she now has to face her neighbors

  35. I’m tired of this fallacy that a businessman makes for a good president. A business (which is about making a profit) is operated differently from government.

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