100 thoughts to “California Town Pushes Back Against Planned Coronavirus Quarantine Center | NBC Nightly News”

  1. No they don't want to spread the virus…..no!!!
    Bunch of people here, a group there, don't worry be happy, how does a sickness get new victims, lax CDC planning…..

  2. Believe what your conscience tells you to believe. Not enough sensible facts… conspiracy or not, protect your self and know the sign of the times

  3. Great job Costa Mesa city authority for taking this action! other cities should learn from this and protect their community ✌🏻❤️

  4. Can anyone tell me what part of the gov is allowing this to happen by place the infected in these places and also is it ran by a specific party like Democrats or Republicans or a mixture of both voted for this to keep going on

  5. Temporary Restraining Orders in California are effective for 72 hours. In this case, 48 hours will be spent on the weekend when most government offices are closed; and the workers, are enjoying their weekend.

    That's your California tax dollars at work. Hey, if they do decide to take advantage of the weekend overtime; that's capitalism at work in government, that qualifies for overtime wages, double time emergency wages, hazardous pay, and a stipend severance that would pay for a year's tuition at USC, now that they lowered their fees.

    And we are led to believe that the Chinese are doing everything they can?

    Donald Rumsfeld.
    Is he from California?
    Does it matter?
    Well, it sucks altogether don't it?
    Like octopi on your back!

    Get EM OFF OF ME!!!

  6. Thought u people didnt mind illegals in ur state so u shouldnt mind getting the Coronavirus serves u guys right for ur stupidity

  7. They think just because they are Americans. Nothing can just put them wherever they want and if not it’s a hate crime. No we don’t hate anyone we just don’t want to catch the disease! Stop off lights stop everyone from China coming here! It’s plain and simple we are dealing with a pandemic here it’s not fun and games anymore time to get serious people

  8. Most of the flights coming in and out were from Wuhan to Ca. Now everyone is worried. Aren’t These are primarily Ca residents??

  9. Cov2 has been noted to be an aerosol so it can travel across 75ft or further from infected people, look what happened on that dream ship.

  10. Calling for Mike Pompeo the head of the US Department of State to step down!! I believe the State Department has acted recklessly by putting Americans at a high risk for exposure and they will continue to downplay the extrimity of this covid19 virus.

  11. WTF are they even doing? Maybe they thought they should go ahead and start the epicenter for the spread in America there. Why not, it's only the state with the highest population in America. SMDH

  12. South Americans have been bringing measles into that state for years, now they're suddenly concerned about another virus. lol.

  13. Why would they even try this?! I'm sure some of these hospitals in the rich cities of Commiefornia have better facilities…wouldn't want to get sick people around the precious movie stars and their ilk.

  14. the numbers don't add up, according to CDC the number of confirmed case in US is 35. If you add up the numbers (???) from Diamond Princess, you can say 70?? but if confirmed case, patients should be treated in hospitals, only few people has the virus without symptoms and no needing any treatment…..
    Note that the virus makes you difficult to breath, chances of heart attack and failure of other organs… and the death is painful, it is described as drowning.
    And why gather all the infected across US to put in one city????? Can the hospital in Costa Mesa treat all these patients???? I don't think it is fair for the residents of Costa Mesa….. I don't get it …. why would you gather all your infected patients and put them in a highly populated city when you vast land across the country …..I can name more than few cities that I have been for the last couple of years that has less than 100 residents….

  15. I feel like resident evil T Virus 🦠 is becoming a real thing 😢 75k+ infected and 2500+ dead already in only 2 months….. this might be the most dangerous disease ever!!!!

  16. Moving clockwise around the monument from due north, these eight languages are: English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian. The message in English reads:

    1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with #nature.

    2. Guide #reproduction wisely IMPROVING #fitness and diversity.

    3. #Unite humanity with a living new language.

    4. Rule passion, faith, tradition, and all things with TEMPERED #REASON.

    5. Protect people and nations with FAIR #laws and just #courts.

    6. Let all nations rule internally RESOLVING EXTERNAL DISPUTES in a world court.

    7. AVOID PETTY laws and USELESS officials.

    8. Balance personal RIGHTS with SOCIAL DUTIES.

    9. Prize truth, beauty, love, seeking HARMONY with the INFINITE.

    10. Be not a #cancer on the earth. Leave room for nature.


  17. Frankly they need more be looking more at small hospitals. If people are infected, eventually they become ill and require care. Likewise, any nursing home is far more appropriate than an assisted living facility. So Government, go get an old hospital, nursing home and repair it bring it up to specifications and you have your place for patients. After all China built a hospital inside of 2 weeks for their ill patients. DO YOUR JOB GOVERNMENT, after all you take enough money in from We The People so fulfill your obligations.

  18. Place can't handle homeless! How in God's name would they quarintine anything. This place be the one to get us all contaminated. Stay woke

  19. It’s only going to spread man it’s only going to spread please please please don’t let them come to California not like this please I don’t want to die

  20. That's what FEMA camps are for. Isolation, restriction, if the patient's Panic they still cannot cause harm to the public, if they die there are on site crematoriums.

  21. Why is everyone so upset because they intend to put all the possibly infected people in 1 spot to finish the 2nd quarantine time. I would be more worried about people crossing the border that are unaccounted for and untested. Perhaps you people should take the border crisis more seriously. President Trump tried for years to get that through your thick skulls. But No you people wouldn't listen.

  22. This might just wipeout the whole state of California Hispanic population since they dominate that state with such a huge population of them

  23. Yea so now this same batch is coming one town over here where I’m at. Our city officials are pushing back too hopefully Anniston al will find a loophole otherwise all these infected will be right down the st next week. Anybody reading this send good vibes and love please a lil uneasy feeling in my gut. I have kids this is too close might pack up

  24. You have officers dressed up as medical workers with the power to convict ANYONE by simply pointing a laser at their head. They have been exterminating dissidents this entire time, meanwhile the skeleton aliens on the TV have been telling you that everyone's getting sick. Are you ready to take on your own boys in uniform?

  25. The cop at 0:53 needs additional training in communicating with the press; he phrased it as "what's going to happen", expressing an opinion that it will in fact happen — a matter not yet decided in the courts.

  26. These are more than patients. They are people with families. Give your worries to God and help his children. They're are much worse things than death. But He said to them, “Why are you fearful, you of little faith? ” Then He got up and rebuked the winds and the sea. And there was a great calm.

    Matthew 8:26 HCSB


  27. sanctuary cities in ca., refuse to work with ICE in ca., they say its to help others. now?you are turning away the sick?. make up your mind CA.

  28. Everyone Needs 2 Remain Calm 😙 Take a Deep Breath,,, Remain Calm,,, and don't forget to file your taxes by April, 15 😽 Breath,,, Stay Calm, breathe??? !

  29. I always said it was a bad idea for our gov't to evacuate people from other countries' quarantines. For those who supported the evacautions and called others who don't heartless, just don't complain when the gov't evacuate these poor Americans from all epicenters in the world to your backyard. So when is our next chartered plane to South Korea to evacuate more infected Americans back? How many more coroona princesses, kings and queens are floating in the ocean that will need to be evacatued by our gov't?

  30. Of course residents will get angry!! What did you expect?! Residents to dance on the street with joy?!
    Those infected should be quarantined in a far distant isolated place

  31. What the judge decides on Monday will set a precedent for other local quarantine locations across the country. We should all stay tuned for the results.

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