Breaking News: USCIS to postpone implementation of NTA (Notice to Appear) policy

Breaking News: USCIS to postpone implementation of NTA (Notice to Appear) policy

Hey everybody, this is Jacob here. I just wanted to do this quick video to…
well, we’re basically live right now. And I just got a notice from USCIS that the
policy about issuing notices to appear for people that either lost their status or got
their application denied, and their I-94 expired. Those… the policy to issue the notices to
appear has been put on hold for now. And essentially what I think has happened
is that about a month ago, when the policy was issued, they had 30 days to come up with
procedures and how they actually going to be doing it. But as of today, they were not able to obviously
issue those procedures. And so, as of now, the policy to issue notices
to appear for people that got their application denied and have no I-94 that is in status
is now put on hold is not effective anymore. So you’ll see a lot of videos on youtube talking
about the new NTA policy that if you’re here and your application is denied and essentially
you’ll be put in proceedings and in deportation. So as of today, this policy is not effective. Again, we don’t know what’s going to happen
tomorrow. We don’t know what’s going to happen in a
few weeks. But as of now, this is something that is not
effective. So again, maybe some good news and maybe a
bit of a relief for some of you guys. Again, there are a few people watching me
live, so if you have any comments or questions just post them in the comments. But I just wanted to instead of actually doing
a video, I wanted to come on live and announce this development that just happened today. So again, USCIS as of now is not continuing
with the policy to issue notices to appear, NTAs, for applications that have been denied
or for people that are not in status anymore because their application has been denied. So, as of now, there is no policy to issue
those NTAs. Now again, it’s a little bit of a surprise
but maybe not because we never thought that they’re going to be coming up with procedures
in 30 days. It’s a complicated process to serve a notice
to appear. You have to draft it, you have to locate the
applicant, you have to create, the court dockets. And so there’s a lot of things that come into
an issuing NTA, it just… when they did that, to me, it was more of a, “We just want to
punish these people because they lost their… the cases were denied and they’re here without
status.” Anyway, so this is the update. Again, if you have questions, post them in
the comments. If you have questions right now, I’m doing
this from my mobile device, so I can’t really see any of the questions, you see. But you’re welcome to post if you’re… you’re
welcome to post those questions and I’ll answer them later on. Anyway, thanks for watching. So once again, those of you who joined right
now, I just wanted to announce that USCIS is going to postpone the implementation of
their new policy, which was to issue notices to appear for people that got their cases
denied. For example, H-1B that were going through
extensions or a change of status extensions or family petitions or waivers. Those applications, according to the new policy,
if they were denied and you didn’t have an I-94 that was valid at the time of the denial,
you’d be under that policy that was issued about a month ago, you will be placed in removal
proceedings and an NTA will be issued. Well, as of now, that policy is now postponed. So, this is a live update that I’m doing right
now. It’s July… right now it’s like 2:30 PM. And let’s see, I’ll keep you posted, guys. And those who joined our live broadcast, thanks
for watching. And I will do some more updates in the next
few days. Thanks a lot. And let me know of any specific questions
about this particular development. Post them in the comments and I’ll promise
to come back and answer them. Thanks, guys. Have a beautiful day, a beautiful Monday.

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  1. Thanks, Rightnow Incase our extension is denied not required to proceedings the process and we can free to leave the country right

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