Breaking News – Hillary DROPPED OUT of the race!

Breaking News – Hillary DROPPED OUT of the race!

breaking news
breaking news
breaking news
presidential candidate Hillary Clinton
has just announced she will be dropping
out of the presidential race
making Donald Trump
perhaps the next president of the united states
about five minutes ago they
oh my god
she just dropped out and announce yes
about five minutes ago
oh my god
so Trump’s the president?
Donald Trump will be most
likely the next president of the United States
no! I’ll kill myself
i knew this would happen
i knew that was gonna happen
i knew that was gonna happen
after that thing that she had the seizure
i’m gonna hang myself now
no, don’t hang yourself
there goes another assassination
let me go find me a gun
god help us
thank you
oh I’m sorry mister
i’m sorry too i know, i know
we’re screwed
you can be honest
yeah, we’re really f*cked
if you could sum it up in one facial reaction
god, I don’t think she’d drop out
even if she died
does she have Parkinson’s?
she does not
it has been confirmed she has…Zika
bird flu – i don’t know
if that’s because she’d been traveling
are you surprised to find out that she
had been sexting with Anthony Weiner?
what’s good for the goose should be good
for the gander
what about her affair with ben Carson?
I live in Paris, I’m French
He’s evil!
we are…scared
movin to France
please don’t stay here
do you think
you’ll move to Canada perhaps?
perhaps London
no, I mean Canada’s probably going to build a wall to keep all the American’s out, so…
that’s a smart idea, good idea
you’re on the Trump train? so are you excited?
give me a real reaction
because she believe that Satan is the god of this world
and she’s very careless
and sick
and sick
and a woman
and a woman

no I don’t agree with that
sure, sure
good, she should be in jail any
don’t but this on TV though
no, no, no
it’ll be on the internet
on the internet?

100 thoughts to “Breaking News – Hillary DROPPED OUT of the race!”

  1. Id love to see a version where he says, " just before it was announced that Hillary will be held in contempt of court and guilty of embezlement and treason trump dropped out of the race leaving no candidate to vote for. As a side note….check out the status of Spain, they've had no elected leader for a while now and the people are loving it.

  2. Don't put this on T.V. Nigga ya xaught!!Old Trump Voting Draymond Green looking ass Nigga, you old rat faxed ass Nigga, You old ya mama got one Nipple ass Nigga!! Bang Yo'Self Asap..

  3. The GOP congress tried to indict her and came up with nothing to charge her on after multiple hearings. But don't let that contradict what they're saying on FOX and AM radio because that's where the truth lies.

  4. Threatening to assassinate Trump if he wins. The hypocrisy of the left, who consider themselves soooo morally superior, is simply astounding. If Trump is assassinated, there will be a purge.

  5. Американцы хотят доверить себя больной тетке с поехавшей крышей и желающей новой войны!!!! Удачи им, чо))

  6. Those reactions made my day. To put it bluntly, the choice is between the corrupter and the corrupted. You either pick an aspiring terrorist / authoritarian dictator / war criminal: Donald Jihadi-John Trump, or an aspiring war criminal / oligarch: Hillary Rodham-Kissinger Clinton.

  7. Don't you guys think the only reason Hillary seems corrupt is she's been on public for like 20 years now. Imagine if you knew Trump for 20 years.

  8. HILARIOUS. These people don't know anything about politics lol, and yet they're entrusted to cast a sensible vote.

    Incoming libtards w/ "BUT ITZ A DEMOCRACY!"

    No it's not.

  9. Clearly, you will find more Hell-ary supporters in streets. Trump supporters are at work!!!!
    Hell-arys plans to give more welfare money to those bums, voting for her, sits on the shoulders of "deplorable" tax payers, so more liberal/democrats can move on government assistance.

  10. Well, pretty Hillarious to make a pun..But I highly doubt that her corrupt, scandal ridden presidency will survive 4 years without impeachment.

  11. i am with trump, but this is funny.

    americans are so stupid if they are with hillary, they dont understand hillary want transform USA in a muslim nation third world, but of course americans are having fun with netflix and iphone while the world is destroyed

  12. Brainwashed and falsely informed people. Trump needs to get in. This just shows you how many people watch mainstream media and don't break out of the liberal and corrupt media by thinking Trump is the bad one in this election. Hillary is a crook. Period. People will still vote for her.

  13. That was one epic prank! ^^ Loved the guy who didn't want to be on TV but had no problem being on the internet. ^^

  14. This is not funny i thought it was true and at the end you said it was a prank this is election time and this sort of prank is not funny

  15. This is propaganda – most of the people are negative???? Really, not sure where this commentator is – like what state in America…….but, the majority of the people in this country would be elated with this news. Hillary would not give up – her corpse would sit in the Oval Office…….a clone from the Global Elite ILLUMINATI – will devise a robot because come "hell or high water"……those globalists know this is their last chance to FORCE THE NWO ON THE ENTIRE WORLD – which would constitute a BORDERLESS WORLD – WITH ONE POLITICAL LEADER (to be announced)……ONE WORLD RELIGION…..probably lucerferian…..(leader to be announced)……and ONE MONETARY SYSTEM……(to be announced). The dollar will collapse – Obama – driving our nation into a horrible financial dilemma. If Trump gets in, and it looks like he will, the globalists will "MAKE THIS MAN'S FIRST DAYS IN OFFICE A LIVING NIGHTMARE"……THEY CONTROL THE GLOBAL MARKETS, FINANCIAL, CORPORATIONS, HEADS OF NATIONS AND FEDERAL RESERVE. It will be very difficult for Trump……but, we the people will stand firm and support America. This country is worth our support and united we SHALL OVERCOME ALL OBSTACLES.

  16. Funny how the clinton supporters thought the dishonesty got her. I saw afunnier one clinton landing under sniper fire. More laughs the FBI said clinton did not send any classified material, thats true she sent classified EMAILS then bribed the fbi to change the classification, now thats funny.

  17. Clinton didn't drop out of the Presidential race. I've seen nothing about this on TV. I'm still voting for Trump, but Clinton would not "drop out".

  18. That stupid French bitch tho.. "please, don't stay here." Should we go to your refugee infested pathetic country of pussies instead ?

  19. You know when she steals this election shell be a Total Joke No One will really recognise her as president or take her seriously the Senate will block her ,shell be a Lame duck ineffective Military will turn there back on her and her media will turn on her so fast she won't even run in four years just abdicate…truly I believe that .

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