Breaking Down Spider-Man’s New Suits in the Latest Far From Home Ads! (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

Breaking Down Spider-Man’s New Suits in the Latest Far From Home Ads! (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

– We’re breaking down
Spider-man’s new suits
in the latest Far From Home ads.
It’s been merely two months
since Avengers: Endgame
hit the big screen, and
though many considered that
to be the end of Marvel’s Phrase Three,
it turns out there is still
one final story to tell
before we can close that chapter
of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
In a little over two weeks,
Spider-man: Far From Home
will swing into theaters,
effectively ending the Infinity Saga
and will essentially act as an epilogue
to deal with the fallout
of Thanos’s machinations.
And with Endgame out of fans’ systems,
they are now gobbling up any
tiny table scrap they can
for the next MCU outing,
which means it’s time
for new ads, TV spots, social
marketing, and of course,
good ol’ fashioned billboards.
Of course, with all
those ads comes reveals,
potential spoilers, and for
the purposes of today’s story,
fresh new looks at all
of Spider-man’s suits,
which is by our count, one, two,
three, four costumes in the movie.
So we’re breaking down
Spider-man’s four suits
revealed in the latest Far From Home ads
and what they possibly mean for the story.
Now it should go without
saying, but just in case,
here’s a spoiler warning for Endgame
and possibly Spider-man: Far From Home,
so be aware to beware.
– Stop watching
because there’s some serious
spoilers about to come up.
– Still here, awesome sauce.
Let’s start things off
by asking why Spider-man
has so many suits in this new flick?
Short answer, toys.
Long answer, plot and toys.
But seriously, don’t try to pretend
like you don’t get excited
when your favorite superhero
drops in with some new duds.
That’s part of the reason you’re here
watching this right now.
Anyway, let’s break down these suits.
Suit number one.
The Spider-man classic
red and blue threads.
We saw this suit throughout
Captain America: Civil War,
Spider-Man: Homecoming, and the beginning
of Avengers: Infinity
War, and it’s being dubbed
as the original suit in
Far From Home promotions.
We see Peter rocking them as
he swings around Manhattan,
goes on photo ops and press
events to get giant checks,
and this is the suit
that Peter has to sneak
through customs when he goes
on his class trip to Europe.
We’re assuming something
happens to it pretty early on
during his trip overseas, gets destroyed,
luggage gets lost, customs confiscates it,
otherwise we wouldn’t have a need
for any other suits in the film.
The other suit teased in
Far From Home marketing
is the Iron Spider suit.
The one that smells like a new car
that he also ends up getting dusted in.
– I don’t wanna go.
I don’t wanna go.
Sir, please.
– Mm.
Still gets us every time.
(gasps) In some of the
trailers, we see Parker
using this suit to fight crime in New York
and later to joke around with the cops.
– You gon’ be the next Iron Man now?
– [Spider-Man] Well no, I don’t have time.
I’m too busy doing your jobs.
– Known as the Iron
Spider armor in the MCU,
this suit is filled to
the brim with Stark tech.
Parachutes, four mechanical appendages,
enhanced durability, et cetera.
While both the trailers and
international banner ads
seem to highlight this suit,
based on what we’ve heard
and seen so far, we think
it’s a safe assumption
that we won’t be seeing much
of this armor in the movie
because if Peter had
this Iron Spider suit,
he wouldn’t need the next two suits.
Spider-man’s third suit in Far From Home
is this stealth suit that
he gets from Nick Fury
to undertake some sort of
secret mission in Europe.
This suit is definitely
a lot more low tech
than his other suits,
but it’s most likely
hiding other surprises.
The design of the stealth suit
has its roots in the comics,
most notably from 2004’s Secret War suit,
where the wall-crawler
has to go to Latveria,
Dr. Doom’s country, to
essentially help overthrow
their government at the
behest of Nick Fury.
While the MCU has yet
to introduce Latveria,
it’s worth noting that
it is located in Europe,
the same place Peter Parker is vacaying in
while he gets his groove back.
However, we went and
saved the best for last
because Spider-man’s newest
suit in Far From Home
seems to be one of his own creation.
And no we don’t mean the homemade suit.
It looks like in Far From Home,
Peter will create this suit
in a lab outfitted in the back
of a Stark Industries jet.
Beyond just swapping blue for black
on the suit’s color palette,
it looks like this suit
will be an upgrade to
the OG suit that Stark
gifted Peter, complete with webbed gliders
and probably a more advanced AI.
Unlike the previous suit that
Stark designed for Peter,
we imagine that this suit
will be much more in line
with Parker’s requirements,
ala no kill mode.
Peter knows what he needs in a suit
better than anyone,
whether it’s more space
for web shooter fluid, or just
more padding in the crotch.
– How’s the suit?
– It’s a little tight
around the ol’ web shooter.
– Parker.
– Okay, I’ll shut up.
– In the end,
this suit will be most
likely be Peter’s suit
as we move forward into
the next phase of the MCU
that we know next to nothing about.
While in the comics, Parker has worn
a wide array of costumes,
it’s doubtful we should see
many more changes to his outfits outside
of a few cosmetic
alterations here and there.
In fact, there’s really only
one other iconic costume
that fans associate with Spider-man,
and that is the black and
white suit, AKA the Venom suit.
While we know Sony would
love to have Tom Holland
and Tom Hardy face off down the line,
it’s doubtful Marvel will
let this happen anytime soon.
Nonetheless, Peter
making himself a new suit
is a nice way to tie a bow on
the first 11 years of the MCU.
It shows that the new heroes are able
to take the Avengers’
reigns from Tony Stark
and step out of his shadow a bit,
all while paying homage to his sacrifice.
But what do you folks think?
Which of the new suits do you like best?
Which classic Spider
suits do you wanna see
on the big screen, and are
you surprised Tom Holland
hasn’t spoiled the whole film yet?
Let’s discuss.
(bright music)
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100 thoughts to “Breaking Down Spider-Man’s New Suits in the Latest Far From Home Ads! (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)”

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  2. But we saw the Peter with the OG Suit while meeting Mysterio and with Fury on the boat. So it wouldn't make sense for his luggage to get lost / customs retains it. It makes the journey to Europe.

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  6. My guess is that Iron Spider will be what he starts the film using, with that scene from the trailer acting like a kind of prologue for the film, like the opening fight from GotG2. When he heads out on his trip, he doesn't plan to bring any of his Spider-Suits, but as we know, Aunt May sneaks the standard/Stark suit into his luggage. He'll probably transition to the Stealth Suit when he gets roped in by Fury and use that for a while, but I expect once whatever's going on behind the scenes is revealed (I mean, we all know it can't be as simple as it seems in the trailer, and I don't trust this Fury) he'll either switch to his original suit and make his new suit later, or he'll immediately build his new one to replace the Stealth Suit. Either way, I expect Parker to come to terms with losing Stark and being his own person, after all of which his new, personally-designed suit will be a symbolic moment of him deciding who he wants to be and stepping out of Tony's shadow, while still honouring their past and all Stark did for him.

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  15. Wait… do people still think Holland "accidentally" dropped spoilers? If you don't understand that they were intentional marketing ploys… then you must be a child.

  16. It seems to me the phases are more financial and logistical. Ant Man was considered the end of phase 2 but really makes more sense as the beginning of the 3rd phase of story telling.

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