Back now with the cast at a popular tween series Andi Mack People love this show. It’s the Disney Channel’s coming-of-age series about a 13 year old who discovers her older sister is Actually her mother. We’ve got an exclusive clip where those two characters talk about a crush. Take a look. (B) Here’s what you do… (B) You want to act as if he isn’t there. (A) But he IS there. (B)You’re missing the important part of that sentence; (B) “Act. As. If.” (B) Think of it like I’m giving you an acting challenge (B) Pretend you’re Anne Hathaway. (A) Not Anne Hathaway. (B) Why not Anne Hathaway? She’s too talented! This is my first acting challenge. Joining us now are Peyton, Joshua, Asha- Asher, Sofia, And Lilan. Thank you guys for joining me! Andi Mack’s in the house! And, and Peyton, You-you-you all grew up watching the Disney Channel, And Peyton, you said this show was like crossing something off of your bucket list, Why that? Yeah, I think-well we all grew up watching Disney Channel, I think… …And, I just remember, how much Watching these Disney shows influenced my life. And the fact that we could be those role models for other kids is really exiting. Yeah, and you’re doing it because my kids watch it as well, so thank you for that and Joshua This is this show covered so many firsts for the Disney Channel It’s about diversity… …Heartwarming stories… How does it feel free you’ve been a young man like how did it feel for you, knowing that you’re expanding peoples horizons? a little bit? I think Andi Mack is so amazing not only because it’s diverse Because it- Because it makes diversity normal. Cyrus happens to be Jewish, He happens to be gay, And those are those are just facets of his own personality And I think, not only does it show that his story is real and that it’s valid, But it shows that all of our stories are valid. So any kid watching can turn on the TV …And see Andi Mack… …And see a story that they understand. …That they can go. “Oh! Yeah, that’s me.” Yeah I can relate- You can relate to it and I think that’s definitely Expanding a lot of horizons out there And you you both play mother-daughter- Yes -Yes. This show is fans three generations, and that’s because you want parents to watch this show with their kids yeah It’s what’s really cool about the show is that sometimes when I’m out and about I’ll meet kids that are fans And then after like I take a picture with the kid the mom will come and be like “and I love this show” And it’s so much fun because I can tell that it has a personal impact. It’s not just the show that’s for children It’s not just the show that’s for adults. It really is just show that is for Families, and I think you get more value with the show where you can talk to your mom or you can talk to your *inaudible* you can discuss the show as a family together And this show, with so many powerful messages, It came from the creative mind of producer Terri Minsky Filming season two this past Saturday and Terry you have a little message for the crew here for and you have some help from our audience Yeah, I have something to tell you guys… with your help raise the signs WE’VE BEEN PICKED UP *Too high screaming* They had no idea they were picked up for season three until now so how do you guys feel? *Basically Great* Congratulation to you I think it’s so amazing this show is so is so so incredible and You all are doing something even even as incredible as this you’re part of the Disney storytelling Campaign and I think it’s really amazing you’re encouraging kids to share their love of Reading which is something that I think it’s very important for everybody, and why is this campaign so important? Reading to me is important because every time I read I get sucked into the book I can create my own world inside my head, and I think it’s so important to all the kids out there because They can expand their minds in so many different ways. Well. I’ll tell you what we want to be a part of it *WOULDN’T LET ME ADD SUBTITLES GUYS!*


  1. Omg I watch this almost everyday I love it I love the one when Jonah sings with his guitar to andi❤️❤️

  2. Si yo dijera que confiesa que está enamorada de ella si estoy enamorado porque mi secreto soy yo Carlos porque soy un Power Ranger

  3. Your all sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😏😏😏😏🤗🤗

  4. First episode probably is gonna tell what is going on because I saw the last season 2 episode and when they say umm umm umm and then bowie wants to know what is going on so they gonna tell bowie that they wanna get married so its bowie choice to
    Say yes or no

  5. Joshua is so inspiring to me. He’s so cool with playing a character and saying he plays a gay character. As a gay guy, it’s hard for me to even use that word when people ask or something like that

  6. Did anyone see when they figured out they will film a season 3 Peyton and Asher held hands? Ahhh PASHER IS REAL

  7. What Lilan said is true. The show is not just for kids or adults it's for families to watch and my mom and I love Andi Mack. It's the only show we watch on Disney channel. And I'm just as hype as they are when they got confirmed for a third season. Yeees!

  8. Don’t Click the read more button

    Told ya


    You made it this far???

    You’ve done the impossible xD Like if you made it!😘

  9. I don’t ship Buffy and walker maybe Buffy and TJ but I don’t know. But I still have hope for Andi and walker being together. 🤷🏽‍♀️💜

  10. So your saying that if I whach Andi Mack (Which I do) and I see Cyrus being gay… You saying, oh I can relate to Cyrus. I'm gay. (I'm not really)

  11. Me and my sisters watch this show everyday and my grandma loves the show to we are all waiting for season 3 and my mom said she also loves the show because she says everyone Is different and she wants us to continue watching this show.

    Edit: me and my sisters LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!💕💕💕💕💕

  12. I think it is sick how that kid is trying to mainstream delusion. It is not normal to be gay. Being gay is a sin.

  13. Imagine if they did this for season 4💗💗(Don't stop fighting until we get season 4)
    Also, Josh at 3:19. 'oH nO'😂
    Edit: Or Asher? 😂😜

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