Boeing Manager Says He Warned Company Of Problems Months Before 737 Max Crashes | NBC Nightly News

Boeing Manager Says He Warned Company Of Problems Months Before 737 Max Crashes | NBC Nightly News

94 thoughts to “Boeing Manager Says He Warned Company Of Problems Months Before 737 Max Crashes | NBC Nightly News”

  1. This is what happens when a 60 year old design made for turbojet engines is shoehorned into accepting modern turbofan designs. Boeing only kept the 737 around for the benefit of their contract with Southwest, who ironically is thinking about abandoning their policy of only using 73s for Airbus!

    Boeing needs a new design or they need to push another existing design and they need to dump the 737. Any more attempts at saving it are like bailing out a rowboat that's split in half.

  2. All of the crashes came from3rd world countries where they were under trained if im not mistaken. Boing pushed for the training as policy prior to the last two so who is to blame. This problem could also be part of why self driving cars are still deadly as well.

  3. What he's talking about has nothing to do with the two crashes. He's trying to capitalize on their desths. I just follow basic aviation news and can tell that. There were no manufacturer defects but a computer problem. Smh…
    Do honest coverage NBC!!!

  4. We should buy all the republicans tickets to Europe for a free vacation on the 737 max jets since they don't believe in whistleblowers.

  5. I’m shocked that Boeing didn’t blame the crashes on pilot error, that’s been “business as usual “ for decades.

  6. Guys learn a way to check what flight you are flying on and avoid 737 max! Lets refuse them to test on us!! American Airlines still scheduled in Jan flights..i don’t know if they are getting the green light to do it in time but i chose airbus!
    They don’t care about us but we can control our $/ have choices!!

  7. The 737 NG had production problems passed down the line : Boeing fires whistle blowers.

  8. OMG. If this is true, and Boeing knew of production issues, the company put profits ahead of safety. There goes Boeing's credibility. Nobody will fly in that airplane now. NOBODY

  9. This guy is totally ignorant.
    These crashes were not caused by production working long hours.

    These crashes were caused by software malfunctions.

    Assembling and machining parts for planes are at the highest quality. Boeing builds the best planes in the world.

    I worked for Boeing and production workers feel honored to work at Boeing.

    Overtime is available if an employee chooses to work.

  10. So Ed, ex-military commander, sounded alarms all the way up to the CEO. Completely rejected. Reason: Boeing is in it for profit. Nothing else matter. I think Boeing is losing money now?

    So let's do this:
    1. Fire the CEO, the entire board, the entire upper management. Put company in reorganization with the court appoint a temporay governing body.
    2. Charge fired with corruption, manslaughter or accessory to.
    3. Cancel 737 MAX product line, close production.
    4. Cancel all orders of the aircraft, give full refund.
    6. FBI go in, seize everything for evidence.
    6. Feds appoint an independent experts panel to investigate the 2 crashes using seized evidence. File report to the NTSC, FBI.

    These actions are not too drastic. Just trying to save the company from certain destruction. But I don't think the name Boeing can survive.

  11. In fact a lot of observers told Boeing his 737 was jeopardized by the next family engines.
    Best way was to design a brand new plane like 787 Dreamliner, even Airbus has taken the first place during few years.

  12. Where is the connection to the 737 max crashes? The presentation spins it like production schedules are responsible.NBC would serve its American viewers better by investigating training programs for the new 737 max for both foreign and domestic airlines…..

  13. Airplane parts are America's biggest export and you FOOLS think your gonna pay for all those social programs with a lynching?

  14. UNFOUNDED! The plane was on line when he alerted boeing, now mabye the defect he saw didnt cause the incidents, but its highly unlikely they helped and more likely they may have made matters worse. Companies HAVE to stop the lies, and those who dont should be held criminally responsible. Its HIGH TIME we changge ALOT of our corporate/business structure, as well as all aspects of society, to stop rewarding criminal, unethical and immoral behaviours. We should be so much better than this, and deep down everyone except psychopaths/mentally disabled individuals knows this. So if you dont think so, choose your category because its one or the other, simple as that.

  15. This was the first thought I had when seen this crash. If you have ever worked in manufacturing it’s always hey there’s a problem here and the boss says nope we got a dead line ship it!!!!

  16. While I applaud his expressing his concerns about production, the problem with these planes was the operating systems and not the air frame. Every feature of which should have the ability to be disengaged as the pilot sees fit for the situation. You should not have to wait until a crash occurs to rectify those problems either. The rudder freeze up, was another example that went uncorrected for far too long. Fix the software, and make the option to turn it off more available to pilots. Problem averted ! Peace !

  17. The parasites running boeing company deserve to rot in jail for their greed that killed hundreds of innocent people. Shame on them for this freak show.

  18. Months????? This problem is years old and was pushed through by one executive who wanted to catch up with the eu without spending any money on design.

  19. 737 had to use a lot of unreliable legacy technology because if there's too many upgrades to modern technology, than pilots would required recertification, and airlines always bulk at that. So 737MAX still relies on many technology invented in the 70s!

  20. Why isn't the CEO of Boeing in jail? Anyone who has done even basic work on control automation knows you never ever use a single sensor on a critical control surface. Either Boeing has incompetent engineers at all levels or the leadership is criminally responsible. Which is it?

  21. Did you know that Boeing pilots have dandruff?
    Yeah, investigators keep finding their head and shoulders scattered across crash sites.

  22. Look at Boeing's hiring practices. Its incredibly poor. They take months to respond. So you aren't going to get top talent ever when you take months to respond. The incompetence at Boeing is across the board.

  23. He was seeing the manufacturing chaos but the cause of the crashes happened in DESIGN. The engineering team at Boeing is just as chaotic and incompetent. They used a freaking insane single sensor design. In a single sensor design if the sensor fails or has an anomaly your computer has no clue. And sensors are terribly unreliable. We all know that…well those of us who have built automated systems know this.
    So the manufacturing chaos he witnessed was just part of the much deeper incompetence across Boeing.

  24. Anyone else get a weird feel from this report. Like they kept cutting out his responses for voice overs saying "…. He says." Like, I wanna hear the whole interview

  25. Corporate greed at it's best. Remember when a large auto maker new its gas tanks burst into flames and killed families. They claimed it was cheaper to deal with dead families than to fix the issues. Look at the maker of round up. This lack of concern for human life is part corporate life and now includes drug makers, hospitals, and health insurance companies.. Interesting how evil these people can be when no one person can be held liable for these evil decisions. DO you work for one of these evil entities?

  26. Corporations wanted to be treated as "humans" re: campaign contributions – tragic "Citizens United" decision. They should be treated the same here. Criminally prosecute the Boeing executives. Send them to prison. Fine this company severely – compensate victims from Boeing coffees not just from their insurers. Put Boeing under a receivership to be monitored for a term of years – like human probation – to ensure no more fraud and wilful negligence and deliberate disregard for safety of passengers and crew.

    In some countries, years ago, these executives would commit suicide due to shame. Not suggesting they should do this, of course. These execs are sociopaths and don't feel shame, just panic over being caught. If these execs get sent to prison for 20 years for murder it will send strong signal to future sociopath CEO's.

  27. It seems that at higher levels of human endeavour, when admission of guilt, or apology, is tendered, the culprit then glances around the wider court of public opinion for APPROBATION – in obvious expectation of enthusiastic extolment of his forthright, honest acceptance of guilt. Not at all like the murder who has murdered his neighbours, but more like a CEO who knows it is not he, but his company, who will shoulder the burden, in the form of a hefty monetary fine.
    For the murderer – it’s on to the gallows; for the CEO – it’s back to business.

  28. Their planes killed over 100 people, I don't think anyone will be willing to use their planes for a very long time, if ever…have any of the shootings we've had killed as many?

  29. CEO cowards out because he knew that the 737 was dangerous to lift off ground. Yet he does not say a word to the general public or leave his position due to greed. Then several hundred people DIE as a result to that greed. Nice people? I would say evil and should be jailed while all the 737 planes are to be taken out of service altogether to prevent more fatalities. But this apparently makes way too much sense.

  30. Boeing leading a class on how to make things worse.

    The 737 Max is dead but their legacy will be this attempted coverup and head-in-the-sand tactics. I can see execs looking for scapegoats as we speak.
    The sad fact is no one will go to jail. There will be deals, Boeing will fail upwards with the help of our tax dollars to bail themselves out of incompetence and negligent homocide.

    The same media that is reporting this will forget about it and move on to a Kardashian story.


  32. I thought that what caused the crash was a poorly written software protocol that overcorrected a trim problem caused by moving the engines forward. As bad as that is, it's NOT a production defect; it's a design defect. Are we saying that there are production defects lurking in the 737 MAX fleet as well?

  33. First off do not call the 737 as a great safe jet airliner. The 737 models were full of faults throughout their existence. Do not let anyone try to sweep under the carpet the dead humans left by the 737's taking to the air. So when Boeing tries to reinvent the wheel, more dead humans happen. But we love Boeing, don't we?

  34. Pierson was very likely right about production problems. But those did not bring down two airplanes. Instead, the design process failed.

  35. The problem with this report is that the deficiencies reported by this whistleblower had nothing to do with the two crashes. He talks of the increase in production rate to 52 aircraft per month placing undue stress on the employees assembling aircraft. The MCAS system at the heart of the crashes was a design deficiency, not a production deficiency. Don't get me wrong, Boeing made a series of mistakes, but this report is disingenuous at best.

  36. Sounds typical of Boeing's current culture. He's lucky to have retired or most likely he'd lose his job. The 737 is the safest plane flying, The 737 is the safest plane flying, The 737 is the safest plane flying, the record's stuck, the record's stuck !

  37. Modern news media has gone to sh*t. It was a software error which is not affected by the number of airplanes coming off the assembly line. They all have the same software.

  38. sooner or later, for-profit nonsense has to end. Who sold us on all this privatization, competition and profiteering as the bold way forward for a new independent and strong nation? Our transportation – our infrastructure- is crumbling, our social services are tattered, our police state is increasingly – belligerent. Prices go up, wages stay stagnant, bankers bilk millions out of their homes then get trillion-dollar bailouts. On and on it goes, a parade of buffoons in suits and ties, putting on acts of leadership, while indulging their sociopathy within the protection of the limited liability "corporation". Our country is backwards and in disarray because of this way of thinking.

  39. Lesson learned:-

    1. Old plane designed with new big capacity engines.
    2. Higher Production vs Lack of Manpower, and Skilled Manpowers.
    3. Safety has been compromised, over profits.
    4. Introduction of MCAS to overcome designs faulty.

    Well done Boeing…..

  40. The FAA knew and allowed the old junk to soldier on with Boeing piling on employee pressure to get them built and delivered. Time to draw a line under this old plane with unsuitable engines, poor systems, pilot training and software to compensate for the bad design. Boeing and the US Government need to put lives before profit. .….. 🙁

  41. What are Mr. Pierson’s credentials? NBC says he’s a "manager" but is he a mechanical engineer, an aerodynamicist, or qualified airline pilot?  “3rd world” airlines have woefully inadequate training. NBC should do that investigation. People would be shocked to learn the truth. For the record, I’m a retired professional pilot.

  42. Sir you are not to blame for any 737 MAX crashes as we already know from all the facts and evidence that a software issue was to blame and not the quality of the build. However, I will agree though that the production of these planes should be investigated and monitored to insure that quality and safety is not being compromised for profits.

  43. If the 737 MAX really safe then why the FAA not lift the grounded status ASAP and let this plane fly on the US soil again? Prove to the world that this plane is safe. Let the US citizens become the testament of 737 MAX safety claims by Boeing.

  44. to all of the employees at Boeing, whom are involved of the production of the 737 max, just remember you are all responsible for all of those deaths in the two deadly crashes. JUST REMEMBER THAT! I HOPE YOU ARE THINKING OF THEM EVERY MINUTE.

  45. The 737 Max crashes are just the icing on the Boeing incompetence cake. Their 707's would break into pieces mid flight if there was severe turbulence (BOAC 911 Mt Fuji crash in 1966), their 727's would crash if the flaps were pulled down further enough, their 737's would have rudder hard overs causing 3 fatal crashes caused by bad design, their 747's engines would rip off, taking the wing with it, due to bad non redundant design, their 747's would explode mid flight due to bad fuel tank design (TWA Flight 800), their cargo doors would rip open due to bad cargo door lock design, their 767's thrust reversers would deploy in flight due to no redundant locks causing a flat-spin, breakup and crash (Lauda Air 004), and their 737's also had issues with the roofs ripping off due to bad lap joint design.

    Yes Airbus planes have crashed but I cannot recall a single crash due to a design flaw as blatant as the Boeing crashes/flaws listed above.

    If it's not Boeing, I'm going!

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