Blagojevich: I broke no laws, crossed no lines

Blagojevich: I broke no laws, crossed no lines

100 thoughts to “Blagojevich: I broke no laws, crossed no lines”

  1. Founding fathers must be turning in their graves😁😂😅🤣😂🥊🇲🇽this great country needs Bernie 👍🥊🇲🇽🇺🇸👌left and the right are a joke

  2. President Trump is the president. He is the MOST qualified to make that decision. Looks like this guy was railroaded by the same out of control groups that are currently committing treason. Of course he is not repentant if he is innocent.

  3. A jury selected by both sides found him guilty of 17 crimes. R or D is irrelevant. He was corrupt. 8 years is most likely enough, but an odd choice for "draining the swamp". This guy IS the swamp

  4. This guy was properly convicted. The evidence was there and it was decisive. Commuting his sentence could come back to haunt Trump.

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  6. Hope springs eternal, but I feel Illinois will see the second coming before it sheds the liberal yoke it burdens itself with.

  7. President Trump is playing great chess here. Gov. Blagojevich has insider info on the least transparent president (from Kenya, I'm told) in history.

  8. This turd spent all his years in jail lying to himself. Expect to see him as THE MAD MANGO'S CHIEF OF STAFF – He's a perfect fit

  9. Rob got nailed by the totally corrupt Illinois democrats cause it involved token worthless O'bama that did nothing as president.

  10. He needs to stop rhat foolishness. He was dirty, he got caught, founded guilty and was sentenced. He needed to apologize, not claim innocents.

  11. Oh my God you have be kidding me!!! Trump literally lost my vote over this pardon!! Well , he had already lost it when he got caught doing similar corrupt acts like this wack job!! What do you people think about Trump just pardoning corrupt scam artist business frauds and junk bond hustlers? Is this draining the swamp? I am just shocked and confused all at the same time…. this is not great and certainly not American!!!!!

  12. I can only think of one reason that the President took Blago off the hook: Mr. Barack Obama. I think they sent him to prison, in the first place, to protect Barack and the Chicago political machine that put in office. I thought that then, I think that now. Despite what I think, which is pure supposition, we shall see…

  13. “Changing standards to do what they want.” Moving lines with a corrupt intent. Sounds familiar
    Now I know what Trump pardoned him.
    Those things continue to happen to Trump too.

  14. Wish he served his full punishment. But no white collar criminals have special treatment. I thought the orange guy in office was going to drain the swamp but he pardons all these people that are guilty way to go really sending a message to future white collar criminals.

  15. i don't know if he was guilty or not. a jury found him guilty. i suspect he probably was. however, i know that illinois politics, and especially chicago politics is known far and wide for being corrupt. as i recall jesse jackson's son went to prison also for corruption. my point is, i doubt blaggo was doing anything out of the norm for politicians in that part of the country.

  16. Rod, Trump released you, a (D), as cover for his upcoming pardons of friends/staffers/potential squealers. Not that you mind, but don't con yourself into thinking he's correcting an injustice done to you. You're useful, that's all. Donald Trump only cares about evading real justice applied to him.

  17. The Democratic party does not exist anymore they all became communist socialist in 8 years. They are very corrupt liar

  18. Amazing how right-wingers are now rushing to this guy's defense because Trump pardoned him. These are the same people who decried Blagojevich as the embodiment of democrat corruption when he was sentenced.

  19. Fox news, Skynews, and Russia Today are the Real news

    CNN, MSNBC , CNBC AND NBC are fake and conspiracy News network.

    Hello Americans , I am not even American, I am brown, my American brother you need to really boycott the fake news.

    Vote Trump if really care about other fellow Americans

  20. Well said, Mr. Blagojevich. These are political prosecutions. We are witnessing it with President Trump, as you right said, and now with Roger Stone, who has been falsely accused and sentenced to three and a half years in prison, even though Randy Credico has said many times that he was the back channel to WikiLeaks and there is videotape of him saying just that. The whole Roger Stone case was based on the outright misrepresentation of the truth, if not outright lies, by Rick Gates and Steve Bannon.

    Good luck to you and your family, Mr. Blagojevich.

  21. Fox network has some liberal hosts and this jerk is one. HE HAS BEEN PARDONED PERIOD. STOP MAKING HIS LIFE MISERABLE HE PAID HIS DUES 8 YEARS!!!!

  22. What a fkn joke!he was convicted under his peers I don't give a fk he was a democrat he didn't serve time by accident fk hello!

  23. Wow finaly a good fair interview. Anderson interview this guy and he trying to trap him all along. Anderson Cooper suck. Long live to FOX. CNN is poison for your nation. I am french canadian and i wish we have Trump as are prime minister. Anderson Cooper go eat a banana with Madona the evil witch.

  24. I'm a republican and I think he was set up so Obama's buddy, Rahm could come in and takeover and that's exactly what happened. Crooked politicians should be held to the same laws that we have to abide by! Sick of the double standard laws!!

  25. Bloody Democrats pointing the Finger at Blagojevich, what about their corruption and involvement in all these wars from Vietnam to now, making fake information to justify their attack on Iraq, Iran, their Involvement in afganistan , which by the way the CIA is still white washing the heroin money, to Syria etc the millions of people killed from old to the unborn. Hillarys emails, this is her own emails she kept on in her own personal email address, which is a federal offense to do so and on top of that, lets not forget she deleted 31,0000 government, classified emails, proved her corruption and involvement in these wars! The democrats should stop pointing their fingers to others when their own back yard is field with so dirty skeletons !!!!!!!

  26. He did his time. First time offender, non violent, no victims. He was sent to prison because 0bammy thought he would tell on him not being eligible for the presidency and for other similar reasons.

  27. Why admit to something thats not true.. more research has to be done on the Politicians who convicted him ..There were some sneaky people involved in this corruption

  28. I used to be A Trump hater , but not any more as he/ Trump released this guy as i saw him/ Rod and his family a day ago and i saw the spark/ light on his daughters's eyes that says my Dad is innocent . So i saw the light .

  29. By definition of "quid pro quo" there needs to be an element bribery, extortion, or both; there's none here. This was a DEM political lynching against Blago who served time for no offense thanks to a corrupt Judicial system. The DEM-Swamp tried hard against Trump to impeach him for "Fake" charges that eventually failed.

  30. I remember the news media about him….that was BEFORE. When I trusted the news media. I thought of course they tell the truth.
    What a fool I was.
    Now, I watch the news so seldom because is all most all FAKE NEWS. So…I am going to have to do research on this guy myself…so I know what he actually did. I KNOW most news agencies are fake NOW, so who knows how far back it goes.

  31. Blagojevich whines about his HORRIBLE prison experience. He was in Englewood Federal Correctional Institution, the 3RD MOST COMFORTABLE Federal Prison in the USA. It is a NOT a real prison. It is a frigging Country Club, where ''guests'' enjoy pool, softball, gym, ping-pong and foosball. Inmates can spend $360.00 per month on a variety of commissary items. Popular items include snacks, ice cream, food, over-the counter medications, and clothing. It is one of the least violent and least crowded federal sites. At night, after the final count, inmates have been known to venture off to Walmart to buy cigarettes. Some have even headed out to the golf course for trysts with girlfriends. Blag worked in the law library and taught classes on the Civil War and World War II. one of his last jobs was an orderly at the camp, paying $8.40 a month! Sadly, he could run for federal office, including the presidency.

  32. All of these Trumptards taking Blago's side just because Trump commuted his sentence. If Hannity had done a show two weeks ago using Blago as an example of corrupt Dem politicians you all would have been piling on. The stupidity in Trump's cult is mind blowing.

  33. Good God, another "victim". Your sentence has been commuted but you are hardly a free man. The orange clown now owns you. Sucker.

  34. I was living in Chicago when Gov. Blagoyovich was railroaded into prison. the scum who persecuted him, including Obama, the mayor daley, in fact every piece of filth politico in Chicago turned their back on this man. he faced it alone except for his loyal family, and did his time, which was completely unfair to begin with. every scumbag politico who either attacked him or turned their back on him has committed far more crimes than Blagoyovich ever dreamed of committing, including the raving homosexual Obama, who managed to skate on many crimes including illegal realestate deals with the help of a gangster, whose name I can't recall, who later went to prison, but no one touched Obama. apparently Obama was known to be a future president, and had some heavy backing from dangerous people. and this nation suffered under one of the worst criminal and treasonous presidents in US history, Obama, while a good man, Blagoyovich was imprisoned.

  35. So many of you believe this guy? He's corrupt. Was convicted by a jury of your peers. Every appeal turned down. He's just following the Trump line that unless you agree with him, everyone else is corrupt/liar/fake news. Open your eyes before it's too late … oh, it already is!!!

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