Bithiri Sathi Tupaki Ramudu TRAILER | Rasamayi Balakishan | Tupaki Ramudu 2019 Latest Telugu Movie

[howling] Look, who is here? It’s Tupaki Ramudu. That word isn’t in usage now.
You should call them books. Yeah, I want books. Do you need it for your children?
Which grade are they in? Oh no! I’m not married and
she talks about children! “The leaves are waiting for you like
the moonlight to welcome you” “The flowers are eager to
celebrate the floral festival” “The dark clouds are awaiting to drizzle” “To shower you with the
flowers from our town” Even she liked me a lot. How do you know? Look at her,
she is winking her eyes just like me. Anyway you are parents.
You don’t understand about us, youth. “Goddess Renuka,
you are the mother of all” “You are preserving peace in us” “Goddess Renuka, you are benevolent” “We dedicate our festivals to you” Madam, what is this? I should be the one to touch your feet,
but not you. [glass shatters] How dare you mess with me! TUPAKI RAMUDU

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