Beyoncé Upset Some Fans At Kobe’s Memorial! BTS Reveal Dream Careers Before Fame! (DHR)

Beyoncé Upset Some Fans At Kobe’s Memorial! BTS Reveal Dream Careers Before Fame! (DHR)

Beyonce prohibited photographers from taking photos of her we have some major updates on recent drama and BTS reveal their dream careers before their BTS Fame although more on today’s daily Hollywood rundown hello everyone welcome back to another episode of The Daily Hollywood rundown signed up before we continue I’m a million years I’m Susan Mourad now before we continue the other day we were talking about somebody who commented if you watched Friday’s episode we did you’re so clever and Susan was reading and she talked about some people who are saying what does DHR mean and we talked about house in the intro I also watching back it’s right there next to us the whole time we’re doing this oh if you watch the intro and I’m like if you could actually see around the studio right now we should give you a studio tour let us know in the comments section if you would actually like a studio do you like it to not have wanting just kind of keep the mystery yeah if you do want one what’s it say we have a lot of team to get into but while you’re here go ahead and subscribe and click that bell and leave us comments because we’re gonna be doing you’re so clever on Friday and I saw some really great comments yesterday already earmarked for these Friday’s episode so make sure you don’t know woman and you might get featured I’m excited but yesterday we guys we guys we told you guys about Jake Paul Zayn Malik gigi hadid alyssa viola and that drama so if you missed yesterday’s thr tune into that but we have an update for you on what caused all that drama so like I said if you want all that T then check out yesterday’s episode of DHR but we have an update from TMZ about what went down to cause this drama according to sources who have talking TMZ Jake and Zayn we’re staying in the same biggest hotel and we’re in rooms next to each other when the fight that they were both there to see ended Jake was heading back to his room and saw Zayn his Franz get off the elevator TMZ says that Jake asked quote if they were partying here’s where things get interesting though according to TMZ sources who are close to Jake they said Zhang responded by saying quote I don’t give up if you have a good night that’s true we can understand how that might have made them feel some type of way but they apparently saw each other again Jake allegedly tried to squash any beat but TMZ says quote according to his account xanga even testier yelling at Jake and asking who the fuck do you think you are our sources say Zane even challenged Nick asking if he wanted to test him now if you watch the entire yesterday you know Jake then hopped on Twitter to express his thoughts we’re glad we have an update but that’s not all because TMZ also says that Zane’s people disagree with Jake’s sources in fact according to them quote Jake was drunkenly pestering Zane to come party even though they had already said no ok here’s the thing these are sources this is all still a legend you know I always say unless I hear it from people’s mouths yeah however TMZ is pretty reliable here’s what I’ll say you know there’s YouTube celebrities and Fame and then there’s like bang bang bang bang and they’re all famous but I still think youtubers get starstruck and if I saw them I might go oh you know what parties bro and if you’ve had a couple of drinks who knows how the interaction went down yeah do you think the same actually responded that way though I feel like it’s real like you said it’s really hard to speculate yeah all we’re doing is speculating I didn’t see Zane responding in that way unless he was really pushed and Jake was actually like overbearing on him and to the point where he’s like no you know I don’t know but I’m hoping and I’m thinking there will be more about this at some point down the track revealed in an interview maybe you know it could be in a week from now it could be a month or even a year we’ll have to wait alright switching gears a little bit yesterday 224 was the celebration of life for Kobe and Gianna Bryant the live memorial service was broadcast we watched it in the office here on YouTube and we were getting emotional because there were tributes from Shaquille O’Neal Michael Jordan I’m Jimmy Kimmel Alicia Keys even his wife and her mother Vanessa Brian and it was just really hard to watch the boss’ll comforting and one of the things that really started us all off comfort wise was beyonce performing her two songs EXO and halo but there is a little bit of drum and we’re gonna break it down now before we get to Beyonce there were so many more sweet tributes from people who were close to Kobe and Gianna but like we said the celebration started with the beautiful tribute from Beyonce she performed an emotional rendition of her song XO and her song halo and we definitely teared up in the office as we were watching an E though we were moved we were shocked to read it there with a little bit of drama behind the scenes hey it six exclusively reported that Beyonce band photos of her performance during the memorial according to the article photographers were quote forbidden from taking snaps of Beyonce during her performance at Kobe Bryant’s Memorial in LA on Monday according to several photo agencies it goes on to say editors at The Associated Press and Getty Images told the Post that organizers of the livestream Staples Center event prohibited them from taking photos of the Grammy winning singer or Bryan’s children the article has a quote from an insider at the memorial that said it is so expensive the Kobe’s family and the fans Beyonce is so controlling of her image she usually only allows approve selected images of her to be released so no photographers at the Kobe Memorial were allowed to take her picture really at a memorial not even the family of Michael Jackson did that the article also pointed out that Beyonce’s publicist has had unflattering photos be removed before honestly Suzan the fact that people are getting upset about this really bothers me because Kobe Vanessa be on stage they’re all friends and Beyonce has known Kobe for years and I think she criticized somebody for not wanting photos of themselves during that special moment like she was honoring her friend she was comforting all of us especially uh Vanessa and her children and his whole family and I just think it’s you don’t know what somebody’s going through and the emotional toll that it takes so I just don’t think that anybody should have like a right to criticize her if she doesn’t want her photo taken there next time like she’s emotional I agree and when I first read this article I personally didn’t think it was one of those situations where Beyonce didn’t want unflattering photos or photo shooting to prove out of her my my feeling when I read this was this is such a such a serious emotional deep I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it deep and out of respect I think the home I’m imagining I don’t know again I’m just speculating but I think it was more a respect and out of sympathy and coming from that place as opposed to I don’t want anyone taking a picture of me because I might not like it I don’t think it was that at all I think like he said the fiance is very close with Kobe and Vanessa as is jay-z and it was more out of respect alright switching gears for our next story so I know everybody is probably like we’ve heard enough about Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods and the relationship that once was yeah but there is something that is making headlines today and if you thought that they might rekindle their friendship you might need to think again and insider told Us Weekly how come he’s been doing a year since the drama gedan they said quote Kylie has been doing well since her and Jordans friendship ended she loves hanging out with all her crew of girls now including Stassi iris and Victoria and despite spending the majority of her time with Jordan in the past the source says that Kylie feels very comfortable and like a complete self with her new gal pals and even though Kylie might be feeling better now that the Jordan drama has finally settled down while it was happening as you could imagine it was a lot for her emotionally according to the sauce Kylie felt very stuck in the middle but ultimately she chose family over everything the sauce says that quote she and her family are so close and they suggested that Kylie stay away from Jordan and that the mentality of once a backstabber always a backstabber and a second a source said quote they felt that it was completely unacceptable the situation didn’t just damaged Kylie and Jordans relationship but it was a huge family ordeal while Carly has made a new set of friends that doesn’t mean she doesn’t still think about and care about Jordan the sauce said quote kylie is such a lover and she of course mrs. Jordan at points but she was more affected by the hurt that was inflicted upon her family versus her relationship with Jordan directly the family still feels that what Jordan did is pretty unforgivable Kylie has the mentality that time heals everything but now is not the right time I mean I know what’s best yeah and you know I don’t think anybody should be stressed about them becoming friends again if they ever do it would definitely be a shocker yeah so I have to wait and see there’s another bit of a rumor that we’re gonna talk about on rumor Patrol tune in to patrol tomorrow because uh Jordan kind of yeah yeah alright you guys so BTS joined Jimmy Fallon for the Jimmy Fallon show and it’s doing the interview in a studio like we normally see they actually did it in a New York subway on a subway carriage it is really cool Jimmy asked them a bunch of fan questions and also found out what their dream careers would be or were before BTS Fame so Jimmy took the opportunity to ask the boys some hard-hitting fan questions from Army’s Thank You Jimmy one fan asked BTS quote can you please ask our airman Jimin about the black bean noodle incident the boys started laughing as Jimmy said what is the black bean noodle incident Jimin responded in Korean saying quote we were taking a short break from practice and he said he was going to the restroom but he actually had gone to eat black bean noodles alone while we were all waiting Iram then chimed in saying I had a stomachache I was like um Jimmy noodles as fast as cannon you know swallowed it and sounds like he was definitely hungry something else the boys revealed that might be a surprise to some of you was their answer when Jimmy asked if there was any audience they wanted to grab who they haven’t met yet take a listen to what they said without missing a single beat John Cena John Cena I want to see him he’s a big fan of us and yet we’re the big fan yeah a mutually of course REM went on to say that we’re always watching WWE when they were like 13 and 15 and then gave us this super fun moment that we just can’t get enough we do not doubt that Jimmy will definitely be able to make this meeting happen at some point and we’ll be waiting but something else Jimmy asked the boys in a separate clip was what this secret career dreams were asking close before BTS existed what did you want to be Iram responded with this this man no study hard and go to you know get a nice job that’s my dream B then shed his secret dream pre BTS Fame 6 upon s Jimmy then asks saxophonist before asking the crew do we have a saxophone before breaking out in some impromptu George Michael pretend saxophone playing j-hope then shared his dream career tennis player tennis huh oh yeah ha ho ho Jin then revealed his dream career with the cutest response I’m actor you want to be an actor yeah and jungkook’s my dream was pro gamer gamer yeah Jimmy then asked Jimin the question and it sounds like he knows Jimin better than we thought Hotel ciao baby don’t take my job and finally sugar shared what his dream career would be if it wasn’t for BTS oh really I mean they all sound like really great responses but I’m really glad things worked out differently but then we wouldn’t have BTS you know and I I sometimes wonder what what I do if I was not a host I don’t know I’m just glad I’m a host I know I used to think sometimes I’d want to be an actress but I actually would rather be a whore so if I could sing karaoke for a living I think I would do that alright guys it is now time for the final no Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd are being sued so Kendra to learn the weaken are being sued over their song from the Black Panther soundtrack reports are saying that they’re being sued for their use of a particular element using their song pray for me the lawsuit is coming from a band Yeasayer and according to page six musicians and their creative team allegedly lifted a distinctive choral performance from yeh sayers 2007 sunrise tweaked it and then made it a material and substantial portion of their hit 2018 single according to court documents filed Monday now take a listen to sunrise so those grow notes are a prominent part of the song now let’s here pray for me I can definitely hear the similarities but when it comes to stuff like this you know you have to wait to see how it plays out it’s always interesting when there’s a years later that somebody comes out and says something we’ll see what happens with that one but moving on to our next story demi lovato had a lot of people saying yes Debbie with a makeup free selfie Debbie posted a makeup free selfie to Instagram last night and she captioned the photo saying quote haven’t done a no makeup Monday in years but I figured after posting so many glamourous pics with tons of makeup and hair pieces it’s important to show myself underneath it all this is what I look like 85 to 90 percent of the time proud of my freckles proud of my booty chin and proud of myself for loving and accepting myself the way I am and of course people were showing her love in the comments section like normanni who said beauty and Ashley Graham who said hi beauty so beautiful and I was like if this is what you look like with no makeup she looks fresh yeah glowing and radiant okay I’m all for a no makeup challenge I mean but I work on like alright guys that is a wrap guys what a smart all right that is a wrap wound HR casues needs to go get her nails but before we let you go I want to know what do you guys think about Beyonce not allowing photos to be taken apart during the memorial do you think that she was right do you think that people criticizing her were wrong I guess it was the same thing I think she was right let us know in the comment section below yes and also I really want to know if any of the responses from BTS about their dream careers pre Fame surprised you or if you had any other thoughts let us know in the comments section also what color should I do my nails because as a male just mentioned I’m missing a few I’m very bad at keeping up with this sort of stuff but what color do you want me to paint my nails next and I’ll see if there’s any fun oh let us know and we’ll see you guys tomorrow bye guys wait there’s an episode of DHR from yesterday it’s right here and if you haven’t watched it it’s really easy all you do is click I know what are you waiting for it but also why you’re clicking go ahead and click that subscribe button and click that button because you know

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  1. Typical stuck up beyonce. Just like her performance of halo and xo, songs. That have nothing to do with a funeral. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  2. Beyonce did it out of respect. She did not want to take attention from Kobe, GiGi, and the Bryant family. I agree with her. Moreover, Vanessa had already asked to respect her and her family's privacy.

  3. As a army their answers about doing something else if they didn’t became BTS wasn’t really a special because they answered that question before a long ago but it was still funny because the way Fallon reaction

  4. as a non-sports fan, turning a memorial into a public event is a no-no. I thought it shouldn't have been broadcasted in the first place. His wife is going through enough as is. not everything needs to be public, especially photos of Beyonce…

  5. it’s pissing me off, they’re making things more about her than she did. she didn’t do anything wrong yet all people are doing is focusing on vilifying her

  6. Stop makin excuses fo her! She’s not “A Queen”, A Royal, A God Periodttt!! This is why I can’t stand this couple!! No Cap!

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