I’m gonna do my best if it goes off the
rails that’s what they get it’s all
happening tonight so whoa okay News 12
Long Island’s Bernice Toussaint has the
can you demonstrate for us what it’s
like to brush our teeth Pet just a
little bit
certainly it’s my sister’s birthday so I
thought it’d give her a little shout out
she’s turning 28 degrees today so it
will be Paulo Verity taking on Reno
tomorrow clock at four here at bishopman
oh but it’s gonna be areas of Drizzt and
missile dressed and what am I saying
here mist and drizzle I literally
combine both a slight chance of some
participant participation participate
per pert it’s rain it’s gonna bring a
possibility of some rain that will be
moving into our area Jeff Van Zandt is
live out at sea-tac with reaction from
flyers Jeff yeah guys guys guys guys
guys guys guys
yeah guys yeah guys yeah good morning
guys yeah guys yeah guys yeah guys yeah
guys yeah guys yeah guys that good yeah
guys yeah guys yeah good morning guys
yeah guys yeah guys yeah guys yeah guys
yeah guys yeah guys I have fallen into a
pattern guys back to you as the update
says you give a poor man a fish and you
feed him for a day you teach him to have
two fish
you give him you give him an
the Statue of Liberty was a gift from
which country
you are right
you’re going wrong we’re gonna top the
back to the studio and I’m gonna go ice
my arm I’m gonna have to jump into the
water actually I’m gonna be very careful
because I got sound pack on but Sara
Adam Petey Sean Marie O’Connor been
proud and James guy congratulations
let’s give me all the good inconsolable
Beth just look before you get to get a
swim pool in future okay I hope you can
still hear me I have to get rather close
and my under set can you continue Sarah
you wanna talk about your girl you want
to talk about me falling in the water
everyone all the people watching it are
literally on the floor well William can
you oh I think we may have lost him but
here it looks like is that Christie okay
it’s team 12 meteorologist chris
henderson she is downtown live right
there struggling with the umbrella I say
ditch the umbrella crystal just tell us
where exactly you are and what’s going
on that is a danger for you right there
rain coming down you can imagine why the
umbrellas are going up but instead as
you can see it inside out I’m having to
brace this wind you guys first
it went from day to night then it went
from complete dryness to no I am soaked
soaking storm I mean looking at this
storm approaching from the east it look
like doomed
there’s good for reading your garden of
bugs or that for an introduction next
what you’re seeing is actually a dog
coming into our live shot I think it’s a
dog I’m not sure but anyway there’s some
sort of creature below me and really all
that’s been affected is what’s supposed
to be a road right below my feet and
it’s just basically covered in mud but
other than that there’s not much damage
to report system great news we’re good I
hope that’s a dog too
if not go get in the truck yeah he
doesn’t think it’s a dog so maybe go
check anyway they also say bad bacteria
can get into those cracks and good
bacteria often gets washed away well
what about other cracks that means I’m
just saying especially if you work out
like you gotta catch yourself Chris I
got to ask you you white guy or a red
guy well funny you asked that question
mr. mayor I am a white guy but I do like
red too so I guess you could say I go
both ways
so it’s time for that’s for tonight uws
and CSS will meet in men’s soccer last
time they played they tied 1-1 so
hopefully they don’t tie again because
there’s no one like spice yeah open find
out what’s in best we go we’ll be right
back the police officer was trying to
pull his fool over when he got out of
the car and started to run well he
didn’t get very far
I wonder if the car gets like an assist
you know what I mean it’s a further
takedown or the take out be like you
should have been driving me anybody I
told you but the key part of it
first let’s send it over to Mike Rizzo
who has a look look at later Lady
Liberty sorry
Gianna and I clearly does that a moment
I’m so sorry
a family’s Christmas decorations nearly
caused one man a heart attack the mess
in Austin Texas thought this dummy was
real person nest cam video shows the man
rush over grab a ladder it called for
healthy Eve it called not one one to
fail on the family put up the dummy to
pay homage to a Christmas scene from
from a movie right there
the Griswold you know Christmas Vacation
and as they are trying to find the man
to give him a gift because they say this
heart was in the right place he felt
good Samaritan there has made me cry my
goodness you want him around if you are
stuck on the roof one day all right well
we are hoping to reach temperatures like
we saw yesterday it was nice and warm
spring-like yesterday let’s check in
with meteorologist care of it to the
severe weather we need more of that
laughter that’s great that guy was
wonderful we’ll finally sit around and
cook some soup thing eat brand desserts
and just
you don’t fat and sassy I was sitting at
home and I was playing Fortnite and
all of a sudden I just hear a bunch of
noise and I look out the window and I
started seeing the roof come off the
houses in front of me but then I sit
back down cuz I only got like a couple
people left my gang I was gonna try to
finish the game and what’s going through
your mind is you’re you’re you said
you’re in the bathroom with your sister
and nephew I’m like honestly I was just
thinking about the game I’ll take care
of it
I’ll take Mary Martin who was always
want to be Tyra Martin Martin did you
break into a house did you burglarize
the house he’ll now bro get away from
copper on top I’m on top we were talking
before you just talking super office
went out you know
did you break it around no why are you
in custody though I don’t know you don’t
know you have no idea why you’ve been
around no idea so why you got hair
coming out your nose so anything your
mama you know my bad mom all right
have you uncovered a will you hurt when
you’re running away I’m right when Nick
came in and Nick laughs all right what
you ha what ha ha
I don’t know yeah the person who know me
know that I’m gonna continue on but I
totally do Giada Emma who you’d see the
highlights it hands down do huh tada
you saw the team well you found her
itself in the loo
yo bueno en train our primero que nada
for parameter thing idea pushing me yes
massive from tiny song jungle Panama who
normal Adam it
yes Josie Josie Polly yes June okay
the June you having a wind map delete
the lunar but let us know having hear
Habagat I think I hit the sir
but young Josie at Indian a weekend
Queen date ma ma adding next weather
cast 67 right now at the lakefront in
Chicago said do you see these numbers
through my dress right now I’m just
looking I was just pointing and I think
yeah I think we do we do have is the
script can we take that let’s take his
okay this is the guy there they will
have any wanted people in Pennsylvania
to be out on the lookout for he’s got
he’s got a nose and some hair that goes
like that and he was he was wearing a
hat at the time of this particular
particular crime it’s got kind of a chin
that comes down to a almost a point
stands about five feet four inches tall
there it is get a good look for yourself
oh and now I’m getting word that police
actually caught this guy thanks to the
sketch no doubt so here’s a picture of
the real guy next to the sketch that led
to his arrest it’s uncanny Lisa can they
hear us can anybody hear us the viewers
can’t talk back to us if you can’t home
can hear us would you call us at 77388
seriously they are okay good I’m just
gonna hold this up because I have to
even though we have our audio back
already just please really you mean what
how did you say listen to us
how many times now this is gotta be like
four times hey move on totally okay good
let’s pretend like nothing ever happened
like the anchors of the other stations
lame Paul you were jiggling around with
wires back there in there for a new
control room I saw you I don’t even know
where the control room
get the tax break if you marry to
yourself this pointing rock specifically
a little bit suspicious to take eight
Double Stuff Oreos and put them in a
glass fill it up with milk and eat it
with a spoon usually we’re referred to
as an embarrassment of a news team push
the envelope with me Jerri America
wasn’t ready did Eileen ask for peace on
earth is for a new couch fortunately
guys we’re gonna have to return that
coin six yacht that we Bondy that price
is right well Ken and I have matching
tattoo okay I’ll wait for Alan you know
Jane Austen water men to rocks and
mountains things like that I love my
Dorito so loud pretty consistent speed
even at as it approaches actually that
car just blew through a stop sign their
second body movie I have space out the
window I have many many questions but I
also don’t really want to talk to anyone
kind of ghosted my way in there was
thinking about 98 degrees and how I know
that was your favorite boy band to quote
a guy we just heard yeah I don’t like it
I for one am very emotional about my
coffee cup – oh no no I’m not I think
that’s really done some poor souls alarm
clock went off at 6:15 there’s an
example of that one man’s trash is
another man’s treasure pretty much where
I’m the trash if you could pass that
along to the Queen tell her that I’m
upset important message is that a lot of
people are texting me that’s the
takeaway running is the worst but
friendship and teamwork is the best I do
need to ask my apartment building if I
would be safe from a fallout
I am still
boy of local news absolutely I’m saying

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