Benson on Blagojevich pardon: Hard to think of someone who is less deserving

Benson on Blagojevich pardon: Hard to think of someone who is less deserving

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  1. Guy Benson….sell out and sold his soul. I love how many will be revealed. Benson is lying. Ed Henry-is also a sell out.

  2. Imagine serving 8 yrs..your family your friends pay the price too..his wife and girls had to travel to CO to visit..he is not the first corrupt political figure..8 yrs is a long time!

  3. Some folks would say the president is wrong pardoning some while others will less crimes are still incarcerated. Could you say a fellow is wrong because he helped a needy person while many others were still in need? If you understand my point, that's good, but if you don't then your thinking is wrong.

  4. A pardon doesn't mean NOT GUILTY, which he is. It only means a pres. can exercise what he wants… a MONARCHY, AND SHOWS UP THE CORRUPT DNA OF ALL REPUBS, TRAITORS TO THE CONSTITUTION!

  5. Guy Benson hit the nail on the head. I too lived in Chicago when Blago was governor. Tapes were played on the radio of him trying to sell Obama`s senate seat. He was obviously guilty. Was eight years enough? Not my call. And remember, Trump did not pardon Blago. He only commuted his sentence. Our president is doing a wonderful job of getting people out of prison who were given sentences that did not fit the crime. I applaud him. Looking forward to November when the people affirm him and he is given four more years as our president. Trump 2020.

  6. Cannot help but think there is some 3D chess going on. Pardoning a rather liberal Democrat puts the Democrat's in an interesting position when they prepare to complain about Roger Stone when he gets pardoned.


  8. Guy Benson is a bit if a weenie. Factually, The Illinois Governor., accomplished nothing. He served his time. Why speaking as though his own life has been with out fault.

  9. So our Chief Criminal Russian-Asset is running a Crime Syndicate out of the West Wing, and what better place to look for members than prisons!

  10. He was tried and tried and retried until the DOJ got the result they wanted. This should fall under Double Jeopardy but the Judge allowed it to continue until he was convicted. This was done to drain his resources and ability to retain Legal Representation. Witnesses were suppressed thus his ability to defend himself was also compromised and Due Process denied. Just another victim of Obama's Deep State Thugs in DOJ. Blago was cutting political deals for favors and Obama demanded Blago install Valerie Jarrett into his old seat. It was not Obama's decision to decide. Who is more corrupt? Obama or Blago?

  11. He deserves his full time political peplos in general bargain for very light senates to begin with and then then get half of that !

  12. He should have been let out and pardoned from one of his lefty friends (and I use that term loosely) YEARS AGO!!! I can hardly wait until we get to hear what he has to say especially about that lefty crook Obama who's from the same state. I bet Blago knows something!!!! That's why the D's forgot about him in prison….

  13. Bernie should talk as he waits chomping at the bit for all your money, he'll give you free rent in the Gulag or Re-Education Camp…why would you need any money….there will be free food in the dumpster waiting for your taking

  14. Can someone please ask if he knows what blagojevich did? I bet he doesn't and that's scary cause blagojevich did the exact thing Trump said he was going to clean up and hence why republicans said nodont do it to Trump the first time

  15. If he is guilty, he deserved to do his time. However, I don't trust the government, DOJ, or any MSM, including FOX. So, since this was in the Clinton, Bush, Obama reign….who knows. Now, I do smile any time that PRESIDENT Trump makes the MSM go crazy. So, I don't know why he is doing this. The 4 people that should be hung in the public square are….both Clintons, Bush, and Obama, at least those 4. I do believe that many, many more should be or have been, though, too…Bush Sr, McCain, Schiff, Comey, and many more. I pray this man talks if he has dirt, but he is still alive, so I doubt he does.

  16. Blago was the competition to O. If Dems are against it, then Trump did the right thing. People who won’t prosecute Hilary aren’t credible.

  17. It was not Pardoned idiots sentence was commuted, He has already spent eight years in jail it’s more than a lot of rapist and violent criminals get, enough already.

  18. Obama told this guy to appoint his crooked friend to the vacated senate seat. This guy said no. You can plainly see how that turned out. I hope this guy writes a book detailing the weaponizing of the FBI by the Obama's for political purposes.

  19. Guy Benson, sorry, I'm not going to say you're a judgmental twerp, but you have selective outrage, and you look like someone who's never really lived in the real world.

  20. Can't believe there is even a divide on this one. Blagojevich was corrupt. He deserved to go to jail and serve his entire time. He probably deserved longer than he was sentenced. And, like Benson mentioned, it's hard to swallow his being released. (Keep in mind, I'm a life time democrat with an electric car and I believe in gun control.)

    I have no idea what Trump's motivation was on this one. At least if he pardons Stone, I would know. But here????

  21. hte guest speaker was honest about Blagojevich but SMEARED BERNIE hs is not a socliaist or a communist….hes a good man who believes in AMERICA .

  22. That'ts what they are taught when you go into politics if you look past blago and into other governers sure you would fine the same get real go in to politics get free health care for life and a pension and a wad of cash

  23. Eight years is a long time for whatever it is that Blogo did. That's what people don't seem to get. What do you want 25 years?!

  24. Benson is WRONG, and is a fool. Grow up learn, do what Blago told you and check into the corrupt prosecution, you FOOL.

  25. The US is a disgrace to mankind. Can you imagine that a developed country put people away for nonviolent crimes for over 25 years? All those responsible for that should sit lifelong. That is my opinion!

  26. A real REPORTER would be asking Barry S his opinion of why Trump helped a crooked Democrat that is tied to him ..4D chess.
    nwO BAMA the Great

  27. he was locked up longer than child molesters and rapists-I don't think he deserves a pardon but he has served enough time

  28. Guy Benson is an idiot. Blagojevic was imprisoned because Deep State could not permit him to appoint Jasse Jackson to Senate. That is the thruth. Had to remove him from office in the manner comrade Stalin used to do. Shame on you.

  29. LOL,… Benson doesn't get it yet. It's the new Republican cult. They'll even support Democratic criminals to show allegiance to their demagogue. If you don't get on board you will be pushed out.

  30. These guys are all shysters and con man…..the president should be ashamed of himself!!!

  31. First of all maybe this guy will help Trump and some way? Second he did a lot of years in prison I think what he served was sufficient. To me 8 to 10 years seems like a sufficient punishment for selling your seat

  32. This guy was NOT pardoned ( Blago ). His sentence was commuted. He DID eight years , never forget. Probably still too harsh , but enough as a deterrent to others , maybe.

  33. I care what they say rod did his time let the man go home to see his family that he haven't seen in 8 years getting out of prison is less deserving what every he did his time it just people don't like him.

  34. The Trump administration is the most corrupt administration in U.S. history —- by a long shot. The pardoning of this sleazebag criminal vermin Blagojevich is a perfect example. Trump LOVES corrupt criminals, being one himself. This is just a sample of the aligator-filled miasmic swamp that Trump and his America-hating traitor-goons are building.

  35. Guy Benson, pls be more SPECIFIC on what CRIME Blagojavich committed. I heard you say "shakedown". How was that a crime? And is that any different than how other politicians operate? If so, the law needs to apply to ALL politicians, not just a select few.


  37. oh crime does pay and get caught then a corrupt tRump will pardon you while the rest of us, get prison, some will rob you with a gun some with a fountain pen.

  38. Is Benson a Never Trump? Why can’t he understand that Commutation of Served Time is Different than Pardon….? He is either playing dumb or just outright “everything Trump does is wrong” TDS. Guy Benson is the reason why all these years, Polite & Gentlemen Republicans will always lose the fight w/ the Nasty & Vicious Democrats and those AntiFa Wing of DNC …. Thank God for Trump the Fighter!

  39. The question is how long is too long… and who is really paying for all these ppl to be in jail for decades or longer. How would this man feel if the person is his brother or father

  40. Hard to think of someone less deserving?? Blagojevich is guilty as sin but he didn't put anyone's lives in danger and has children to go home to. Less deserving? Name Chelsea Manning ringing any bells here? If I were the president I would have commuted the sentence before Blagojevich's time served exceeded Manning's last year and specifically made the comparison–a corrupt political sheister should not serve more time than a treasonous "soldier."

  41. Trumps dumber than he looks buddy up with this life long lying,piece of shit,I voted for trump, not next time I feel so stupid,I just hope it’s not Bernie,anyone but Bernie or trump

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