Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney [RAP NEWS 16]

Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney [RAP NEWS 16]

Rap News is back today with an essential communiqué
to survey the Presidential charades errr… debates
as the people choose a candidate
to be the lesser of two evils to rule the planet
but before the ballot, there’s a fact we should state
unbeknownst to many, these actual debates
are owned and regulated by the two parties in the race
to exclude tough questions and third parties from the slate.
To rectify this slight on the democratic way of life,
it is with great delight, humility, and frankly surprise
that I came to decide that I would be the host of the final debate tonight!
So with out further ado, let’s get on with it:
In the red corner it’s the mormon, Governor Mitt Romney
in the blue, you can view President Obama on your screen
Let’s begin with an easy one: the economy
– We’re left with a forty-seven percent deficit
I’ll abolish Education and Health to fix it!
– Ahh… Listen, Mitt, I err… have to disagree,
aaaand you see… err… we actually need a taxing spree.
– so neither of you see any sense in cutting
the humungous military defense budget
– Didn’t you read my… uh… poster? FOR-WAR!
– Hey, these ain’t the questions we chose before…
– You mean these “pre-approved” questions?
– what the..?!
– Mormon help us, this is monstrous!
– Can’t I get just one teleprompter!?
– Let’s talk rule of law: what will be your policy?
– Well, folks, I have a drone
I have a drone that one day, I alone
will have the right to assassinate anyone
– That’s the American drone!
I share that drone it includes all of us!
– I have a drone: no more habeas corpus;
and more powers to detain and resort to excessive force…
– and declare war without approval of congress or courts
of course, you’re just copying what I believe in
– Don’t let this…uh… War-Is-Peace prize deceive you!
I’ve bombed a whole heap a people to pieces
and my first term ain’t even completed.
– Ah, ok; Israel, will you cease backing its crime and abuses
building settlements in Palestine, and…what are you doing?
– I’ll give Israel this many bombs to attack Iran
– I’ll give more and nuke Afghanistan
– Is there anything you two don’t agree on?
– Yeah, the best colour for ties…
– Blue!
– He’s wrong!
– The best colour for wives… Or the number
– The fact that Joseph Smith was a prophet.
– bullshit
– Do you think it’s safe for humans to consume GMOs?
– Yes we cancer
– What about plans to close Gitmo?
– Yes we cancelled those.
– And will you prosecute Wall Street? – Yes we ca…
– Heck No!
– And with environmental and energy crises,
how will you steer this ship through these high seas?
– Fracking? drilling the Arctic? that’s our plan
– …and build the Keystone pipe from the Tar Sands.
– do you plan to expand the surveillance state?
– Please, our opinions there don’t deviate
– Ask us about jobs… for the sake of the race
– We’ve gotta have some illusion of a debate…
Ask us these questions, Robert, we can’t handle this
– This is why we exclude third party candidates…
– Please Robert… – Robert…. – Robert…. – Robert….
– Robert, Robert the debates are on
– Oh… just a dream… a wonderful dream… but it’s gone
ah, the debates, well, I guess I’d better switch them on…
– Gentlemen, welcome to you both … let’s start with jobs
– Jobs! Elmo make Americans return to working
– me allow wedding of Bert and Ernie
mmm, blowjobs…
– that’s against the Bible’s teachings
– me born in Kenya… me not read this
– All right, I think we have another clear
– yeah
– difference between the two of you
– OK
– Now, let’s move to Health Care where I know there is a clear difference…
– Elmocare will make you strong
– OmonsterCare is good for money OM NOM NOM NOM
Old MacDonald has a Big Pharma Plan
– Elmo is happy for lots of people to die in pain.
– Alright this is segment three, (- aha) the economy entitlements
– Elmo’s favourite number is forty seven!
– Me like seven!
– Seven trillion!
– Seven!
– You have two minutes
– seven
– way over the two minutes
– aaaawww
– over 9 thousand

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  1. and what about the GMO grass that spontaneously started to producing cyanide? killed a bunch of cows… but i guess its safe monsanto said so

  2. Oh, you mean the hydrogen cyanide poisoning case in Texas? That didn't involve any gmos. Tifton 85, the grass the cattle were fed is a hybrid, produced through cross-breeding. And here is how the poisoning happened: tinyurl(dot)com/7npaac7

  3. Aw how cute. You're using ad hominems before you even make one moderately intelligent comment. FYI, I dislike Monsanto very much for their immoral (ab)use of patents, but the science behind genetic engineering is safe, and genetically engineered crops are the only way to solve world hunger, at the moment. At least I'm not arrogant enough to tell starving people in Africa they can't have food because you can't think and reason rationally.

  4. YES!!!!!!! Obama haves a Drone and Reapers and can go and went from a Carrier Vessel
    see new july 10 2013 first touch down from a drone in the USS George H W Bush see videe in this link

  5. I'm a small government kind of person, but also having served in the military I must state this. Why should all the cuts go to the military which is actually a bunch of hard working people, instead of cutting all these programs that help people who don't want to work? This country has a bunch of entitled bums that think some jobs are below them and instead just want handouts for sitting around, when I was in the service we already didn't have what we needed.

  6. That's alright, but you have to admit that there's a really large piece of the pie (>50%) going to the military, that could be shared to help out education, health and research.

  7. You'll never believe what happens when Hip Hop and the News come together! OMG!! It's the News, It's Rap, It's NewsRap! – Jan 29, 2014

  8. Usually these are pretty on the nose, but GMOs don't cause cancer. GMOs are the single greatest resource against fighting world hunger. You can hate a company for gaming a system, but you can't hate a technology that, in the real world, completely, absolutely, factually and demonstrably has increased the global food supply, lowered food prices, and saved billions (with a B) billions of lives from starvation.

  9. The most EPIC video ever created.

    I don't know whether to cry violently and desperately or to laugh till I can't breathe

  10. 1.) Mormons don't use the cross in their faith; the angel Moroni would have been a more appropriate symbol on the book.

    2.) Why was Ralph Nader's picture on the list of 3rd party candidates when he wasn't even running in 2012? Gary Johnson would have made a lot more sense don't you think?

    Otherwise, great video. Keep up the good work.

  11. This is brilliant! As soon as I heard that you are being attacked by main stream media, I had to check you guys out. You speak the truth.

  12. Nailed it.
    This is exactly how advanced democracy in a powerful State works. Concentrated interests always get their say, while the rabble may go and cast a ballot for or against gay marriage, more power to unions versus more power to big business, or groundbreaking idea of mixing corporatist healthcare with a sprinkle of socialism.

  13. You guys and your crew are serious top drawer. Really dig your artform and have viewd all. Continued success. There's alot of inspiration out there. Anything on the beheading by english? : )

  14. Good video but you're wrong about Israel. They don't make any abuse, the only group that makes crimes over there is Hamas.

  15. What's wrong with Romney being a Mormon? I don't understand why people hate him so much for it. Can someone please tell me what is wrong with being a Mormon?

  16. Does anybody can explain me? Why  in all country is the same piece of shit? France, Canada, England, Japan… 2 proposition with the same alternative? does we really have a choice? What is democracy?

  17. Its funny how US sosciety looks up to itself as the "World"
    You guys are SOOOO ignorant 😉
    We European nations created you and without us you wouldnt matter,the same Europe without US would also mean nothing in the International politics
    So plz dont look up to yourselves as the rulers of the world because your not
    Your a nation build of thausand of imigrants and minorities and When the real shit drops you would be fucked literally
    Like France is now because of islamic minorities
    So next time when you'll speak of your "superior" power just remind yourself of this comment 😉

  18. I'm so depressed. You juicy guys were right about everything, back in Oct. 2012. Thank you, you are our hope for the future

  19. i love how this video is relevent in 2016, because the sided haven't changed. only the shades. and the shades are all shades of shit.

  20. What a dumbass. Obamacare and Social Security make up over 4 times the defense budget. Defense is currently at 15%, while healthcare and Social Security are at 61%… Nothing wrong with having a good army…

  21. Nothing like the rigged election from primary to general. Should have been Ron Paul to start turning DC around…sighhhh. BUT in 2016 The main stream media got handed their future of Truths or closing!

  22. And thank God I don't have to vote , Because I can't tell the difference between a horses ass an a billy goat 🙂

  23. Well folks uh i have a drone i have a drone that one day I alone will have the right to assassinate anyone thats the american drone I share that drone it includes all of us i have a drone no habeus corpus and more powers to detain and resort to excessive force and to declare war without approval of congress or courts.

  24. The best illustration of the illusion of 'freedom', and the spectacle of the 'managed democracy' in the sham uS 'elections that has ever been made. This remains one of my favorite political videos of all time. Its rhythm and writing is suburb, as usual. The fellow playing Obama is spot on as well. My second favorite is , Generic Candidate for President by Dissolve.
    Yes we cancer sir
    Yes we cancelled those.
    Will you prosecute Wall St.?
    Yes we can, HECK NO!

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