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“These bonds, the bonds of heart.”
“These relationships,
the relationships of the heart.”
“These bonds, the bonds of heart.”
“These relationships,
the relationships of the heart.”
“They are decided up in the sky.”
“But they are connected
here on the earth.”
“This bond of love.. this bond.”
“This bond of love.. this bond.”
“These bonds, the bonds of heart.”
“They are decided up in the sky.”
“But they are connected
here on the earth.”
“This bond of love.. this bond.”
“This bond of love.. this bond.”
Sister.. sister,
look mom and dad are working there.
Mother. – So you have come, dear?
The food is ready.
Keep it there, we will just come.
I will give you the money.
You buy the stuff from
the market while returning back.
Mummy, give me some extra money.
I have to buy a shirt for Raju.
Hey, why does he need a shirt?
He is a man! Yes.
My brother roams without
a shirt then I feel very bad.
Dear, we are saving
money for your marriage.
If the matter is such then,
I don’t want to marry.
Now hear this!
All right, dear.
I will give you the money.
Then buy a shirt for him.
It’s so late!
Why hasn’t Raju returned yet?
Here, take this.
Hold this.
Dear, have you finished cooking food?
Hey, in which thoughts
are you lost in?
I am asking that is
the food ready or not?
Mummy, you are bothered
about the food?
Raju has gone to
the tailor from when..
..but he has not returned
with the shirt yet.
Until you won’t see
him wearing the shirt.. won’t get peace. – Yes.
Till date, I have not seen
such a sister who is madly in love..
..with her brother.
Oh, yes! Even I have not seen.
Sister.. sister..
Hey, you! Why did you take so long?
Do you know, I was getting
so worried about you? Yes?
Let me see, how does my
brother looks in this new shirt?
What’s this?
I had told you to
stitch a shirt for you.
And you have stitched a blouse?
This blouse is for you, sister.
Nobody bothers if I go bare..
..but everybody
eyes your torn blouse.
That’s why I got
a blouse made instead.
Live long, son!
Mr. Thakur, what happened
about your property case?
Today its decision
will be taken in the court.
I have heard that the Goddess
of your village is very powerful.
That’s why I have come
here to take her blessings.
“Hail God!”
“Hail God!”
“O Goddess,
give us the boon for a victory.”
“There should be a shower
of happiness and wealth.”
“Give us such a boon that
every path is a path of victory.”
Priest, what are you talking about?
Yes, sister.
Yesterday when Mr.
Thakur saw your daughter.. the temple, that time
was very lucky and auspicious.
That’s why, Mr.
Thakur won the case which was going..
..on the court from many years.
Then what else would have happened!
Mr. Thakur, who had not
married from such a long..
..time, he took a firm decision
that if he will marry, then he..
..will marry only your daughter.
I have come here along
with his marriage proposal.
Mummy, just see what I have brought..
So you have arrived, my daughter!
Your destiny has
taken a very good turn!
Thakur Sooraj Pratap
from Chandarpur has sent..
..a marriage proposal for you.
Hey, Mr. Thakur, along
with this taking place of your..
..marriage, you are having
success and only success.
Son-in-law, if we poor people
have committed any mistake..
..then consider it
as an error and forgive us.
What type of talks are you telling?
You are like my father to me.
Hey, Mr. Ramlal.. – Yes?
The auspicious moment
for the bride’s departure.. passing away.
Please, hurry up!
– I will be back soon.
Hey, what’s this?
Are you giving all this
to your daughter in her dowry?
So, will I depart
my daughter empty handed?
Hey, you mad lady!
All this rotten stuff
in for poor people like us.
Not her! Yes!
Listen dear, there is that
love of motherhood in this gift..
..of a poor mother, whose price
even this whole world can’t pay!
Hey, all this all right.
– But, hurry up!
Hey, you are always
in a hurry about everything.
Go out and take
care about the guests.
And allow me to do my work.
What’s the matter?
I want to tell something to you.
Yes, please tell.
My parents feel that in
the marriage of their daughter..
..they should write the
whole village on her name.
But they don’t have anything.
But there is a very precious
thing in this house.
If you give permission,
then shall I take that along with me?
If you like that thing so much then,
why will refuse?
Take it along with us!
This is that choice of mine!
My brother, Raju!
Oh! So this is that
precious thing of yours?
Listen, Raju..
from today, he is our everything.
You will have to do whatever he says!
Why, Mr. brother-in-law!
Will you come along with us?
I will do whatever
brother-in-law tells me to do!
Oh! Live long!
“This bond of love.. this bond.”
“This bond of love.. this bond.”
“These bonds, the bonds of heart.”
“These relationships,
the relationships of the heart.”
“They are decided up in the sky.”
“But they are connected
here on the earth.”
“Just see that the girl
is going to her beloved house.”
“This departure is very beautiful.”
“Just see that the girl
is going to her beloved house.”
“This departure is very beautiful.”
”neither has she brought any golg nor silver
”she only possesses her brother.”
”what type of an attachment is this.
”what type of bond is this”.
”what type of a union is this”.
”what type of a departure is this”.
“She has brought her
brother along with her.”
“She has shocked everyone.”
“This bond of love.. this bond.”
“This bond of love.. this bond.”
Pooja, she is my sister, Jyoti.
When she was six months old,
at that time my parents died.
She never experienced parents love.
She does not even know
that what is a mother?
And to whom one calls a father.
The girl who can give more
love to her brother than his mother.
That girl can give the
same love to my sister Jyoti.
That day when I saw
you at the temple..
..that time I felt as if
God has sent a mother’s love for..
jyoti, she is your sister-in-law.
Brother,who is he.
He is my brother-in-law,Raju.
I see
so you come here to play with me.
Brother-in-law Brother-in-law
Brother-in-law Brother-in-law
Brother-in-law Brother-in-law
Hey,where are you,Raju.
Brother-in-law,I am here.
why are you shouting early in the morning.
Brther-in-law,I have come to show you a very superb magic.
Magic. Yes
First both of you close your eyes.
But why
Sister,didn’t I said that close your eyes
Okay,take this.
Brother-in-law,no cheating yes,please no cheating.
Now both of you open your eyes.
Wow, you hve prepared a superb carriage.
Its good,isn’t it.
Brother-in-law,I have prepared this for you and only for you.
And it took full three days time.
It’s excellent,Raju.
You have really done a wonderfull job,boy.
Well done
Brother-in-law,his name is hira
Hira..salute brother-in-law and sister.
Hira.. will you take
us all for a round?
See, he is giving his consent.
Hira.. will dance at the wedding?
Hira.. will you eat the
groundnuts from our farm?
Will you eat the groundnuts
from other’s farm?
Brother-in-law, he is such
a loyal and intelligent animal.
That I have converted
him into half a human being.
Why didn’t you convert him fully?
Brother-in-law, if I would have
converted him fully at one stance..
..then he would have
become a deceiver.
Raju, you have done this
for me by working very hard..
Brother-in-law, I have
only one work to do in 24 hours.
And that is to agree to your talks.
To do your work.
To serve you.
And to take care of you.
Raju, how many times have I told you?
That your place is not at my feet.
It is in my heart.
What should I do,
brother-in-law, I don’t remember it.
Now will you both keep
on talking here only or will..
..come to the temple also,
along with me.
Oh! Yes! I had completely
forgotten about it.
Until you both reach the temple,
the prayer ceremony..
..will not start.
Come on, let’s go. Make it fast.
If Jyoti were here today
then it would had been so nice.
She will return back
as soon as her exams get over.
She will come very soon.
Shall we leave? – Come.
Come on, Hira.
Greetings.. – how are you?
Fine, sir. It’s all your bestowments.
Greetings, Mr. Thakur.
Yes, Mr. Chaudhary, how was
the growth of Sugarcane this year?
It’s all because
of your favour. Okay.
Banwari, has your child
got admission in the school?
Yes, sir.
This is all because of you.
Hey, Banwari, not mine.
This is the bestowment
of the Goddess!
Greetings, Mr.
Thakur. – Greetings, Priest!
Okay, Priest. I will leave now.
I just want to tell you one thing.
Just like every year,
take a drape from Mrs. Thakur and..
..make the Goddess wear it.
Raju! Raju!
Oh, brother-in-law!
Please tell.. please tell..
Raju, my sister is
returning from the city.
Oh! – What happened?
Yes? What happened?
Jyoti is returning from the city.
Hey, so what’s the
reason to shout in this?
Hey, brother-in-law.. until
I won’t give this news to four..
..or five members of the village..
Till then I will have
a severe pain in my stomach.
Hey, listen to me first.
I have received the telegram
of day before yesterday.. only.
She might be waiting at the bus stop.
Go and bring her soon.
All right, I will go on
informing everyone on the way.
Go fast. – Bye! Bye!
Pooja! – What’s the matter?
Your lovable Jyoti is arriving!
So, why is there
a need to shout so much?
Ramdin, didn’t you heard?
Jyoti is returning from the city.
Jyoti? What? Oh! A fatso!
Oh! You are the false one!
It’s the stop of Chandanpur..
Hey, conductor.. have you
seen my brother-in-law’s sister?
Who is your brother-in-law?
You come to Chandanpur
and still you don’t know.. brother-in-law?
Who has appointed you as a conductor?
Raju.. – Raju?
I think that I have
seen you somewhere.
Raju, I am Jyoti. Jyoti! – What?
You have seen me from
my childhood to my youth.
Remove your sunglasses.
Just remove your sunglasses!
Hey, Raju.. what happened to you?
You’re a big shot’s sister..
.. and you wear such short clothes?
Were you short of money..
.. or did the tailor steal the cloth?
Pull it down! Everyone will see.
What are you doing? Somebody may see.
Really? Even a blind man
will stare at you in this attire!
Pull it down!
This is the latest fashion.
Not fashion, but, “tension”!
Oh sweet pudding of mine!
You’re so lovable.
Get lost! Pudding of mine!
Will you eat me up then?
One day I will for sure! – Get lost!
Your brother and my sis await you.
It’s unbelievable!
You just whistled and the
horse came in the backward direction.
Whatever brother-in-law will say,
that I will do!
And whatever I will order,
that Hira will do!
Come on; sit in my
brother-in-law’s carriage.
The one which I have
prepared with my own hands.
This is a village and not a city!
Come on, Hira. Move.
Jyoti, how was your examinations?
Brother, that.. – First class!
Raju, I am asking my sister.
Brother-in-law, I had asked
her the same thing on the way.
That how was her examination?
So she had said, first class.
So I said first class to you.
That means a first class!
Why, Jyoti..
didn’t you said the same thing?
Yes? – Yes. So tell him.
Yes, brother. 100 % first class!
First class! Very good!
Come on, let’s go inside. – Come on!
No, no, no, no..
What happened? – One minute.
I wade off the evil
eye cast by the neighbours.. the people here and there..
Now give a whiff!
Now give a whiff! Here.
Yes! Now go inside
without looking anywhere.
What’s all this, Raju?
you are not aware of it.
But many bad people have
cast an evil eye on our Jyoti.
Really? – Yes.
So did you break the spell?
Yes, of course I have done that.
Then shall we go in? – Yes.
Shall I look back? – No.. no..
In the front.. in front.. – Okay.
Jyoti, in the front..
not back, isn’t it?
No. – Okay, go inside.
Okay, go inside. Come on, hurry up!
Jyoti has become very fat.
That’s why I say that
from today her intake..
..of rice and chapatti
should be stopped.
Get lost from here!
– Brother-in-law..
..I think that something
wrong is going on there.
Get lost from here!
Brother-in-law, I will go
and see the matter.. – No, Raju..
You wait here only.
I will go and inquire.
I will do whatever
brother-in-law tells me to do!
Hit them. – Stop.
Sir, have mercy and save us.
These police are forcing our
men to work at illicit liquor joints.
Today they are forcing
our men to make illicit liquor..
If a case comes up tomorrow,
they’ll have our men jailed!
Why, constable Kashiram?
What’s going on?
Keepers of the law making hooch?
Hey! Who are you
to ask that question?
Wow! Well said!
Listen, whoever you are!
You just be away from this matter.
Inspector.. I think that
you are new to this village.
Otherwise you would have
thought for a thousands of..
..times before you talked
to me in this manner.
Yes, he is Thakur Suraj Pratap!
Thakur Suraj Pratap!
What will he do to me?
Will, he disappear the
sun from the sky or what?
Will he harass me?
What will you do?
What can you do? – Silent!
I respect you because you
are wearing the legal uniform.
Learn to give respect to people.
So he will teach me to pay respect.
Here, take this respect.
Take this respect.
Hey, let’s get out of here!
Good, Hira!
No. Stop it, Raju!
No, brother-in-law.
I will never leave this scoundrel!
Raju.. – He has raised
his hand on you!
Raju, please leave him.
Raju, you always tell.
That you will do whatever
I tell you to do!
Then please spare him!
Leave him, Raju!
This time you are saved!
Because I will do whatever
brother-in-law tells me to do!
Come.. Come one and all!
She has arrived at your village!
The shine of beauty!
And the spring of youth!
The sweetheart of the village,
There is one, good news!
After her graceful dance,
Vaishali will throw a flower garland.
And the person on whose
neck that garland will fall..
..he will enjoy
himself with Vaishali.
Come.. come.. come soon!
I’m a scatty free bird.
Who do I fall in love with?”
“With me.”
“I’m the queen of beauty.
Who do I fall in love with?”
“With me.”
“How can I? I’m little scatty.”
“I belong to him who is
destined to be in my life.”
“You’ve to fall in love with
someone or the other.”
I’m a scatty free bird.
Who do I fall in love with?”
“With me.”
“I’m the queen of beauty.
Who do I fall in love with?”
“With me.”
“I’ve fans everywhere in the village.”
“We all are crazy for you.”
“Some call me in the filed and some,
in the backyard.”
“We all are crazy for you.”
“Cra.. craz.. crazy..”
“How can I come I’m the smoulder.”
“Oh God, I’m still unmarried.”
“I’ve to go to my prince’s house.”
I’m a scatty free bird.
Who do I fall in love with?”
“With me.”
“I’m the queen of beauty.
Who do I fall in love with?”
“With me.”
“Every passerby whistles at me.”
“I’m tired now.”
“Everyone winks at me and tries
to lure me with money.”
“I’m tired now.”
“Tire.. tire.. tired..”
“I’m not a cheap girl,
I’m the symbol of youth.”
“I’m a cloud, I pour selectively.”
“I’ve to go to my prince’s house.”
I’m a scatty free bird.
Who do I fall in love with?”
“With me.”
“I’m the queen of beauty.
Who do I fall in love with?”
“With me.”
“How can I? I’m little scatty.”
“I belong to him who is destined
to be in my life.”
“You’ve to fall in love
with someone or the other.”
Wow! One dance from my sis..
It has rained money for me.
You’re right.
There’s lots of money here.
That’s why I fixed this.
I’ll see that we empty
the safe of every rich man here
No trouble, I hope.
This uniform commands power.
Me first. – No, me..
Don’t invite trouble.
Don’t threaten!
I’ll break your bones.
I’ll unscrew your head.
Who is it? – It’s us.
I’m Millu.
A big landlord from Millupur.
I’m Tillu. A small man.
In age.
The garland is around your neck.
So, come on over.
Coming.. I am coming.
You’ve seen the dance.
So what do you want?
I’ve come to put on.
What! – A ring.
May I?
Where will you put it on?
There’s no room.
I’ll make a place for it.
I’ll put it on your toe.
Oh? And what if it doesn’t fit?
I’ll try.
Try, eh?
Come outside. I’ll fry you!
Your wish. Hurry up though.
But where do I put my foot?
Here, like this.
Go on, put it on.
Does it hurt?
My dear, this ring is a good omen.
I’ll will all my money,
property on your name.
Please don’t leave this village.
We both shall..
This guy’s turned to
statue at her mere touch!
What will he do further?
If I get a chance I’ll crack bones!
Out with you!
Raju! Raju!
Oh, oh! Toofan Mail!
Where are you preparing to go?
Raju, I want to meet
your mummy and daddy.
Please take me to your village now.
At present? – Yes.
No. I can’t.
I have to do a lot of work.
Raju.. Raju, please..
We will go very fast
and we will return very fast.
Oh! I don’t have time!
I have a lot of work to do!
I have to reach the coconuts
market and I have to go to the farm.
If you want to go then you can go.
Hey, Kallu.. – Yes, brother..
What are you doing?
Hey, give him enough water to drink.
You go and keep this soon.
– Okay, brother.
I am coming, brother-in-law.
Listen, you stop doing all the work.
And take my sister immediately
to meet your parents.
Okay, brother-in-law.
– Fast, make it fast!
Yes.. yes..
I will do whatever
brother-in-law tells me to do!
Jyoti! – What is it?
Come. You wanted to go to meet my
parents in the village, didn’t you?
Come. – No.. no..
We will go some other time.
You have to go to the
farm and reach the coconuts.. the market.
You have a lot of work to do!
Hey, work can be done
for the whole life time!
Come. Brother-in-law has told me.
Now you will have to definitely come.
A chum of brother-in-law! – What?
Hey, it’s nothing! Please, come!
Raju! Where are you both going?
Well, brother..
Raju was missing his parents..
..from many days. – What?
So he said come along with me.
So I said that, let’s go.
Isn’t it?
have you arrived just now?
Yes. Why?
Just look at this, brother-in-law.
She was imitating your
voice and fooling me.
She wants that I should
take her to the village.
Now how can I go?
I have to do so much work here.
Brother.. brother, just see this now.
I have brought some presents
for Raju’s parents from the city.
I am requesting
him from so many days.
Brother, please tell
him to come along with me.
All right, Raju. Go, but come soon.
If you say then
I won’t go only. – Go.
Come on! – Thank you, brother.
Jyoti you have brought
a gift for my parents.
And for me?
Hey, I will you such a present you
will be happy for your whole life.
I understood you.
So you have brought
a necklace of large beads..
..for my bullock,
haven’t you?– Hey, you fool!
I don’t know when you
will come to your senses?
Why? Why? Why?
Oh, oh! You don’t
understand anything.
Yes.. yes..
so you are very intelligent!
By going across the river
we would have reached there..
..within ten minutes.
But you didn’t agree
to go from the smaller route.
And brought me to this longer route.
On a longer route,
more talks can be done!
Sweet nothings.
But I won’t let you go.
Why did you stop the cycle?
I can’t control it any more.
You better sit on the bar.
Why? Did something happen?
Nothing. Only the
air is leaking by and by.
Sit here. – Okay.
Let’s go.
What now?
Get down. – Tell me.
The point is, the village
is here Let’s walk. – Walk?
It was fun sitting in the front.
For you, not me.
I was feeling tensed. Now let’s move!
Raju.. Raju, just see there!
Cold drinks!
Come on, we will go and drink them.
Hey, wait Jyoti.
Why are you wasting your
money on this cold drink?
I will make you drink
butter milk when we reach home.
Oh! You are a big miser!
A big miser!
I am not a miser.
I think about the future.
If a landlord proposes to you,
he’d want 2 million as dowry.
If a doctor is approached
he’ll ask for 11/2 million.
And if you waste money
on drinks what will we give?
I am Intelligent.
I see! So you’ll
get a groom for me, eh?
We’ll see about that.
Here. Take this. – Oh wow! Sweets!
Just look at her!
Our Jyoti has grown so big!
The time to get her
married has arrived!
But even Raju has
reached his marriage age!
Why don’t you both get him married?
Hey, only if he listens to us!
Whenever we raise the topic,
he runs away.
How can this be possible?
This Raju should
definitely get married.
You are telling the right thing.
Listen dear, search for a girl!
Why is there a need
to search for a girl?
The girl is ready!
Which girl is ready?
Well.. you start the preparations!
The girl will get ready!
We will definitely find
some girl in some relatives.
Which girl do we
have in our relatives?
Some girl in some far relationship.
Some girl in some close relationship.
Or your daughter’s relatives?
Among our daughter’s relatives?
Who is such a girl?
There might be such a girl!
She might have gone
to the city to study.
What? – And she might have
returned back after completing..
..her studies.
And she might be
desperate to get married!
I understood!
Who? Who is it, dear?
Our daughter.. – Yes!
She is talking about Master
Dinanath from her village.
Isn’t it the truth, dear?
Father, three years have
passed of the marriage..
..of that dark complexioned girl.
And has 6 kids already!
My God! 6 kids in 3 years? – Yes.
Twice in a year!
Which girl do you mean?
How do I tell you now?
You’re sitting here? Come on.
Son, I don’t know when
you come and when you go!
Mummy.. please embrace me, mummy.
Daddy, I ask for your blessings.
Live long, son.
Live long! – Now stand up!
Hey, what’s there in that bag?
Daddy, these are the seeds
of sweet guard and brinjal.
We get the good ones in the market.
So I purchased them.
Okay, okay.
– They are for that place.
Now you get up, come on.
Hey, son..
at least eat something. – No, mummy.
Sister might be waiting
there for eating food with me.
Son, at least eat a morsel
with your mummy’s hand.
Okay, fine. Then feed me.
Daddy, mummy takes away
so much of my time in feeding me.
That’s why I don’t
come to this house.
Raju, this is your own house.
Oh yes! I had totally forgotten this.
This is my own house!
Okay, then feed me one
more sweet on this talk.
And for sister?
Here, take this.
For your sister!
Jyoti.. since the time
my son has come to your house..
He has just forgotten his own house.
You don’t worry about it, mummy.
I will make him remind
in such a manner..
..that he won’t forget
it for his lifetime.
Hey, what will you remind me?
Hold this.
Hold this, for your sister-in-law.
Okay, mummy, daddy. I will leave now.
Okay, fine, go.. go.. – Come, Jyoti.
Hey, I am not a miser!
I think about the future!
STD Understood.
Some landlord may ask for
2 million for your hand in marriage.
A doctor may demand 1 1/2 million.
And if you waste money like this,
what will we give him?
A ghost.. a ghost..
Oh, Jyoti you?
That’s what I was thinking
that how did the weight of 350..
..Kilogram fall on me?
But what are you
doing here at this time?
Don’t shout Raju.
If brother and sister-in-law
comes to know about this..
..then it will create a big problem.
What problem will it create?
Raju, to hear this you will
have to become very stiff at heart.
Very strong? – Yes.
Hey, Jyoti.. this huge body
of mine is a deception from within.
I am a coward from within my heart.
Okay.. okay,
tell me what’s the matter?
Raju, from last
three months.. – What?
What the hell, Jyoti..
We never expected this from you.
Your family will be devastated!
It’s not what you think!
Then what is it?
Raju, from last three months,
after seven o’ clock..
..I am not able to see anything.
Night blindness?
Oh God! What has
happened to my Jyoti?
What type of a difficulty is this?
I am not able to
understand anything, Jyoti.
I will go just now and
tell this to brother-in-law.
No, Raju. Please don’t do that.
Please don’t tell him anything
about this ailment. – Why?
How miserable will he feel?
Don’t cry. Don’t cry.
Don’t cry.
I have heard that there
is a very big doctor in the city.
Dr. Shambajaj!
Hey, what is doctor Shambajaj?
I have done my treatment from Dr.
Murli and..
..Dr. Asif Kinoji too.
All have said the same thing.
There is no cure
of this ailment, Raju.
Oh God!
What is this terrible trauma,
that has taken place with my Jyoti.
Raju, I have got the
disease of night blindness.
Now will anyone marry me?
Hey, why won’t anyone do?
You just give me your consent.
I will bring the proposals
of several landlords!
But after marriage the
landlords will say that only.
That I am a blind girl, an
unlucky girl and an ill fated girl!
And then they will
beat me and abuse me too.
Jyoti, then I will kill them.
Then you will go to the jail.
You will be hanged to death!
Sister-in-law will cry.
Brother-in-law will cry.
Even I will cry.
Raju, its better
if you only marry me.
I? – Yes!
How can this be possible?
You are an educated
girl from the city.
And I am an illiterate
man who lives in a village.
This can’t be possible!
I understand,
why you are refusing to marry me?
Why? – Because I am a blind girl!
I can’t see anything at night.
That’s why, isn’t it?
– No.. no.. that’s not the fact!
I don’t mind marrying a blind girl.
Then please marry me.
If.. if..
if no one else marries you then..
Then, I will think about it. – What?
When no one else
will agree to marry me..
Only then you will think about it?
Okay, I will marry you. I will marry.
Oh Raju! So sweet of you!
Enough! Go upstairs and sleep.
I’m very sleepy; I’ll sleep here.
Cool breeze, darling Raju..
– Jyoti..
Go and sleep upstairs.
I’m blind, how can I go up?
Go up as you came down.
Now even I’m going blind.
I won’t go up.
Shall I holler for your brother?
– I’m going..
Nobody helps a blind person.
Oh god, help me!
Why do you distress us earthlings?
Give Jyoti her sight again.
Hey Vaishali, we’re waiting here.
When will you come out?
Come soon.
I never saw so many oxen
ever after my buffaloes!
And look at them!
They’re out before the sun rise!
Hey.. – What?
Are all these Vaishali’s fans?
No. They’re all street dogs.
Like you! – Okay.
I’ll break your bones,
you son of a gun!
“Heart is crazy, it is scatty.”
“Heart is crazy, it is scatty.”
“It meets here for the first time.”
“It makes us smiles..”
– Who is this?
“And cry at times.
The heart is creazy.”
Hey you, gramophone!
What happened about Chillu
landlord of Chillupur?
He died by drowning
himself in very less water!
This voice and this
figure seems known to me.
Hey, listen..
I am saved, friend!
So he didn’t recognise me!
So you are the Chillu
landlord of Chillupur!
How did you recognise me, brother?
From the style you
sweep with the broom!
You scoundrel!
Your body is like
the drum of charcoal!
And your style of walking
is like a swine smeared with mud.
How won’t I recognise you?
I will break up your bones.
Hey listen brother..
please believe me.
This is my ancestral house.
And seventy acres of land, I
have signed in the name of Vaishali.
That’s why my condition
has become such!
Like that I am the Chillu
landlord of Chillupur village..
Hey, shut up!
The one who robs the
sandals from the temple..
..calls himself as the
Chillu landlord of Chillupur!
Whom are you talking to?
Hey, I am praising
you in front of the public.
Where is the public?
Here, take this!
Look there.. see, Vaishali is coming.
Vaishali.. Vaishali, I am here.
Vaishali, I am here.
Well, sister..
see how they bleat like goats!
Tell me. Whom do you choose?
My whole baby is gold!
Tarnished type!
Who’s this bird-brain?
Millu. A landlord from Millupur.
He’s the lone owner of 700 acres.
Really? – Yes.
Then keep the basket
of flowers in his carriage.
See Chillu? – What?
The power of 700 acres!
I’ll break her bones today!
Please give something
to the blind man, sir.
Stop! My Vaishali will
offer prayers at this temple.
Come. – Welcome, welcome.
It’s old me. Come..
Please give something
to the lame man, sir.
Hey, look! It’s Vaishali! Look!
Please give something
to the lame man, sir.
Please give something, sir.
Please give something
to the lame man, sir.
Please give something, sir.
Please give something
to the lame man, sir.
Please give something, sir.
Hey, why did you slap me?
You were staring at my
Vaishali with eyes wide open!
And you became blind again,
as soon as you saw us?
Hey, there is a need
for eyes to see Vaishali.
And not to see ugly fellows like you.
Hey, he is calling
you an ugly fellow!
Not me, he is calling you.
Shut up! – Shut up!
I am telling that to both of you!
Come. Come.
Please give something
to the lame man, sir.
Please give something, sir.
Please give something
to the blind man, sir.
Hey, he is a greater beggar than us!
Hey! To who does this
carriage belongs to?
It is the carriage of Mr. Thakur.
He has just gone inside.
He is the trustee of this temple.
He is not a human being.
He is a form of God!
Oh! He didn’t even glance at me!
My horse is white.
Not a black one like this.
I know.
You both go, and sit in
the carriage I’ll just come.
Go on!
Coming? No.
Come on, let’s go Mr.
Girdhari. – Yes, sir.
What happened?
– Sir, he is not moving from here.
Hey, Hira.. move ahead!
Now you start!
Hey! Hey, you!
Please move ahead slowly..
What happened, dear?
My carriage has got overturned!
The carriage has not overturned!
Now even the Thakur will overturn!
I think that you have
got a very severe injury.
No. I am totally all right.
Please come.
I will leave you home in my carriage.
No, I will go on my own.
How will you go on your
own in such a condition?
It’s not good to be so stubborn!
Please come along.
Please, come.
Carefully. Carefully.
Stop! Get down!
You both get his buggy repaired.
Come on, driver.
Your carriage, and her passenger!
I’ll break your bones! Come on.
This is my house. Please come in.
No. I’ll go now. – Why?
Is my house out of bounds?
Nothing like that.
I’ll come some other time.
You’ll have to come now!
You’re badly hurt.
I’ll have to put something on it.
Please come in.
What are you thinking about?
Nothing. – Then come on in.
Please sit here.
Go on.
What will you have?
I said, what will you drink?
You’re staring as though
you’d like to eat me!
Let it be.
See how it’s bleeding.
Let me..
Serve you a little.
What are you looking at?
Nothing. Liar!
You saw alright.
Your stare has pierced my breast.
My beauty lies in my body.
And yours in these moustaches!
I’ve liked you very much.
I’m such a lovely trouble.
I’m surrendering myself to you.
And there you are.. Hesitating! Why?
Have you lost your virility?
What type of a dilemma is this?
Oh God!
You take away the light from my eyes.
But please turn on the
tube light of Jyoti’s eyes.
Jyoti, what has happened to you?
Forget it, Raju.
If this is written in my destiny,
then who can help it?
Raju, I have heard that
you have not eaten anything..
..from the morning.
I have not eaten anything.
Good gracious! Come.
I will come. I will definitely come.
Hey! Hey, Jyoti.. Jyoti..
Get up.
What happened, Raju?
You are not able to see.
That’s why you slipped in the mud.
Then there would be mud
stained over all my body.
Yes. When you have fallen
in mud then mud only will..
..stick to you, and not cream!
Then, Raju.. please pour
water on me and wash it off.
Me? – Yes.
No, never. I can’t wash it off.
Then forget it. I will go
away like this only. – Okay, okay.
Sit, please sit. Sit.
My God!
What is it?
You’re uncovered. Sit properly.
I’m blind.
But I’m not!
Now cover yourself.
Okay. I’m respectable now.
Let’s go. – Okay.
Now what?
You pulled my “lungi”.
I thought it was a towel.
Being blind you can make errors.
You want a towel? Here.
Oh Goddess..
anyhow treat Jyoti’s eyesight!
Hey, come here.
What is it?
Take matches from my pocket,
and light this camphor.
No, I won’t. – Light it!
Ganga! – Jyoti..
What happened, Bhola?
The temple. Raju..
What happened to Raju?
Come on, Jyoti.
Raju, please wait.
Raju, please wait.
Jyoti! What have you done?
Please forgive me, Raju.
Please forgive me.
What are you talking about, Jyoti?
I.. I told you a lie, Raju.
A lie? – Yes.
That night blindness
and that disease!
Everything was a lie!
Raju, I love you
from my childhood days.
But you always used to say
that you will get me married.. some big landlord.
That’s why to marry you,
I told this lie..
For that you told me such a big lie?
Do you know, this lie of
yours has harassed me so much?
The night I became aware of it,
I was not able to sleep for a minute.
I kept on thinking about
your eyesight the whole night.
I went to each temple.
I offered prayers.
Then I came to know that
if anyone climbs on his knees.. this temple,
and ask for anything, then..
..every ailment is cured.
That’s why I climbed
so many steps for your sake.
And you told a lie to me?
But, Raju..
– I don’t want to hear anything.
I can bear anything.
But not a lie or dishonesty!
I don’t want to see your
face from today onwards!
But you had made a promise
to me that you will marry me?
Yes, I had made a promise.
But by thinking that you have
got the disease of night blindness.
And you have become blind!
That means..
if I become blind, then.. will definitely marry me?
Isn’t it the truth?
All right.
I need you.
And not these eyes.
Don’t do that, Jyoti!
Leave me.
Please leave me.
“O’ Why do your eyes speak
the language of my eyes?”
“O’ Why do your eyes speak
the language of my eyes?”
“I have fallen in love,
O beloved, slowly, slowly, slowly.”
“I have fallen in love,
O beloved, slowly, slowly, slowly.”
“Hey, why does your body sway and..
..why does your heart
swings with happiness?”
“Hey, why does your body sway and..
..why does your heart
swings with happiness?”
“I have fallen in love,
O beloved, slowly, slowly, slowly.”
“I have fallen in love,
O beloved, slowly, slowly, slowly.”
“O’ Why do your eyes speak
the language of my eyes?”
“I have fallen in love,
O beloved, slowly, slowly, slowly.”
“I have lost the sleep of my eyes..
..and peace of my heart.”
“How did this happen?”
“Love has take place.”
“The peace has been lost.”
“We have given consent
for each other.”
“Who knows what the secret is?”
“Who knows what the matter is?”
“The heart is trying
to say something.”
“Don’t make excuses.”
“O’ my beloved, just tell me
what your heart is speaking about?”
“That I should become
the bride of my lover.”
“And fulfill all the
desires of my heart.”
“Make me go mad in
love and go mad in love.”
“In this manner get
busy in loving me.”
“O beloved.. my heart spreads
it’s wings like a bird..”
“Slowly, slowly, slowly.”
“O beloved.. my heart spreads
it’s wings like a bird..”
“Slowly, slowly, slowly.”
“You have fallen in love.”
“You only say that..
say that.. say that.”
“You have fallen in love.”
“You only say that..
say that.. say that.”
“O’ Why do my eyes speak
the language of your eyes?”
“O’ Why do my eyes speak
the language of your eyes?”
“You have fallen in love.”
“You only say that..
say that.. say that.”
“You have fallen in love.”
“You only say that..
say that.. say that.”
“Alone in the night, I dream you,
when the memories recollect.”
“How will things workout just in
dreams or memories?”
“My heart wishes to meet him
and flourish with my love.”
“Even in difficulties, I’ll be with you.”
“This is my promise to you.
A gift in love.”
“These moments do not
pass in waiting for you.”
“My heart is awakening,
and eyes want to sleep.”
“My heart is awakening,
and eyes want to sleep.”
“You have fallen in love.”
“You only say that..
say that.. say that.”
“You have fallen in love.”
“You only say that..
say that.. say that.”
“O’ Why do my eyes speak
the language of your eyes?”
“O’ Why do my eyes speak
the language of your eyes?”
“I have fallen in love,
O beloved, slowly, slowly, slowly.”
“You have fallen in love.”
“You only say that..
say that.. say that.”
“I have fallen in love,
O beloved, slowly, slowly, slowly.”
“You have fallen in love.”
“You only say that..
say that.. say that.”
Oh Mr. Phoolchand!
You never send flowers to me.
Hey, forget the flowers!
I will bring the nose ring instead.
And I will make you wear
in your nose with my own hands.
Then my eyes will receive peace.
Why are you sitting in this?
Why? How does it upset you?
Because this buggy belongs
to my brother-in-low.
Oh, I see. Brother-in-law, eh?
That makes you my relative too!
Come on then. You are entitled.
That’s my sister’s place.
How did you dare to sit there?
Will you get down or do I pull you?
Okay, okay, I see!
So you are looking for
an excuse to touch my hand?
Now what should I do?
All are desperate to touch me.
And they are eager to get me.
Well, doesn’t matter!
One more admirer of mine!
Hey! Move the carriage! – Wait!
Hey, now you just get down!
He threw her down!
Hey, you rogue!
So you dare to throw
my sister on the ground?
If only you were not a
female then today I would have..
Raju, what have you done?
Have you forgotten to
give respect to a female?
In the crowded market,
you pulled down Vaishali and..
..threw her on the ground.
If any other female sits in
the carriage in my sister’s place.
Then I can’t bear that.
Who will sit in my
carriage and who won’t?
This decision will be
taken only by me. Only by me!
Go immediately and ask
forgiveness from Vaishali.
No, brother-in-law.
I won’t ask for forgiveness.
Brother, what such mistake
has Raju done that he should..
..go and ask forgiveness from her?
Raju had prepared that
carriage with too much love..
..for sister-in-law and you.
And if that cheap lady
comes and sits in that then..
Shut up!
If you have studied a little
in the city, you think so over.. of yourself that you
are arguing with your own brother?
You have started supporting Raju!
Well done, Pooja! Well done!
You have brought her
up in a very good way!
Not only your brother,
but you have converted my sister..
..also into a betrayer!
In my own house, I don’t
have any importance of my talks!
Where are you going, sister?
To ask forgiveness from Vaishali.
What are you speaking about, sister?
That cheap hooker, who is
not even worth to touch your feet..
..will you go to that female’s place?
Yes, Raju.
You might be feeling
humiliated to go to her place..
But not me!
There should be someone
in this house to give..
..respect to your brother-in-law.
No, sister. Never.
I won’t allow you to go there.
I will go there and
ask for forgiveness.
Raju.. What are you going to do?
Whatever I have done..
Whatever I have done till today..
I have done that to save
this house from humiliation.
I’ve nothing to lose.
I don’t even have to courage
to talk against brother-in-law.
I will do whatever
brother-in-law tells me to do!
I will do that.
I will do whatever
brother-in-law tells me to do!
Why did you lock the door?
The door to my heart opened..
.. that’s why I shut this door.
You thrashed up my brother.
I didn’t get angry at all!
In fact I loved that!
Your passionate outburst..
your strength.. Your manliness.
I liked it very much!
And the thing which Vaishali likes..
That she definitely gets it!
I had come here to
ask for forgiveness..
..just because
brother-in-law had said it.
But leave aside asking
for forgiveness.
You are not even worth to talk!
So you have come after
asking for forgiveness!
From that great lady!
Raju, till when will
you live the life of a puppet?
Will you go on doing
whatever he wants?
I can do anything.
I can do anything for my sister.
If I have to give up my life,
even then I won’t step back.
Do you know why?
Hey, how will you know about it?
Even my sister doesn’t
know this secret.
Do you know?
When God gave birth
to my sister first..
But after giving
birth he thought that..
Hey, what kind of
mistake have I committed?
I have made this girl so innocent,
so impeccant..
..and so guiltless!
How will she survive in this world?
And then he sent me
to this world and told me..
Listen Raju.. you be with
your sister like a shadow!
Safe guard your sister!
Don’t allow her to suffer any pain.
I have come in this world
with such a big responsibility!
I have taken birth
for my sister only!
Jyoti, I can bear anything.
But I can never bear to
see tears in my sister’s eyes.
I can’t bear to see that!
What if I take a peep? Okay I won’t.
You can if you wish.
Look! That idiot is coming.
It’s really very shameful.
Very shameful indeed!
That Raju, he beat up my man.
Like a dog, and humiliated me!
He’s coming..
And these village folks..
.. they listened to all
this like some film story.
If the one who was bashed
up isn’t bothered, why should we?
Forget it.
– How can I just forget you?
I’ll choke him with my stick!
My Gajendra’s..
You’ve come?
I’ve not only come,
but, I’ve heard it too.
Don’t mind..
He insulted you, and my blood boiled!
I got scalded!
Forget that Raju.
That landlord Suraj Pratap..
Did he show them any respect? No!
He’s always coming at
night and going in the might.
He comes and goes.
That too..
Secretly. – Yes.
Did he go round the
village with Vaishali? – No.
No. If I had been in his place..
I’d have taken them around with great
regards to Vaishali and brother.
And I’d have declared openly
that Vaishali is my world!
And this stud-bull here,
is my future brother-in-law!
Caretaker to my estate.
I’d have made Vaishali a mother..
.. and made this goon my partner!
And then.. – He has gone!
Now it’s my turn.
That landlord is in bad books!
Mr. Thakur,
you are not doing the right thing.
What’s the matter, Gajender?
That matter is that you
come here stealthily every night..
..and go away from here stealthily.
Have you ever taken my
sister for an outing even once?
She feels very desperate
to go for an outing with you.
But she feels shy to tell you.
Hey, tell him, sister.
Tell him the desire of your heart.
Forget it, brother!
If he takes me out on
the roadside in front of all..
Then he will receive
a bad reputation!
There is no such matter.
I will definitely take
you out at the right time.
Sister.. Sister.. – Yes.
Hey, sister.. please come soon.
Yes, yes.. I am coming, dear.
Brother-in-law is waiting
for you at the temple.
You are always in a hurry.
Come.. come.. – Yes.. yes, come soon.
The Thakur is arriving!
Did you see this, Chillu? – Yes.
Thakur has arrived
without Vaishali! – Yes.
Now there will be a fight
between Thakur and Gajender.
And Vaishali will belong to you!
Don’t laugh!
The Goddess will get scared!
Greetings, Mr. Thakur. – Greetings.
You and alone?
She is arriving! – Hey, Billu..
..he is telling that she is arriving!
Who is arriving?
Hey, he is talking about his wife.
Oh! I see!
Hey, Billu.. – What happened?
Look there.. look there..
Who is she?
Greetings, Mr. Thakur.
We.. we have arrived!
Hey, sister.. come here.
Stand beside Mr. Thakur.
Here, take this.
Priest.. take this drape
and start the veneration.
Vaishali.. give him the drape.
Wait! Priest..
The drape which is to be wrapped
around the Goddess is not that one.
But it is this one!
Take the drape and
start the veneration.
Come, sister.
In the eyes of the Goddess,
every drape is the same.
Today Vaishali will
perform the veneration.
Brother-in-law, whatever you
are doing is not the right thing.
No, Raju.. Wait!
Why should I wait, sister?
I will do whatever
brother-in-law tells me to do!
That I went on saying and doing.
That day he told me
to ask forgiveness from her.
I went there.
But today I can’t see the
injustice done to my sister.. front of my own eyes.
That’s why, today whatever
brother-in-law will say..
..I won’t do that.
And whatever his
wife’s brother says..
..that brother-in-law
will have to do.
You are being disloyal
to me after eating my food?
I am very loyal to you.
And that’s why I am stopping
you from committing this mistake.
Who are you to stop me?
Gajender! – Yes!
if you take one more step forward..
..then I will kill you.
You will kill!
So you dare to do such a thing!
Okay, then kill me.
Kill me!
Mr. Thakur.. what’s this?
What’s all this happening?
This is not your matter, Mr.
You just keep quiet.
Why will we keep quiet, Mr. Thakur?
When you will come
to this pious temple and..
..fight in this manner.
And do you expect us to
stand silently and see the drama?
This is not your family matter!
This is the matter
of the whole village.
We agree that you are
the trustee of this temple.
But this doesn’t means
that you make this cheap lady.. do the veneration ceremony.
We won’t allow this to happen!
Yes, we won’t allow this to happen!
Yes, we won’t allow this to happen!
Hey, in spite of having a pious wife,
he came to the temple..
..with a cheap hooker?
We won’t allow this veneration
ceremony to be performed..
We won’t allow Vaishali to
perform this veneration ceremony.
So he wants the veneration ceremony
to be performed by Vaishali!?
He has a great reputation
but in fact he is not worthy of it!
Don’t dare to take one step forward!
– Who is a brother-in-law?
And whose brother-in-law?
You are the servant of this house.
You didn’t, had food to eat.
You didn’t, had clothes to wear.
At such I time I took pity on you.
I gave you a place
to live in this house.
Then you forgot the manners
to behave with the elders?
You forgot your limits!
You humiliated me in
front of the whole village!
You dare to do such a thing!
No, brother-in-law..
This is not the matter,
Don’t say anything!
Otherwise I will cut you to pieces.
Get out of here!
All right!
If this is the matter,
then send Jyoti along with me.
She can’t stay without me.
My sister..
and that too along with you..
You scoundrel!
Jyoti.. come along with me.
Where should I come along with you?
And why should I come along with you?
Who are you to rule over me?
I am not your wife.
I am the sister of your Master.
he worked as a servant for us.
And we fed him three times a day.
I think that he is not
satisfied with that food.
Give him a little money.
He will go away!
Did you hear that?
She is my sister!
Sister, did you hear
what brother-in-law told me?
Brother-in-law called
me a servant of this house.
Am I the servant of this house?
Tell me, sister.
Am I the servant of this house?
Yes. You were a servant.
And he is the master!
Until yesterday he needed you.
That’s why he had
kept you in this house.
Today he doesn’t needs you.
That’s why he has thrown you out.
Didn’t you hear what Jyoti said?
Now why are you dreaming about her?
What is left in this
house for you now?
The mistake was mine only!
In the manner cattle
is brought along in dowry.. that way I brought
you along with me.
I have done a big injustice to you.
What not you did for this house?
You worked very hard day and night!
But what did you
get in return for it?
Now why are you
standing in front of me?
Go away from here.
Don’t bother about me.
Leave me on my own circumstances.
And don’t ever come here again.
Get out of here!
For God’s sake,
please go away from here, Raju.
Now go away from here!
Did you saw it, Hira?
Brother-in-law and Jyoti
also told me to go away today.
But I was not feeling bad about it.
But no! Now my sister has
only thrown me out of the house.
I am going away.
But I am giving you
a very big responsibility.
Please take care of
brother-in-law and sister.
I am leaving.
Isn’t there any difference between
men worth 70 acres and 700 acres?
Gajendra, don’t I have anything
better to do than play cards?
When will my ‘inside’ job be done?
My sister is having a cold bath.
I think you stand a chance this time!
Son, eat food.
No mummy,
sister might be waiting for me..
Even after so much has happened,
you are..
..getting desperate for you sister.
You mad fellow!
Son-in-law and Jyoti
humiliated you so much.
Well, they are not related
to us with blood ties.
But Pooja is our daughter.
At she should have
spoken in your favour.
Even she started scolding you.
Didn’t you felt bad?
Not only I, but even sister
might be feeling very unhappy.
‘Jyoti, I can bear anything.’
‘But I can’t bear to see
tears in my sister’s eyes.’
‘I can never bear that.’
‘Hey, Jyoti..’
‘What is it?’
‘Do you know what
I have brought for you?’
‘What have you brought?’
‘Hey, first keep the ankle
of your foot on my jeans pant.’
‘Why?’ – ‘Hey, first keep it.’
‘Here, take this.’ – ‘Yes!’
‘A silver anklet!’
‘I have made you wear it.’
‘It’s such a beautiful anklet.’
‘Come on;
make me wear the other one.’
‘Please make me wear it.’
‘What’s the matter, Raju?’
‘I don’t have the other one.’
‘I have brought only one.’
‘What?’ – ‘You have
brought only one?’
‘Actually, Jyoti..
I had gone to the city.’
‘There in one shop
I saw a glittering anklet.’
‘So I went in that shop
and asked the shopkeeper..
..that what’s the
price of this anklet?’
‘So he said, four hundred rupees.’
‘Now at that time I had
only two hundred rupees.’
‘So I thought.’
‘I got an idea!’
‘I kept two hundred
rupees there and..
..picked up the anklet
and ran away from there.’
‘Why? Why? Why?’
‘Now he can’t sell one
anklet to anyone.’ – ‘Yes.’
‘Now whenever I will have money.’
‘I will go to the city
and buy that anklet.’
‘And I will make you wear it.’
‘Yes.’ – ‘So tell me..
how did you liked my intelligence?’
‘Something is definitely
there.’ – ‘Yes, isn’t it?’
You have already broken
off the relation with me.
Now have you come
to return my gift too?
This is not your gift.
This is that anklet, which you were
going to bring for me from the city.
I want to wear it with your hands.
What’s this new drama?
Aren’t you satisfied
after humiliating me that day?
This is not a drama!
Whatever I did that day, was a drama!
That’s why I have come
to ask forgiveness from you.
That day I had become scared
after seeing brother’s anger..
..and that sword.
That’s why I had to abuse you.
Now you only tell me.
Did I do a wrong thing?
No, Jyoti.
You did not do any mistake.
You behaved exactly
in the same manner.
As a Master’s sister
should behave with a servant.
The mistake is mine!
I had gone beyond my limits!
Raju, try to understand my talks..
I have understood everything.
Now I don’t want to
understand anything. – Raju..
Mother.. mother..
whatever I did yesterday..
..did I do a wrong thing?
No, daughter.
You did exactly the right thing.
Don’t feel bad.
Dear, listen..
the bad times will get over.
The tears will wade
away from the eyes.
There will be a shower of happiness.
When will that be?
Only time can take
the decision about it.
Hey, nothing is going
to happen like that only!
Hey, firstly this
girl is crying so much.
And you are the one who
are talking just nonsense things.
What such thing have I told?
I have just told the right thing.
Time will only take
the decision for this.
Hey, what will time
take the decision?
In fact,
I will take the decision now.
Come. Let’s go, dear.
Mother, where are you taking me?
Hey, I will tell you. You just come.
What will we do here, mother?
Do you love my Raju? – Yes.
Do you? – Yes!
Hundred percent? – Hundred percent!
Then, go.
Hey, my Jyoti is drowning!
Is someone present there?
– Why did you pushed me?
Hey, you mad girl! Drown yourself.
Hey, do the drama of getting drowned!
Just a drama!
Hey, son Raju..
Jyoti is drowning in water.
The water has reached to her head!
Hey, come soon..
Jyoti is drowning in water.
I am coming. Come soon!
Save her, come soon!
– Yes, I am coming.
Just let me jump in the water.
– Will you jump?
If you say then I will jump.
You have become so old
but you act as a young fellow!
Get lost! So you think
that I will allow you to jump!
Hey, someone help..
You go in the deep water.
Hey, she is drowning
inside the water.
Hey, son Raju.. your sister’s,
sister-in-law is getting drowned.
And your Jyoti is drowned!
Come, let’s go.
“From the time have seen you..
..O’ my beloved, O’ my beloved!”
“You are only the heartbeat
of my heart, the heart beat!”
“From the time have seen you..
..O’ my beloved, O’ my beloved!”
“You are only the heartbeat
of my heart, the heart beat!”
“I was a shy fellow.”
“I was a shy fellow.”
“But I don’t know,
when, why and how..
..on each gesture of yours.”
“This boy was completely taken over.”
“This boy was completely taken over.”
“From the time have seen you..
..O’ my beloved, O’ my beloved!”
“You are only the heartbeat
of my heart, the heart beat!”
“I was a shy fellow.”
“I was a shy fellow.”
“But I don’t know,
when, why and how..
..on each gesture of yours.”
“This girl was
completely taken over.”
“This girl was
completely taken over.”
“While keeping on refusing
I don’t know how, I gave my consent.”
“O’ my beloved you have won,
after all I fell in love with you.”
“While keeping on refusing
I don’t know how, I gave my consent.”
“O’ my beloved you have won,
after all I fell in love with you.”
“After looking at your adornments,
O’ Girl.”
“This boy was completely taken over.”
“This boy was completely taken over.”
“Today I realised how
much I love you.”
“I considered you my love,
not fearing the world.”
“Today I realised how
much I love you.”
“I considered you my love,
not fearing the world.”
“I’m madly in love with you.
You’re my life..”
“This girl was
completely taken over.”
“This girl was
completely taken over.”
“From the time have seen
you O’ my beloved, O’ my beloved!”
“You are only the heartbeat
of my heart, the heart beat!”
“I was a shy fellow.”
“I was a shy fellow.”
“But I don’t know,
when, why and how..
..on each gesture of yours.”
“This boy was completely taken over.”
“This boy was completely taken over.”
“From the time have seen
you O’ my beloved, O’ my beloved!”
“You are only the heartbeat
of my heart, the heart beat!”
“I was a shy fellow.”
“I was a shy fellow.”
“But I don’t know,
when, why and how..
..on each gesture of yours.”
“This girl was
completely taken over.”
“This girl was
completely taken over.”
“This boy was completely taken over.”
“This boy was completely taken over.”
I have signed the stamp papers.
Now you tell your brother,
to make new documents..
..of my palace, farms and
gardens signed on your name.
Hey, Billu..
hey, Landlord Billu.. come here.
Hey, what is it Gajender? What is it?
The time has been
very favourable to me!
Look here.. Thakur has signed
all his property on our name.
What? – You both considered
me as a fool, didn’t you?
Now look at my terrific blow!
Hey, what will he
do something terrific?
In fact,
now I will do something terrific!
Hey, I will do such a thing,
that Vaishali’s and Thakur’s..
..affair will break off instantly.
Brother Raju..
Brother Raju, a disaster has struck!
Today the decision has to be taken!
Brother Raju, Gajender
has drove us all out of the farm.
Gajender tells that now he
is the owner of all the property..
..of your brother-in-law.
The root cause of this
entire problem is that Vaishali.
She is hell bent to
harass the whole village.
Yes.. yes, brother.
Hey, this topic won’t end here.
It will increase further.
First, because of that
wretched lady Vaishali.. were thrown out of the house.
And today..
these poor workers have been driven..
..away from the farm.
If you won’t take any action
then one day that Vaishali..
..will throw your sister
and Jyoti out of the too.
I will kill both of them!
Hey, never.. brother Raju!
Never take this step in your anger.
We should kill the
enemy with intelligence!
Yes! That Vaishali
is practicing prostitution!
You report to the police..
..and she and her
brother will be jailed.
And the whole village
will be rid of her!
Your sister’s house will
be saved from getting ruined, Raju.
Yes, yes, Raju.
He is telling the right thing.
Raju, today your brother-in-law
has gone out of the village.
You won’t get a better
opportunity than this.
Police! Police!
Get up.
We were gambling for fun.
We don’t have the money for it.
I am bankrupt.
Why are you here, Inspector?
Look, Gajendra there’s a complaint..
..that you’re forcing
your sister in prostitution.
Prostitution? In my house?
That’s a dirty allegation, Inspector.
But if you’ve a doubt,
search the place.
We will! Come.
What’s the matter, inspector?
You are practicing prostitution!
That’s the complaint made.
Who else is inside? Come out.
Yes, come out.
What’s the matter, inspector?
Why are you shouting?
So! It’s you who’s with her!
Arrest him, Constable. – Yes.
Arrest? Why?
For being caught red-handed
with a prostitute!
A prostitute? – Yes!
The one who wears your ring..
.. and lives with you,
is known as one’s wife.
But this kind of relationship
is known as an illicit relation.
You are insulting me
because of your old enmity?
Why will I insult you?
Your adorable wife’s
brother is doing that!
He only filed a complain
to hand cuff you in the crime..
..of doing adultery!
No. Inspector,
I had not even dreamed about..
..that my brother-in-law
will be present here.
I take my report back.
You.. you don’t take
any action against him.
Hey, shut up!
There is no different
law for your brother-in-law!
The regulations of
law are equal for everyone.
Hey, constable! Hand cuff, him!
When I will take you around
in the whole market with hand..
..cuffs in your hand,
then you will come to your senses!
Hey constable, hand cuff him.
Yes, I will put it just now. – Wait!
No, brother-in-law!
Please listen to me.
Please don’t do this
injustice to my sister.
I beg in front of you! – Move aside!
Brother-in-law.. brother-in-law,
my sister’s life will be ruined!
You are its root cause!
You are the root cause!
Inspector, didn’t you say that
our relationship is illegitimate..
..without marrying each other?
Now I have made this relationship
into a legitimate one.
Now tell, what do you have to say?
Come. Come along with me.
In spite of your presence
in your village..
..such a big injustice
is done with my daughter!?
All you all are not telling anything?
Does no one have the guts
to question that high status man?
Hey, what does he thinks?
That there is no one to question him?
Mummy, what are you doing?
You just keep quiet!
What do you know,
what a female’s trauma is!
How is your sister
feeling at present?
Hey, you,
the one who lives in a big palace!
Come out! Come outside!
In this age and in this manner,
by collecting the villagers in..
..front of my house
and creating a commotion.
Didn’t you felt
ashamed of doing this?
Hey, who should feel
ashamed of themselves?
The ones who married off their
delicate daughter with you? They?
Or the one who married
that cheap hooker quietly. He?
Not hideously!
I have married her
in front of your own son.
Why? Didn’t he tell you?
He told us.
That’s why we have
come here to question you.
What mistake have
my daughter committed?
Which rule of your
palace has she broken?
Did she ever talk
with you in a loud voice?
Hey, she always pampered you and..
..worshipped you like a God.
And along with her..
How did you feel like
doing such a big injustice?
It’s enough!
If I am keeping quiet
then this doesn’t means..
..that you should
keep on alleging me!
If you all had a little
love for my in your hearts..
..then would you all had
insulted me in this manner?
I have fed-clothed,
and brought up your son.
If he had a little
respect for me also, then..
..would he have humiliated
me by calling the police?
The people who are standing
in front of me they didn’t had..
..the guts to face me.
You have brought them and
made them stand in front of me.
You have brought
disgrace to my respect!
The house where, hardly
the members were able to feed..
..themselves, with that
house I had made a relationship.
And this is the result
you have given me?
I don’t want!
I don’t want such relatives!
I don’t want such relationships!
From today onwards we
don’t have any relationship!
Mr. Thakur,
what are you talking about?
You just shut up!
This is not your matter!
That day at the temple you
yourself had said that this is..
..not my family matter.
This is a matter
of the whole village!
Today this is my family matter!
This is my personal matter!
No one has the right
to interfere in this.
Go away from here.
Get out of here!
Please listen to me, brother-in-law.
I have done a very big mistake!
Please forgive me.
Brother-in-law, please..
Your brother-in-law is no more!
Your sister has become a widow!
All the bonds are broken off!
Now only one custom
is left to be done!
When the husband of a female dies..
..then her parents
give her a white sari.
Consider this as
the same white sari..
..and give it to your
sister here and get lost!
I accept that I have done a mistake.
But.. but please don’t give
it’s punishment to my sister.
I.. I will go away from
this house immediately.
And I will never come back here.
But.. this sari..
How can I make my sister
wear it with my own hands?
Sister, please make
brother-in-law understand!
Pooja, if you love your
family members more than me.
Then you can go away.
And if you want to live
here as my wife then come inside..
..only after taking that
white sari from your brother.
And yes..
You will never go to your
parent’s house in this lifetime.
You won’t even go to their village.
And you won’t even mention
their name in this house.
Think carefully and
then take the decision.
Come, Jyoti.
Dear, what’s the use
of living in this house now?
Come, dear!
Let’s go to our house.
No, mother.
A daughter’s marriage
palanquin departs from her..
..parent’s house, and her death
procession from her husband’s house.
A female’s life is restricted
up to this much journey only.
A female is respected only
by living at her husband’s house.. his wife.
I can’t come along with you all.
Please forgive me.
O God! What type of justice is this?
What type of your justice is this?
Please come, daddy.
A widow’s sari?
Son. – What can we do?..
Son, a widow’s sari?
Let’s go.
Let’s go.
Hey, please brother, don’t do that.
Please agree to my talks.
Hey, just because of one Vaishali.. are giving up
your such a long life?
Okay, your wish!
When you have already taken
the decision to die then..
..what can I do?
Hey, wait a minute!
I have got a fantastic
idea in my mind!
Listen.. listen, brother..
your life was a total waste!
But I won’t allow your
dead body to go waste!
I will take your dead
body to the Municipal hospital.
Then I will remove your
eyes and give them to someone.
I will remove your heart
and give to someone else.
I will remove your kidneys
and give to a third person.
And also your.. No!
That is totally useless.
Nobody will accept it.
Brother Billu..
I will donate every part
of your body with my own hands.
You don’t worry about it.
But please die soon.
Thank you very much. – It’s okay.
Hey, what’s this brother Billu?
You are taking so long
for such a small task?
You should not delay such tasks.
Come on, move aside.
I will adjust the hanging
rope for you. Yes!
It is strong enough! – Okay.. okay..
Yes! This will be all
right for your neck’s size.
Oh, please forgive me..
forgive me, brother Billu.
By giving me a third class
idea you made the Thakur marry.. Vaishali!
And now you will deposit
my dead body at..
..the Municipal hospital?
But I won’t send your
dead body to the hospital.
I will throw it in
the Municipal gutter.
And these eyes of yours..
The eagles and the
crows will eat them.
And this tongue of yours,
the black dog will eat it.
And my brain?
Hey, where do you possess a brain?
Now look..
I will put some brain in your skull!
I will give you a
hard kick on your butt!
Dear Pooja..
Dear Pooja..
Wait, Pooja!
‘You will never step in your
parent’s house in this lifetime.’
‘You won’t go to that village too.’
‘You won’t even mention
their name in this house.’
‘Think carefully and
then take the decision.’
Raju, is anyone else going to arrive
to have the last glance or what?
She has not come.
The time is passing away.
It is not the right
thing to wait anymore.
You went on calling Pooja’s
name till your last breath!
But she didn’t even come
to see you for the last time.
I have arrived, daddy.
Daddy.. I have arrived!
Please forgive me, daddy.
please move aside the sticks.
Let her have a glance of her daddy.
Once the face is covered,
the sticks can’t be moved aside.
This is written in
the religious books.
A daughter has come to
see his father for the last time.
Why are you mentioning about
the religious books in this?
Please move aside the sticks.
Let her have a glance.
Look at him, dear.
Have a glance of your
father for the last time.
He has gone away.
He has left me alone and gone away.
No. No.
Son, the person who
performs the funeral rites..
..he is given a new cloth
from his sister’s house.
Because of which all
his miseries wade away.
Have you received that cloth?
Priest, he will not
receive that cloth.
You finish the veneration ceremony.
Here, take this.
Please take it, Raju.
Please take it.
In the month of March
I was living a dead life!
Now will you make me an
April fool in the month of April?
Why do you worry, friend?
You will definitely get my sister.
But when?
When I will be no more, then?
Will she do a disco on my dead body?
In fact, I will do a disco now.
Hey, if you sit in the
hot son then your complexion..
..will become dark.
Come. – Hey, don’t talk nonsense!
I will give you a tight slap!
Hey, if you wish
then you can thrash me.
But don’t break my heart.
Hey, why are you wasting time?
Pull her and put her in the jeep.
Let’s go. – Hey, leave me.
Save me!
How dare you touch my Jyoti?
She is my future wife.
If you touch her for the next time..
..then I will cut off your hand.
“O’ my beloved, handsome guy.”
“O’ my beloved, handsome guy.”
“O’ my beloved, handsome guy.”
“My body and my heart sway with joy.”
“Whenever you say something.”
“O my God, O my God!
I am crazy about you.”
“O my God, O my God!
I am crazy about you.”
“O my beautiful, delicate lover.”
“Please tie stealthily, stealthily..”
“The knot of a heart
to another heart.”
“O my God, O my God!
I am crazy about you.”
“O my God, O my God!
I am crazy about you.”
“O’ my beloved, handsome guy.”
“My body and my heart sway with joy.”
“Whenever you say something.”
“O my God, O my God!
I am crazy about you.”
“O my God, O my God!
I am crazy about you.”
“Hey, you guy with enchanting eyes.”
“And the guy who talks sweet talks.”
“Hey, you guy with enchanting eyes.”
“And the guy who talks sweet talks.”
“Slowly, slowly my heart
has gone far away from me.”
“He is so lost in your love that
he has completely forgotten himself.”
“Slowly, slowly my heart
has gone far away from me.”
“He is so lost in your love that
he has completely forgotten himself.”
“On this topic, give me a kiss,
even though this world..
..gets jealous and jealous!”
“O my God, O my God!
I am crazy about you.”
“O my God, O my God!
I am crazy about you.”
“O my beautiful, delicate lover.”
“Please tie stealthily, stealthily..”
“The knot of a heart
to another heart.”
“O my God, O my God!
I am crazy about you.”
“O my God, O my God!
I am crazy about you.”
“Hey, you guy with enchanting eyes.”
“And the guy who talks sweet talks.”
“O my beloved, please marry me.”
“Why are you afraid of this world?”
“I have to live this life
with you and die along with you.”
“O my beloved, please marry me.”
“Why are you afraid of this world?”
“I have to live this life
with you and die along with you.”
“There is nothing greater than love.”
“And I have become aware
of this fact today only.”
“O my God, O my God!
I am crazy about you.”
“O my God, O my God!
I am crazy about you.”
“O’ my beloved, handsome guy.”
“My body and my heart sway with joy.”
“Whenever you say something.”
“O my God, O my God!
I am crazy about you.”
“O my God, O my God!
I am crazy about you.”
“O my beautiful, delicate lover.”
“Please tie stealthily, stealthily..”
“The knot of a heart
to another heart.”
“O my God, O my God!
I am crazy about you.”
“O my God, O my God!
I am crazy about you.”
“O my God, O my God!
I am crazy about you.”
“O my God, O my God!
I am crazy about you.”
Gajender, whatever you are telling,
is it the truth?
Yes, Mr. Thakur.
I swear by my sister.
Raju abused you a lot.
And he respects you so
much that he became very angry.
But that wretched Raju
thrashed him so much..
..that his face has
been disfigured such!
Not only this, Mr. Thakur.
He has given a warning!
That.. that he will definitely
get married to your sister Jyoti.
Hey, you innocent fool!
Tell him frankly
whatever he has said!
I can’t say that.
Then I will tell. I am not a female!
Mr. Thakur, he has said
that even if you come in between..
..his and Jyoti’s love,
then he will cut you off too.
now Jyoti will get married to you.
Tomorrow is the engagement
ceremony of you both.
Pooja.. – Yes, I am coming.
What’s the matter, dear?
Today is Jyoti’s engagement.
You dress up Jyoti just
now and bring her down.
Hey, Mr. Thakur has arrived!
Mr. Thakur has arrived!
– Greetings, sir.
Greeting, brother-in-law.
Sit. Sit.
You all have a seat.
Hey, everyone sit down, sit down.
Brother, what’s all this?
Today is your engagement
ceremony with Gajender.
My engagement?
And without my consent?
By taking the permission
of the girls and then to fix..
..the marriage is not
the custom of our family.
Then change this custom
from today, brother.
I will never do this marriage.
Jyoti! – Yes, brother.
If I will marry anyone,
then it will be only Raju.
Stop this nonsense!
Don’t take the name
of that disloyal fellow!
How much I love you,
I hate Raju several times than that.
Your hatred can’t reduce my love,
What did you say?
What did you say.. – Wait!
Till date whatever you did to me..
I suffered that silently.
But if someone does a little
also injustice with Jyoti..
..then I will certainly
revolt against it.
What will you do?
I won’t allow this
marriage to take place.
With which right?
With the right of motherhood!
What do you think that
only you have love for her?
I don’t love my sister at all?
If you loved a little also..
..then would you have
fixed this marriage?
Did you asked us once
before fixing this marriage?
Did you ever think
that how do we feel about..
..your such decisions?
In your anger,
you did many terrible things!
My loving brother
was separated from me.
But I remained silent!
You hurt the feelings of my parents.
I remained silent!
But today I will not remain silent.
Because the question
is not of my life today.
Today it is the question
of Jyoti’s life.
And I will never allow
my Jyoti to be handed..
..over to this butcher!
Hey! So you call me a butcher?
You keep quiet!
This man is a rascal!
A man who sells his sister..
.. can make his wife a slut too!
Do you wish that tomorrow your
sister also becomes a prostitute?
A man who sells his sister..
.. can make his wife a slut too!
Do you wish that tomorrow your
sister also becomes a prostitute?
Becomes a prostitute?
Listen.. the whole village
considers you as a God.
You have given support
to many people.
But don’t ruin this
innocent girl’s life!
In your anger,
don’t take such a step.
Because of which we have
to repent for all our life.
Brother-in-law, these females
keep on blabbering anything.
Why do you pay heed to their talks?
Priest.. – Yes, sir.
The auspicious moment
is passing away.
Make preparations for
the engagement ceremony.
Come, brother-in-law.
Come. – Brother..
How did you dare to touch my sister?
If you stay here even for
a moment then I will kill you.
Get out of here.
Get lost!
Listen, friend..
so my doubt has proved right!
Brother-in-law, if anyone
has to go away from this house..
..then it won’t be me, but you!
Now this house belongs to me.
I will kill you.
No, brother.
Move. – Wait.
Brother, no. – Leave me.
Don’t do this. – Leave me.
So you are getting very excited!
You will shoot us?
You will kill all of us?
Then fire the bullet!
I will show everyone properly!
My name is Landlord Billu!
Hey, I knew it before only.
That you will definitely
play some game.
That’s why I have brought
all the documents along with me.
Look at this. What’s this?
The stamp paper!
On which you yourself
have written that this house..
..this land and this property
all belongs to Mr. Gajender.
And what’s this?
You are telling him to go away.
Hey, you educated
Chaudhary of the village.
Come here for a minute.
Just read this and tell,
what’s written in this?
According to this stamp paper,
all this property and..
..everything belongs to Mr. Gajender.
Hey, everything is written
clearly on this, that our.. Gajender is the
owner of all this property and land.
Hey, make him understand this fact!
Did you hear this, Mr.
Now come on, get out of here!
Such a big dishonesty!
I won’t leave you alive.
Please don’t do that.
Your sister is the root
cause of this dishonesty.
I will kill her too.
No, brother.. no..
Listen, forget whatever
that has happened.
For God’s sake, forget it!
We don’t want all
this wealth and property.
We want only you. Only you!
Are you listening to me?
Let’s go away from here.
Let’s go, brother. – Come..
Please, come.
Hey, this bungalow is mine!
And it is so beautiful!
The house is really good!
sister.. sister!
Raju! – Why are you crying, sister?
Why are you crying?
I am present here.
Brother-in-law, don’t worry.
Everything will become all right.
Mother.. – Dear Pooja..
Oh! Son-in-law..
Please come in.
Please forgive me, mother.
What are you talking, son?
That was a shadow of bad times.
That has gone away.
My daughter got you back.
So I have got all the happiness.
Please come in.
Come, son. Sit.
Jyoti, go and bring water.
Sit, son.
Come here. Sit.
There is nothing in the house.
I am going to the market.
You take care of your sister
and brother-in-law. Okay?
Yes, mummy. You don’t worry.
Look after them.
Please stop, son!
Oh my God!
Dear Pooja.. – What happened, mother?
Raju has gone with a dagger. – What?
I think that..
I think that he will kill Vaishali.
Slowly, mother. Talk softly.
If he hears than it
will create a big problem.
You don’t worry.
I will bring Raju back.
Be careful, dear.
You threw a great man
like Thakur out of the house!
How did you dare to do that?
Prostitutes don’t
talk about morality.
Even though I was a
fallen woman he married me.
Having a wife at home,
he gave me the status of a wife.
I can never pay him
back for this obligation.
Hey, sister..
we robbed the whole world.
So we robbed Thakur also!
What difference does it makes?
We had never met a man
like Thakur in this whole world.
Had I met anyone like
him in the beginning..
I’d not be a prostitute!
I will go just now and return
back all his property documents.
And I will beg for
forgiveness from him.
Hey.. Hey..
Come on, sister. You really
took your marriage seriously, eh?
Let go of me!
Sister, he tied this little
black thread in your neck..
Put a pinch of vermilion on you,
and you became totally his?
You’ve become very dangerous.
That man had threatened
to kill you in public.
Now I’ll kill you,
and he’ll get arrested.
Bala. – Yes, brother.
That woman’s escaping. Catch her!
Gajendra, brother..
That Raju’s after your life.
Our men stopped him..
.. but he started beating everybody!
No. No.
No. No.
Raju? Raju?
In the crime of committing
Vaishali’s murder..
..the police have arrested
your brother-in-law.
What? – Brother-in-law..
Listen, dear! – Dear..
dear, a terrible thing has happened!
The police has arrested
son-in-law for the crime..
..of committing
Vaishali’s murder! – What?
No, mother.. this is not possible!
He has not murdered Vaishali!
Hey, dear Pooja..
where are you going?
Wait, dear! – Mother..
Hey Jyoti, stop her! – Puja..
Inspector.. inspector..
you please release my brother-in-law.
What did you say?
I should release him!
– Yes, inspector.
Have you gone mad or what?
Vaishali’s murder is not
committed by brother-in-law.
No, sir. He didn’t kill her. I did!
‘This wretched fellow
had thrashed me.’
‘Now he is entrapped in my trap.’
‘I will equal up the
accounts in just one stance.’
Hey constable.. – Yes, sir.
Release Mr. Thakur.
And put him in the lock up.
‘Why did you commit
this murder, Raju?’
you are so intelligent.’
‘Then why did you commit
Vaishali’s murder?’
Why, Raju?
Why did you do such a thing?
So that you and sister
can always live happily.
Hey, Pooja is running away.
Hey, someone please stop her.
Please stop, dear.
I am telling, please stop.
Listen dear.. – Brother..
Hey, move aside.. – Leave me.
Leave me. – Hey, get inside!..
Leave me. – Brother.
Brother. – Stop.
Leave me.
Let go of me?
– Where have they brought us?
Sister-in-law.. – Let me go.
Let go of my daughter.
Let go!
Let me go.
Let go, I say!
Let me go.
Leave me.
Hello! How was the journey?
No trouble enroute, I hope.
Don’t laugh! Let us go, I say!
Shut up, you old hag!
Else I’ll throttle you.
Throttle me, my foot!
If my son comes to know.
He’ll mince you!
May you rot away!
May maggots eat you!
May you gasp and die of thirst.
May you sprout skin disease.
May you die issueless!
May you be born as a pig!
May your corpse be kicked
by dogs and eaten by crows and kites.
May you have kids who are lame,
blind and bald.
May you go to dogs in next birth..
Of course I’m not saying all this.
It’s what this old hag wishes to say!
Had she said this long
dialogue in one breath..
.. she’d have died.
And stopped the wedding.
That’s why I said it.
If she starts off again
I’ll join her. Don’t mind.
Let him speak,
else the wedding will be held up.
Dear old hag, I mean.. Mother..
..where did you learn such
vintage abuse? In which school?
The one your father attended!
Tie this to her!
Don’t do any tantrums, my bride.
Don’t make any tantrums! – No.
Hey, I had come to
your house to marry you.
But you created a lot of commotion!
So now see this!
I will tie this sacred
thread forcefully to you.
What you will do? – Scroundal.
Aren’t you ashamed to
force yourself on a girl?
Shamelessness is in their genes.
Hey. – I was just
mouthing her thoughts.
Now don’t interrupt.
Else I’ll suffocate you!
Great! Why should I get blamed?
Why will I open my mouth?
No! – Hey you mad girl..
Is he tying this sacred thread
to enjoy honeymoon with you?
Hey, this is not the fact!
This sister-in-law of yours..
this sister-in-law..
Who keeps on blabbering
day and night!
He is doing this to
shut her mouth forever!
Now tell us, sister-in-law.
Dear sister-in-law..
How quickly you were running
to the police station along..
..with these two
to give your statement?
Now run.. run..
But, the time for
marriage is passing away.
First let him tie the
sacred thread around her neck.
And let him become the
son-in-law of your family.
Then go and give your statement!
Hey, two jobs will be done together.
And that too at one stance!
Firstly his enemy
will be hanged to death.
And he will tie this sacred
thread on the neck of your..
..lovely sister-in-law.
She’ll be a widow,
like this rotten hag here.
Why are you standing around?
Put that thing round her neck.
No! – Jyoti.
Leave me!
Raju! Raju! Raju!
Raju! Raju! Raju!
Vaishali’s murder has
not been committed by your..,
but by her own brother, Gajender.
And here, at the temple
on the mountain, Gajender is..
..forcefully trying to marry Jyoti.
Wherever you are,
you come soon and save us, Raju.
Wherever you are, come and save us.
My husband’s in severe trouble.
Mom and Jyoti are also..
Cut that wire and get her!
Hurry! Come quickly.
Come quickly.
Come quickly.
Shut that door!
Hit him.
Hey, shut that door!
So you shout on the mike?
Wow! Well done! Well done!
First your husband
came and killed all of us.
And we all are no more.
Now will your brother
comes and break our bones?
Now hurry up and put
that necklace round her neck!
Go get that necklace from there.
How can I get it?
It fell in a snake-hole.
I think they got married.
And they going to honeymoon.
And now they have a baby too,
I suppose?
Why get another one?
There’s one right here.
Great! What an eye-sight.
Right on the target.
Snatch from her, and grab her!
No. No.
You wretch!
Don’t you touch my daughter.
The Holy Mother won’t spare you.
It slipped from my hands.
Look over there.
No. No.
Leave me.
Why are you twisting her wrist?
Go and break his bones.
I’ll break your bones now.
So you got beaten up, didn’t you?
There is nothing like that.
Then how did you fall?
Actually what happened,
a banana peel was..
..lying on the way.
And I lay my leg on it mistake.
And.. I slipped down.
Oh! I see!
But I just saw a young
girl and a beautiful old woman..
.. beating you like
a pile of clothes.
That was Jyoti..
.. and that rotten old
hag and that coy coquette..
They all begged and
asked for forgiveness.
Don’t kill him.
Mother.. Mother..
Don’t kill him.
Just shower your
choicest abuses. – No.
He’ll die right here. – No.
You worm from a gutter..
.. may you be infested
with maggots which have rotted.
He can’t live with those abuses.
See? He really has gone nuts!
I’ll do whatever he tells me to.
‘Hail Lord Ganesh.’
Stop Raju! Else I’ll shoot.
No, Inspector.
My brother didn’t murder Vaishali.
This Gajendra killed her.
He killed vaishali.
I’m an eye witness to it.
I’ll even tell this in the court.
But arrest him. He’s the murderer.
Don’t come any further.
Will you stay alive to
stand as a witness in the court?
What happened, Raju?
Raju.. – Raju.
Raju. – Raju.
You’re alright, aren’t you? – Son..
It’s nothing, brother-in-law.
I.. I was feeling a little giddy.
That’s all!
No, Jyoti.
Don’t cry.
Nothing will happen to my Raju.
Pooja, now we will solemnise
their wedding in a grand manner.
And very soon!
I’ll do all this.
Go and send Raju in.
You’re in a hurry, aren’t you?
Today’s girls are like this. Go!
Raju, go inside.
Mom, tell him!
Go in, son.
No I won’t.
He’s my brother-in-law!
I will do whatever
brother-in-law tells me to do!

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