Ariana Grande’s New Boyfriend REVEALED!

Ariana Grande’s New Boyfriend REVEALED!

Ariana Grande is cozying up with a new man
just in time for the quarantine, as she shared some cryptic clues about him to her social
media, so who’s the lucky guy? Let the investigation begin… What’s up y’all, it’s Emile Ennis Jr.
bringing you all the breaking news updates here from my in-home Clevver studio as we
continue to practice safe measures. On that note, Ariana is still staying indoors
and doing her part to help contain the virus, but she’s got some new company. And NO, this new addition to the Grande household
does NOT come with four legs and a tail, but YES, he does love her four-legged friends,
which is obviously a plus. Over the last few days, some eagle-eyed Ariana
Grande fans noticed a new mystery man appearing multiple times on Ariana’s social media
pages. Although Ari has strategically not shown his
face in any of the shots, the rumored new man is said to be well-known Hollywood real
estate agent, Dalton Gomez. TMZ reported the news after Ari has been posting
photos nonstop of her new rumored man after the images alluded to the fact that they are
in quarantine together. One of the photos shows her dog Toulouse being
pet by a man with a tattoo sleeve on his arm, which fans pointed out is an exact match to
Dalton’s sleeve, made by his tattoo-artist brother, Dakota Gomez. One Twitter user posted side-by-side screenshots
of an up-close sleeve to another photo Ari shared of Dalton and another friend playing
video games from behind. Sources revealed to TMZ that Ari and Dalton
have been dating for months as reported back in February when the outlet shared video footage
of Ariana making out with a mystery man at Bar Louie in Northridge, California. Insiders also revealed that she arrived with
him and some friends around 1 a.m. and stayed for about 30 minutes, but that the guy she
was kissing “wasn’t instantly recognizable.” After many deep-dives and some thorough digging,
that mystery man, in question, is confirmed to have been Dalton, and considering the fact
that they are currently in quarantine together, they’re only going to be getting even closer. Ok, so WHO is Dalton and most importantly,
is he boyfriend material and do we approve? Not that our approval matters, but anyway… After doing some deep screening and investigating,
according to his online real estate bio, Dalton is a southern California native and luxury
real estate agent and has been working in the market for five years. And I can’t take credit for this one, because
some savage fans went IN on the research, but it appears that Dalton even helped Ariana
find her current home in Los Angeles. One fan pointed out that Dalton and Aaron
Kirman had the listing for the exact property she purchased, and he also commented on her
Instagram Live this week, saying, “This girl cute,” to which Ari responded by saying,
“I feel super blessed.” TMZ also pointed out that Dalton is ‘in’
with the celebrity crowd, as he shared an Instagram story of himself hanging out with
Miley Cyrus back in July of 2017. Considering Ariana and Miley are good friends,
it could be that the two met through Miley, or even another mutual high-profile friend
as many of her friends follow him as well. So I think it’s safe to say by now that
Dalton has officially passed the test… This also happens to be Ari’s first true
love interest since her relationship and engagement to Pete Davidson. Of course we can’t forget to shout out Mikey
Foster, but that relationship was never confirmed. However; the two were rumored to end things
in February. So it seems like both Ariana and Dalton are
trying to keep things pretty private for the time being as many fans noticed that he and
his family have all gone private on Instagram. Ari has shared a few hints while spending
more and more time with Dalton, buuuut it seems like maybe she learned a few things
about sharing EVERYTHING about her personal life with the public. Only time will tell if these two decide to
take things public, but we’re thrilled that Ari has found someone who seems to make her
happy. For now, I wanna know all your thoughts on
Ari’s new man… and do you think it’s smart of her to keep things mysterious and
private? Get to talking down here in the comments,
and after that you can click right over here for all the details on Halsey’s cozy night
in with her ex-boyfriend Yungblud, and YES this means that her and Evan Peters have officially
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relationship updates. I’m your host Emile Ennis Jr., thanks so
much for tuning in, and I’ll see you next time.

100 thoughts to “Ariana Grande’s New Boyfriend REVEALED!”

  1. I love her but man she can’t get a break of a boyfriend like cmon do u ALWAYS gotta have somebody by yourside

  2. my baby has been through too much, she doesn’t deserve one minute of any of it. i really hope that this works out and we can all watch her become stronger day by day with this new man.

    i also really hope he’s a good guy for her because she has such a gorgeous soul, i hope he can make her feel the way mac made her feel.

    good lucky queeny🥺
    but please keep your heart safe🤍😢

  3. Yes cause the internet breaks up people .it's arianas life and not ours .don't try to control her life ,cause things are up to her .who cares whom she is dating as long as she's happy .💖

  4. Do you know the back story to her song to ”Thank you, next” so 3rd boyfriend out so if this true this boyfriend makes it her the 4th boyfriend 😳

  5. Whatever the case may be, I hope she keeps her relationship private because public will always find something negative to say about it. With that being said, Just let Ari live her life.🙄

  6. i adore ari and i hope she finds someone who makes her extremely happy cause she for sureeee deserves it! but a part of me felt a little sad when i saw the title cause i always think of mac :,(

  7. I’m an arianator but I don’t understand what the fck is going on since yesterday the internet exploded with this

  8. her genuine happiness is all that matters to us. that’s it. whatever makes her genuinely happy, we should be happy for her. after all the things she has been through.

  9. hope she is not going to fake how much she is in love with this guy then throwing him away and calling him a “distraction”. Noone deserves to be that humillated:/

  10. this made me so pissed, leave the woman alone if she wants to keep her relationship secret then let her be like wtf, stop sharing rumors "arianas boyfriend revealed" its NOT even confirmed if theyre together

  11. Corona virus is happening and you guys are worried about who this pop star is dating. Get your priorities straight people.

  12. I think that this relationship will last six months or less and that she will get bored with Dalton and dump him and receive a lot of publicity for dating and dumping Dalton and that she just wants publicity more than anything else. I don't expect her to be upset when this relationship ends.

  13. I just think she must like stop playing with guys but I still love you I listen to her songs all the time wake up with your girlfriend that’s my favorite one and thank you next I think she’s not keeping a secret she probably don’t want to keep it a secret because a lot of people take a picture of Thursday probably get super awkward

  14. She’s always been good at keeping relationships private, which is what I love because 70% of these crazy Arianators find everything out about her partners and create these ship accounts before she even publicly announces it. I think she should be the one instead of them. Seems kinda stalker-y and not their place at all… after all celebs are just people too.

  15. stay out of her business. She hasnt even confirmed anything! I swear y’all are so annoying y’all say she has a new boyfriend like every week just sit down pls

  16. These people who literally stalk so as to find out who her boyfriend is are so creepy!!!Leave people's private life alone!!

  17. Even if Ariana is with him or not. I hope she finds happiness or he makes her happy. And she’ll confirm or deny when she’s ready. Due to her past relationships (that were public) didn’t last. So she’s probably hoping to keep it out of the socials to see if he could be the one for her. And good on them for making things private. Just because she’s a pop star doesn’t mean she HAS to confirm anything to the public. Let her live a little! Privacy is key to any relationship

  18. if this rumor trues then i’m happy for her. i just can’t see her get hurt like she did before. i’m not sure she can take more pain.

    also her new snippet imposes that she has a boyfriend or someone who is more then just friends

  19. Doing her part to stop the spread of the virus?? Was that after she started the trend of licking store goods ??🤔

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