100 thoughts to “Are Dems hurting themselves by not debating on Fox News?”

  1. I dont listen to dems. They know we don't believe their lies. And memes are being made of them by us as they speak. They are scared.

  2. No, they know dignity. FOX is a poisonous smoke curtain that serves the purposes of Putin to undermine American Democracy.

  3. Republican voters CANNOT vote in the democratic primaries. By law. Neither can Independents. Why is this even a debate? If we were talking about presidential debates between Rs and Ds thats a different story. This conversation is totally irrelevant.

  4. < yawn > Another opinion show on Media Corps "Fox News Entertainment"?
    For the sake of Ted Nugent and other draft dodgers – BUY YOURSELVES A JOURNALIST!

  5. Wait didn’t they raise hell about cry baby Jim Acosta get kick out of the White House now they don’t want all of fox asking hard questions they want soft ball CNN questions

  6. Better to hide the Democrats Debates, Garbage in Garbage out. America doesn’t need to hear Democrats Values, they are not American Values of today, we The People see through their shallow values, and their change to Socialism.

  7. It's going to be Civil War in 2020 and I think this was the idea all along since we can't pay or dept in this Country. Youtube and cable boxes are already set to one side or the other. Meaning those that love CNN don't know the whole story or do they care. CNN needs to have their foot held to the fire or the Owner needs to have dirt exposed on him or her.

  8. If Trump doesn't get the college on his side and get votes and Hold the college accountable for what crap they have taught their students then he will lose in 2020.

  9. The only reason they don't want to go outside their echo chamber is they have NOTHING worthwhile to say to normal people outside of their echo chamber

  10. I was laying down in bed but I had to get up and comment so I could say how much of a total douche bag that guy was

  11. See what the Democrat is really saying is… how are we supposed to leak the questions to our candidates if we don't know what they are?

  12. Elderly dems use this all the time…did you hear what trump did….
    Nevermind its been exploited before by your own party….corruption is your middle name…but dem party bosses do not want you to see how far not left but south they fly…its not liberalism and socialism its satanism….get it right.


  14. I think that the Dems. want to fire their base up at a debate, that's what rallies are for. The Dems. want to appeal to Dems. because they don't care about everybody. This is the biggest problem with Washington, politicians care about politicians more than the people that voted for them.

  15. Who is that blow hard idiot in the middle of the couch? I’ve never seen him before and I guess I see why from his little hissy fit he just displayed. All I heard was him whining and talking nonsense

  16. The DNC know anyone they have on FOX will get torn apart with hard questions none of them have a single answer for. discrediting every single one of the candidates who are for the same policies. like the green new deal and infanticide.

  17. There is not a chance in hell the debates are going to be meaningful. The Dem Leadership has already decided who they will run against Trump. The debate is Kabuki theater for the sheep.

  18. Just change your name to
    Faux News.
    .THAT would be being truthful.

    Parody news like this trash is fine but not when it's being paraded as factual.

  19. Liberals know they are wrong on everything obviously they're to chicken to have a debate …the loser party

  20. All the Fox talkers are able to invite candidates on their shows and let them speak. They have over a year to do so. Other than Tucker inviting Tulsi and Yang on, lets see how many show up.

  21. If they WERE NOT Affraid to loss Or FEEL Like they are GOING to LOSE it wouldn't Matter… It is a BIG RED Flag they KNOW they ALREADY LOST the FIGHT! Damage Control….TRUMP 2020 they KNOW it as WE KNOW it! WWG1 WGA GOD BLESS AMERICA

  22. Not at all, were gonna try it this time without the klan network who mastered influencing our weak, slow, mentally challenged/deranged etc. Reason, logic in a syringe, wouldn't that be nice? 100 years at time, is how you peple get down. Still burning women who can do math calling them witches…..

  23. They are just trying to keep the fake news alive. It is the last thing left before the democrats are dissolved and are just a footnote in the history of this country.

  24. So stupid if they thought theyre message was a good one why would u not want your message out too all audiences?

  25. without Foxs news they can use other network people help get their answers like HRC did under table!i wouldn't rule out HRC run in 2020 race for the WH, she step in near the start of it all last hour count down!

  26. The system will  fall in October the US will become a failed state and you are talking abouta debate.  Nadler is working with head of Russian state media. In a month the democratsand the republicans will no doubt think they can pick the bones of what's left of the USbefore they fly out as they laugh at POTUS  Make America Great again now. I we don'tstop this before October we are done. So keep doing nothing. We have to get them out.WAKE UP are you stupid or just cowards?

  27. Democrats need new voters. When they preach to the choir,it doesn't reach new people. It's simple as that. They are afraid of real questions that will expose that socialism and the green new deal is a fraud. Can't pay for them without crippling the economy.

  28. They lost because they abandoned "fly over country". It seems they refuse to learn. Those who dont learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

  29. Hey I know ! Just have it on kkkfox ( A Vlad tv production ) or how about on KGBTV ! (PUTAN PRODUCTIONS AND ASSASSINATIONS LLC !) Last time trump had the questions . Silly

  30. The Democrats crossed the Line they are no longer the Democrat Party . They Are Socialist/Communist. We The People have to Fight to protect our Freedoms or we’ll loose them like USSR, China, Cuba etc. I thank God For those who stand for the Truth Especially Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram, Tucker Carlson, Judge Jeanine etc. To be honest When Fox Replays what The Democrats say I hit The MUTE button on the phone. I am fed up with these Democratic Dictators I pray God Almighty Deals with these Evil folks. We The People MUST take a stand now.

  31. Yes, plenty of independents watch Fox News. Can anyone show me the conservative equivalent of Juan Willams or Chris Wallace on MSNBC? I thought not…

  32. If this DNC movement isn't " Dictatorship" what is it? Its obvious to Americans .. astute Americans.. that this is a continuation of DNC manipulation and "Collution" with the media outlets.. Biased, fake news media outlets! I can confidently say that millions, upon millions in the public can hear this… By the Democratic party!
    They are Proving to the public, who the real Colluters are… Starting back prior to the 2016 election.
    The DNC (democrats) can't
    identify with there own demise. Incredible…..!

  33. Most of the Fox audience aren't democrat voters. Also, Fox probably won't supply favored candidates with questions ahead of time like CNN did.

  34. Fox Viewers believe in Lizard People😂😂😂😀😀🤣 No point in debating in Fox News

  35. Dems are so blinded by arrogance they can’t see a helping hand in front of their face. Oh well Fox tried which is more than I would do. Just make the popcorn and watch the shitshow

  36. no it doesn't make any sense having DEMS debate ANYWHERE right now…they have to add up the costs of all the goodies… so they can figure we can't afford all that stuff…PERIOD

  37. It is obvious that Democrats refuse to debate on fox because they're afraid of being asked tuff questions and have their real history brought up. Kamala Harris railed against Kavanaugh because he liked beer and then she admits to smoking pot. According to Democrats Kavanaugh likeing beer made him a raging alcoholic so by using that logic Harris smoking pot makes her a crack head.

  38. Democrats and other normal Americans cannot give Fox Hate "news" any credibility at all. Ever. Fox is actively stirring up their hateful, racist base and acting as the official racist GOP/tRumpski channel. When you throw yourself in with criminals and traitors, you can't expect anyone to take you seriously.

  39. The Democrats are looked on as stupid, dangerous individuals. We the people do not care anymore about them as they have lost their reputation. They are bums now. Just similar to Pelosi, she turned a beautiful city into a manure capital called San Francisco. Do you think she has any decent reputation left? She is as horrible as the Caesars in Rome with their perversions.

  40. Can anyone please tell me why the almighty capitalist agenda has not shot me – an educated white female with no children, into instant success as previously promised by conservatives? I'm still broke, working full time and loaded with student debt. Someone please explain if this is what WINNING looks like?

  41. Having the debates on Fox News will help Democrats reach a wider audience. The DNC knows this and does not care. The DNC will hurt the legitimate interests of the Democratic Party and the Democratic Party nominee in order to keep as much DNC control as possible.

  42. Tulsi Gabbard 2020 ☮️ donate to Tulsi ❤️
    btw it’s funny how all of you people who hate democrats so much( read the comments) are so sorry they don’t want to have debates on Fox News. Amazing.
    Tulsi Gabbard 2020 ☮️ spread the word ❤️

  43. They have no plan other than to take down Trump and that's what their followers are stuck on and what to hear.

  44. Why would a Democrat watch FOX NEWS? I stopped watching years ago after the first few weeks, it didn't take long to realize what FOX NEWS was created for. Once you grow up you realize just how bad Kool-aid is for you.

  45. Chump will know he questions before hand. Fox is anything BUT FAIR AND BALANCED. Fox is the chump propaganda machine.

  46. Socialists do not believe in freedom of press. This is quite evident here. Only the friendly Left is allowed to help their Democrat Party allies in their debates. It is not just fear of FOX News real questions being asked; it is about total control of propaganda.

  47. The fairness doctrine of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), introduced in 1949, was a policy that required the holders of broadcastlicenses both to present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was—in the FCC's view—honest, equitable, and balanced.

  48. It doesn't matter which network …I'm voting for trump. Too much has been revealed about the DNC; the democratic party as a whole in which direction they would take this nation.

  49. I am pleased that the DNC will not participate with Fox. They have voluntarily eliminated half the country from seeing their candidates. The voters vote for what they know and are familiar with. That will be Republicans.

  50. Some unnamed source NOW says Fox fed Trump questions! BS! Crap! That would have come out the second the CNN/Clinton fraud came out.

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