Apex Legends Season 4 – Assimilation Launch Trailer

Apex Legends Season 4 – Assimilation Launch Trailer

Protests turned violent recently as Hammond Robotics continues
to face backlash for its controversal work on
the Simulacrum Program. New message. Look who it is. Papai! A toast. Minha familia. Securing the future of our legacy. Meu amor, for our daughter. What’s in there? Stay calm. You two, go! Take her and go! – Papa, please!
– Get him Papa! Let me go!
No! Get out of here! Mama! Greta, you must go! No, papa. Please! I love you. Papa! What the hell are you? Death.

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  1. How much do you wanna bet that little girl is gonna become a legend in the future and her character will somehow be associated with the silver wolf—the last gift her father gave to her.

  2. The shots of the window reflection and his body are amazing! The reflection shows his human self, then it switches, then he breaks the window and the transformation into Revenant is complete. I loved that!

  3. Revenant: Caustic!
    Caustic: Revenant!
    Revenant: Oh you're appeoching, me event tho your whole squad is dead.
    Caustic: I feel more alive when i approuch death
    Revenant: Oh, then come closer as you want.
    Caustic: GAZ TRAPERU
    Revenant: ZA SHADOWRU

  4. we got to see the new legend and maybe (hopefully) the beginning of a new female legend. what better way to continue their story that having her kill him in matches

  5. 友達とやってる時に、敵が来たらパパイ!パパイ!って報告するの楽しくてごめんな、娘ちゃん。

  6. I would. Definitely watch a show or. Movie with this amazing graphics. Great work to the team that made this happened. I don't play the game much… Well at all but I like seeing the trailers though

  7. Wonder how crypto vs this guy would work would we see crypto with a worried face for the first or will crypto destroy him

  8. Wait, so he knew he was capable of stabbing people with his bare hand, but didn't realize he was no longer fully human?

  9. Когда третий сезон ?
    Сообщите пожалуйста дату , мне от этого легче станет . Так хочется сыграть за Ревенанта

  10. We lost a fun cocky tank character (which we desperately need) for an edge lord Batman character that are a dime a dozen. Kinda odd everyones just okay with this.

  11. this is stupid – I mean okay, he might have felt and looked like a human to him, but surely he'd know normal humans cant impale people with their hands xD

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