Anxiety is the Greatest! (jk it can go jump off a microwave)

Anxiety is the Greatest! (jk it can go jump off a microwave)

ANYTHING you say into this
will reach hundreds of THOUSANDS of people.
Do anything you want with it.
Have fun.
After being inspired by other YouTube people for being more honest with their lives and struggles,
I decided to slap my own mental health problems on the table for everyone to see.
Look at it all.
Help me.
I’m not secretive about stuff like this
but I also don’t really talk as openly as I want to about it
because I never feel like anyone wants to pay attention to me and my dumb problems.
You know who else has problems?
Those turtles who eat plastic bags.
Those guys got a lot of problems to deal with….
*a poor turtle choking on a plastic bag*
*dies* 🙁
…Like breathing.
I’m just a shy, quiet, anxious, introvert…
if you can’t identify as that type of person,
you’re probably sick of people saying it all the time
and I can’t blame you.
It’s pretty common to see people talking about anxiety and being awkward and-
*Jaiden jumps into a wheelchair*
Crippling depression
As much as I like those types of jokes because they’re relatable and can be used as a dark coping mechanism to hide
the self destroying thoughts that tear you up from the inside.
I also don’t want people to forget what the base of anxiety really is:
One thing to clear up!
I’ve had experiences where anxiety is confused with narcissism, which… No!
I’m sorry. You couldn’t be more wrong about anything
Is this a hamster?
Hmm, still not as wrong as that guy.
Narcissism is when you’re overly full of yourself,
and cocky, and think everyone loves you.
Anxiety is related to an unbalance in your mind about your ability to cope with things which creates an intense amount of stress and worry
There’s a lot of different forms anxiety can come in and for me I’m struggling with social anxiety,
which means I hate myself and think everyone hates me too!
There’s an old Greek myth about this dude Narcissus, who falls in love with his own reflection and dies alone staring at it.
If he had a brother,
“Social anxiessus”, that guy would probably have a panic attack at the thought of people looking at him,
internally die at the sight of his reflection, and then blame himself for dying.
I’ve seen people misunderstand anxiety like
“Oh you think everyone’s looking at you all the time?
Get over yourself would ya?”
when it’s actually “Oh, no, I don’t think everyone is looking at me because I’m great,
I think they’re severely judging me because they secretly think I’m more worthless than a dead clam, even though I have no proof
that’s what they’re thinking and they’ve treated me very nicely ever since I met them.
I just have a hunch!”
Not many things bothered me as a kid, when you’re like seven the biggest things going on in your universe are
staying up past 10:00 p.m
and trying to convince your parents to buy you mechanical pencils.
Even though I was blissfully oblivious to a lot of things, I still subconsciously knew there was something… different
This weird nervousness followed me everywhere. It wasn’t intense 24/7,
but for example: say when I had to go to the bathroom
I would feel like people were watching me through the cracks in the doors and
little marks on the ceiling, like eyes were always on me
Even though I was old enough to know that wasn’t realistic at all,
the feeling doesn’t just go away which is almost worse because then you feel like you’re going crazy in your own head,
but at the time I just thought everyone had paranoid thoughts.
“You’re saying you don’t ever worry that everyone on the bus hates you because your backpack is too blue?
Pass me that red marker?”
The constant uneasiness never fully goes away,
(Even though I wasn’t really conscious of having it in the first place)
Once in my senior year of high school
I was in my English class and we were all discussing something about how men and women are different and sexism and nhnnh… fun topic
There were a lot of good points brought up, and I wanted to contribute so I raised my hand and almost immediately started shaking.
My palms were sweaty, knees weak, arms heavy,
Vomit on my sweater already,
Mom’s spaghetti. (pure bars were just dropped)
Which… WHY!?!?
I’m consenting to participation here!!
No one’s holding my hands up against my will. Why do I all of a sudden feel like I want to crawl into a ravine
And eat rocks alone in the dark!?!?!??!
Teacher: Jaiden?
Jaiden: Uhm…
Jaiden: Ah-Well statements backed up by facts aren’t inherently sexist,
Jaiden: like so- *smack* -on average men are generically built stronger than women, which isn’t sexist just a
Jaiden: G-general fact!
Jaiden: But saying all women are weaker than men is sexist. So- uhh, whe-uhh, like you’re not sexist if um,
Jaiden: You say to a guy,
Girl: Dude, haha, uh
Girl: you can’t have babies!
What am I saying? Who am I?
While trying to talk I started shaking more, and my throat closed up and my eyes were like
“HERE, need some TEARS!?”
Even though I chose to talk. Why am I like this? I don’t understand!
And one day it just came to me, like a mailman slipped a piece of paper under my brains doorstep.
*knock knock*
I have anxiety!
I still don’t feel any better about anything…
maybe a bit worse.
Can– Can I return this please?”
When I went to college,
I was finally on my own, which meant I was thinking on my own and I realized
“Wait a second,
I’m not happy and I HATE myself!”
*knock knock knock*
“That’s for me.
Low self-esteem?
oh- AND depression??
Eating Disorders!? Th- All right, what company got ahold of my address? I don’t- I don’t want this junk mail take me off the list!
And BADA BING BADA BOOM. The recipe was complete for a sadness cake. That’s me. *heh*
I’ve known about all of this for a while and actually people struggling with mental illness,
are generally aware of it.
A lot of the time they know something’s wrong,
but succumbing to the fact that you’re not okay is really scary
and you feel even more hopeless.
Like in cartoons when a wife is like
(By the way that was the first ever cartoon mickey was in, called “Steamboat Willie”
“Honey, I think we’re lost, let’s get directions.”
“I don’t need no directions, I know where I’m going!”
“The kids are hungry, Ronald! And we should have been at the store three days ago.”
“I’ve- I’ve got it under control!”
“You’re right, *smack* we’re lost.
“I’m hopeless.”
There’s science to back up that if you frame it as,
“I am depressed” instead of “I have depression” then you’re more likely to stay depressed.
Realizing you’re struggling is hard, and when you come face-to-face with the realization that you’re not okay
you feel even more lost than ever like
“How the frick am I supposed to get off this island?
Oh also how did I get here? Why did no one prepare me for this? Was there an emergency island-escape-class I missed or something?
Some floaties would be nice!
Get out of here mailman, it’s Sunday!”
I was under the impression that opening my problems to people would bring them down with me or bother them. Just get really messy.
So I went full John Mulaney with everything.
John Mulaney: “I’ll keep all my emotions right here. And then one day I’ll die” *laugh track*
I was just a ticking time bomb which surprisingly didn’t make anything better. Eventually it got so intense and stressful
Something tells me this isn’t a healthy way to confront my problems.
Even though I was terrified, I started being more open to close friends and family about things I’m struggling with.
I began seeing a therapist which was a bit weird at first.
“Hello stranger with a degree, I’m here to tell you why I’m broken!”
But it gets easier as you work together and finding the right therapist goes a long way too.
These steps aren’t automatic problem solvers,
I wish *sigh* but it really helps when you have support from people who want to be there for you
When problems become too heavy for you to carry on your own,
the people who care about you most will come forward and be there to support you emotionally.
They’re not gonna watch you just get squished!
So don’t be afraid to talk to them. If you saw someone struggling and you really cared about them,
you wouldn’t hesitate to come to their aid as well!
I hope so, so take it from me!
Don’t torture yourself…
Actually don’t torture anything, cool. Yeah.
That last scene got a bit weird, it was supposed to be like an analogy for stretching yourself thin with stress and, I don’t know forget about it.
Mental health is super important, and I’m probably not the best person to talk about happiness,
but I interpret it as a skill you learn about and get better at over time.
Like it’s gonna take a lot of trial and error to understand what keeps you afloat,
but you can use everything you gather as you go as data to keep adapting, whether it’s good or bad.
Take everything I say with a grain of salt.
I’m- I’m trying to figure out stuff at the same time too.
Thank you for all the support as of recently!
It doesn’t go unnoticed and I’ve been super appreciative of everything. I had an amazing time at VidCon meeting
so many people who watch the videos and getting to hang out with a bunch of awesome YouTube creators.
I’ve been feeling good lately, and it’s been a while since I could say that honestly.
I’m just breathing it in as much as I can and acknowledging how good it feels to feel g-good, I’m rambling.
Thanks for watching the video. I’ll talk to you later. Bye.

100 thoughts to “Anxiety is the Greatest! (jk it can go jump off a microwave)”

  1. Yeah I feel you now I have a summer project to finish and my book was destroyed so now I cant annotate the text

  2. Jaiden thank you. You helped me realize that I might have anxiety. I’ll talk to my mom, or anyone about it. Thank you!

  3. I've never imagined having anxiety my whole entire life and after watching this video whilst having a mental breakdown/panic attack at 2 am about college to just get my mind off of it I realized I probably have anxiety. I've always been nervous about the smallest things. For example, I hate…HATE talking in front of people. Heck, when I'm having one on one conversations with someone I still somehow mess up my words and get nervous. I'm also currently 18 and only have my permit and can barely drive without freaking out and pulling over. Some of the things Jaiden said in her video actually helped. So thanks Jaiden for the reality check and giving your perspective on this subject. It really helped

  4. Anxiety:heya
    Anxiety: they hate you
    Person:? Wait really
    Person: why
    Anxiety:idk deal with it
    Person: aaaahhh

  5. Soon I will be an animator

    I will take your job and talk about life

    My master plan is gonna happen…

  6. Guys….

    I have a confession to make…..

    When she told that she thinks everyone hates her……


  7. I have anxiety it is also social anxiety. I do self harm to cope with it, I have a rare case of anxiety. I have more than just one anxiety problem. I have social, separation and have sever panic attacks and anxiety attack I faint if I get to neevous

  8. Does anyone else just HATE it when a teacher takes attendance and when they call your name you say "here" and then they don't hear it so you have to say it louder and then everyone is staring at you while your face is burning red?!!

  9. Fantastic video! I can relate to much of it. I know I'm late and all butttt I just wan't to express how upset I am that almost 6k people disliked this video. Like what? People are dumb -_-.

  10. These days it's very rare people are actually suffering online, it's always attention seeking 12 year-olds now.
    Anxiety, depression, all that shit is just so overused now

  11. That "everyone on the bus hates me because my backpack is too blue" is an exact thought i've had. verbatim. in the same situation.

  12. Yay…i had one of those problems..i was in 1st grade and raised my hand i put it down ._. The teacher said "Hey we can answer your question" me:Nope im good .oof

  13. I’m more of an extrovert but I liked your video all of them but I do get nervous when the teacher says my name in school

  14. my friends were all fake and i tried to be with my family,but instead of being more close i began to be more depressed.because the mistakes i do doesn't help me,it just worsen my life.i remember we have an event about our life and a guy said “ our mistakes should be our stepping stones in life ” but my mistakes are making my life heavier.and i have anxiety when my niece or other family members like aunt,uncle,etc

    i hate me :')

  15. When I meet new people in an area or am around other that I'm familier with I guess I feel fine but in a store its way way different. Edit I'm also a generally a happy person and maybe some people are like this to so I guess life didnt hit me as hard with anxiety but it's annoying

  16. Everybody in these comments have anxiety here..

    While I am totally normal and just watching everyone talk about how bad life is, without judging them, of course.

    I've had depression, anxiety, fear and eating disorders at the same time when I was like 10, alright? I know how it feels.

    Im just telling y'all
    someday, it'll all be over.. just wait for it

  17. Everytime I'm in front of a crowd to perform or talk about something,my hands and legs get shaky and my brain can't process what to say :^

  18. I feel like a good way to get started with helping yourself with mental problems is to isolate the intrusive toxic thoughts from your own.

  19. I’m really weird whenever I try to talk to someone really important I’ll almost tear up but I never feel like anybody’s watching you’re judging me or anything unless I’m singing or something

  20. Omg. I totally can relate! I’m kind of depressed, I have anxiety, and I think people are just nice and actually aren’t my friends and hate me! 😁

  21. Tbh I think is a same wayish I don't think my anxiety isnt really important compared to other things and that my feeling don't matter at times I suffer from Thanatophobia which means I am afraid of death and it's hard to live with it since you know you going to die soon so your mindset becomes toxic like someone asks you to do something important and you just reply saying we are all going to die so what's the point and you can't enjoy most things because in the back of your head you always remember it and how you can't stop it from happening and it doesn't help if you don't believe in God but want to and I'll just stop.

  22. i understand what you went through because I went through a little bit of depression in fourth grade because everyone was getting older but I still felt like a child and no one would hang out with me and I had no friends and I still cry myself to sleep some nights because I think about it and make up scenes in my head reminding me of the emotional struggle

  23. 6:26 hahahah lol
    mail man comes
    Jaiden: get out of here mailman its sunday

    Jaiden wtfudge thats ur way out of the damn island

  24. I hate public bathrooms because I can’t use urinals for some reason.

    Edit: Jaiden, you’re pretty cute. Just… putting it out there.

  25. One day I started crying and it was a hard time doing it at that time because my parents were talking about something and thought I was crying about that but I wasn’t I was crying about something else then my father said “oh we should take her to some one”
    And my mom was like”NO she need hers mother”
    AND IT WAS SO HARD BECAUSE I DIDNT WANT TO FRICKADIFRACKALDY TALK SO LEAVE ME ALONE(props to you if you could read that really long word)

  26. I never realized how I could have social anxiety untill how I like this one mall WAY better than this other mall because it has 80% less people than the other mall. Everytime i go into this packed mall I feel like everyone is looking at me and judging me and this one time I cried because of it and I wanted to go home the minute I got there and my parents said no because we just got there so I just left and sat outside.

    This other time I wrote a note to my French teacher who like every other french teacher has anger issues in how she's blaming kids for nothing. She saw it the minute she took it from collecting the tests, then READ IT right THEN AND THERE infront of the CLASS and made passive aggressive comments without letting me talk and wouldn't stop and I almost cried and I hated it and I'm still upsetting.

  27. 1. While walking to school never look at anyone stare at the ground and don’t put in earbuds cuz you’re too conscious of your own breathing
    2. Walk to class as soon as possible and either find a friend or stay in a corner
    3. If there are no friends in class, slouch, put on resting bitch face, and hope no one talks to you
    4. Hope you don’t have to get up and get the white boards or walk or present but then feel bad that you don’t contribute
    5.Pretend like you’re dumb when the teacher calls on you(this didn’t work well cuz my teacher would LITERALLY stop the entire class until I got an answer and if it was wrong then she’d make me say a different one and everyone would stare) I also just didn’t know what was going on cuz there were the perfect kids in that class so I couldn’t pay attention as I felt their eyes on me as I had to sit perfect look perfect be perfect talk perfect but couldn’t do any and if I wasn’t super stressed out then I was sleeping cuz I stayed up tryna study the stuff I couldn’t pay attention to
    6. Day dreaming or observing is my talent I either daydream to forget about everything or think about a lot of scenarios that could happen and try to prepare for them or I observe what other people do or count stuff or stuff like that
    7. Whenever I’m with my friends I walk behind them and let them do the talking
    8.if you touch me playfully or talk to me once I will be a stuttering blushing mess and think about you for the rest of my life and hate myself for not doing anything or for doing anything

  28. hey uh jaiden is there anyway i can try to message you about my own mental problems and such? im just wondering because i know u can relate to some of the same things as me and i was wondering if you could help me a little bit. if not i truly understand and you might not even see this comment but it was just a thought and i really wanted to just ask a couple things but if not then im sorry for bothering you. enjoyed the vid again and have a good day.

  29. Anxiety: hey
    Me: h-h-hi
    Anxiety: everyone hates you
    Me:…. w-why
    Anxiety: *laughs
    Me: ….
    Anxiety: look at yourself

  30. She’s nervous
    But on the surface she looks calm and ready
    To raise her hand
    But she keeps on forgetting


  31. Im not depressed, im a big extrovert, and if i had any kind of anxiety i dont think it would be social anxiety. I dont have trouble talking to people or in public, actually i've played in many plays. But i do get really paranoid. Like when my mom and stepdad argue i just start thinking "what if he kills her?" And start think an elaborate escape plan if he does. Ive been losing weight and gaining confident in my face and body, body i still have invisible audience sydrome thinking theyre all looking at me. Its gotten to the point to where im too scared to wear a swim suit and i live on the beach. Its because my legs are alot bigger than my wait and stomach, and i dont like the way they come out it the holes in the bottoms- idk how to explain

  32. I have major anxiety problems every month for a year once every month I had stomach pain and have more problem wit anxiety

  33. i have this weird thing where my backpack was lilo and stitch and I thought that ppl hated me bc of my backpack bc one day I got a stare.

  34. 2:30 "And trying to convince your parents to buy you mechanical pencils" _As Im watching at 3 AM drawing, with a mechanical pencil

  35. I have social anxiety regular anxiety I'm awkward once my fourth grade teacher asked me a question and I wasn't ready so I was sweating and I cried she didn't call me thru the whole day

  36. UUUUGHhhhhhh
    Yeah social anxiety is terrible.
    One time I had to do a presentation and I just stood there frozen, unable to speak.

    Until I just had a mental breakdown and cried until the end of class…and went home…
    That was fun :')

  37. I have mild anxiety
    It used to be worse when I was in a relationship with someone
    But its got less and less since we broke up

  38. Wow. So relatable. That part whenever she was saying how she is old enough to know monsters don’t exist but you still have that paranoid feeling is. . So relatable? 😂
    I’m terrified of the dark just because I’m afraid “monsters” also known as people in my book are staring at me from my closet and window.
    * bLiNk*

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