58 thoughts to “Antonio Brown’s trainer arrested as police again are called out to his Hollywood home”

  1. I’m telling y’all that Antonio Brown is on cocaine!!!!! His voice is always horsed and scratchy…just like Young Buck!!!!! He clearly has a substance abuse problem!!!!!!

  2. How we're they unable to make contact with Antonio brown and why is there no warrant out for his arrest? Does anyone else think this is suspect?

  3. Antonio getting a little closer to having that prison door slammed on him. Its going to happen sooner than later. Cant play NFL football inside the penetentiary. Maybe he can redeem himself and become the prison ping pong champion.

  4. Not surprising considering that AB’s lawyer and his agent have both ended representation because AB won’t accept rational advice from anyone.

  5. mover: sorry sir i have to park here, i have a trailer full of warrants for you.
    Antonio: where's my fuzzy pink houseshoes?
    trainer: I'll get em boss

  6. Bad timing… Movers and Moving companies are scumbags… Likely what happened. They deliver AB stuff. They broke something, messed something up. AB says hold on I'm not paying. Moving company holds his stuff for ransom. They drive down street. AB says ok I'll pay. They actually told AB to pay like 25% more because they went down the street. He said ok and we they got there he took his own stuff that they were holding for ransom and attempted to extort AB. Fuh those moving companies. More of them should get there a$$e$ kicked. I'm riding with AB on this one.

  7. Fake news! That gold digger was trying to steal a Bentley from the property after the police failed to do a proper trespass on her.
    I would look into pulling some records and file for dereliction of Duty

  8. Dam I liked AB too he is a terrific player and it’s a shame with all that talent and ignorance that he falling apart I hope he gets his act together. Hopefully not suffering from CTE

  9. Dear Mr police guys ……try not to kill this man….but we won't be missing anything if you do….I have a feeling he's gonna make the police kill him….smh

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