Annanukku Jey Trailer | Dinesh, Mahima Nambiar | Vetrimaaran | Arrol Corelli | Fox Star Studios

Annanukku Jey Trailer | Dinesh, Mahima Nambiar | Vetrimaaran | Arrol Corelli | Fox Star Studios

Please get me a post
in our political party.
You think this is like
getting a seat in an engineering college?
To be given away
when asked?
You must perform.
You must know to hoodwink.
You must dedicate yourself
to the party!
You must lie shamelessly.
We have our own business.
Why do we need this shameless politics?
Whatever he does,
he does right.
Looks like he doesn’t know
about Facebook or Whats App.
That’s why he’s running behind you.
Selva won’t let you live now.
You can’t live in this town
with him as your foe.
There is a lot of unrest in the town.
That is good news indeed.
If someone objects,
punch their faces in.
Buddy, you’re a brave-heart.
Wow! He’s done the job solo.
Burn everything down!
– See that, Narayanan?
Time plays wicked games.
Come on, come all!
Give a warm welcome to our leader.
Tell me, what did happen?
I have to speak till my throat is dry
for the pittance they’re paying me!
Give me that pesticide!

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  2. Recommend for directors hari, samuthurakani, ect to make a value movie in a small budget and super trailer

  3. Edura antha puchi kolliye last punch 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  4. இதென்ன Engineering Clg Sheet ah கேட்டதும் தூக்கி குடுக்க 😂

  5. hope dines became next version Danush like our neighbor

  6. Bigg Boss part one Ku munnadi irundhu shooting poirukkumo? Vijay TV la pazhaya logo theriudhu.

  7. ஓத்தா. அண்ணனுக்கு ஜே வா. இளையராஜா இல்லாமலா . எவனோ வாயில நுழையாத அந்த மியூசிக் டைரக்டர் யார் டா.

  8. As director of the film, Rajkumar should get first credits before familiar names like Vetrimaaran and Arrol Corelli.

  9. Vada Tamilnadu padam ( North tamil nadu film ) after a long time very happy…….:) waiting to see and hear vada tamilnadu slang in this movie good job dinesh

  10. எட்ரா அந்த பூச்சி கொள்ளியா…செம்ம

  11. Super Dinesh very talented hero kukku movie neraiya awards kedachi irukanum but kedaikala talented person ku support pannuga makale please

  12. Amaithipadai -3
    Puthupettai – 2
    Kodi- 2
    Attakathi -2 ean da ipadi oru padam nalla iruntha pothume… Dinesh versatile actor nalla nadigan performance theriya irukum. Dedication actor…nalla varuvar support pannuga… Ivar films ellam semma..most underrated actor ippo ..

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