‘Angel’ Cast 20 Year Reunion With David Boreanaz & More | People TV | Entertainment Weekly

‘Angel’ Cast 20 Year Reunion With David Boreanaz & More | People TV | Entertainment Weekly

My name’s Angel, what’s yours?
Screw you
My name is Angel, what’s yours?
Good start
*Voiceover* It was one of the most beloved supernatural spin-offs ever made
You’re not human
News flash pal
You’re bit off the evolutionary chart yourself
*Voiceover* In 1999 Angel broadened the Buffyverse by sending everyone’s favourite ‘vampire with a soul’ to Los Angeles to become a private detective
Tell me you’re an investigator
More or less?
Where’s your license?
That’s the less part
*Voiceover* And to start redeeming his dark past, one case at a time.
Angel was right. You’re weak
I’m weak? Then how is it I killed him?
*Voiceover* 20 years later EW is bringing the cast of Angel back together for an unforgettable reunion
Yeah, right, it’s kind of cool. We just walked in, said hi pretty quick and just kind of picked up
I feel like we’re we were a lot of time we talked
Ready for season six yeah
The following program modern style
You made a very big mistake coming here
You don’t know who he is do you oh
Boy, you’re about to get your ass kicked the story of angel began back in the late 90s with Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Creator Joss Whedon, and co-executive producer David greenwalt. Well, Joss Whedon, and I were doing Buffy together, obviously
He created a great show Buffy
Episode 7 of Buffy was the first time that angel was gonna kiss Buffy I said, oh, I’ll write that
I’m not thinking anything. That would be such a big deal
It was a huge deal it blew up. So huge now looking back. It seems obvious
About three years of Buffy and mr. Read and came down to my office one night
And he said would you like to spin-off angel into its own show and do it together? You’re him, right?
You’re the guy that the vampire would the soul. I’m angel
Yeah, the title role of the brooding vampire with the sole turned private investigator was played by David Boreanaz
The 30 year old actor had been a Buffy regular since episode one
Why are you following me? I?
Know what you’re thinking
Don’t worry. I don’t bite. I was at home
Living in North Hollywood, and I got a phone call that just wanted to talk to me
And the only thing he said was I want you to come into my office tomorrow and I’m like, I’m fired
I’m in trouble and
He said it’s not a bad thing. Just come in the office, but he didn’t tell me over the phone
so I’m like I had a night of like
Clawing and angst and like you know, I
Got into work and I was we were doing a flashback
So it was Angelus and he was in this Irish thing and I was working this Irish accent. That was horrible
The Lord is very forgiving
Tell me your sins and the wig, you know, and I was looking the middle doing something. It was finally lunch
I gotta go see Joss and I’m sitting across from him and he’s come sit down and we talked a look in my wig
Just about to work and I think we started talking about the Grateful Dead
that’s all we really talked about and then he’s like yeah, we’re thinking about, you know, spinning your character off and I’m like
All right, and I’m just concerned about my accent and I’m supposed to do in the scene
Like I’m like terrified the Lord has a plan for all creatures
even a devil child like you but I remember the day and I just remember that I just wanted to get back to work and
Get the scene done and Joss was great
He was just like, you know
If it doesn’t work out you come back to the Buffy universe because we all came from the Buffum universe
And so that’s that’s what I remember
Puffy has this wonderful purpose and fights evil, but still wants to go to the prom and get the right dress
Rosa is a much darker in a sense more complex character
We had two such different characters and obviously, you know
The great metaphor in Buffy was how people feel in high school and you could feel so insignificant that you literally turn invisible
Isn’t this great power that she can control?
But something that was done to her and an angel
It’s much more a deeper darker story about addiction and redemption
He’s a vampire with a soul. But if he ever knows a moment of pure happiness, he goes evil
I just wanted us both to be happy
Perfectly happy he doesn’t really have
A purpose in the way that I’m gonna find redemption and get better if you will
But he’s good just gonna rub the record out one day at a time to tell he’s no longer on the planet
so we thought well, let’s do a
Raymond Chandler a dark noir thing and we’ll put him in LA. We’ll put him in a big old
Well the first year he was in an office, but eventually put him in a big old Gekko hotel. This is a house of heat
Not anymore, and these these stories will be darker and more important. He’ll be darker
He’s a character really searching for redemption. I want to find the guy that killed Tina and I want to look him in the eye
Then what?
Then I’m gonna share my feelings. I think they wanted to do this Los Angeles big-city thing and make it a bit more
Adult-oriented and I was excited and thought it was great. I mean
Very comic book II Cordelia. Oh
My god angel
Nice to see you familiar face
the second thing I said to Joss was we got to bring Cordelia with us and
We sat a curse of a carpenter down and she was pretty excited
But she was like, but if it flops, can I go back to Buffy? He said? Yes you can I am somebody I
charisma, carpenter co-starred as Cordelia chase the Sunnydale cheerleader turned struggling actress the 29 year old had been a
Supporting player through three seasons of Buffy but received second billing in the spinoff and the brand-new
supernatural power of psychic vision
How she changed so much and I remember when I was told that they were
Well greenie was the impetus. I think for Cordelia coming over because they felt that angel was this moody dark brooding mysterious
You know tall handsome guide and I think what happens when you bring a character like Cordelia a big bright smile to this dark
You know thing it provides a sort of
Conflict or contrast that makes it interesting and all we have to do is decide what the code will be
The installation guys said it should be something easy to remember like my birthday. I don’t know your birthday
Yeah, tell me something you don’t know that I don’t know, you know
He’s older and he just doesn’t have time for my nonsense, you know
And it’s just like whatever but then a friendship develops and he gets used to me and then it started weird when I’m not around
I love you
And you ought to do that more often
so that was the greatest joy for me and I think probably one of the leading reasons why she grew to be deeper and
more complex, but ultimately I think was
You know hero?
Was the episode where Cordelia got her visions?
Which was the ultimate growth period because I think convictions
Christopher walken
I don’t know but it was like on your end. I must have been ridiculous. No, it’s quiet
The WB loved what we did and greenwalt pinched and immediately greenlit the series we were given 12 episodes on the air
It was a great situation
You know just by Joss and I going and saying we will spin it spin it off and Joss directed the pilot we wrote pilot
Get away from me
However, when they saw the second script they being were brother surgery
They completely freaked out and they were right because in our effort to go dark, we went a little too dark for example
he let the girl died and he was licking blood off the floor and they were right because you have to if you’re gonna go
That dark you have to earn it. So we shut down for a few weeks. We revamp some things and we were off and running
I’ll wager. You never thought you’d see me again a little bit echoing in David’s experience
you know jaws calls and says hey, I need to see you and you think
On Buffy
Vampires were just metaphors for all the problems that you have to get over in
High school now, this is not gonna be pretty we’re talking violence strong language adult content
So we’re vampires are supposed to be dead I mean like quickly killed off
And I think angel was the one that broke that mold
Come on
Don’t go soft on me now
And finally, there was a character that was complex’ enough that you could really take a little take it to a whole nother thing
And not just kill us off
So thank you in 1999 the WB greenlit angel a neo-noir spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
This is a big deal. I guess it is producers Joss Whedon and David greenwalt
Immediately asked David Boreanaz and charisma carpenter to be a part of the new series and you made a good choice
She’ll provide a connection to the world
she’s got a very
Humanizing influence. Do you think she’s a hottie? Oh,
Yeah, she’s stiffener. All right
I kind of worry about that the brand-new role of Doyle a half-demon with the heart of gold went to Glenn Quinn. Who are you?
You don’t smell human well, that’s a bit rude
The 29 year old actor was best known for his seven years on Roseanne playing Becky’s boyfriend and later
Husband Mark Healy. You don’t want to have a baby and you hate your life. What’s going on? Nothing?
I’ve just been thinking about things and I got to talking to mom, you know, I knew it
I knew your mother had something to do with this man. She’s playing us like a fine wine
Really was a pretty darn good actor and brought a lot to the show
but then of course Alexis Denisof came on board very
Very early on and he completed that little triumphant that we started work with and that guy can do anything hello angel
thirty-three-year-old Alexis Denisof played the rogue demon hunter Wesley
Wyndam-pryce a character that had been recently introduced during season 3 of Buffy. Hello
New watcher new watcher Wesley wyndam-pryce a little bit echoing in David’s experience
You know Joss calls and says hey, I need to see you and you think oh, but by that time
I’d already been
Knocked laid out in the end of season. Three’s
and there they were already shooting by that by the time they’d shot a couple of episodes by the time he had
Thought of the idea of introducing Wesley into that
World and I think I ultimately came in around. I don’t know episode five or six Wesley
I’ll wager. You never thought you’d see me again
Tell you the truth. I hadn’t give it much thought one way or the other. Yep
I remember we came in we were going down a tunnel. Yeah, and he was this. Yeah, that’s right number and he had this thing
I’m the one asking questions. Yeah, he was the glasses and he was like, yeah
he was trying to his character was being all brave any sudden movement and I’ll be forced to
You had a question what he was for you still it was great to watch that like kind of just took off and
Yeah, we talked about that. You know Joey when he was pretty rarely said well, it can’t be them
It can’t be quite the Wesley that we left in Buffy cuz that that would would won’t almost be jarring. So
he sort of came up with this, you know summer of
Rebellion. That was he had had and then he arrives on a motorcycle. Come on. What are you waiting for?
Bigger ideas of himself and he really has do you even know where you’re headed rogue demon hunters
I think it was a foil sort of a foil for the two for the for these two to get
create some some other colors in the in the storytelling and and
And then I think the I’ll just close with I think other than bringing him in and fitting him in there wasn’t really a plan
Long term for him and so in the end
I think that that might have paid off in the best possible way because every season
Their writers had to I’m gonna do it wisely, you know
And and and when you put it all together, it ends up being in it extraordinary roller coaster
That’s good you can bet
He asked for me one of my favorite scenes we ever did
Is angel comes to visit
him in the hospital
And you think it’s gonna be a friendly thing an angel picks up a pillow and does his best to kill him
Those are the kind of twists and turns and it was great for him to go really dark it was great for his character
Great for human to show some really cool acting chops as well
What are you people playing it when
You gonna get yourselves killed we gonna get you killed first J
August Richards joined the cast near the end of the first season the 26 year old actor was taking on a brand-new character
Charles Gunn a young street smart vampire hunter who winds up working for Angel investigations
Give me one good reason
It’ll be extremely dangerous
Okay, yeah, I mean I was so nervous to start this job because you know, it was my first series regular
Job ever. I was a young actor and you know
I really wanted to to you know be on a show on The WB and I knew of this show and it had such a
Reverence in out there in the world, you know, and I knew they were adding this new character
He was supposed to be you know, sort of like a street ghetto youth a little bit put him down. I noticed food
So I felt like the furthest thing from that in real life, you know to meet someone I got the material
I just remember I was
Going in for the audition and I remember calling my manager and saying I don’t know what to do with this character
I mean, he spends like three pages cursing out this vampire saying he doesn’t want to work with him. He hates him
He hates all vampires. He don’t want to mess with vampires. You know, for some reason. I’m getting the impression
You don’t like me too much and my manager was like just going just going they might see something in you
I dyed my hair red because the head of the WB felt that was too clean-cut for the role. I didn’t know
That’s crazy. So right before I walked in the audition
I remember I saw Meryl Streep on inside the Actor’s Studio and she said always investigate the opposite of what your character is saying
So right as I walked through the threshold to meet Johnson David greenwalt, I thought oh my god, I don’t dislike him
I really want to work with him
But I don’t know how to say I’ve been so abused been so like discarded that I really want to work with him
So I did it that way for the first time in front of Josh and David greenwalt. Maybe I’m just overreacting
But you can pretend you different from the rest of them and I was done and I remember feeling really good about it
And then Josh just looks at me it goes that was that a spray
And then I go oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah, it was just something I was trying out and he goes, huh
My wife’s hair. Is that color?
You hear or what you want if you ever show your face down here again don’t count on any long goodbyes
angel debuted on October 5th 1999
immediately after the season 4 premiere of Buffy the spinoff was a
success and soon became the fourth highest rated show on The WB
Well, I assume the show would be a success because I was working with Joss Whedon
And we did have established characters. So we weren’t reinventing, you know the wheel. Yeah, you see this vampire
He thinks he’s help fighting the demons
Staying away from the human so as not to be tempted, but he’s cut off
From everything from
the people he’s trying to help we did run into some issues in the first year and
Glenn Quinn played Doyle went away
After 9 episodes too bad, we’ll never know
If this is a face you could learn too long and that’s a very big thing
To kill a character 9 episodes in a new show that only has three characters in it
And yet what it’s told the audience was
Fasten your seat belts anything might happen on your show. Don’t lose hope
Come on over to our offices and you’ll see that there’s still heroes in this world
That it I don’t my character turned into a puppet
Now say goodbye
Angell premiered in 1999 and quickly became one of the most popular shows on the WB I had a dream I had a name
Winifred during season two another new character was introduced here the girl from Cordys vision
What they called you Fred you were studying to be a physicist
Winifred Fred Burkle a brilliant scientist held captive in an alternate dimension
Before being rescued by team angel handsome, man
Saved me from the monsters
The role what’s a 23 year old amy acker I had just moved to LA
so this was I had only been there about a month and I
Got the side tution and then they I was only supposed to do like three
Episodes and then in the midst of that they decided they were gonna add another girl to the show
What a girl’s want to look like that I spent years in the case starving. What’s their excuse?
She was such a strong force to the cast because she again there’s a sense of vulnerability to her character
That was again what you were speaking of there’s contrast to this brooding guy
That’s your room and stay there
Okay, then yeah
you know like this humor and contrast and like what these what surrounds this character of what’s happening and
She just was so cute. And I you know, I you know, and then she grew and became like this blue person
I’m ready to begin. She was Cupid
Yeah that she had this like inner rights Drive I am Illyria God king of the primordium sacred things
yeah, well that was
Nothing’s what it used to be
Is it I remember thinking there was no way
You’re gonna be able to play Illyria because he was such a nice person and then we shot together
Unimpressive I was like, oh my god. You’re terrified. Yeah
No good came out of the library
Yeah, I did
I mean that was another funny story
Because the kind of just say it seems to be an echo of like hey, can you meet me for coffee tomorrow?
and I’m like, oh
They’re firing me, and he said we sat down at coffee, and he said I’m just wanting you to know I’m killing fresh
And I was like, okay look you’re fine and he waited like really a long time
Before he said you’re just still gonna be on the show and then I think at your wedding he gave me like Dean’s perlier
As you wish midway through season three the producers decided to give angel a son angel
It’s the one good thing we ever did together you make sure to tell them that
Baby Connor grew up quickly and was played by Vincent Kartheiser high ten
The 23 year old actor was still five years away from landing his breakout role as Pete Campbell on Mad Men
He looked like a hundred bucks ready to go sweet-talk some retail Jews. He worked off to take first thing in the morning Pete
I’ve never had any complaints Connor Angel’s son Vincent Kartheiser
I’m not saying it’s a right but went on to wonderful things in Mad Men, and he’s doing wonderful things today
He need a place to stay. I
Have to go but he was about 19. I think when he wasn’t a little baby, you know, you’re not allowing him
Now that right
the idea of him having a son and then you know
He’s sort of seduced or stolen away from angel by this other character
I’ve always told her the truth about what your parents were
You and I came to be together. God gave me to you. Yes, it was
Just great for angel to have to go through even more living hell dad
What are you doing here?
We’re family and I want to show you how I feel about that
I mean I know for me
I feel like we just got so spoiled because the writing and the writers on the show are so great that
For that being my first job
I’m like what?
Every show should be this much fun and you get to do all the things the drama and the comedy and the fighting and everything
So take your best shot. No girl
Now David greenwalt just took us to so many incredible places over those years. I there are so many favorite moments
It’s really hard to say once upon a time. There was a vampire and he was the meanest vampire in all the land
well, I always go back to the pilot because it’s the inception of the show and
I remember doing the Steadicam shot in downtown Los Angeles when me and Queenie were doing this shot
Not just saving lives saving souls Hey
Possibly your own process. He was telling me man. You got to do this angel investigations, man. You got to help the helpless
No, I mean because you got potential in the balance sheet and exactly in your favor yet. Why you
we all got something to atone for and it was touching because
it was a it was a guy that
For me Glenn was a plate of great character was also became a really close friend of mine
So it was just kind of like this fusion of scene it all come together, and I’m not good with people
Well, that’s the whole point of this little exercise, isn’t it
You game and I remember the office and and it was so sweet, okay first thing we need to call an exterminator and
A sign painter. We should have a name on the door
Hey, it was just a it was like three misfits and it did it was really special
So for me it was the pilot deep down. We all know our purpose in this world. Are you saying that is?
Meant to be an actress. No I’m saying you’re meant to be an incredibly famous and wealthy actress
I have to go back to the corny episode
I guess where she got a sitcom the two-time Emmy winning star of our show the gal with the billion dollar smile
Cordelia chase
Cuz I think that’s like my dream job anyway, I’d like to know what that lifestyles like
Because you know
16-hour days in this stinky alley with
People yelling at you to let them sleep. I you know, I’ve done that. So now it’s like lighter and brighter be cool
Thanks. You too. Okay, there are stars and there are stars and then there is you ha ha that sweetness. Am I paying you enough?
But I think that was a great episode
What’s going on I liked when we I think it was Andy’s episode where we were really drunk and it’s important
So beautifully
Turned into a kid like a young I’m invisible
He does it he’s seen automobiles for the first time
This little face is terrified
How many
Screaming we just was so angry with me because you couldn’t get past your entrance. What type of demons would you say shiny?
that one was called spin the bottle and I’m and that was one of my favorites for the same reason that my favorite is my
favorite, which was the ballet episode
Oh my god directed that episode
And what I loved about that
Episode was that we all got to we were almost all in the same scenes together for the entire episode
So somebody want to tell me how we’re watching a show starring people who should have died
60 years ago. We were all together for like that eight days. We rarely split up
Josh was directing and those are my favorite episodes when we’re like all together. So spin the bottle and the ballet guys
We did this explosion in Paramount Studios, it was the back lot
It was the I was running out of the building and we blew up this building
We loaded that thing up and we flooded
Roswell stages it we literally after the explosion the fire department out there. Kelly manners was like squirt and
The next morning he got a call and it was like you flooded the Roswell stages it was crazy
It was a big explosion. Yeah
There’s a problem
Angel is that you there was an episode where angel became a puppet angel
And that’s one of my very favorite shows of all time I need some
Powerful warding magic maybe some type of puppet
Cancer not a puppy cancer. That was a puppet my character turned into a puppet
What are you people looking at they’re looking at the wee little puppet man
Yes, I’m a puppet doesn’t mean you don’t have work to do
The puppet to hear what you were saying angel, do you realize what’s happening you’ve made a deal with the devil
Oh, come on Cordy. You’re being a little overdramatic. It’s not that I gotta go
Everything’s in place. He’ll drop the paperwork. My all-time favorite is your welcome, even though that’s my last episode you’ll win this in the end
Yeah, just wish I could be there to see it I
Kind of got to do everything in that episode and I got to wrap up a lot of relationships. I can’t stay
This isn’t me anymore got to say things to angel that I’d been we never got to say
powers that be owed me one and I didn’t waste it I
Got my guy back on track
Cory that’s just dude we take what we can get champ
Can we do our best with it? You know and and that was a
very powerful scene that the last scene when I say and you’re welcome that
You have together
And you’re welcome it’s funny because I said the line you’re welcome
and uh, oh and you’re welcome, you know like Cordy normally would like all up and I was like,
Oh that just feels so wrong. Like it just doesn’t and then when you see the fine like thank God
I’m not in charge because it really really worked out but that’s impossible. She’s standing right?
It hit you more. I think I think it was more heartbreaking
The way that I did go
Thank you
You might have thought by that point well spike coming in now and yet it was fantastic
Party’s over
You brought a vampire to my brother’s bachelor party angel premiered in 1999 and for four straight years
Loyal fans tune in to watch team angel slay demons and save the innocent
Then in season 5 they were rewarded with the return of one of the Buffy vs. Most beloved characters
It’s really there spike the bad-boy vampire played by 37 year-old
James Marsters had died a heroic death during Buffy’s epic series finale, but the fan favorite was resurrected
Just in time for angels season 5 premiere
But I signed up in a heartbeat and knowing that I could come over on on
Angel and be a fly in the ointment again
Well, I was just over the moon the two characters just gelled like right away. It was just so much
So much rocket fuel so to speak I bet you’re loving this on knowing you’ll be haunting me till the end of time
Hmm the dream come true. You might have thought by that point
Well spike coming in now and yet it was fantastic when spike came in, you know, I’m a little bittersweet about that
I owe my career to you. Oh because you were on Angel. Wow. I was supposed to be on Buffy
I was supposed to be the new Cordelia. I was supposed to be Emma
Well, because I didn’t work out
I was supposed to be the character that tells Buffy you’re stupid and we’re all about the dot
This is the crack team that foils my every plan. I am deeply ashamed and
that’s why I was
Signed to come into the show in season four as a regular finally and then they tried to get me into the room
Tell Buffy she was stupid, but I was a vampire
so I was all be lighting on fire and I’d always be like running into the set with a smoking blanket and the crew was
Complaining and I remember thinking I’m toast
I’m like, they’re they can’t get me in the room and then they found Emma and I’m like, I’m
Help you
So I was jealous of David because I had a girlfriend
Who was jealous of me and Drusilla because juliet landau and I got to be good friends
We never were more than that
but we’re good friends, and I had a girlfriend at the time that just couldn’t stand that so she said that she had a
Crush on david. So I was just I was over the moon jealous of it took it out on me on see
but that’s the thing is that led into the jealousy of spike for angel in general and
Spike wants once angels so badly to say, oh you’re cool too, you know
But I don’t think he ever said maybe and it did I don’t know
But that’s just there’s this big brother kind of thing going on you and me we’re gonna be the best friends
Well, I think what was so great was that at that point this team is like clicking really?
Well, we’ve had our problems, you know in and out of videos and then we have this
The Thorn here that’s undermining hell are you doing here spike? How many please this is spike
These spikes Oh Wesley spike is here
He’s like he comes into this thing I was a notices
Ok would somebody please tell me bloody he’s a vampire one of the worst recorded second only to me I
Remember that moment and you were like, I live as a funniest moment
No, but he was good for that like it was good to have that obstacles
Yeah, cuz they you guys old gel because like at least we’re not that bad spike
You’ve heard of me. No
we’ve met
Kill two of my men before you escaped. Oh
I’ll be bin
and yet we did yet again make a new team out of it and I think the show does that so well it kind of
Works through the differences and then something stronger comes out of them out of the group as a result
All right. What is it this time? Hooba vamps demon gods
devil robots
My favorite episode was where we were running around looking for Buffy who was dating Dracula
its Buffy where we in Europe or no that I have no idea but be
It for the first time we were on a level playing Oh
I’m not riding on the back. He’s getting a
Light-filled we were both being cuckolded and we were suddenly
We were suddenly could understand each other. Should we just go home? Oh
But my favorite my favorite scene was when we went to hell I think you were in this
And we were coming out we were shooting in Simi Valley and
The gag was is that we run out of the house
We never come and we see cars coming in and they shoot at us with shot gap
And I and I cover up everyone else because I can get shot in this not that big of a kind of sucks
but anyway
So I cover everyone up and we run back in the house and that’s the gang and so they put full loaded
Squibs on my back which are really pretty powerful and if you catch one of those in the face, it’ll split your face open
It’s really not good and they gave me
The button for the discharge they said don’t
Do this as you’re running out of the house because everyone’s behind you and you’ll kill them. So don’t do that and then first
We come
barreling out of the house and and they have they put way too much dynamite in the flower beds that were around us and the
whole set just
Exploded boom and there’s like there’s leaves and dirt and rocks flying up like 20 feet and I remember the shock
Of all that. Oh my god. No don’t don’t kill anybody because it was really jarring
So I didn’t kill anybody and I’m glad that we’re here together
We fight, I remember walking off and my dad was there and I just I took the I took my chair
And I walked off with my dad. Mm-hmm. And that was it. Yeah, it was kind of a cool moment
It was a great moment. Yeah
Okay, so what did everybody
I have the high school diploma. That’s burned. I only have a golden armadillo that was on my desk
Actually my first tweet ever with me with my hubcap backs
Yeah, I have the boots and I have the card Wesley. Wyndam-pryce
Oh nice we could cut you’re at the Hyperion hotel that they had made props in may angel investigation car. Yeah
Yeah, those are just kind of what do you got do you have very trench coat I have I have the original
Airlock no, it’s thick bottom because it’s
Kind of it’s in the closet fallin down, it’s just I don’t know
Nothing, not a damn
I wish to do more violence. Well wishes just happen to be whole sister
Angel was one of the most watched shows on The WB for five straight seasons
But on May 19th
2004 the beloved spinoff came to an end with an emotional series finale that was punctuated with the ultimate cliffhanger
People used to ask me do you think you guys live through that I’m thinkin oh, that was the whole point
We knew we were gonna die. I don’t think we died I think
In the comic books like oh it worked out. I loved it. I thought the cliffhanger is great
I think it’s an unknown story
and I really think that it shows the battle that the that we are going up against and have been always I
Can’t think if angel is about with them never give up if angel is the character that starts as an evil person and is trying
To make up for that and become a hero. There’s nothing more heroic than
Going into an unwinnable battle and willing to die just to try well personally
Obviously is a hard closure for us because it is a tight group and as a tight show and that crew was unbelievable
And there’s so many we could be here all day naming the people we loved and who gave their all for it
But what I love that the show
kind of runs off into a blackout leaves it open for the
viewer to participate in however in how in whatever way they want because you know
for all of this
The other character in the story is the person watching the store the story watching the show and you stay in the conversation
You know, did they or didn’t they? Yeah, and it still is discussed and we can speculate I think that’s the strength of that finale
Me personally
I felt like I said goodbye to the character and those characters right there in that alleyway 5 o’clock in the morning when we were
Whatever happened after that I didn’t participate in I didn’t read it. I don’t personalize it because for me it ended right there
Yep, right there
You said it I remember walking off and my dad was there and I just I took the I took my chair
And I walked off with my dad
And that was it. It was kind of a cool moment. It was a great moment. I
Think it wasn’t
The line of deficit, yes
It’s been 15 years since the series finale but angel remains one of the most beloved shows in the history of the WB
Right then and for fans hoping for reboot anything’s possible in the Buffyverse
I’d like to be roaring down freaking highway and like a 68 Mustang
Being you know, I don’t know. I think the fascination of it is that you can really go anywhere with it
I mean I do I really do. I I just think it’s be fun to do a crazy kind of cool
freakin badass
I think it would
Be really changed my life
And then angel
Changed it. Once again. We worked very very hard, but it was always so much fun
we were like
you know the kids putting on a show in the old red barn and we worked around the clock and weekends and
Was never hard in that sense, you know, it was wonderful. It was very it gave back a lot more than we did. I
Think there’s such strength in all of these characters and they struggle and
They find Redemption somehow and it’s not till you’re at your lowest that you find that
sense of
Simplicity in yourself. Yeah, I think anybody that that wakes up and realizes that they wish they’d have been a better person
Before and wants to chart a new path
This shows for them for me
it’s it’s also moving when people of color come up to me and say I really
Responded to your character in that piece because at that time there weren’t people that look like you that look like me in that
genre, and so
I’m always really moved by that and
You know, that’s something that I take from the show
That’s very important to me. When you hear people come up and say they love the show
They still continue to follow it that resonates with
them and it resonates with new fans that will follow the show and watch it and go to the archives and
It’s great to be a part of that

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  1. Fred was my favorite character on this show. She was ubber smart and still kind even thought she suffered horribly (Pylea)

  2. the amount of changes angel made during the show, would’ve never got away with any other show 😂 THIS SHOW WAS TRULY GREAT


  4. I remember thinking this was the most stupid idea ever. Sometimes I'm just very dumb. But really, Angel & Cordelia??? It seems like it lasted way more than five seasons & it sucked that it ended too soon.

  5. I guess Gun made it. Last time I saw him Illyria said,
    "he'd be dead in 10 minutes". And,..come-to-think-of-it,
    Wesley and Fred are looking pretty-good for corpses!

  6. I loved the series! I hope to see a return of the show and all the characters. Lorne, Spike, Welsley, Doyle and Charles! They were all great!

  7. Omg I melted when he called him "Quinny" they really were very good friends though from just the short amount of time they spent on set together. I just wish both He and Andy could have been here to see how big the show has gotten, how epic it really has been to pop culture and what a lasting impact it has had RIP Glenn Quinn and Andy Hallett. Without you, it wouldn't have been the same.

  8. I rewatch Angel on Hulu every year. I love it as much as Sam & Dean in the TV show "Supernatural". David made a great "Angel". It was a difficult transition to see him in Bones because I adored him as Angel.

  9. Season 6… how wonderful that would be…

    Spike and Angel are now human again but have to become vampires again to face a new evil, even though they don't want to.
    (To explain that both aged slightly)

  10. Everytime I hear Jame Marsters speak I am expecting Spike dialect to come out! lol I love me some James though 🙂

  11. Doyle was to be my child's middle name if we had a boy. A very endearing character and actor. Your still missed mate! Andy also, a genuine likeable man! RIP guys

  12. just wish they would bring it back. It is STILL one of the BEST shows that ever aired on TV with a perfect cast, incredible mix of humor and dark drama that still to this day you just simply don't have with modern TV shows now. The cast still looks absolutely incredible and could EASILY do a reboot or a show return, but they don't want to wait too long if it will EVER happen. The cast are CLEARLY willing to do another round of Angel. This show was better then Buffy in my opinion in so many ways. I as im sure a lot of hardcore fans will say, can only hope an ANGEL show comeback will happen.

  13. Editors and Producers at EW. Real fans want to hear the sad parts too. It would have been great to hear about Andy and Glenn. We can smile and cry at the same time. You do them and us a disservice by editing them out of a REUNION piece.

  14. Years ago I thought the Angel spin-off show was stupid. Like Angel the bumbling vampire PI. Over 186 years old…(sigh). I watched til Doyle died and Cordelia started getting migraine visions. After that only cross-overs (with Buffy and Faith) were watched. I did watch some here and there until whatshername got brought back and had Angel's baby (sigh). I really like Angel on Buffy but Thank God for Bones or I wouldn't be as big a David Boreanaz fan now (Seal Team haven't seen yet). Spike was great always, but after Buffy done I didn't follow him to Angel. This is great because it shows me some of what I missed and that is good enough for me. Blue Fred looked cool but that's all.

  15. Это более взрослый сериал,чем "Баффи". Можно было и пожестче снимать

  16. I was pissed that they didn't continue after that cliffhanger episode. So many loose ends that needed to be tied up. Did they win/lose? Still kinda bummed til this day that Glenn Quinn and Andy Hallett passed away. All of them still look like they didn't age at all. And Charisma Carpenter is still breathtakingly beautiful.

  17. Angel was a great show. I own every season and I really feel cheated that it ended when it did. The dynamic between Angel and Spike was spectacular. It really lifted the humor in the show even though it was a really sad story arc with Fred. You see how much Spike genuinely cares about her. And they have the prophecy to work out. Angel starts to doubt himself. It was great storytelling and they bicker like the Odd Couple.

  18. James Marsters hasn't aged a day. Still looks the same he did back then. Has anyone checked if he has a reflection in the mirror?

  19. i liked Cordelia a lot back then in Angel, but now… God this fake smile on her face, and all the surgery she had done… it's not nice.
    I miss Andy and Glenn.

  20. I finally finished all seasons as I have never got around to do it when the show first aired being skeptic and being a huge Buffy fan. At its best it was quite average and season 4 really screwed things up and turned out to be by far the worst season (I almost quit watching to be honest), I read they had a struggle with the story line because of Charisma's pregnancy, but still.. Season 5 started off really well, but last 4-5 episodes were a total snore. I know, shouldn't compare, but the last episode of Buffy was epic! Killing off 2 of the main characters really broke my heart, but hey, anything can happen on a Joss Whedon show haha 😀 If there was a season 6, would totally watch it. It wouldn't be the same without Lorne though, such a great character! 🙁 <3

  21. Just binged season 1 through 3 of buffy and cried at every sad angel and buffy scene! Their chemistry was gold. Cant wait to rewatch angel now and i cant believe how great everyone looks

  22. Because of the Shanshu Prophecy, this Universe can still continue. Easily. Angel signed away his right to be human (in secret in season 5) which automatically gives it to Spike. So James can play the human version of that character. Maybe a spin-off focusing on the Watchers. Denisoff and Marsters, as well as everyone else, are still looking great.

  23. I just binged this series 10/3/2019. Love Buffy and Angel. These are some great actors. Love Joss Whedon. I loved Doyle so much. Greatness all around.

  24. I kinda wish they had brought Mercedes into the interview…I know that she was only a main cast member for a brief period…but everyone loves Harmony!

  25. I honestly were and still am a bigger fan of Buffy -> I mean Buffy is the show I always find time to rewatch I know it by heart and I usually start watching it from season 6 (my favorite) until the end and start the first ones until the 6th season (I know I am so weird)
    -> I was such a Spike fan that it took me a while to actually start Angel and appreciate it -> I remember that around the time Doyle died I kind of was starting to like it and his death brought me back way down and same for Cordelia's death -> I actually stopped watching it for a while and restarted it because I heard that Spike was going to come back later on
    -> I for once loved the ending ! I mean I thought the same thing as James Marsters I thought they died fight the good war !
    -> but I never watched it again -> I tried to do so but I feel like this show was too much for me -> what I liked about Buffy was that behind the vampire and all there were real questions, real problems -> I didn't fond that in Angel it was too fantastic (genre) for me

  26. ….God they still look good, l was like 15 or 16yrs old when l think the show ended in about 2005ish, now l am 30, lol time.

  27. I drove Amy a year or two ago. By the 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon game rules I am 1 degree from everyone else on here and 2 degrees or less from everyone on Buffy. (Not sure which Buffy characters mixed with which Angel characters or had guest appearances where they interacted with Fred.) She was nice. I was a bit disappointed she did not lean forward and start nibbling on my ear or show any interest in me whatsoever….. but still it was nice.

  28. (Apart from a certain abysmal storyline from season four) that was such an excellent and outstanding series. Should have lasted for a sixth season, sending L.A. to hell and back, as it was planned.

  29. It always gets to me that the actors don't ever talk about the comics. Like we DO know most of y'all lived, you still have episodes coming out, they're just on paper.

  30. I wish that they could do like a 5 episode season 6 to truely finish angel. the way it ended was good but at the same time a slap in the face. Damn wb or which ever it was that canceled angel.

  31. I just realized something. People always talk about how in Buffy they made these great out of the ordinary episodes such as Once More With Feeling or Hush… people rarely talk about when Angel did that, and Angel has WAY more of those kinds of random episodes. And they're really good too.

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