100 thoughts to “Andrew Cuomo’s unlikely celebrity amid the coronavirus pandemic”

  1. NYC here. Our Mayor is terrible, but Cuomo is really coming through for us, and in turn, the rest of the country.

  2. Mental health isolation impacts many, many suicides plz find calm in this storm.. 🇺🇸America needs more positive messages

  3. He’s a douche……these people who made the video obviously don’t live here and pay taxes …..
    Crude oil plummeted to $20 a barrel……we still pay $2.40gal…….what a gem

  4. Here in Michigan I still see folks from Ohio, Illinois and yes New York driving around. One way to stop the spread is close state borders and only essential vehicles, truckers and government vehicles are allowed crossing states.

  5. New York is a sanctuary state. Yet everyone wonders why they have the most confirmed cases. I hate political ads especially by supposedly respected news sources

  6. You’re praising a dumbass that didn’t contain his state and he turned down 15,000 ventilators in 2015. It’s hard to govern a state full
    Of dumbasses also.

  7. Cuomo didn't act quick enough knowing he has a high-density city like New York similar to cities in China. Now he whines about the fed's action. By the way 21 million cell phone accounts disappeared in China and no its not due to 5g. Wonder where those people went and the accuracy of the data from China.

  8. I am looking to God no celebrity idolatry garbage here. People are dying! Only Jesus is covering his believers! Not n95 mask

  9. Cuomo is REPULSIVE for EXPLOITING this Epidemic to try and gain national attention. He has failed NYS terribly and would be worse than Biden as a President.

  10. He was on cnn with his little brother when He stated we need panic if deamoncrats want the White House ( one week ago). They laughed about Trump looking scared and declared quarantine a “dirty word”. The Cuomo brothers set the political idiocrocy just as pelosi did in their hate and hoax politics. Today he says his numbers are growing geometrically while fema says they are leveling off. States that pushed “stay at home” early are doing better then Cuomo’s panic plan. We will see these videos replayed for the next decade.

  11. He bloody waited too long before he put his State on Lockdown, even though he said :”…we have been watching this from China…” YET Cuomo Did Nothing To Prepare! Wth?

  12. If como don't want 400… Give it to Washington State or California. Im sure they would want to take it!!! Every little counts!!!! STAY HOME FOR YOU SAFE…. THE CITY THAT NEVER SLEEP!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  13. Well he's the leader of the worst epicenter in the US and the third worst in the world. Good Job. Quit blaming the President.

  14. Andrew Cuomo turned down an opportunity to buy 20k ventilators back in 2016. I guess his mom never read him the story of the "Three Little Pigs." Also, De Blasio shouldn't have allowed the Chinese New Year celebration.

  15. He's a hero, even though his state has more coronavirus cases than any other state?  Why didn't he put stronger controls on travel into NY?

  16. Cuomo; a straight talking, straight shooting and caring individual. In crises, your true colors show. Cuomo loves his fellow citizens. For Trump, citizens are many times an inconvenience.

  17. Governer Death has about 30 people working every one of these "news" events – good thing that the virus isn't there in NY

  18. This jackass acted late, didn't bother to replenish medical equipment after the last disease outbreak several years ago as was advised at the time, and now thinks the country should give all ventilators to NYC (thus ignoring their own severe cases of the virus) until the city's 'peak' (which it has not peaked at all) is over. Meanwhile, he touts his prison slave-made hand-sanitizer claiming NY can make it so much cheaper…well no kidding… you pay the prisoners less than a dollar a day.

  19. Most high profile because he has a big mouth. He's on Chicago TV more then our Governor is. Now there's a freaking joke! P.s what does 400 ventilator give you Mr. gov. It gives you possibly 400 lives! Take what you can and move on as best you can.

  20. Andrew Cuomo 2024 [dot] com. I'm gonna register the site right now just in case, will sell it to him later, muahahahha

  21. Mario Cuomo is doing more to scare everybody than calm them down. Come on you do not need to talk for 30 to 40 minutes every day just give an update for 10 to 15 minutes will be much more helpful to everyone.

  22. FAILURE. They have all failed, from the federal, state, to the local government. Even clinic doctors knew this was coming, but these politicians didn't act and media was MIA. Stop patting each other on the back. There are no celebrities here, only negligent people who have to atone for their lapses. MASKS MASKS MASKS. Now, get us masks like they have in Korea, Italy Japan and Singapore. Why are we treated as any less?

  23. We could have had ventilators in 2015 for cheap, that the governor didn’t think were necessary. Poor decisions and now blaming the president. Saying you love New York is not helping anybody and seems rather clownish and insincere. Good for nothing Democrats have ruined New York, shame. Clean up the dirty subways full of homeless people. The subways are the incubator for CV not the streets and playgrounds.

  24. Not unlikely — the guy served 8 years in the White House, worked with a two-party legislature, and has proven to be a real leader.


  25. "We need 30,000 ventilators…" 1) NO! You MIGHT need more ventilators in the worst case scenario in the future. 2) FIMA sent 400 ventilators because THAT'S ALL THEY CAN SEND YOU!!!

  26. Cuomo is trying real hard to look Presidential but most New Yorkers know him(and his dad) as the killer(s) of the state's economy. he is generally a useless Governor. we aren't fooled.

  27. I suppose that you can become a 'celebrity' by being a pompous, self absorbed, elitist with no regard for the safety of people. Why are the borders of NYC still open, allowing NYC residents to flee upstate and into CT and NJ and beyond? Why are JFK, Laguardia and Newark international airports still open? As NYC infections rise, the rest of NYS, NJ and CT are at a higher risk now thanks to Cuomo's ineptness and the NYC attitude that the world revolves around them.

  28. Last year New York turn down respirators and now blame the president. New York voted in a turd that put your health at risk. Presidents don't have say in state matters. Take a civics class.

  29. Trump is real hero not this liberal monkey with most covind 19 cases, liberal policies has caused most number of cases in this city

  30. Here they are pushing a new narrative. Cuomo is now the greatest politician to walk the earth. I’m telling you! Our government and the media are great at creating narratives and propaganda! Never let a crises go to waste!

  31. A leader is tested in the way he/she reacts and heaves in times of crisis. We can clearly see the difference between Trump and Governor Cuomo in this regard.

  32. There are many chinese test kit and mask manufactures in china already over manufactured why America still don’t want to buy from china ? It’s cheap and workable, please do do stupid things anymore America’s

  33. Bernie/Cuomo 2020
    NY is a GREAT CITY, I was warned about them when I went there a few years ago, I was at a deli looking at a transit map, 3 people came up to offer suggestions on how to get from point A to B. I found them the friendliest people in most any city I have been to.

  34. Governor Newsom’s remarks regarding Cuomo.

    Today, from Newsom’s press conference:

    I am deeply proud of our planning effort. And I said this not as a point of critique, uh uh not to make any other point. We are going to own this moment. I am not interested in point finger, advocating responsibility. We are going to own this moment. We need help whatever we can find it. But we are a nation state and we are resourceful beyond words… If we see things doubling every few days like New York. I feel like we are getting these assets in place so that we can at least buy ourselves some time.

  35. Hey NY city CLOSE ALL OF THE PARKS (not yelling just trying to get your attention). All NYC parks are still open and I just checked the NY Parks Dept website. NYC accounts for 1/3 of all cases in the USA. I am in Florida and all parks and beaches closed a couple of weeks ago. Google the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation

  36. Say what you will about the man, he appears to be the only leader who’s truly in touch with NY and America, unlike our clueless President. I’m a Centrist and I’d unquestionably vote for this man.

  37. Let's not forget how the republiCONs and tRump got us to this point:

    January 22, 2020: “We have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China, and we have it under control. It’s going to be just fine.”

    February 26, 2020: “When you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that’s a pretty good job we’ve done.”

    March 6: (Larry Kudlow trump econ advisor) "[R]egarding the containment issue, I will still argue to you that this is contained."

    March 7, 2020: “It came out of China, and we heard about it. And made a good move: We closed it down. We stopped it.”

    March 26, 2020: 69,246 confirmed cases, 1,046 deaths.

  38. Cuomo – is totally useless. Lock down needs to be implemented. You cannot allow people to walk around when there is no need. Parks should be shutdown. Take care of people in great danger – like old people, homeless, and people who cannot survive in lock down. Newsom – acted decisively at times of crisis. Cuomo – did not

  39. He never closed anything to stop the spread. He got all the help he wanted from the Feds. He as a governor the most polutlated state in our country was negligent for not being prepared and take early action.  He declined despite advice, to purchase 16,000 ventilators for a future "pandemic".  And now he tries to shift blame to others.  What a piece of sh$t.Each state has emergency plans accordingly, this governor talks alot but failed to be ready and act early.  WTF

  40. Celebrity? No. The first death from covid in NY was on the 14th. Just yesterday, 13 dead in the last 24 hours. The guy is worse than Trump, and his clear mismanagement at the state level and his empty platitudes are incredibly disheartening for those who've had to suffer under his so called leadership, even before this outbreak. This man deserves NO celebrity or praise, he deserves to be recalled. Period.

  41. There are 20 million New York residents!! I need 20 million ventilators!! NO? why don't YOU decide who gets to live and die!! It's all Trump's fault!

  42. If they didn't want this virus in they would have shut flights and borders months ago but stupid people will never understand this.

  43. I am in Chicago and I wait for New York's daily briefing. What is happening in NY will be the story in other states soon. He is giving the other governors a heads up if they will listen. I hope they are listening. The calm informed voice in this storm. Thank you.

  44. This guy is a whining punk won’t get the job done New York is losing ventilators to the West Coast because they’re making deals while Cuomo is sitting on his hands and blaming everyone except him.

  45. Thank God this dumbass isn't President. Passed on Ventilators in 2015 and flushed twice as much money down the crapper on worthless solar panels. No doubt took kickbacks. Couple this loser with Debozio we're talking Apocalypse. We should wall off New York.

  46. Absolutely that is New York because Cuomo cannot get the job done he needs to reline everybody else to do it for him because if he would have just made the right call and tell New York is no you cannot come outside your house and yes you have to stay inside until this is over then you know what most people wouldn't be getting it like they are to me it's still fathomed I'm still fathomed I go outside only if I have to I don't even go to exercise I can go to exercise in my house people I'm inside my house 23 hours of the day I'm fine I'm not sick I've been here for almost 14 days now why the f*** and I mean why the f*** the people keep getting sick stay the f*** inside you stupid motherfukers some imagine 36000 people that are sick rural health field workers correct cuz they're the people I should be out why the f*** is everybody getting sick stay the f**** side you f**** morons

  47. Between Cuomo in the Blasio I don't know which one is a bigger a***** the people who are praising him got to be f**** mentally sick the people say them oh my God you're doing such a great job how his state has the most that's his state has the most cases what do you mean talkin about people the Blasio is claiming half a New York City will get it that means four million people that is f**** unacceptable what the f*** are you f**** politicians doing to f**** keep us safe besides letting us all get it you f**** stupid pieces of s*** literally what are you doing but letting everybody getting you f**** assholes and then Cuomo says oh 40 to 80% of the state will get it that means 12 to 16 million people you guys understand the f**** numbers they're talkin about one of these politicians assholes China went up to 80,000 and they have a population of 1.3 billion I think I need to move to China even though it's f**** communist at least they're f**** order help their people what the f*** what's more sick than this f**** virus is the people controlling our country and our world that's what's more sick than any of it

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