AMAC Impeachment Update on the Attempted Coup Against American Voters – Your AMAC Weekly News

AMAC Impeachment Update on the Attempted Coup Against American Voters – Your AMAC Weekly News

Hi I’m Ben Ferguson and welcome to Your
AMAC Weekly News. The impeachment trial has heated up in the Senate. Now this
comes after Nancy Pelosi held on to the articles impeachment for over a month
solely for political reasons. Now this after she said it was vital that we
impeach the president immediately to save our democracy. Well thanks for
shooting yourself in the foot on that one Nancy. Now what we do know is that
liberals are not happy with how the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
decided to proceed with the trial. McConnell did so in the most fair way
possible but apparently the same rules that applied to former President Bill
Clinton cannot also be used for President Trump in the eyes of the
Democrats. Now there was also some other major breaking news. There’s a new report
out showing that the whistleblower was overheard in the White House in 2017
discussing with an ally about how to remove Donald Trump from office. More on
this impeachment insanity in DC coming up in just a moment. But first a quick
reminder, please be sure to share this video with your friends on social media.
Your AMAC Weekly News starts right now. If there is anything that we have just
learned from impeachment and what’s happening in Washington it’s one very clear
thing, and that is that liberals are going above and beyond to take away your
vote. Not only your vote in 2016 but also the
vote that you could cast in the 2020 election.
Now this impeachment coup took another step forward with the Senate impeachment
trial now going at full steam after more than a month’s delay by the Democrats in
the House. Now these are the same Democrats that said we must not wait to
impeach Trump because he is such a big threat to our democracy. Well it didn’t
take long before liberals were yelling and screaming that conservatives in
Congress are now part of a cover-up. Now remember, this impeachment was based on a,
quote, “whistleblower” that did not directly hear a phone call between
Donald Trump and the President of the Ukraine. And when this insane claim was
presented by the left in Congress, Donald Trump – no pun intended – trumped them with
the release of the call and the transcript for everyone to see.
Now there is now a bombshell report that has come out this week on that
whistleblower. This new report by Real Clear Investigations shows that the CIA
analysts whose name was recently linked in a tweet by the President and
mentioned by lawmakers as the anonymous whistleblower is pretty shocking. Sources
told Real Clear Investigations that the man – the whistleblower – was actually
overheard in the White House discussing with another staffer how to remove the
newly elected president from office back in 2017. Now this happened mere days
after the president was sworn into office. This report was confirmed by not
one, but two former co-workers of the whistleblower. Now the liberals base
their entire case on the claims of this whistleblower and it looks like that
person had it out for the President from the moment he stepped into the White
House. Now don’t worry, the media will not be telling you about this massive story
that kills the credibility of the entire claim against the President. Nevertheless, the coup attempt continues on in DC. Thank goodness President Donald Trump’s
lawyers are doing a great job defending him.
Jay Sekulow actually used the liberals’ own words against them during his
opening remarks in the Senate. Sekulow condemned the House liberals’ rush to
impeach Trump adding an article of impeachment for obstruction of Congress
rather than litigating a matter of executive privilege in the court system.
Sekulow also quoted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Representative Adam Schiff, and
Representative Nadler each of whom defended Barack Obama’s Attorney General
Eric Holder when he was held in contempt of Congress in 2012. Take a look at this
incredible takedown of the left by the President’s lawyer on C-SPAN. When the Russia investigation
failed, it devolved into the Ukraine. A quid pro quo. When
that didn’t prove out, it was then bribery or maybe extortion, or somebody
said – one of the members or the members of the House said – treason. But instead we
get two articles of impeachment. Two articles of impeachment that have a
vague allegation about a non-crime allegation of abuse of power and
obstruction of Congress. On June 28th, 2012, Attorney General Eric
Holder became the first United States Attorney General to be held in both
civil and criminal contempt. Why? Because President Obama asserted executive
privilege. With respect to the Holder contempt proceedings, Mr. manager Schiff
wrote, “The White House assertion of privilege is backed by decades of
precedent that has recognized the need for the president and his senior
advisors to receive candid advice and information from their top aides.” Indeed
that’s correct. Not because manager Schiff said it, but
because the Constitution requires it. Mr. manager Nadler said that the effort to
hold Eric Holder Attorney General Holder in contempt for refusing to comply with
various subpoenas was, quote, “politically motivated.”
And Speaker Pelosi called the Holder matter, and I quote, “more than – a little
more than a witch-hunt.” What are we dealing with here? Why are we here? Are we
here because of a phone call? Or are we here before this great body because
since the President was sworn into office, there was a desire to see him
removed? Now Jay Sekulow didn’t just stop there. He also went on to explain that
the impeachment put forth by the liberals actually violates the United
States Constitution. Watch this incredible explanation that he gave
during the trial. And what we just heard from manager Schiff, courts have no role,
privileges don’t apply, what happened in the past we should just ignore. In fact,
manager Schiff just said try to summarize my colleagues’ defense of the president.
He said not in those words of course, which is not the first time Mr. Schiff
has put words into transcripts that did not exist. Mr. Schiff also talked about a
trifecta. I’ll give you a trifecta. During the proceedings that took place before
the Judiciary Committee, the President was denied the right to cross-examine
witnesses, the President was denied the right to access evidence, and the
President was denied the right to have counsel present at hearings. That’s a
trifecta. A trifecta that violates the Constitution of the United States. Now President Trump’s legal team is large and full of experts who are using the
Constitution to expose this coup after a liberal talking points are spewed on the
Senate floor. For example, one of the President’s lawyers reacted to the
comments by Adam Schiff who is determined to spew out falsities at
every single turn. Take a look at this from C-SPAN. It’s very difficult to sit there and listen to Mr. Schiff tell the tale that
he just told. Let’s remember how we all got here. They made false allegations
about a telephone call. The President of the United States declassified that
telephone call and released it to the public.
How’s that for transparency? When Mr. Schiff found out that
there was nothing to his allegations, he focused on the second telephone call. He
made false – and his colleagues – made false allegations about that second telephone
call that occurred before the one he had demanded. So the President of the United
States declassified and released that telephone call. Still nothing. Again
complete transparency in a way that frankly I’m unfamiliar with any
precedent of any President of the United States releasing a classified telephone
call with a foreign leader. Remember, the Democrats in Congress have now given 86
different reasons why Donald Trump should be impeached. This includes one
member of Congress saying that Donald Trump should be impeached for sending
out mean tweets by the way. The Constitution makes it very clear you
cannot impeach a president for saying things that hurt your childlike feelings.
Yet Senator Chuck Schumer and Speaker Pelosi are leading this ridiculous coup
against a duly elected president and according to Schumer, they are doing this
because they believe they have a constitutional duty. Take a look at this
from Fox News. No, no I mean we’re doing this because we think we have a
constitutional duty to do it. We think that this is, this is what the founding
fathers looked at when they said what – how do we deal with a president who has
abused his power? Who has dramatically overreached? Who has gone off track? And
they came to the conclusion you couldn’t wait four years. Now what’s amazing about
what they just said is the fact that somehow they don’t seem to realize that
they don’t have to wait four more years as they just stated. There is an election
in less than 11 months. What they are doing is canceling out millions of
Americans votes. They’re saying you are too dumb to be trusted with a vote so
they will fix your mistake and overthrow our government. Now the funniest thing is
liberals in Congress are mad because the Senate Majority Leader is throwing all
of this back in their faces by using the exact same rules that they used and said
were fair in the Clinton impeachment trial. Yes, the left said the rules in the
Clinton trial were fair. Apparently it’s no longer fair to treat the President
the exact same way that they treated Bill Clinton. Now what’s even funnier is
they’re also claiming that conservatives have an obsession with Bill Clinton.
That’s right, Jerry Nadler claimed that apparently this, quote, “fixation on
Clinton’s precedent is weird.” Take a look. I just want to add that this fixation on the
Clinton precedent is weird. The Clinton trial was conducted fairly. But
distorting what happened there shouldn’t make a difference. The question is should
you have a fair trial now? Any intelligent person knows that in any
trial, whether it’s for robbing a bank or for subverting the Constitution of the
United States, the accusers, in this case the House of Representatives, bring in
all the witnesses and all the evidence. The defenders can bring in all the evidence
they want, that’s how you have a trial. Now there’s one fact that the
media has done a terrible job of explaining to the American people and
that is what is the whole point of a Senate trial? The point of the Senate is
to be the judge and jury and the point of the House is to provide the Senate
with all of the evidence that it obtains during the research portion of
impeachment. Now, since the House rushed
the research, they’re at fault for any and all evidence they believe now is missing.
What this should be is just a simple presentation of what was found in the
House and then the Senate’s job is to decide what happens from there.
Instead, the Democrats, including Schumer, Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and basically all of
their cronies, are claiming that they need a bunch of new evidence. You don’t
believe me? Watch this from what Schumer had to say during a press conference
claiming there’s some big injustice being done when they literally didn’t do
their own job correctly, take a look. Leader McConnell promised his trial
rules, you’ve heard this for weeks, let’s enact the same rules as the
Clinton trial rules. He said we’re going to get started in exactly the same way.
It turns out the McConnell rules are not even close to the Clinton rules and
there are many places where that happens. Unlike the Clinton rules, the
McConnell resolution does not admit the record of the House impeachment
proceedings into evidence. So McConnell seems to want a trial with no existing
evidence and no new evidence. No evidence. You can understand why – it’s because he’s
afraid of evidence, so is President Trump, so are the President’s men. A trial with
no evidence is not a trial at all, it’s a cover-up. The truth is that the Democrats have no evidence. How many years did they carry
on with the baseless Russian investigation and then yet found nothing?
Now it’s Ukraine and they are still searching for evidence even after what
was supposed to be an actual House trial. One of the best points made came from
Kellyanne Conway when she pointed out that the Democrats are trying to argue
two opposite ideas at the exact same time.
She said the Democrats are arguing that they have enough evidence to actually
impeach the President. Then they are arguing that they need new evidence and
new witnesses. So which one is it? Because it cannot be both at the same time. Now
Conway went on to point out the complete inconsistency in
liberals claiming the President was using a meeting as leverage to get
Ukraine to do what he wanted. Watch this from her interview on Fox News. Now the
Democrats know about the whistleblower are going to begin an investigation and
then on September 11th or 12th the President releases the aid. You’re saying
it’s a coincidence? Yes why wouldn’t it be? In other words nobody has presented
any evidence that it wasn’t, and nobody’s presented any evidence that the
President ever intended to not have – get Ukraine that aid. And in fact they have
it. The other thing they’re arguing about is the Ukrainian President wanted – the new
president wanted a meeting in the Oval Office emporium. We get requests from
practically every head of state for meetings and this gentleman got two
meetings. If the vice president has a meeting with you, it’s the president having
a meeting with you, he’s the number two, they got elected together. He had a
meeting with the vice president I believe in Poland, then up at UNGA for
the whole world to see. He gets a meeting just months after he’s sworn into office
of two months after the parliamentary elections, about five months after his
election, he has a meeting with President Trump. We couldn’t fulfill all
the bilateral requests at UNGA, the same way we can’t fulfillment them at DAVOS or the G7 or
G20. But we fulfilled that request. The point is this, liberals in Congress are
wasting our time and our taxpayers money continuing with this absolute sham and
coup. Think about all of the things that they could have gotten done in the days,
weeks, and months that they’ve wasted on trying to impeach the President of the
United States mere months before the American people get to vote for
themselves. This should infuriate every voter in
this country and the best part about all of this is that the liberals believe
their best closing argument is one that is coming from a rapper. I’m not kidding,
the Democrats literally quoted a gangster rapper in their closing
arguments on the first day of impeachment hearings in the Senate. This
is a new low even for them. Watch as Representative Jeffries quotes rapper
Biggie Smalls to close out his impeachment speech. And we are here sir,
to follow the facts, apply to law, be guided by the Constitution, and present
the truth to the American people. That is why we are here Mr. Sekulow, and
if you don’t know, now you know. Yes, you just saw Democrats closing up a day of
impeachment hearings on the floor of the Senate by quoting a gangster rapper. Well
at least the President seems to be keeping his sense of humor while doing
real work for the American people at the World Economic Forum. Now he did take a
moment to tease the idea of him testifying in a Senate trial. Watch this
from Trump when he talked on Bloomberg. [Reporter] … show up to your trial any day? I’d love to go, wouldn’t that be great?
Wouldn’t that be beautiful? I don’t know, I’d sit right the front row and stare in their corrupt
faces. I’d love to do it. I don’t know, don’t – don’t keep talking because I may – you may
convince me to do it. [Reporter] Do you think [they’d] want you there? I think they might have a problem. And by the way I think – I
think they’ve oh I think they’ve done a really good job and I think the other
side has so lied. I watched the lies from Adam Schiff, he’ll stand to look at a
microphone and he’ll talk like he’s so aggrieved. These two guys, these are major
sleaze bags. Now liberals in Congress can whine and cry that there aren’t
witnesses all day long. Then it all goes back to the fact they
didn’t do their job while this was in the House. We all know the President is
innocent and it’s more important than ever for us to stand behind him as he
battles the liars and the coup in DC. We here at AMAC are ready to make sure
that your voice is being heard by all of the people involved in DC and there are
many people across the country that want to make sure that they’re on the record
and that their vote stands and is counted. That’s it for this edition of
Your AMAC Weekly News. Quick reminder, if you haven’t joined AMAC or renewed
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  1. The GOP Senators know Trump is guilty and they will block witnesses and documents for that very reason. This impeachment isn't about whether Trump is guilty, it is about whether the entire GOP will publicly embrace crime as it's unwritten party platform. Looks like they are going to do just that.

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