All The Disses On Eminem’s ‘Kamikaze’ | Genius News

All The Disses On Eminem’s ‘Kamikaze’ | Genius News

JACQUES: Eminem’s surprise album, ‘Kamikaze’
is on a crash course for a lot artists.
First up, he continues his assault on the
new generation of rappers.
Shady’s disdain for ‘mumble rap’ is
widely known.
On “Not Alike” he mockingly interpolates
Migos’ No. 1 hit, “Bad and Boujee.”
JACQUES: The ironic interpolation doesn’t
stop here – on “The Ringer” Em flips
Lil Pump’s flow from “Gucci Gang.”
JACQUES: Eminem also revived his feud with
rapper Machine Gun Kelly on “Not Alike.”
MGK’s 2012 tweet about Eminem’s daughter
Hailie likely had him blacklisted
by Shade 45.
Eminem responds directly to MGK’s subliminals on Tech 9ine’s 2018 song “No Reason” in these next bars.
Tyler, the Creator is up next, as Eminem responds to criticism from the rapper in a 2017 tweet
about his track, “Walk On Water.”
JACQUES: Eminem also takes aim at some media
Radio host Charlamagne tha God, commentator
DJ Akademiks, and rapper Joe Budden for their
criticism of his 2017 album ‘Revival’
and possibly for tossing Shady on a list of
2017’s most trash artists.
JOE: I’m signed to Eminem and while I think
‘Untouchable’ is fucking trash,
I’m supporting Eminem, but he is going to go on
this list.
JACQUES: He even brings up Joe Budden’s now dismissed domestic abuse charges
and Charlamagne’s “Donkey of the Day” series.
JACQUES: Eminem also takes shots at Drake,
the most commercially successful MC of 2018,
over his songwriting help.
JACQUES: Finally, Eminem took some general words for the rap game,
while anointing a few MCs to carry the torch.
Did we miss anything? Let us know.
I’m Jacques Morel with Genius News, bringing you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music.

100 thoughts to “All The Disses On Eminem’s ‘Kamikaze’ | Genius News”

  1. i believe eminem is little bit jealous on these new talents rappers/trapers…eminem is actually a shit besides the others seriously..

  2. he didnt diss drake that lucky you diss was meant at others.slim shady said this in an interview that he respects drake so yea

  3. I like the fact Em knows he can diss anyone just cause he knows no one will reply and if they do it’ll just be a piece of cake for him

  4. He dissed budden again when he said " wait wait I got the eeriest feeling something evil is lurking I'm no conspiracy theorist" and everything following that was aimed at Joe

  5. The part when em said "I have never been caught slippen" in the song The Ringer. is a reference to blueface's "respect my crypn" when he said Just to catch him slippen

  6. You can come at anyone, but do not, and I repeat DO NOT come sideways at Tyler, Eminem messed with an indestructible force

  7. Nearly all modern rappers are garbage! Bunch of talentless assholse we should send them to The Artic.

  8. Great videos team! Would love to see your analysis of where the victims of kamikaze ended up after the dust settled (July 2019)

  9. They call me superm leap tall goes in a single bound 😂.. New Generation MC's please don't try to clap back

  10. You mentioned that he dissed Drake, you're wrong on that one. Why would he diss a rapper and then compliment him…? "..and then copy Drake"… Em was just taking shots at people who have ghost writers in general. Maybe Drake is in that category, but Em just wouldn't diss him subliminally or not.

  11. People are dumb he didn’t diss 21 savage but the BAR BEFORE he dissed Vince staples “ full magazine will take staples out “

  12. Pick 3 heroes: 2Pac, Eazy-E, Eminem

    Pick enemies: the full new school rap. WITHOUT: J. Cole, Logic, Kendrick Lamar

  13. old man gets mad at new generation, that’s the video if you don’t want to watch the full thing.

  14. Why did they not bleep out the word fuck like four times and than they when he said it again they did bleep it out

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