AJ Styles challenges Braun Strowman to a U.S. Title Match: Raw Exclusive, Aug. 12, 2019

AJ Styles challenges Braun Strowman to a U.S. Title Match: Raw Exclusive, Aug. 12, 2019

AJ Styles,
a night of confrontations for you. First calling out Seth Rollins and then we have to talk about the end
of the night with Braun Strowman.>>Right, we’ll talk about Braun Strowman. What was he doing down there? I challenged Seth Rollins. I wanted to show the world
what a true champion is. Did I challenge Braun Strowman? No, I don’t think so. He had no business coming down there and
ruining everything and [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah Cathy,
I appreciate everything you’re doing. In fact, you’re doing a wonderful job and
you look beautiful tonight. But, I don’t know where
Braun Strowman is right now. I don’t know what he’s up to. Obviously, he’s a sneak
attack kind of guy. So maybe for your safety,
maybe I take this and you watch your back. Yeah, safer this way. Braun Strowman wants to
get in the OC business? He wanted to get my attention. Well, let me get your attention. I’m gonna put my United States
Championship on the line next week against you, Braun Strowman. Do I have your attention now? Next week RAW, you’re mine.

100 thoughts to “AJ Styles challenges Braun Strowman to a U.S. Title Match: Raw Exclusive, Aug. 12, 2019”

  1. They need a woman in the OC. I say Nikki Cross,Charlotte, or Alexa Bliss. Plus adding Buddy Murphy, EC3, Apollo Crews, or Zack Ryder. Just imagine the havoc they could do. They would have a wrestler for every division.

  2. That's a good promo. tbh it intrigued me and made me interested in) so see ya'll OC and BS next week) On RAW is Je… oh forget….

  3. As I would like Strowman to die for doing that to styles with a huge talentless talent, hopefully and don't humiliate this damn bulge to phenomenal !!!!!

  4. Seth rolling dat fin balor cm punk Adam cole wanna be have nothing on an styles really he don't aj is a elite Seth just good

  5. Next week Braun wins the US Title and AJ Styles goes into Clash of champions against Seth Rollins chsmpionshipless

  6. His so called "teammates" are gonna cost him more matches. They are holding him back and making him look like a coward.

  7. I hope Strowman wins the U.S. title next week. He needs the title win, hell he should already have been Universal Champion more than once by now. I love AJ Styles, no doubt about that, have done for years, but I will be rooting for Strowman next week because he deserves the win right now.

  8. If they give it to Braun I'll be happy. He can get his first title. But lets be honest. WWE track record, Good Brothers gonna help AJ win or Braun will win by dq

  9. Aj needs to loose to strowman by seth interfering and it setting up aj vs seth for universal championship with aj winning the title

  10. That’s a challenge he’s gonna live to regret. Ask Brock Lesnar about what Strowman is capable of. AJ is gonna rue this day. Believe that.

  11. to be honest AJ Styles can't take Braun down, I don't even think Seth would be able to because of his finisher, you need to be real strong to get Braun on the ground. Only 2 guys were able to manhandle Braun, those two are BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWKKKK LESNURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR (i dont like him but i always find it funny when Heyman says it) and Roman Reigns

  12. Aj Styles drops the U.S. belt to bruan strowman therefore he will go after Seth Rollins wwe universal championship

  13. WWE we don't want to talk about CM Punk
    Also WWE use quotes "I'm the Best inthe World" and "Do I have your attention now"

    Either get Punk back WWE or stop using his quotes

  14. I feel this is an excuse to get the title off Styles so he can go after/become Universal Champion. And I’m fine with that. Stoman gets a title and AJ and Rollins make a great main event or 2. AJ and the OC may even get a heel version of New Day going and maybe ride the momentum into Survior series with both tag and world champs in the elimination tag match?

    Maybe I’m looking too deep into this?

  15. Brawn strowman is a complete package–> tall,muscle,athletic,strong,caring ,funny when not wrestling so brawn is magnificently awesime!! Sadly w.w.e dnt appreciatte it "SMH" anyway true fans will remember him forever😋😎🤗

  16. This is just 🔥 It seems to me that Aj might lose the us title and go after seth to win universal title. Then what if brock returns? Triple threat match at wrestlemania? Seth vs brock vs Aj…. wow🔥

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