– Oh my god!
This is awkward! It gets worse!
– (giggles) It looks
so accurate.
♪ (industrial intro) ♪
– (both crunching loudly)
– One Chip Challenge?
– I think I saw this one.
It’s the hottest chip in the world.
– Did she eat the entire thing?
That’s terrifying.
– Oh, no. He’s not doing well.
This is gonna be bad.
– Now, the One Chip is no joke.
I just had dust crumbs of it,
and that [bleep] made me cough.
– I had this chip here,
and I had this much of it.
And I… died!
– (Jayka and Brittany scream)
– (anchor) You okay?
– (Jim) Mm-hmm.
– (anchor) Do you need some water?
– (Jim) You’re not gonna win.
– He’s suffering.
– (anchor) Jim, it’s okay.
– Oh, oh. It’s coming back.
It’s coming back.
That feeling’s the worst.
– (anchor) There is no shame.
– Oh, god. Is he gonna run out?
– (Jim) It’s affecting you.
– He’s gonna poop his pants.
– (anchor) Oh, but the–
ooh. (clears throat)
– (Jim) Ah, it’s affecting you.
– It’s really not. (laughs)
– (anchor) It’s spicy. It’s hot.
– Dude, she is a trooper.
– (anchor) You’re literally
sweating, Jim.
– (Jim) Well, you just stop talking.
– (anchor) Okay.
– (Jim) Well, you just stop talking.
– (anchor) Okay.
– (laughs)
– He’s traumatized.
Just drink the milk.
– (anchor) Can we get
a medic in here for Jim?
– Aww, poor Jim.
Been there. (laughs)
– The news is always tryna
hop on the latest trends,
so it’s kinda funny to see someone
that has to be super professional die.
– I LOVE news bloopers.
There’s nights where I would stay up
watching three hours’ worth
of news blooper compilations.
They’re just so… funny!
– (reporter) The Statue of Liberty
was a gift from which country?
– (woman) FRA–
– (reporter) OWW!
– (laughs)
– Oh, [bleep].
– That was aggressive.
– She was like, “I KNOW it.”
– (reporter) You are right,
but I think I…
– (laughs)
– You know she’s PISSED.
– That girl is my spirit animal.
– (reporter) You’re good.
We’re all good.
We’re friends here.
We’re gonna toss it back
to the studio,
and I’m gonna go ice my arm.
– Awww.
She’s sweet about it, though.
The reporter kind of defuses it.
– I probably would’ve froze.
Like, wh– ah. “Girl, calm down.
You can answer.”
I would’ve skipped her.
– (anchor) Tonight, folks
at the Windsor Court Hotel
are getting festive.
More than 25,000, many white lights
twinkling on their nearly
20-foot-tall tree.
– This is just a bunch
of messed up news reports?
– (anchor 2) The lights are on.
There you go.
– (anchor) Hey, Kenny.
– Ohhh, no.
What happened?
– (laughs) Oh, gosh.
It just had to stop
at that frame.
– Kenny, say something.
– Kenny?
Kenny? Buddy?
– (anchor) Well, apparently,
we’ve lost Kenny.
– (laughs)
– (anchor 2) Well, it’s
a really perfect picture
of Kenny smiling.
– (anchor) It’s a perfect smile–
– Ohh. It’s so cringy.
I hate it.
– (anchor 2) …Windsor Court there
and Robin Barnes is out there
tonight singing.
– That is hil– that was funny,
but creepy at the same time.
– I love bad things happening
on live TV.
– I thought he was gonna come back
and just be cursing
and just saying the worst stuff.
(chuckles) It’s a horrible
picture of him.
– (reporter) She is downtown,
live right there.
– Oh, no!
– (reporter) I say ditch the umbrella,
Crystal. Just tell us
where exactly you are
and what’s going on.
– That umbrella is just
not helping you, girl.
Just drop it.
– I love reporters in high wind
and dangerous storms.
– Oh, no. Why do people get
sent out in situations like this?
– And why is she wearing a cap?
There’s no sun.
– Did she wake up
and not look outside?
– (Crystal) First, it went
from day to night.
Then it went from complete dryness
to– now, I am SOAKED.
– Thanks. I could’ve got
that information from Twitter.
But if you insist on standing there
and getting wet, fine.
– (Crystal) Storm approaching…
– What?
Oh! Bye. See?
She didn’t even need it anyway.
Girl, let it go. (chuckles)
– (laughs) The funniest thing
is that she’s trying
to recover the entire time.
– I literally today was thinking,
like, why do they send
these poor reporters out?
Why was she wearing
a short-sleeved shirt, too?
Like, throw on a parka, maybe.
– (anchor) Jeff Banzan
is live out at Sea-Tac
with a reaction from fliers. Jeff?
– (Jeff chuckles) Yeah, guys.
Yeah, guys.
Yeah, guys.
– (laughs)
– (Jeff) Yeah, guys.
Yeah, guys.
– (laughs)
– (Jeff) Yeah, guys.
Yeah, guys.
Yeah, guys.
Yeah, good morning, guys.
– Yeah, guys.
– Oh, no!
– (Jeff) Yeah, guys. Yeah, guys.
– This poor guy.
– (Jeff) Yeah, guys. Yeah, guys.
– That’s a lot.
– (Jeff) Yeah, guys. Yeah, guys.
– (snickers)
– (Jeff) Yeah, guys. Yeah, guys.
I have fallen into a pattern.
Guys, back to you.
– Aww. (chuckles)
– I can’t blame him, though, dude.
Every single time I ever do
Instagram Stories or anything,
I’m like, “Hey, guys!
What’s up, guys?
Guys! Guys! Hey, guys!”
Like, you just–
you need some sort of intro.
– (reporter) I’m gonna have to
jump into the water, actually.
I’ve got to be very careful,
because I’ve got the sound pack on.
– Oh, no. He’s gonna slip.
– Please fall.
– (reporter) …Ben Proud
and James Guy, congratulations.
– Ah! AH!
(laughs and claps)
– (reporter) Congratulations.
– He’s gonna– (laughs)
– (reporter) I didn’t
see the step.
– He didn’t realize
it was deeper right there?
– He literally just said,
“I have to be careful.”
– (reporter) Let’s get a–
Adam’s inconsolable there.
Just look before you’re getting
in a swim pool in the future, okay?
I hope you can still hear me.
– He’s so embarrassed, dude.
– (reporter) Can you continue, Sarah?
– He does not need
to be that close to her.
– Oh my god! This is so awkward!
It gets worse!
– (reporter) So, everyone’s–
all the people watching–
– Oh, god. It’s so…
I’m cringing so hard now.
– (reporter) Congratulations.
– It’s worse that he prefaced it, too.
He was like, “Don’t worry.
I’ll be fine. I’m not gonna fall in.
I know what I’m do”– roo.
– (laughs) That was so uncomfortable.
That, from start to finish,
was so awkward.
– (anchor) Now, this just in,
police officers
in Lancaster, Pennsylvania…
– Oh, I’ve seen this one.
– Oh my gosh.
I’ve seen this one.
– (anchor) …robbed a store.
And I think– yeah.
I think we do–
we do have his descrip–
can we take that?
Let’s take his description.
– (laughs)
– (anchor) Let’s take his description.
(loud thud)
– (suppressed laughter)
– Art. Beautiful.
I love it. I love it!
– (anchor) Okay.
– He’s trying so hard.
– (laughs)
– (reporter) …on the lookout for.
– He’s going along with it.
– (reporter) Well, he’s got a nose
and some hair that goes like that.
And he was–
he was wearing a hat.
– (sighs) “Can we get an APB out
for somebody wearing a hat?”
– (reporter) …particular crime.
He’s got kind of a chin
that comes down to a–
almost a point.
– (laughs)
– (reporter) Oh, and now
I’m getting word that police
actually caught this guy.
– Let me see him.
– (reporter) …the police
actually caught this guy.
Thanks to the sketch, no doubt.
– Oh, no doubt. (chuckles)
– What? He looks like the sketch?
– (reporter) So, here’s a picture
of the real guy…
– Oh my god.
It looks like the sketch.
– (reporter) …next to the sketch.
– DUDE! Spot on!
– (giggles) It looks
so accurate.
– (laughs)
– (reporter) It’s uncanny.
– Wow! They got him
even without the hat.
– They try so hard to play it off
and to play cool, but it’s like,
you know deep inside
your mind’s like, “Oh, [bleep].”
– That was fun.
I think it shows that reporters,
for the most part, do pretty well,
you know, (snaps)
just able to run with the punches.
– People who are in the news,
they’re always so cordial,
so professional,
never mess up, you know?
So, it’s so funny to see them break
this character of professionalism.
– (FBE) So, to start the new year,
we wanted to uphold
an annual FBE tradition,
so we just showed you
some of the news blooper highlights
from 2018.
– Aww. I feel special.
– (FBE) We did this in the past
with the college kids,
have shown these to elders,
and also the YouTubers,
who all seemed to have enjoyed
these types of videos.
– Yeah. They’re fun for all ages.
– (FBE) Why do you think bloopers
appeal to so many people?
– I think ’cause they’re lighthearted,
especially when you show bloopers
where nobody gets hurt,
nothing bad happens.
– It’s just human.
It’s dumb, stupid mistakes
that we can laugh at ourselves
and laugh at a situation.
– It shows the realism within people,
that people make mistakes,
and it’s okay.
It’s kinda nice seeing real people
do real things and make mistakes.
– Bloopers are kinda the best form
of content in any medium,
because every creation has a structure,
and we’re always like,
“It needs to be this.
It has this outline.
It has go to this way.”
And to see it kind of fall apart
and everybody just lose their [bleep]
about it, it’s like you’re a part
of an in-joke.
– (FBE) So last year, in this episode,
we talked about how, for many people,
it seems like streaming services
and platforms like YouTube
have replaced watching television.
– I don’t– I don’t even have cable.
– (FBE) Now, on the internet,
it’s kind of easier to share news
with others and see what’s spreading,
what’s trending, and hear
opposing opinions from all sides.
For you, personally,
how do you receive your news?
– So, my daily tea has to be Twitter.
Twitter, I feel, like,
gives you everything.
– Social media is really the way
that kinda– you become alerted
to some news and then you
try to follow up on your own stuff.
– I receive my news through Twitter,
Google Alerts, and subscription
to digital magazines
that I actually pay for.
Yeah, these people
are a dying breed. I’m sorry.
– I receive my news
mainly from Reddit, to be honest.
And it’s so interesting
to read the articles
and then read the comments
of the Redditors all debating
about what’s going on,
’cause then you get this intense
neutralism of the article.
You see both sides.
– (FBE) So finally, since you’ve shot
many episodes here with us at FBE,
what would your advice be on how
to recover from a blooper
on live TV?
– Forget about it.
Just laugh if off
or just act like you
meant to do that.
– Just laugh it off and have fun.
You know, we’re just here
to have fun. You know what I mean?
Even if you are a news reporter,
you know, things happen.
Every day at work
is not gonna be perfect.
– Aww, man! We also started
livestreaming this year,
so I [bleep] up a bunch live.
My strategy is to just kind of
acknowledge it and be like,
“And as you’ll notice over here,
I’m an idiot.”
– Put yourself in
the other person’s shoes.
I think schadenfreude,
which is the German word
for basically laughing
at someone else’s expense,
you should be okay with it,
because you would most likely
do the same.
So, if you can be, basically,
empathetic and put yourself
in someone else’s shoes,
seeing this mistake happen,
you can laugh at yourself,
because you would realize
that was funny
that it happened.
– Thanks so much for watching
this episode of Kids Re–
Adults React.
And shoutout to Samantha Perez.
– If you liked this episode,
hit that Like button.
– Shoutout to Chicken Glitter.
– Hello! Ah. [Bleep].
I mean… bye!
– Hi, guys. JC here,
producer here at FBE.
Make sure to check out
all our other episodes
across all generations.
Links are down below.
Thanks, guys. Bye.


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