MBT or Main Battle Tank is the core of any
Army’s armored force. They have played their part starting from
World War I and are expected to have a significant role in the foreseeable future. U.S Army’s main battle tank – M1A2 Abrams
will receive notable upgrades in its latest variant named M1A2C. M1A2C was initially known as the M1A2 SEPv3. On 16 December 2015, the US Army awarded General
Dynamics a $92.2 million contract to upgrade M1A2 SEP V2 Abrams tanks to the M1A2 SEP V3. Abrams has seen many upgrades and this will
most possibly the last or penultimate one until a replacement is deployed which is expected
towards the end of next decade. The upgrade is aimed at keeping the tank one
step ahead of the emerging threats and will enable it to serve through 2020s. Production for the M1A2 SEPv3 is being conducted
at JSMC in Lima, Ohio and at the Anniston Army Depot in Anniston, Alabama. The U.S Army accepted the first of about 6
initial production versions of the M1A2 SEPv3 Abrams back in October 2017. U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Justin Shell,
then the Abrams Product Manager, had said at the rollout, “This version is the most modernized configuration
of the Abrams tank, having improved force protection and system survivability enhancements
and increased lethality over the M1A1 and previous M1A2 variants. The Abrams M1A2 SEPv3 tank will be the foundation
for future incremental system upgrades and can host any mature technology the Army deems
operationally relevant.” The first of these upgraded tanks is set to
enter the service this year itself. Hank Kennedy, a manager at General Dynamics’
tank plant in Lima Ohio, told Lima News.“We’re in the throes of getting that together,”
M.r Kennedy added, “The first brigade is critical because we need to get [them] into the soldiers’
hands so they can get trained on it and everything else” In this vide Defense Updates analyzes the
latest Abram M1A2C variant. Let’s get started. This video is sponsored by War Thunder, the
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and play War Thunder for free using the link in the description below and also get a free bonus tank or aircraft and three days of premium account. Abram was first introduced in 1980 to replace
the M60 main battle tank which was introduced in 1960. It was significantly more potent than the
M60 and featured many top of the line components like a fire control system that allowed up
to 90% accuracy at ranges of 2,000 meters. The tank was technologically well ahead of
most other tanks of its era. U.S military has kept on upgrading the tank
to maintain its edge. For example in 1986, the tank received a more
powerful 120 mm German-engineered main gun and in 1988 it got a layer of depleted uranium
armor to increase protection. These upgrades were provided to Abrams so
that it could dominate the Soviet tanks and repeal any armored thrust. This helped Abrams tanks roll over enemy tanks
in Afghanistan and Iraq. With the end of the Cold War, the chance of
a large scale tank fight in open battlefield diminished. But new challenges emerged. This mainly was guerrillas warfare and operating
in constrained city spaces. For this, a remote-controlled .50 caliber
machine gun and explosive reactive armor were added apart from the inclusion of a telephone
for the tank crew to communicate with nearby infantry forces. After the dwindling down of hostilities and
slow reduction of U.S involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq, a new challenge has appeared. This is the more assertive Russia with which
U.S & NATO relation has steadily declined. Russia forces have basically annexed Crimea
and have intervened in eastern Ukraine. So, in coming days a full-scale armored conflict
can’t be ruled out similar to the proposition during the Cold War era. Hence, the Abrams M1A2C upgrade is focused
to meet the changing dynamics of the situation. As relations with Russia deteriorate, the
Abrams is once again America’s most important weapon in a ground conflict in Europe. Abrams was designed so that it could accommodate
new enhancements. This kind of forward thinking has enabled
it to absorb new technologies. The Abrams tank M1A2C has added several features. Here is a brief overview: 1. It now includes an Ammunition DataLink. With this, the tank crew can set a distance
at which a shell will explode. So, if a building is targeted then the shell
will explode inside the building instead of exploding after it has flown through it. This will enhance the precision of the hit
– destruction will be inflicted at the correct place and limit unintended damage 2. M1A2C will see the addition of better-infrared
sights. Infrared sights basically enhance the night
fighting ability and with this improvement the new variant will be better equipped for
twilight missions. 3. The remotely-operated .50 caliber machine
gun will now be positioned in a comparatively lower height enabling better targeting position. 4. M1A2C will have an auxiliary power unit (APU). This will allow the tank to keep running communications
and sensors and maintain battlefield awareness without having to use its powerful 1,500 horsepower
gas turbine engine. The engine is known to uses a lot of fuel
and is also a target for infrared homing weapons. 5. It also adds passive armor which will improve
the tanks ability to survive when hit with latest anti-tank weapons. 6. New explosive reactive armor (ERA) packages,
known as the Abrams Reactive Armor Tile (ARAT) will be deployed. ERA basically works by placing “tiles”
that have explosives. These tiles are fitted on specific portions
of a tank. When an incoming projectile hits them, they
explode outward. This basically means that explosive power
of the projectile is deflected and this prevents it from penetrating inside the vehicle. 7. A better gun which will have a longer barrel
variant of the tanks existing 120mm or a larger caliber will be present. But the exact specifications are not disclosed. 8. The most important upgrade will certainly
be the addition of the Trophy Active Protection System (APS). Israeli-made Trophy will be fitted on the
side of M1A2C. Active or ‘hard kill’ protection systems
consist of sensors that are capable of detecting and tracking incoming anti-tank projectiles. After that, the targeted tank launches an
interceptor projectile to shoot the incoming round. This is different from ‘soft kill’ approach
which involves jamming the projectile’s guidance or confusing them. It is to be noted that U.S Army has been experimenting
with Trophy on the Abrams for some years now. In 2017, Colonel Glenn Dean a project manager
at the Army’s Redstone Arsenal had told Military.com that he “tried to kill the
Abrams tank 48 times and failed.” The trophy weighs around 1,807 pounds. Viewers may note that in 2018 the Army announced
plans to purchase 261 Trophy sets. Russia’s latest T-14 tank also has ‘Hard
kill’ defense called the Afganit. Abrams tank currently ranks among the top
3 tanks in the world. The upgrades will keep it that way for the
next decade too. The most likely rival of Abrams will be Russian
T-72 and T-90 series tanks. Though potent, a reasonably new Abrams tank
is more than capable of dealing with these tanks. Russia’s next generation T-14 Armata tank,
unveiled in 2015 will be a major challenge even the most latest variant of Abrams. But the production of these is way behind
schedule due to technical challenges as well as a financial headwind. Russia has initially stated that it will acquire
2,300 T-14s by 2020, but it currently has only 20 of these and it is unlikely that it
will be able to deploy them in said number even by 2030. In this situation, the upgraded program makes
sense as it is relatively risk-free undertaking and cost effective too. The U.S Army expected to send the M1A2C-equipped
brigade to Europe as it is the most probable flashpoint. This will surely have deterrence effect and
Russian Ground Forces will think twice before trying to take on American backed armored


  1. It's kinda weird that you have a perfect American accent but you leave out weird parts of sentences like "the" and others. It's like a robot wrote it.

  2. APS, electronics… right direction. But engine power-pack overhaul (new turibne or diesel-electric power pack) and total armour rearrangement to keep weight in acceptable limits would be in order. 55 cal barrel wouldn't hurt either. M-1 doesn't need front armour upgrade as it needs in several other places. Russian tanks had APS since Afghanistan – Drozd on T-55s.

  3. DONT PLAY WAR THUNDER.. It is such a bugged Game … I play it for 5 Years now and it has so many bugs they are Game breaking like: Shots go through Tanks without a Hit, you can kill the
    Crew of an Tank and he can still fire, you can destroy the
    ammunition and the Tank can still fire.. Beside that you will have WoT 2.0 Map design where you can shot the Enemy spawn from YOU Spawn etc.. I know it sounds like a L2P Problem but trust me: It is a shit Game atm with this Patch (Mapdesign is over 5 Years know a Problem and we play the Same Gamemodes since that…) And War Thunder ISNT Realistic! Gaijin makes Realism so as they whant it and not how Tanks, Planes or Helicopters are IRL. Ok, Planes are Good but the rest is shit :<

  4. I am german !!!! Yes this Upgrade is pretty good ! The Engine Needs an Upgrade…….! The german leopard Engine eats all…..you San Fill it up with Salat oil, you can pee into this Engine, you can Fill in thinner for colors, Standart car gasoil, alcohol, olive oil, turpentine, aviation gasoline, all common fuels…….

  5. Just asking a question here goes
    are you sure sure this tank is made in the USA
    and not MEXICO.JAPAN,CHINA, etc?
    like everything else with american names but made somewhere else
    GATES WATER PUMP made in china
    made in Mexico not Detroit

  6. I have stoped watching the video and unsubscribed after the sentnence "russian forces anexed Crimea and intervened in eastern Ukraine". No russian forces have ever been recorded or proven in eastern Ukraine. US president Barack Obama actualy admited it was US behind the coup that led to civil war in Ukraine. If i want to hear unproven western propaganda i can go to CNN/BBC/FOX. I wanted some military content on this channel, not political propaganda.

  7. Um..can a simple improvised explosive device take it out? I have seen vids of m1a2s destroyed by simple road ieds.

  8. why someone not make a missile with a very low RCS nose cone and fins, that radar based aps gona be useless

  9. @Defense Updates…for future reference the word "penultimate" does not mean last. It means second to last.

  10. Why not use two part liquid propeller.. fueĺ injector..dail up as much power as you want..safer..more shells.. or am I out to lunch???

  11. I worked on the first ones, fiber optics wiring systems and thermal imagining IR …..1991 kicked ass in Iraq ….. 🇺🇸

  12. Until the Russians can figure out how to shoot while moving at 50 MPH it will never dominate the battlefield. The M1A1 and A2 variant I commanded were the baddest mofos on the battlefield, can you imagine the power these new tanks will have? Some other upgrades I was told about in the 90s were pretty cool.

  13. Americans need to learn from Russia. Spending less, yet making better and cooler stuff! 😀 Without mentioning being stronger! ✌

  14. That's badass! This makes serving on M60A1s and M551A1s is being in the stone age. The only advantages we had was the MGM-51 guided missile on the M551A1s. That was always a crap shoot if anything was misaligned in the guidance system the missile would fly away. The M60 MBT was a great tank for its time but like all old soldiers, we just fade into history.

  15. America just cant produce anything,they just copy from Russians,useless cunts.
    Please all americunts comments below


    Russia did not annex Crimea.

    Russia did not intervene in US-Ukrainian attack on Eastern Ukraine, the same way Russia did not attack US-Georgia in 2008, but it was US-Georgia that attacked Russian peacekeepers in S. Osetia.

    This is why America collapsing —-> FAKE NEWS

    The more you lie, the more you die.

  17. Come on folks…..I was one of the guys whose unit received some of the original M1's (which replaced our M60A3's). I'm a HUGE M1 fan. Nothing says, "I'm yer Huckleberry…" like 60 tons of M1….especially back in the 80's. But our MBT is pushing 40 years old now. You can only throw so much duct tape and bubblegum on these things. What our Army needs is something lightweight, extremely maneuverable, exceptionally fast (over 100 mph), sporting a rail gun that can pump out 5 shots in 10 seconds at a target 5K meters downrange.


  19. did you americans ever read the end of revelation
    your army is not in control at the end
    infact your america wont even be around at the end
    youll become a land controlled by the antichrist

  20. Will destroy any enemy tank. 1 company of these would wipe out 300 or more enemy tanks and LAV easily.

  21. everyone is bullshiting about T-14 armatas (it is shit) here and gloryfing M1A2 Abrams but what about russians anti-rocket guide system? that effectively guard the tank from AT rockets like Javelin, Hellfire etc? so you need AT launchers like M72 or Carl Gustav to actually destroy it in battle. what about abrams tho? destroyed with everything since 1990? #Leopard2A7+Army

  22. '
    all american main battle tanks M1A to M1A2C uses germany made the Rheinmetall Rh-120 as 120 mm cannon guns

  23. 1:30 I can't help but notice all the places not covered by additional armor…. Mainly, where it's thin. That upper plate has a stupid angle…. But it's not very thick

  24. 🤣😂😂😆I’m sure this new tank is also piece of a trash like the rest that has been built till to day example ( F35 ) even USA arm forces reported indicates that F35 is nothing but pile of junk.
    Belgium military said F35 has 870 serious problems. German government thinking about canceling it because the F35 delivers 25% of performance, 75%is not working at all😁😁.

  25. Use two part liquid propellant..fuel and oxidizer..injected straight into the breach..no casès more rounds..more power..safer for the crew

  26. The thing that’s awesome about Russian hardware is their bullshit Propaganda. It’s simply the best in the world. The only thing that is almost as good is their bullshit EXCUSES as to WHY their CRAP equipment DIDNT working in combat. I wonder if these same people go to the homes of those service men who died, believing in that crap equipment, and to those mothers explain as to why their crap equipment failed?

  27. Gota wonder how heavy this thing is getting….? I Do believe its still the most war tested premier main battle tank in the world but think its time to develop a new, lighter faster more lethal platform… Exotic materials, Hybrid electric propulsion, offensive laser weapons with rocket or scram propelled ammo for ridiculous reach… Its just time to start R&D fielding of its replacement… The M1 didnt replace the M60 overnight and no platform will replace this variant overnight but while Russia is trying to match the Abrams, we should be thinking 2 gens ahead… We did it with the F22 Raptor…

  28. M-1A2C and Israel Merkava Barak tanks will be the worlds best for a while I think, I hope to god the US won't have to deploy even one of these tanks.

  29. The massive slabs of armour on the front of the turret almost make it seem like a desperate upgrade. One of fear, not of modernization.

  30. I wonder if they ever tried putting 'Ghost blinds' all over a tank just to see if the mirrored blind would deflect rader,laser guided rockets and also make them harder to spot.I know its probably a bad idea but they are pretty cheap to purchase .I remember the Brits festooning a tank with lights and from a distance you couldn't spot it.

  31. I think Russia and China are changing to a strategy of wmd, bio, and technological surprise strategies and that is the thing that we are most weak against them on.

  32. The Russians are mot going to produce the T-14 in any numbers and have already said so and did that before your POS video. Get your head out of your ass!

  33. T72 isn't even a big threat. Yeah there's a lot but they cant keep up. T90 is more of a threat but the T80U and the newer T80 variants are also a threat but that's still up to debate. T14 there's only 16 available so they aren't to big of an issue.

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