9-1-1 (FOX) Trailer HD – Ryan Murphy drama series

9-1-1 (FOX) Trailer HD – Ryan Murphy drama series

It must be hard being
a first responder.
Would you ever consider a
less stressful profession?
WOMAN: There are two
types of emergency.
The first kind is the one
we all have every day.
911, what’s your emergency?
It’s choking me.
I can’t breathe.

We have to help
her get some air.
Why don’t I just
punch it in its face?
You can’t just punch a
snake in the face, Buck.
It’s a snake.
It’s not some guy at an
El Torito happy hour.
WOMAN: Then there’s the
second kind of emergency.

The kind that comes
without warning.

I can help you.

77 thoughts to “9-1-1 (FOX) Trailer HD – Ryan Murphy drama series”

  1. I know a lot of movies like this television show, but not any shows. It looks great. In cop shows, there's usually no dispatcher involved in every episode. It increases the excitement when the viewers hear the call to 911 and to see the dispatcher's reaction to the call.

  2. Imagine if they actually just made something realistic similar to Emergency! All this Hollywood hyped up, over dramatic crap is pathetic.

  3. I'm super triggered that they just smashed the head of a beautiful Albino reticulated Python. Like come on it wasn't even trying to suffocate her! It was just trying to feel secure! If it was trying to suffocate someone they would be bitinng down and constricting with incredible force. And come on that snake wasn't even full grown, you're telling me you couldn't pry it off her throat area. triggered reptile owner

  4. Well it is a complete flop when it comes to accurately depicting life as a first responder and even less about accuracy of medical procedure in the field. Just another show that attempted and fell way off mark.

  5. Absolute crap! Who creates this garbage? Sadly it's trash like this that some people's opinions of First Responders are based upon. Whoever wrote, created and produced this shit should be kicked square in the nuts!

  6. Ppl who do this for a living know this is a joke. N at least get the turnouts correct. Yellow…. Not black… This is not New York or Santa Fe Springs Fire…

  7. its horrible don't watch it. the cop lady makes a whole flipping drive thru line back up just so she can get some hamburgers to feed dogs to get them away from a guy, then it turns out that it wasn't even his house and they didn't get the guys name or anything before he left the house. so dumb

  8. Awesome!!!!! I'M IN!!!!!!! What a great cast!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ UK airdate unknown at this point in time. Boooo!!!

    I gotta get a TV licence first! For this it'll be worth it I feel!! πŸ˜€

  9. Dear triggered people. This show is not a reality show. It is a drama. Therefore it will not always consist of marijuana calls and robberys. It is calls taken to the extreme. Get your panties out of a wad. Its a damn drama.

  10. This show is so unrealistic it is disgusting I mean the guy bones two girls doesn't get fired wtf. Then episode 3 your joking the fire dept now saves pple on the ocean? The fucking Coast Guard does not the fire dept or Police. Then the cop who can do whatever she wants with out a warrent I mean who the fuck wrote this shit and let this air? I keep laughing at each episode with how cheesy and unrealistic it is!!! My God this show is bad!!!!

  11. Ja en los 90 solo era una serie con malas recreaciones ahora solo son recreaciones exageradas de eventos reales que vimos los ultivos aΓ±os hasta el artasgo en internet bueno almenos no estra seeie de bampiros. Y hombres lobo u otra novela mexicana de zombies lo digo por the walking dead no se si asi se esceibe pero creo que comprendieron y lo que si me agrado es que se ve tambien algo de la vida de los rescatistas y casi parecen personas normales comproblemas en su casa y para pasar elbtiempo ven internet y jyegan video juegos no lo tipico decestos programas donde los prota son unos eruditos solo pasan leyendo libros y escuchando musica clasica o fueton mienbro de un grupi de fuerzas especiales del ejercito

  12. Connie Britton was great in Nashville but now to play a shy and mousy role looks so wrong her role needs to be reinvented in this series

  13. She has pet Snakes? #FOXNews
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  14. RYAN… THE FIRE CHIEF"" PROTECTZ HIS PEOPLE!!!πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”

  15. I can tell you exactly how many real life 911 operators watch this show……zero. I did 911 dispatching and calltaking for 33 years and trust me when I say that nothing was ever like this. You can't speak to people like that and no one really gives a shit about you are feeling and what you are suffering. I do counselling for people trapped in the endless cycle of stress and anxiety, to try and stop the break downs, the drinking, the failure of friends and family in their lives and trust me, this show is bullshit, absolute bullshit.

  16. I was interested cause of angela Basset so I tried to get into this but the first episode started out like white people stupid, a stupid white boy racing a fire truck for stupid white girl through traffic, and get this if he got there in five minutes she was the prize, then they start making out in the fucking fire truck OMG,, I got a feeling, they misused Angela bassett's Starpower on this bulshit to promote it, but I'm going to give it a try but the first 5 mnts in 1st episode I was not impressed

  17. Can someone unlock this? I think the "Oh!" at the end should be a "No!" Plus, we know it's a woman's voice.

  18. Just watched the first episode. This is the steamiest stinkiest pile of shit I’ve ever watched. do not waste your time on this badly written abomination. the writers need to be shot, seriously!

  19. What a horribly stupid show. I get it’s a drama but my god, can’t these fuckers get the little things right? I was with FDNY for ten years. I have cringed for almost the entire first episode. I really wanted to give this show a chance. Thumbs down.

  20. I just watched the Chicago Fire trailer and gagged, then watching this I was rundown with emotions. Holy crap, if you're deciding between a narcissistic show that literally mentions in the trailer that the actors are attractive and a show that will change the way you look at the world, watch this! Oh my God, I don't know why characters like these aren't considered superheroes and the ones that can impossibly fly and are unnaturally strong are. 9-1-1 is incredible!

  21. Esta app es un timo no se puede ver ningΓΊn capitulo de ninguna de las series que ofertan no perdΓ‘is el tiempo

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