100 thoughts to “8th Coronavirus Case Confirmed In U.S. In Massachusetts | NBC News”

  1. A hotter than 106 degree shower/sauna/vapor for a continuous 40 minutes could help sterilize viral particles and losartan/ACE2 Inhibitor/antibody especially in nebulized form could act as blockade to coronavirus spikes

    Face mask with built in ACE2 antibody would be great

  2. In my lifetime I've never seen anything like this before….this is pretty serious. The US knows China's numbers are bogus.

  3. Super. Just heard a report on CBS news and for the first time they are saying they think the infected is actually 75K or more. I bet it’s 10 times that.

  4. So basically as soon as you catch this one of the symptoms is a sudden urge to travel to any western country you can and spread it there. Got it. 👍.
    🦠 + ✈️ = 💀

  5. This is just natural population control it's not a coincidence this started in china and you better hope it doesn't hit India those 2 countries make up roughly half the worlds population.

  6. Why are hey letting the Chinese come back? school,or not??????? Anyone coming from China?white , black or PURPLE?????

    A new strain of "Bird-Flu" is attacking China on a different front.

  8. Please DON'T quarantine the guy in Massachusetts! Let him move around in Boston and perhaps in New York City…the more Dems that die the better for our country!!! Now if Chicago, San Francisco and L.A California gets the virus the better for the country too!!!

  9. 6 days ago nobody was dead, this isn't just under reported. Stay safe, don't get infected. This is going to get 10x worse before this gets better

  10. Hello…over 150,000 Chinese students just returned to the US from semester break in China. They spent a good part of December and January there visiting family. This Boston case is the tip of the iceberg. The virus is here in the US and Canada now, and spreading in shared student apartments, classrooms, grocery stores…..brace yourselves people. We are at the peak of the normal flu season and Emergency Rooms are busy. Who will distinguish which ones are the Wuhan flu? Wuhan itself has a shortage of test kits leading to vast under reporting of real cases. Most flu cases are not being tested for this virus in the US. The genie is out of the bottle and won't be put back in. Prepare now.

  11. I just took my son to the hospital and they tested for strep and flu – both negative. I asked if they could test for Coronavirus and they stated that they "don't have the equipment to test for it." I'm like, "don't yall have microscopes?" The Dr. had the nerve to say,sarcastically, "mom if you haven't been to China,I wouldn't worry." But I'm thinking what about his teachers,his classmates,my coworkers, my clients family that i work for, the pple in Walmart and at the grocery store??? Im disgusting by how dismissive they were of me.

  12. Worst thing is people in my school are going out of they’re way to be even more disgusting since they heard of it.People actually be coughing on everything in sight,because they think they don’t have it.

  13. Anyone in China who speaks the truth about what’s going on faces 3-7 years in prison. They are arresting people. This is crazy! They caused this virus by killing creatures that are not supposed to be consumed like sivit cats that caused the last outbreak and now they want us to show good faith and keep our borders open? No way!

  14. 🤣🤣🤣I'm a Xenophobe with a flamethrower🤣🤣🤣you all are fu(|{Ed🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. I'm not at all surprised.Noone else should be either.The BIBLE said there will be plagues & pestilence n the end of days.Umm,it's safe to say that time is now.Get saved.Give your lives to Jesus Christ while you still can.Its only going to get worse.

  16. Word is chicom gov burning untold numbers of bodies. Why no arial sat photos? Military sat tech. What? Cant take a poleroid? Bs.

  17. Why they Chinese people didnt stop eating the bats, this same bat eating led to ebola, why they decided to keep eating it, now ebola number 2 is here

  18. Okay start isolating people who were in China since December and all the people they know for a month and stop all trade and flight with China. I don't wanna die from some stupid virus its like someone is playing the plague inc game in real life

  19. Seasonal flu has killed over 10,000 American in this flue season (so far). Go get your flu shot first, you sinophobic racists.

  20. You guys really think China. After having a trade war. Would shut down entire provinces during the lunar new year just out of precaution. You guys think the u.s would shut down New York, Texas, California. Or even a small state like Kansas. During Christmas all the way down to new years. Just to be cautious. Cuz that's basically what's happening in China according to them.

  21. I just made a Facebook live video and an Instagram story video about the coronavirus (I was having a meltdown & I’m not joking.)

  22. Wow, looks like those FEMA detention camps that people dismissed as conspiracy theory nonsense will be filling up with American citizens. Quarantine? Sounds like imprisonment & deprivation of rights without due legal process.

  23. From the Depts of the Sea
    To Taking My First Upright Step

    To Making My First Flame
    To My First Fever
    To My First War
    To My First Plague
    To My First Peace
    To My Greed
    To my End.

    – Who Am I.

  24. This is stupid lol. 8th case… in 3 weeks, 20th case. Are they gonna monitor this all year and say by december its thr 2000th case after 90% have already recovered? Ignore the media. They are masking something else they don't want you to pay attention to.

  25. I'm constantly wiping my door handles, knobs & my vehicle. I just rather not talk much anymore… 😐 Aldo I prefer not to eat out either. I rather fix my food @ home & take my own food w/me to wrk. 😷 Can't look @ ppl too long cuz I may catch it… 😶 Do not start fights or arguments w/anyone 😑 yep… 😷 👍🏾🥀👍🏾🥀👍🏾🥀👍🏾🥀👍🏾B safe u p out there… 🥀🌺🥀🌺🥀

  26. The end is coming, Jesus is returning for his people. Prepare ! And accept him in your hearts. Things like this are going to keep happening.

  27. I don’t think its coincidence that this happened in the same city as their bio hazard lab. Actually right down the street from the lab where they claim it started at a meat market..

  28. sounds like fake news to create injections and support the Illuminati plans? I wonder that has anything to do with Fema coffins.

  29. Close the wild animal markets for good!!!! If not reap what you sow simple as that and stay away ,the rest of the world shouldent suffer for the stupidity of one nation

  30. Everyone needs to watch these videos. If these numbers are correct, this will have a major impact on our lives. It will affect the financial system. We need to figure out if the CDC’s numbers are correct or if the infection rate is really over 100,000. Watch these videos and share:



  31. People in 2013: OMG EBOLA DA world iz going to end! AHHHHAHHAH

    People in 2020: OMG CORONA DA world iz going to end! AHHAHHAHAH

  32. The coronavirus cannot be compared to the flu. The true numbers of the coronavirus are hidden. We don't know actual numbers of sick, of dead and those that are attempting to recover from

  33. No one : What do you want to do to make China stand out as a global threat?

    Chinese Communist Government : CORONAVIRUS

  34. It must be the flu and a different virus because coronavirus already exist for the long time. If you don't believe me check on Lysol spray in the back it mention that virus

  35. Just another excuse to lock up people & Make them disappear,They couldn't make a war so now they are going to scare us to get rid of humanity.People don't subject yourself to the governments B>S> anymore. It's the biggest Trap Yet & what timing

  36. flu kills thousands in the US
    Anti-vax mom ''My kids do not need a flu vaccine!''

    coronavirus has killed 0 in the US

  37. already in usa for 3 weeks..probably millions in usa have it already.. i see many people coughing everywhere and in restaurants.. my room mate works in a hospital and he is coughing in my apartment so i naturally got it… it is most likely the coronavirus.. symptoms are warm watery eyes at first… then disorientation with loss of balance when walking.. chills.. fever feel.. hard cough with a headache when coughing hard.. very little phlegm when coughing if not any.. worst is within 6 or 7 days.. then starts to go away around 2 weeks.. this is not as dangerous as a regular flu.. so don't worry.. probably millions already have it in usa with no deaths.. the flu is far worse.. this coronavirus is like a mild cold and mild flu combined… not dangerous.. just drink hot tea and cough medicine and it slowly goes away after 1 week.. start feeling better around 2 weeks..the real numbers in usa are not known because the million people that have it in usa now do not know they have it because it is mild and not dangerous.. people think they have some cough and maybe a little cold… so everyone that has it is not coming forward to say they have it.. it is too mild and weak for people to believe they have it.. and people are managing it cause it is just a mild flu with a cold combined.. if people were deadly sick they would come forward to say they have it and they would be in hospitals.. people are not dangerously sick so they go about their regular lives as it is going away day by day with no serious threat.. there are most likely over 1 million already infected in usa… i see people coughing everywhere and in restaurants… but people act like it is no big deal but they have it here already..

  38. So, you guys really believe that china is going to give you actual numbers? They've quarantined 55million people. Do you really believe that only 304 people have died? I dont.

  39. Anyone else notice the response teams wearing gas masks instead of the supposedly effective N95 dust masks? That's because only CBRN & NBC filters actually block the virus. The cheap dust masks are more about keeping the public from freaking out than keeping them safe (aka Security Theater).

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