5 Surprising Facts about The Dance Moms Cast

5 Surprising Facts about The Dance Moms Cast

Kissing Gino in the studio is not what I envisioned for my first kiss If it was Zac Efron I would kiss him We feel you Maddie We’ve got five things you didn’t know about the Dance Moms cast right here on Listed Now, you probably already knew that Maddie Ziegler had her first kiss in Abby Lee Miller’s dance studio But we’ve got a lot more surprising facts where that came from Before moving into their new house, Maddie and little sister Mackenzie Nicknamed a room in their Pittsburgh home “The Store” That’s where the sisters kept all their dance costumes, shoes, accessories, and more. You may have to pick your jaw up off the floor when you hear just how many shoes these sisters have. Well we have five different pairs of each shoe because we run out of them. So probably Like two hundred Two hundred So if we ever need to borrow some dance shoes We know who to call. As you know, music video star Maddie is just fourteen years old. Which is the same age as Dance Moms teacher Abby Lee Miller was when she first formed her dance company. That’s right, Abby Lee became a dance instructor at the age of 14. And by 1980, she had her own studio. That makes the ALDC thirty-seven years old. Our next fact is from the talented Chloe Lukasiak Who had a hidden talent that shockingly has nothing to do with dance. I would say that I love to read and write. I think most people know that I like to read, but not that I like to write. Sounds like a Dance Moms tell all book written by Chloe is coming our way very soon. Our next fact is from bubbly dancer JoJo. And your gonna have to see it to believe it with this one. I can fart with about nine parts of my body But I can fart with my ears One My neck is two My armpit is three My chest is four My mouth is five My leg is six My bottom is seven My back is eight And my foot is nine We’re just gonna go practice that once this video is over. Our last fact is a confession from Maddie Ziegler from her new YouTube channel. Maddie revealed that she is a terrible singer But that doesn’t stop her from singing her favorite song. My favorite song is Make Me Cry by Noah Cyrus I belt it out pretty loud and the funny thing is I’m like the worst singer. Yep Maddie is a huge fan of Miley Cyrus’s little sister. Hey Noah. Maybe you could cast Maddie in your next music video. Ok you guys. Tell us below how many of these facts shocked you about the Dance Moms cast. Now check out all things you didn’t know about singer Shawn Mendes right over here. I’m your host Meghan Lamontagne Thanks for watching another episode of Listed. And I’ll catch you later.

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  1. Bruh!Jojo farts from 9 bits if her body I thought Donald Trump does it if u look at Donald Trumps face he looks like he pooped himself lol 💩

  2. not hating but itseems like 5 facts about the dance moms cast is acuallly 5 facts about maddie zigler and one fact about chole

  3. the shocking thing for me is thay maddie said her favorite singer is sia and its a part of her know shes saying her favorite singer miley cycrys little sister!!!

  4. Omg guys, guess what?!
    I have a secret talent………..
    I can read, oh but that's not it! Are you ready for this? I can write as well!!!!!!!

  5. Ok…. I knew all of these facts like a year ago. These facts aren't surprising, and you can find them literally anywhere on the internet. It just makes me so mad when the title says "surprising facts" and I have heard them a million times. You don't even need to be a huge DM fan to know these facts.

  6. it's funny that I watched maddie's video at the end (the 15 facts) right before I watched this lol

  7. I new all of it can surprise me I hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaahahahhhaahhahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaahahaahahafailhahahahahahahahahahahaahahaahaahahahahahaahahaahahahaahahahahaahhahahaahahafailhahahahahahahahahaaahahahahaahfailhahahahahahahahaha

  8. Some things that shocked me is like JoJo can fart with most of her body☺🤔😄😁🙄😏💩😸✌👍👏

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