#4 Buxcoin and Cashfinex – All the latest updates which you wish to know!

#4 Buxcoin and Cashfinex – All the latest updates which you wish to know!

hello everyone welcome to my video blog
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video blog basically is a very precise video blog I will be only giving the
latest updates that people are actually looking forward to for long time and
it’s a very short video where I just like to tell the entire community that
for the last couple of months we have been working on different projects and
top of our agenda for 2019 last quarter first two was to get the Bux coin
listed on the public exchanges outer exchanges and we have been working to
get the coin listed on those exchanges we are nearly at the end of
getting listed and you all will get a very good news that
we are listed on the outer exchange and so in total by the end of this month we
will be listed on four exchanges two exchanges are the top ten exchanges on
coin market cap and one is cashfinex itself and one other exchange is a
medium-sized exchange and in January we will go to a bigger level and next level
rather and we will list our coin to some some very top well-known exchanges which
has got a very very high volume so that our coin will float in that in that
volume through those exchanges so so as we know that we have been quite focused
towards our vision of getting things done in a proper way in nice way
creating a proper channel for our coin to perform and the coin to get ready
when its going in the market is we don’t want to just throw the coin without any
utilities without having a know-how of how to create a demand for a coin so
that the supply can meet the demand and I think we have been working for last so
many months that you can see and people have been supporting us of course we
also face a lot of criticism as well but we have never diverted from our vision
and you can see that whatever we have promised or whatever we have on our
agenda from day one we are going as per the plan when the time actually came we
decided to list the coin on the public exchange at the same time we are also
pushing through our exchange in the global crypto asset market because we
have put a lot of effort in building up cashfinex exchange a beautiful exchange
completely new design completely new algorithm the the mechanism is quite
different from the operating exchanges in the market it’s a is amalgamation of
crypto and margin trading both but we have integrated our mt4 platform into
our exchange giving people you know an advantage to trade on the crypto and on
the other hand you can also trade on margin trading under the same
platform I think there are there are no similar exchange like us in the market
and we have created our own sort of niche market for the crypto
exchange so the focus is to push the exchange in the global market because
Bux coin is again a part of the exchange so somewhere when the exchange
will go and compete in the outer world when the trader will start coming and
feeding on the exchange when we will be will be getting a lot of coin to get
listed on our exchange we get their community to come and trade on our
exchange and this is how we will build up demand for our coin because what we
are trying to do is we are offering bux coin as an alternative for other
crypto asset on our exchange so it’s a very simple same business model if somebody
if the trader comes on my own cashfinex exchange and you want to trade in BTC USD he will pay X amount of commission but if he comes but if he
trades on BTC BUX he will of course get around fifty to sixty percent
discount on that on that Commission so that will push the traders to trade and
start using our box coin thus creating a demand for it so so now as we as I speak
cashfinex got listed in too many many codex website which people consider it
to be the top website for the references purposes we are now listed on coin codex which is very good website they have caught more than
million visitors at a time and in a time comes in visit coin codex so of course
they will also do our exchange we have listed on coin market daddy crypto wisser
crypto compare coin market and there are many so many we have got
listed and approved and and one after the other we are getting you know listed
so so soon we will share this this news with you guys on a telegram channel so
do subscribe or do you know become a member of the telegram channel to get
the latest updates and the news so all together I can say that we are extremely
very happy that we are actually in the right direction and we try our level
best to meet the expectation of all our clients and you know and and I think
it’s very important that we are putting a lot of effort of course you can see
and we are delivering the results but at the same time we also need support from
our community to go online on these websites write positive comments
positive about the coin because perception matters a lot and perception
is one of the major factor which derives derives the price or effect the price of
the coin at some point so the more positive you talk the more people will
come and join and this will help eventually this will help the coin to be
more popular in the market right and this is very common fundamental anyhow
when you talk positive about anything and that will definitely go well in the
market right and you can see that we have done all our level best to deliver
the product and we will never stop this is not this is the beginning January
2020 is the beginning there we will be starting many other things for our coin
we will be we will announce lot of new project that are under development at
the moment but we have left it for 2020 of course we don’t want to over you know overload our
community with so many utilities and they are not able to use it properly
we’ll go slowly we are but we are building lot of other utilities which
will be really really very very beneficial for all our
members if they can use it properly and of course those utilities are
specifically being built to bring the outer market one to our exchange and let
them use our boxcoin so thank you very much for listening
stay tuned as I said subscribe to my channel once again thank you very much
leave your comment and please take the negativity out of the whole social media
please we need this is very important for our community our project as well
and we need thumbs up to go forward right so look after yourself god bless you all
thank you very much

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  2. Keep it up with the good efforts. Sir when CFX options will be fully functional & when our winning coins will be able to withdraw into wallets.

  3. since 2 years we r waiting for withdrawal,,,and plz now enable us to get withdraw from cashfinex to outer exchanges,,,,dnt sell ur own coins, let us permission to buy sell the real community time to sell ,,,,

  4. Sir thx for putting up all latest updates on social media platform answering all in one. Now 99% I think are excited about it knowing not what to do as the member of buxcoin. Certainly you and core Team is going an incredible job. Now also help us know what to do as the buxcoin Family technically known as Retail Investor. Thx

  5. Proud to be a part of buxcoin
    But sir there is little problem,i have 3 accounts of buxcoin 2 are going very well but one account not loging in.notification (technical error contact us) but how to contact account is not login?

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