4.62B robocalls made in Jan.: Thune gives update on new robocall law

4.62B robocalls made in Jan.: Thune gives update on new robocall law

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  1. 4,600,000,000 robot calls in one month, Jan2020?.
    It's 153,000,000 calls per day. How long was the call time line? It's a carriers calls or internet W3C, iCANN applications calls upon CDMA network alternative to GSM parties lines.

  2. Dems work hard on impeachment!!!
    Virginia & Maryland has pushed the hardest gun laws in America!!!
    Is it a coincidence they border DC????!?!?!?
    Somethings coming, wake up people!!!!!

  3. Ah, it has been a month, and I've received more since it has been signed.
    And geuss what, not a peep from media, until I see this.
    Anyone else?

  4. They want to stop ROBO Calls, if they can call us at any hour of the day or night, we should be able to call them back.

  5. It's 12:30 pm right now. I already have received 4 calls and 2 texts already today. It's just 30 minutes after noon. How many more today?

  6. I literally just got one while watching this video. I never answer calls from numbers I do not recognize and just block and delete them. I have noticed an uptick in them this month. Sad bastards.

  7. If my understanding is correct, these guys briefly buy service and get a phone number, shouldnt it be a simple matter of tracking down who owned the number and figuring patterns?

  8. I responded to the free hotel stay. And they tried selling me discount priced hotels. And when I said no, I want the free one that you guys said to push number one for and they hung up on me.

  9. I love you Mr Stewart ,will you please post more of your shows so I can watch I got rid of cable cause Congress Democrats and never Trumpers Rino's and media couldn't handle all the lies and illegal means against a duely elected president Donald Trump

  10. I've had 5 today so far. Credit Card, Vehicle Warranty, IRS/Police, Medicare, Alert Bracelet and free vacation are daily occurrences.

  11. This is your credit card company contacting you for the the last time about your debt. Like o really yeah my account with credit card company that i forgot about

  12. Some robocalls are necessary for example, people needing to know their medication wont be arriving in time or a payment not going through for something important. But even then there needs to be a national verification process to determine if this robocall is legit.

  13. Varney- the reason they keep doing it is because they are swamp creatures wrything in pain as the deep state begins to burn.

  14. Update to follow. I got a fake text from a known fraud number just an hour ago.
    They promised $550 a week if I drive around with a baby Ruth sticker in my car. I’d do it for a few free candy bars 🙂

    Update. I just got another similar text. From another partial #. 1(410)200-500 as follows
    FRM:Alan Hunt
    MSG:Hey Can you let Baby Ruth Chocolate put small ads logo sticker on your
    bus truck car or suv etc for 550 week payment

  15. u cant stop the robocalls or the demonikkkrats trying to impeach donald trump and impeach remove or prosecute vindictively everyone in his administration and family. only vote for true constitutional conservatives. we must abolish the atf and irs. we must kick the u n out of our republic

  16. The phone service providers could stop it in an instant. If they wanted to They can instantly locate the origin of a spoof or ghosted call. Why don’t they? $$$$$$$$. They make millions each month from these calls.

  17. Also could we please have a law that prevents 55 year old women from having hairdos ment for 20 year olds. Its a bit of false advertising and sometimes shocking…in a bad way….

  18. Screw that, it is time to outlaw all forms of robocalling and all other forms of telemarketing. If I want information on a product or a service, I will contact the company directly.

  19. They are spoofing, so how can they control it since they are using everyone else's number. I got 4 yesterday from 4 random peoples cell phone numbers. They don't call from their business numbers.

  20. Every FREE app you install, accepting the terms. Gives them access to contacts, photos etc. Then the app companies… Google…sale all your life, and every contact in your device.
    Ever noticed there's never an option to really just buy an app you like.

  21. Let us refi your home (that is payed for).
    Let us insure your car against repair costs (don't have a car).
    & on & on!
    Do not call doesn't work!
    Use Do not answer!😁

  22. Why? Why?

    They are criminals.

    They need to avoid prosecution.

    Money-laundering U.S. humanitarian aid and U.S. military aid is in the $Billions.

    ..and $Trillions are unaccounted for.

    The Biden video is three major federal felony crimes.

    How many have cashed-in?

    It is Democrat Party leadership, and some RINO’s including Mitt Romney.

    Schiff-Pelosi participated in Ukraine corruption-crime.

    Schiff has Burisma “donations” for his promise to impeach Trump election campaign.

    This isn’t TDS Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    It isn’t politics. It is crime.

    The entire Democrat Party leadership participated, all of it.

    Look at Glen Beck’s “white board” series, and he doesn’t have it all.

    Democrats are desperate to keep their “career professional” bureaucrats and the politicians they “own” in government office.

  23. I just read the bill $10,000 fine per robo call penalty and the still did over 4 billion last month…. slap them in the teeth and take the money from the fines asap right out the gate squash em

  24. This law will not work just like the "do not call" registry. Its all smoke and guns with these politicians who are in the hands of big business. What I found out with the "do not call" registry: 1) there is no oversight to ensure the service is properly supported, 2) it basically was not staffed to maintain and support the users and program, 3) there's no teeth to discourage the robo call business, 4) there was no cooperation from the international community to help control this. Why is this important? Because many of not most of these calls come from countries that have no agreement with the USA to control this abuse. To tackle this in my opinion: 1) enough budget must be set aside to hire the proper staffing to implement, manage, and support users and services, 2) ensure the federal, state, and local law enforcement are tied in so that quick action can be taken if needed, 3) ensure stiff fines per incident hurts them. If fines don't do it, law enforcement should have laws on the book to enable them to arrest people who violate the law, 4) there should be an intake process that are supported by the staffing mentioned earlier. A triage based on defined criteria to streamline the process based on X, Y, and Z. Until they do something similar, this is nothing but a shell game that the robo industry will laugh at and ignore just like they did to the "Do Not Call" registry service.

  25. 4.62B robocalls a month in a country of 330M isn't just a little scam, but a targeted attack and a sign we are in free fall! This is why these monsters think they can take advantage — nobody ever stops them! Why isn't government protecting its citizens? I've said it before and I'll say it again: why do the Intelligence Agencies not find these cyberterrorists sending these calls over in their home countries, kick their doors down, haul them off to a black site, —–comment edited for decency—–, and send them back home as a shell of their former selves to send a message to other foreign nationals that this is what happens to you when you attack American Citizens! Common Americans should not have to face the threat of identity theft alone when we have a government. Is the government not there to protect its citizens?

  26. The emotional intelligence of the average liberal is very low. Their lack of control of their emotions influencing all thought processes, reactions and decision making is compromised by how illogical and how irrational they are. Of course they don't see this because their analytical capacity is reduced by a low level of emotional intelligence and conversely pitifully low cognative functions. All responses are in the first instance emotional for them, then later in hind sight possible more critical, but coupled with the realization they have made a fool of themselves. No back peddling on outlandish or unseemly comments made or reactions witnessed occurs though. This is why the term flaky, emerged, because it describes the inconsistency of liberal responses to fairly normal situations. This type of emotional response, coupled with large but delicate egos, an inability for self reflection and little or no objectivity, leads to self deciet, and the misrepresentation of facts or evidence to their audience. It results in lies and therefore corrupt activity that is compounded by their dishonesty, and inability to understand and play by the rules, such as the rule of law, and the function of departments such as the DOJ. They are in many instances unfit psychologically for serving in congress, or in the case of the average liberal joe on the street, being charge of any organisation or operation that requires integrity.

  27. He's exposing thier corruption. He's disrupting thier money flow. Washington is corrupt, let's face it. This goes for both sides. Nobody on these a little higher than average salaries can afford these extravagant homes and lifestyles, unless their crooked. THINK ABOUT IT. this includes media, Hollywood. we are such suckers as a people on the working level.

  28. "Why do they Keep Doing It?"

    Soros & Bloomberg keep Paying, so the Mindless Drudges of the Left keep throwing themselves on the Grenades.

  29. Stop Being a Victim!
    Start Answering RoboCalls & Talk to People.
    Pretend this is a Legitimate Call and Ask the Questions you would Normally Ask.

  30. I haven’t been able to answer my phone anymore because of amount of robot calls. I let every call go to vm and return the legit calls.

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