3 AM Full Movie | HD | Rannvijay Singh & Anindita Nayar | Latest Bollywood Hindi Horror Movie

3 AM Full Movie | HD | Rannvijay Singh & Anindita Nayar | Latest Bollywood Hindi Horror Movie

Entering the Rudra Mills compound between
sunset and sunrise is strictly prohibited.
Any harm that comes to anyone on
entry shall be their own responsibility.
Hey man!
Are you crazy? I got scared!
I am sorry, really sorry.
God! I really felt something
is spooky here.
Brother, this place is
deadly haunted!
Bugger, you won the bet!
Come on, take out the cash.
Hey you! come on, shell out
the cash. No excuses for you.
Excuse me!
Money from Honey?
It’s not funny.
I knew it, she won’t
give it.
I will give it.
She is trying to save her money.
What are you all doing here?
You are not supposed to be here.
So sorry sir.
I am really sorry sir.
I know we are not supposed to be here.
We should not have trespassed.
But, we are just chilling and
having fun. That’s it.
There is a sign board outside.
Didn’t you read it?
The premises here are not safe.
Moreover, all of you
have disturbed me here.
Sorry again sir!
My apologies.
We have heard a lot of haunted
stories about this place.
So, we decided to unveil
the truth by visiting this place.
Unveil the truth?
What will you do knowing
the truth?
Anyways, it’s hard to swallow the truth.
Sir, truth is hard to swallow for
them who cannot stay real!
If we had no courage to handle
the truth, we would not be here.
Then listen to this.
What does this world consist of and apart
from this world which other world exists
and what does that other world consist of
will not be completely known by anyone.
But, they have a world;
The world of dead.
That is for sure.
The another world is made of
unrequited wishes,
broken belief and shattered dreams,
with crime and infliction, illusion and
with condemn and curse.
They wish to be seen, heard
and also to be felt.
But, they never cross our path.
But, we tend to cross their path due to
some mishap, mistake or obstinacy.
One such mistake was committed
by me due to which we crossed paths.
I am Sunny.
Life was flying with me
according to my conditions.
Ocean waves return sopping the sand.
Memories are left at the shore.
And people get lost in the waves.
As I think about it, everything just
comes to my mind one after another.
Seems like it just
happened yesterday.
We had completed 100 episodes
of a reality show on CTV.
Almost everything achieved.
Sarah’s love was my life.
and Cyrus
were not only my friends
but they were my emotional pillars
as well the show producers.
A success party was thrown
by our channel head Mr. Dave.
Sir, there will definitely be 100 episodes
this time with a good profit margin.
Sir, please give me a second.
I want to talk about something to you.
What’s wrong baby?
There is a celebration
but you don’t seem happy!
No baby, I am happy!
There is no need of a sign board
to show that you are happy.
It can be noticed automatically.
Now tell me, what’s wrong?
8 years!
We are in love
since we were kids.
It is accepted by our parents too.
But, they keep asking us, when?
I want to ask you the same
thing today! When?
Don’t you think it’s time
we get married?
Everything is going great!
So what is the problem?
Babe, marriage, wedlock! You know
I don’t believe in this institution.
I don’t want to get knotted
in all this.
We do not need a certificate to
prove our love to the world.
Why can’t you bear with
our happiness?
You know what?
Actually, I need more time.
Sarah you are my life,
you are my soul.
Will you marry me?
Because, one who can crack such
a poor joke on a serious thing;
A joker like me wants to
make you laugh all your life!
– Yes, I will.
– You almost broke my heart.
Marriage and beatings walk hand in hand.
Anyways, I have to dance on
your moves all my life!
So, let’s do some practice.
Baby, leave this and spent
some time with your fiance.
Sunny, this Bhagvad Gita
belongs to my grandfather.
It used to protect him during the war.
Now, it protects us.
Until I have this, the god will protect me
Baby, god and courage is within.
Don’t try to find them in
materialistic things.
Also now you have a
bodyguard like me!
Please wait for 5 minutes.
Baby, cab has arrived.
I need to go.
No, it’s too late.
It’s 10 pm!
Where are you going?
It’s just 10 pm!
The night has just begun.
I making a story on most
haunted locations of Mumbai.
And the research time of story
is post 12 am.
You should visit it sometime.
The place is so haunted that it
will get you goosebumps
Even I will accompany you
to the haunted location.
Silence, rustle and two of us.
Shut up!
You have an early
morning meeting, right!
So, be early to bed and early to rise.
I will see in your office at 10′ o clock?
Honey, did you see my
Bhagvad Gita kept somewhere?
I don’t remember where
I kept it! How stupid of me.
No doubt!
I mean, I didn’t see it.
It’s not funny!
You are aware I do not
go anywhere without it.
Yes, relax babe.
It’s all in the mind.
It must be somewhere around.
I will find it and keep it safely, okay?
Okay sweety, please do that.
I am getting really late,
I will leave, okay.
See you, bye.
Hey, what do you mean
okay, bye?
At least give me a goodbye
kiss before leaving. Please!
Goodbye kiss! for what ah?
I will see you tomorrow.
What happened baby?
Sarah, what’s wrong?
Sarah, what has happened?
why are you crying?
I am sorry.
Sorry for what?
Sarah, I am calling you since long
and you did not answer! – Sunny.
Uncle, it’s you!
Sunny, be strong and listen to me.
Yes uncle.
Sarah is no more!
– What do you mean?
Uncle do you even know
what are you saying!
I just received a call from the police.
Sarah has hanged herself at Rudra mills.
Around 3 am.
Leave me!
Leave me!
Go away!
Let’s go.
Thanks for the food guys.
Why are you saying Thanks!
Should I take it back?
You got us really worried.
You showed up today after the funeral.
I hope everything is fine.
I am okay. I just needed some time.
Dude, we were missing you at work.
In fact I have to talk about it.
I need to get back to work, pal.
Dude, that’s amazing!
That’s really awesome.
In fact, it’s today that we were
discussing about you resuming back.
Also, we will settle the
office as it was before.
Actually, I have a mind blowing
idea for a show.
Killer man! What is it?
Come in.
– What’s up?
The idea is to capture paranormal
activities on our cameras
and prove that ghost do exist.
What are you saying?
There is nothing as such like ghost.
And you are well aware that
television shows those create horror stories
they look more like comedy stories.
No! you both are not getting me.
It’s a different format.
I am not stating if ghosts exist or they don’t!
We will visit a supposedly haunted
place and try to scientifically prove
if paranormal activities really take
place there or they don’t.
Neutral POV (Point Of View).
We are not trying convince anything fake.
This format was a hit abroad.
I am sure it will work.
I just want you to watch this DVD.
I have downloaded a lot of
references for two of you.
I am sure you will understand me.
Sunny, look, as a friend I
will watch the DVD but
the final decision will be
of Mr. Dave, okay?
He will approve if it’s a yes or no.
If the DVD is good, I will support you.
I know but you make sure that you
show him and then make it happen.
– Okay fine pal.
Yes sir.
I saw your new reference show.
I like it. So I have sanctioned
a new show in the same format.
Details have been worked out with Cyrus.
Both of you come to my office
tomorrow. Let’s have a small meeting.
Sir, this is a great news.
I will see you in the afternoon.
Okay, see you then.
– Thank you sir.
– Thank you sir.
Well done.
Now, listen to the plan.
This show will be for CTV.
And it will also be produced by you.
Make it so scary
that people should have no courage
watch it alone even in the daylight.
In addition, keep it’s ending open.
So that a person is even more
excited while watching a new episode.
You will not regret this sir.
We will make sure
the show gets highest TRP.
I am sure you will!
But the bottom line is, that I need the
first episode by the end of next month.
So, gentlemen start shooting right away.
Absolutely sir!
We will hunt for a location today onwards
and within two weeks we will start shooting.
Actually sir, location is finalized.
I have done some research.
There’s a scary and spooky place.
Also, it will be brilliant opening
for our first episode.
Rudra Mills.
Yes, I like that location.
Go right ahead.
Thank you sir
– Good luck.
Take care of this.
– What happened?
What happened!
You know that I know.
What do you know?
Rudra Mills!
This is the same place
where Sarah was dead!
Yes, it’s the same place but it’s a
mere coincidence and not a connection.
It’s a great location brother!
Dude, I trust you.
But you have to move on.
I don’t want to move on!
I loved her, I love her
and I will always love her.
I do not mix my personal life
and professional life and you know it.
I am not saying that.
– Brother, another thing.
I would appreciate it if you
do not talk about this topic henceforth.
Sunny listen to what I am saying.
I hope you are not
lying about the location?
Cyrus come on!
I am of yours and that
makes me worried for you.
I know you guys are worried
about me but I am okay.
– I want to work, let’s start!
All of a sudden, Sarah was gone.
I had lost a reason to live without her.
The experience I had that night,
I don’t know if it was my dream
illusion or a reality!
That night, was Sarah’s soul there
to meet me for the one last time?
I am sure it was a truth.
I had heard and read about it
but never believed all of it.
But it was then I had decided
to prove it to all including me
that spirits do exist and also that
they have a different world existent.
May be this was the only way
to meet Sarah once again.
– Yes!
We have entered the compound of Rudra Mills.
This mill is situated exactly
in the middle of Mumbai city.
You can see that people
reside around it.
In the center lies the
deserted ruins.
The activities that have taken place here,
can definitely be concluded as Paranormal.
Not only in Mumbai but
all over the country
this place is considered as
one of the most haunted locations.
Here, I have with me
the care taker of this mill, Mr. Khan.
Mr. Khan please tell us please
something about you and this mill.
My name is Waseem Khan.
I have been observing
this mill since I was 16.
Since the time it has established,
it never witnessed any good.
The first owner of this mill suffered
a heavy loss and sold it low-priced.
Later the hand over was taken by a
demon who was a spokesman of Satan!
His atrocities included making
the laborers work forcibly 20 hours a day.
He never bothered about their safety.
This area used to be our main Production unit.
That one night,
when fire caught up massively
thousands of workers were burned
to ashes including the owner of the mill.
Thousands of unnatural deaths!
This indicates we are
on the right path of our quest!
Mr. Khan please tell us
something more about this mill.
After the 1984 mishap, people noticed
horrifying instances many a times.
The laborers working here
have witnessed the spirits of those
burnt workers wandering around.
They left the work.
Finally, the mill had to be shut down.
Hey cry baby, you still have time!
Take the cheque and leave.
Shut up!
Did you see something?
Yes, I have seen them many a times.
The spirits of those dead workers
is yet to attain salvation.
These spirits are still suffering
and awaiting for the deliverance!
There is one more extraordinary fact!
They do not harm anyone.
This means, spirits of Rudra Mills are harmless?
Dude, all of them are just like you!
No, except one and he is the last owner
of this mill, Rudra Pratap Singh.
Even today, that wicked spirit gets
powerful at night and harasses the workers.
Only during night? – Yes, as this
mishap had taken place during night.
It’s also said that he uses his
satanical powers during night!
In day light,
only noble spirits are around.
Sunny, I have an idea.
We will just shoot during the day.
Also, there is enough amount of light.
You are scared by now?
As Mr. Khan told us that spirits carry out
paranormal activities in the night.
We hope that we will also be able to
watch and record these activities.
We won’t be assisted
with any external help for this.
Mr. Khan, tell us something more about it.
This is a very old and secluded place
accessed as an area for
conflicts and disappear corpse!
Few days back a girl visited here to
write a story about these ruthless nights
In the morning,
she was found hanging there.
I tried to stop her but she
did not stop as you all.
I am sure she did not commit suicide
but that evil spirit is
responsible for her condition.
Let’s go ahead.
Hey, it’s too dark here.
This is Rudra Pratap Singh’s room.
The room is designed ominously
in terms of the architectural pattern.
Sunny, brother, let’s avoid this room.
Shut up Raj.
Cyrus – Yes!
If the room is filled with darkness
during the day,
this makes us think how
it would seem at night.
Moreover, it’s a new moon night
tonight and it’s said that
evil spirits turn out
to be more powerful.
So now I will stick an ‘X’ mark
at the most haunted spot of the mill.
Come here.
Look at this door.
What is behind it?
It does not open.
Try it.
– Hold this.
– He is right it does not open.
Dude, you try it.
– I don’t want to try it.
There is nothing at the
opposite side of the door.
Rudra Pratap Singh has constructed
twenty such doors all over mill.
Believers say that this a part
of his satanical activities.
Get the shot of all these doors.
These are Rudra Pratap’s satanical doors.
Neither they open
nor they take you anywhere.
This is the main corridor of the mill.
All of you would definitely
like to come here at night.
I just hope we will be able to
see all the corners, ways and corridors.
I am going to just mark it.
– Yes.
Yes, you will be able to see.
Till morning arrives you will
know the mill very well.
Dude, this means we will be
cleaned to death by the night ends!
Don’t talk too much! Shut up.
– Yes.
Check the sides.
Rudra Pratap used to carry
out his satanical activities here.
Once, I had called a priest to get
this place rid of the evil presence.
But, as soon he began with prayers
he was thrown far
away forcibly by someone.
He got up and ran for his life.
Later, I tried calling the priest
many a times to make this place pure
but he never turned up!
– Yes.
What the hell was that guys?
Relax, something might have fallen off.
Rudra Pratap Singh is doing this.
He begins to show his
existence as the sun sets.
As the atmosphere will darken
he will become more powerful.
It’s a new moon night tonight.
His powers would be at it’s extreme.
My fellow workers used to work here.
That is the most unfortunate
thing happened to me.
All the workers were
burned to ashes.
Why did the fire caught up?
Only the almighty is aware of it.
Everything was fine
suddenly I observed the smoke
coming out from the mill.
I ran to to open the iron gate of the mill.
It was locked from inside
and I could hear the screams
of my fellow men.
I could not help them in any way.
Hey, Raj!
Hey, what happened and
why are you crying?
Brother, you are crying!
I don’t know guys, I didn’t realize it.
What happened?
Is everything okay?
Where am I?
Cyrus, shoot everything!
– I am doing it.
Everything is important.
What was I doing and what
are we doing here?
It’s 7 ‘o clock.
We must leave now.
– It’s getting dark.
Let’s go.
Alright let’s go, rolling.
It’s 7 pm and we are in the
compound of Rudra Mills.
This gate will be opened
by 6 am the next day.
Raj, Cyrus and me will find out
if indeed Rudra Mills is haunted.
Till then we are officially locked in.
Now, we will enter Rudra Mills and
install cameras on the ‘X’ mark locations.
We also have other many equipments
to prove if paranormal activities
take place here and no.
For instance this EVP recorder.
Take a close shot.
– Got it!
Dude, I was thinking if this place is
haunted we might lose our lives.
Hey shut up dude!
Don’t talk nonsense.
I am just kidding pal!
You are such a cry baby!
– It isn’t about being a cry baby.
You must always think and talk
positive at such places.
Just do your work.
Guys, come on!
Talk less and work more.
Lift the luggage.
Next time dare you utter
something like this! – Shut up pal.
Come on, ready guys?
1 second!
Yes, done.
Yes rolling – So am I.
– Me too.
It’s 9 pm and we have set
all the equipments.
Now we are proceeding towards
the corridor with an ‘X’ mark
and it’s one of the hot spots.
As you all can see there is
no one else here apart from three of us.
Not a sign of life.
This place is spooky.
I can believe that this place is haunted.
Mr. Khan says the same and
also it is believed that
as soon the sun sets and it’s night
there is an emergence of evil spirits
and make their enormity evident.
Let’s hope we get some of
their action tonight. Come!
Guys, did you hear that?
– What?
I think I heard a whisper.
Someone said ‘Cyrus’.
What? – My name! Why would
someone call out my name?
Who knows, your father must have
borrowed money from Rudra Pratap.
Very funny, Nonsense!
Move ahead, come on.
Something must be recorded
on your EVP recorder!
Why are you paying heed to him?
That’s why we are here
and we are carrying this equipment.
Check it, quick!
And if there’s nothing?
– What if there’s something?
Show me.
– It’s just static dude!
How is it possible? – Now you
explain me what is static!
You will tell me what is static!
Guys, this is a good sign.
This is what we want. – Dude!
Come on, we can’t waste time.
Let’s go.
You guys are crazy.
Now we have entered the corridor
where Mr. Khan got us in the evening.
He has felt a lot of activities here.
He has even experienced the spirits
of the workers wandering here.
This is why we have ‘X’
marked this spot.
This is the hot spot.
I am placing a hammer here.
It is the same hammer that
workers made use of years ago.
So hopefully they will
be attracted looking at this.
If we are lucky, we will
get to see some activity.
Now I will try to provoke the spirits
and call them. Let’s see
We are not here to trouble you.
We want to talk to you
and probably can also help you.
Give us some proof of your existence.
Make some sound or shift the hammer from it’s spot.
If you exist, show us some clue.
We want to talk to you and
want to help you.
What happened?
Just now someone
passed by from there.
Dude don’t make stories
– I am not and I have recorded it.
Come here and have a look.
– It’s been recorded? – Show it.
Oh yes, there is something!
– Obviously it’s there.
There is something here.
There is nothing, it’s just a shadow.
If someone is here please show yourself.
Please give us some proof.
Shift this hammer or make some sound.
Come on, please show yourself.
I know you are here.
If you are here please show yourself.
I am telling you, It won’t.
Hey, pal!
Dude, I saw something! I did.
– There is nothing.
I have recorded it.
– Guys, please! Let this work.
If someone is here then please,
shift this hammer. Come on.
See! We are just wasting time. Let’s go
somewhere else, may be we find something.
Let’s go, come.
– The camera is rolling, right?
Yes, it’s rolling.
Brother, I saw something
I saw it in this!
Anyways, let’s go.
We are now entering the production hall
where the workers were burnt to death.
We have experienced some
paranormal activities already.
I am hoping we will come across
more activities in this production hall.
Be careful Cyrus.
Okay guys, make sure anything
happens keep rolling.
Record everything and don’t utter a word.
Specially you Raj.
– Yes.
Is someone here?
My name is Sunny. – You are
introducing as if you are ‘Sunny Leone’.
Sorry pal.
And these are my friends
Raj and Cyrus.
Dude, don’t introduce me.
Shut up man!
We are not here to trouble you.
I want to repeat it again again
that we are here to help you.
We know about you and are aware
it was bitter what happened with you.
There is nothing more bad than
a death caused due to burning.
But we want to interact with you
so that we let know the world.
What happened?
– Look above the shoulder.
Raj! you…
What is your problem?
I had asked you to be quiet.
Dude it just blew up in my face.
Just shut up and record.
That is all you have to do.
Guys, wait for a second.
We were trying to contact them
and they are contacting us.
This is what we wanted.
Exactly! But if he let’s it happen.
I am sorry but..
– Enough, relax.
I asked you to be quiet and record
and if you don’t want to then leave.
Sorry, I was startled!
We were so close.
Okay, let’s proceed. Come on
guys let’s continue recording.
Okay, sorry.
Sunny, sorry.
It’s 10.15 pm by now.
It is believed that the most horrifying
ghost in Rudra Mills is Rudra Pratap himself!
Also, he does not spare anyone
who comes here at night.
Right now, we are in Rudra Pratap’s cabin.
And as it is a hotspot of the paranormal activity.
One member of our team will stay back here.
He will to do the
sole investigation by provocation.
Why me?
– Because you are a strong man.
You have those guts!
It’s not about guts.
Listen Raj, you have already wasted
a lot of time upstairs.
We are here to work. Be serious.
Dude, I am really sorry
for what happened upstairs.
But, I am saying it seriously, let
Cyrus Dabba Batliwala stay here.
Rudra Pratap will go away
at an instance knowing his name.
Just shut up dude!
All three of us will
do sole investigation.
You can stay here or go to the
black magic room.
Listen, we will send him to the
black magic room.
Dude, do you have any
animosity for me?
I give you the cheque on time.
It’s him who delays!
Raj! It’s your choice.
Stay here or go to black magic room.
Okay, listen to me, seriously.
– Yes.
Black magic room will be safest for you.
Do you know why?
Because Rudra Pratap had just
lifted the priest and thrown away.
I will stay here.
– Yes.
Listen to me,
black magic room is better for you.
I will stay here.
Rudra Pratap, I know you are here
and you dislike that we are here.
You have terrified many people,
now try it on us.
Raj will stay here alone.
If you think you can scare him,
come and get him.
Dude, please provoke him
as per my capacity.
Okay. – Good luck!
– You take care of yourself.
And yes, line two on your walkie talkie.
Bye, take care.
Okay! ready, let’s go.
We are now in a room where
Rudra Pratap had attacked the priest.
When we had visited this room
before there was a dead bird lying!
The bird is missing now but it
is not necessary a ghostly deed.
A cat or a rat might have done this.
This room is observed with
lot of activities
so now, Cyrus will stay here alone.
You heard that?
– Yes I did!
Rudra Pratap it’s you, right?
And it was you attacked the priest, right?
Come on, speak up!
What happened?
Do you limit your havoc to the weak!
Try to frighten us.
You were calling out Cyrus
since long, he is here now.
Say something!
Rudra Pratap, it’s a new moon night tonight
you want Cyrus, right! I am here.
Did you listen?
Dude, he is laughing.
You think it’s a prank?
You know what? He wants Cyrus
and I will give him Cyrus!
And he will give me the footage.
You shall leave.
You are sure? – Absolutely.
You shall leave now.
Brother, this is a real thing.
– I know!
I am telling you, don’t wait, go.
Okay. You have the walkie talkie.
– Okay. – Call me.
Best of luck.
Now, it’s only Cyrus in the black magic room.
And I am in the corridor where
Mr. Khan showed us the doors
those have no destination.
They do not open.
According to him, these doors are a part
of Rudra Pratap’s satanical activities.
I have read this too that such
doors are a gateway for spirits.
It’s a gateway to their world.
Now I am entering the corridor where
I had kept the hammer on the ‘X’ mark.
Hopefully, I shall find there something.
I have entered the corridor where
I had kept the hammer on the ‘X’ mark.
Raj is in Rudra Pratap’s cabin
and Cyrus in the black magic room.
We came across some instances
of paranormal activity
and I believe by morning we
shall collect enough evidence to…
It’s moved! Camera.
I will definitely find something in this.
It’s unbelievable!
It’s hard to believe that I just saw this.
Hammer is lifted in the air by itself!
This is proof that spirits do exist.
Ghosts do exist.
I and Rudra Pratap are all alone here,
doing nothing.
I am waiting here and nothing has
happened as of now.
And I hope nothing happens later on too.
Both of them made a plan with me.
I am startled a bit!
It’s is a psycho idea of both of them.
And, I won’t prove you anything about ghosts.
– Hey Raj, did you get something?
I will get later on but
right now what I am saying is,
don’t switch this on suddenly.
Switch it on carefully.
– Yes, fine.
Did you get something?
– Yes, I did but I will tell you later.
You keep up with the provocation,
I am sure something will happen.
Provocation! Hey, there is nothing
here, shall I come there?
Come to the production hall
If nothing happens until 3 am.
Is it okay?
– Okay.
What a psycho idea!
It’s 02.05 am and I am in the production hall.
A lot of paranormal activities have
taken place with us
and I am very excited to tell the
world that life after death does exist.
All of a sudden the temperature has dropped.
It’s very strange.
5 degrees! This is impossible.
In the month of may the temperature
drops to 5 degrees. This is impossible.
Something is happening there.
These spheres of light
called as ‘Orbs’.
They are here again and I won’t disturb
them as they should not vanish as before.
Okay, so you want to say that
you heard some weird sounds
and experienced some spooky things inside.
Also you want us to be believe your fairy tale.
We are used to this habit of
learning from our own mistakes.
So wait, listen and then believe.
There’s no hurry.
Life after death is a one way road
with no U turn, milestone or a sign board.
Life is indicated when you keep
moving on with time.
But, time stops running in their world.
Rudra Pratap!
You coward! show up jerk.
We used to consider Raj
a biggest coward!
But you proved it wrong!
You are trying to play smart!
Show up if you have guts!
Cyrus come in, Cyrus…
Hey you are fine, right!
Cyrus is deliberately screaming to scare me.
Childhood friendship has got me in trouble.
Both of them are playing a prank on me.
What should I do?
Shall I wait here or leave?
Moreover this walkie!
It’s not functioning properly.
Who is there?
Sunny! Sunny…
Raj, what happened?
Sunny, there the table…
I know, I know!
We are here to shoot this.
Listen to me Raj,
We need to tell the world things we have seen.
Come on! Raj, listen to what I am saying.
You listen to me now! You have gone crazy.
If we keep shooting here eventually
our funeral will be shot too.
Let’s go from here!
– Calm down Raj.
We are together, right!
– No we are not together.
Where is Cyrus?
Cyrus! But, you both left me alone
there. He was screaming out.
Cyrus come in, Cyrus.
Dude, where are you?
Sunny wait. Sunny let’s go from here.
Listen to me, you have to calm down.
We did not quit anything to date and
will complete this episode too.
No, let’s go from here.
Okay, we will stick together.
We will stay together.
Shall we go to take Cyrus?
– Cyrus!
We will stay together.
Cyrus! Cyrus…
Cyrus, what are you doing?
Hey dude don’t scare us!
I will kick you.
Cyrus stop fooling around!
I am not Cyrus.
I am Rudra Pratap.
You were searching for me, right!
Now your quest is over.
Also, it’s time for you to be over.
Before that happens, let’s
play a dreadful game.
He won’t spare us alive.
We will be dead.
What was this?
Raj, we are fine!
We are fine!
We are not fine!
And if we wait here, even we will be dead.
We are fine and
he did not do anything to us.
– We have to get Cyrus and help him.
– We have to help him.
He is not Cyrus anymore and
turned out in someone else.
If we wait here, even
we will turn out in someone else.
Listen, Raj…
– Let’s run away from here.
Shut up Raj!
Put yourself in his shoes.
We would have also expected help.
Think about it. He is our friend.
We will go from here, I promise.
I got both of you here and it’s
me who will take you back.
But all 3 of us have to return.
We have to take Cyrus
He is our friend.
Come on, alright?
You are still recording!
So much has happened! Isn’t it sufficient to you?
It makes no difference if we do the recording.
It’s you and me know what is happening
here but not the world.
Unless we show them this how
will they know about this another world?
We will show it to them.
You, me and Cyrus.
Let’s find him, come.
Record it.
– Hey pal…
Are you okay Raj?
Cyrus I know you in there!
Don’t let him win.
We are here to help you Cyrus.
– We are with you.
We have come to help you.
Fight Cyrus, don’t let him win.
It’s then I came to know that we
were on the edge of each others world.
Yes, it was the same place and those
spirits wanted to tell us something.
And we had no option
other than to listen to them.
You still have time,
just go from here.
He will kill you too as he killed me.
All of us are weak in front him.
Go Sunny, I beg you.
He is possessed.
He is not Cyrus but Rudra Pratap.
Just leave him and go.
No Sarah!
I made mistake while letting you go
but not this time with him.
Hey dude! Don’t this.
Sunny help me.
Sunny! Sunny help…
Help me Sunny.
Hello. – What hello?
What happened to you?
Nothing pal, it was a weird dream.
Dude, why are you speaking
like an Indian railway?
Today is the last day of our college.
Brother, at least today be on time.
– Yes, I am coming.
Dude, where is this idiot Raj?
How will I know!
As usual like his brains,
his phone too is switched off.
No, the best thing about is…
– Everything you say is the best thing.
Yes! – What happens you know…
Brother, this beauty is not easy to lure!
Listen to me, let it be.
I have to talk to her. It’s today or never.
So, professor Pyare was there and…
– Raj…
He is my best friend Sunny
and that’s Sarah.
Actually, I had a nightmare last night.
I saw you too and we were to marry.
And then you just died.
You became a ghost and you came back.
Then, me and my friends made a show
wherein we went the place you died.
Why don’t you try script writing
rather than trying to flirt with me.
But, the story line was original!
Hey, this was not a story line.
Oh is it, can I ask you one thing?
Is this craziness infectious?
Stay away from me. Bye.
No, sorry! I was just joking.
How was my story?
It was good.
I told you, damn original!
I am Sunny.
– I know.
Dude, I just introduced both of you.
You know about the new coffee shop?
It’s awesome.
But there is one problem.
They have coffee, milk but no sugar.
So if you accompany me
it will be really sweet.
Sure! But no pick up lines please.
Okay. Let go?
Hey pal, leave all this
and tell me about the job thing.
The job thing will be done.
Brother tell me about the Goa plan!
Bags have been packed?
Yes, Goa! Everything is set.
Sarah, why don’t you join us?
It’s a nice weather, college has vacations
and you love the beach!
How do you know I like the beach?
I have been stalking you.
I am not coming there.
Hey please come it will be fun.
Hey please come.
Sarah let’s go to Goa. Beach, party what a fun.
Sarah please come, it will be fun.
– Okay wait.
– Okay fine, I will think about it.
Help me!
You are a lucky person.
You are seeing every moment
your death comes closer to you
Unfortunately, you won’t be able
to tell this to anyone.
Just few moments and you
will be turned into me.
Your soul, your existence
and everything will belong to me.
Hey pal!
Raj, brother wake up!
Raj wake up.
Please wake up Raj, please!
Raj, wake up please.
We will go back, please wake up.
Time, images, imagination, memories
everything was getting mixed.
I was there and it was the reality.
I had no clue that my anxiousness
to unveil the truth will get me to this point.
I had already lost Sarah.
Cyrus was now Rudra.
And Raj was numb in front of me.
I was lost.
I had lost my senses.
A maze and a puzzle…
I was captured in Rudra Pratap’s trap of a game!
That nightmare and the night
seemed unending to me.
This Bhagvad Gita
belongs to my grandfather.
Until I have this, the god will protect me.
Rudra Pratap!
Your game will be over tonight,
you and your world will be over too.
Because, on top of you
there is a power!
It was always on top and will always be.
If you think you are extreme than
that power, then come out.
I am here! Come on, come out Rudra Pratap.
Your god exists because I do.
Not only here, in your world too,
it’s my influence everywhere.
People have to be pushed towards god.
Whereas everyone is attracted to me!
As you came here, towards the
death of your friends and self!
Rudra Pratap where did you hide? Come out.
Come out Rudra Pratap,
I am right here. Come on.
Come on…
Rudra Pratap come out.
What did I tell you?
Whether you are afraid of your
almighty or you are not
but you will definitely die.
This is not the end of me.
I am the blood seed.
Every drop of my blood will give
rise to a number of Rudra Pratap.
I exist in every world with different names.
My name, look and even body changes
but my existence will always remain as ever
until the world exists.
I had come here only for you.
But what happened with Raj and Cyrus…
Now, I just want to be with you.
No Sunny. You have to live.
If you live, then
I will be alive in your memories.
Go, life is waiting for you.
What happened then? What did you tell?
Did everyone believe you?
I tried telling them a lot.
I was tired telling them but no one heard me.
Dave sir…
Dave sir…
As, it’s important to to be alive to
listen to someone.
You do not see what exists
and what exists is not seen.
Your eyes cannot see
what your mind does not affirm to.
Universe is too vast for us to understand.
There exists a world of dead too.
Unspoken, unheard and unseen.
Go, it’s time for you guys to leave.
It will be dark in sometime.
Rudra Pratap hasn’t lost yet!
And we have not won yet.
I know you won’t believe my story.
See you guys soon.

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