2020 Golden Globes Fashion Hits & Misses

2020 Golden Globes Fashion Hits & Misses

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(cheering and applause) (whooping) Oh, hi. All right, the biggest names in Hollywood were out on the red carpet last night for the Golden Globes. Here to break down the fashion’s hits and misses, host of Bevelations, Bevy Smith. (cheering and applause) Style guru and author, Lloyd Boston. Hey!
(cheering and applause) And fashion stylist, the very shady Robert Verdi is back. (applause) Always shady. All right, Robert, Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer Lopez, let me tell you something. I spoke to her, I have some inside information on this. I spoke to her stylist, Santa Claus, last night (laughter) and this dress was 50% off after Christmas, and nobody wanted it, so it went 75 off, and Jennifer got it! (laughter and applause) What a bargain. You know what, Wendy? I find it ironic that Jennifer Lopez actually created Google Image with that wonderful Versace gown that she wore, right? That actually is why we have Google Image, and now she’s really kind of created the mean meme. There are a million mean memes out there about this dress. Oh my gosh, that’s perfect. Like, people are ragging it. So I mean, at least she’s always on social media. It’s a Valentino-no. It’s not her, it’s the dress. Yeah. The dress is awful. But we love her. And we blame Valentino, I think so, because, you know, those bows and ruffles were a big signature for the season, but oftentimes when you do things on the runway, they don’t translate on the red carpet, and we know Jennifer Lopez has great personal style. Yeah. But I feel like she’s exhausted. She’s got the Super Bowl coming up, and she needs that fiancé of hers to give her some honesty in that green room, right? (crowd cheering) That’ll never happen. You don’t think so? No. He’s too much of a fan, right? Yes, that’s why the relationship is working, that’ll never happen. All right, Kerry Washington. Lloyd? Amazing! (clearing throat) Very, so very.
(applause) Altuzarra. And what we were talking about earlier is the fact that Kerry is one of those women that clearly has personal style versus putting on anything a stylist hands to her. I don’t like it.
I love it. Not for her. I like her, I just don’t like it for her. Think about that body chain. Think about the courage it takes to go out on the red carpet without a blouse. She’s never had a bad body!
Right. But fresh, young, modern. And she really doesn’t care what people have to say, and that’s when you know you have true personal style. Who designed this? Altuzarra. I love the hair, too, it’s fresh, it moves. I like it, too! Yeah! The make-up, the hair. And I like her, I just don’t like this for her. I love the harness. We saw Timothée Chalamet in a Vuitton harness, right? Yeah. And now we see her in this bejeweled, this bedazzled one. And I think it’s so chic, very sexy, and I think that if I had a A cup, I would be in this. (everyone laughing) I think it’s great. Robert. I need a holster for mine. I can’t wear a harness, I need a holster. I think it’s great because it’s very unexpected. I think it is something that leaves you with a great memory of what she wore on the red carpet, and I think it’s really hard to be a celebrity on the red carpet time and time again and do something that’s memorable and interesting and original, and she hit it out of the park with this. (applause) All right, another one I didn’t like, Gwyneth Paltrow. Even Fendi makes a mistake, I don’t know what this is. As soon as I saw this Wendy, I thought Goop equals poop. You know, she’s the Goop queen, Yeah. But this is so bad, and like you always say, “Just because something’s designer doesn’t mean it’s good.” This looks like a beach cover up. This looks like just something that you throw on, you know you got somebody coming over to the house. You like, “I don’t care, Imma give you some. Let me throw on this old, brown, sheer thing.” I didn’t like the knit bikini top. I think she tried to class up the drink before the Bulgari jewels and everything, but it didn’t work. And also it takes you back to 2002, a moment she regrets on the red carpet, she said that publicly, when she wore, I believe it was McQueen. Remember the chicken cutlets scandal? Oh yeah, that was so bad. And it’s that same feeling around the bust line, that kind of braless, little bit of a flapjack L.A. kind of feel. (laughter) Not flapjack. And you know it really doesn’t work. It may work on the runway, it may work on Quarterly, but y’know, she has another regret to add to her list. She did win last night for best unsupportive bra. (laughter and cheers) All right, let’s move on to Scarlett Johannson. Bevy? I thought this was such a beautiful, classic Me too. Hollywood glamor moment, okay. I like it from the neck down. That’s right because that glam is horrible. That hair.
Horrible! And that makeup, atrocious! First of all, that little baby bun she got back there. Now why didn’t she go to the beauty supply store and just get some synthetic hair and wrap that bun up and get a little more volume? Or borrow half of JLo’s! Or borrow half of JLo’s, right? But she looks really kind of drained in the face so she could’ve used some color. But the gown itself is magnificent. And the hair is too tight! Yeah, it was! It was like just skinhead kinda thing. But you know what, the look is 90% there. I love the silhouette, it hearkens back to is it Gentlemen Prefer Blondes? Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, yes! Marilyn Monroe. It gives you that sweetheart neckline. I could do without the sheer illusion right in the center there, it’s distracting. It pulls focus, but I think she’s 90% there, a little bit of self-tanner or a bigger bun, she would’ve burned it up. Yeah. Okay, Robert? I think it’s great. I don’t think it’s exciting, I feel like we’ve seen versions of this time and time again, season after season. Yes it’s beautiful, it always works. You want more. But I’d like to see something more exciting and interesting and original. Mmkay, let’s move on to Billy Porter, he could do no wrong. (groans, cheers and applause) Robert? You know, what I think Billy has done so incredibly well is given people Steal the show? Liberty. He steals the show, but he’s given people the liberty to express themselves in an original way on the red carpet
Would you look at this! that people have never, ever granted themselves before. And he’s given everybody the green light to say like, “Do your thing.” And I think that’s the best part of it. (applause) Now, it’s debatable, in terms of how many times you can do this over and over and over again. Oh yeah, right. But it works for him. The feathers detach too, so when he sits down. But I think that this time around he really nailed gender fluidity in the best way. First of all, if you look at the top, it’s super masculine. That’s something that any girl in this room, if her man wore that kinda tuxedo jacket, we’d be like yes. Not the train part. Then on the bottom it gives you all that feminine fluidity. And I actually spoke to Billy, and he said the feathers represent him being free from the chains of toxic masculinity that bound his career for so long. Yes Billy!
Pluck! (applause) What kind of bag is that? Is that a Chanel bag that he’s carrying? Well you know I’m not sure about the bag. No it’s not, it’s not, it’s (mumbles). It’s an Alex Vinash custom head to toe. I’m not sure if the bag is his, but you know I had the pleasure of styling Billy many years ago when he first started leaning into this gender fluidity. He asked me to get him a black tuxedo and a pair of red high heels. Now mind you this was ten or so years ago, and that was shocking, but he’s really found a monochromatic way to do this look, which is kinda coming together, it’s gelling slowly but surely. And you know, he again is like Kerry Washington, he really doesn’t care what people think. He’s giving that modern take on Liberace and it’s coming together. (applause) Genius! I think my favorite of all favorites on the red carpet was Zoe Kravitz. Oh we love her! I think she just looked so fresh and young. I called her. Beautiful. I called her the sepia Audrey Hepburn. This is classic Hollywood glamor. This was so beautiful. I’m signing on the dotted line on this look. Yes. Signing on the dotted line. Robert? Y’know what Zoe has that a lotta girls don’t have in Hollywood is her own sense of style. She’s not leaning in on the stylist. She might be using them as people who Go pull this dress girl. Pull this stuff for me, but she knows what she wants and she knows what looks great on her. It’s fresh, it’s original, it’s cool, it’s everything about it is perfect. And you know what? I know we’re short on time, I’m gonna tell more on Instagram, but what I can say now is the fact that she is giving you that European gamine, that kind of swan, ballet, early young. Y’know, an ingenue if you will. And again that choppy hair. She’s not following red carpet trends, she’s setting them. I love it!
(applause) Even that swan neck. Yes! Well, up next let’s talk about Charlize Theron. She got slimed at Nickelodeon! Right, exactly! (audience laughs) And she has such impeccable style usually, but this is so bad, this neon green does not do well with her skin, with her complexion. And then of course, you know Lloyd hates two dresses in one! Lloyd, tell ’em the catch phrase. Pick a dress! Pick a dress! Well yeah Bevy, you know I think of her as our generation’s Sharon Stone. She has many more years to come, looking tall and elegant. I love the modern choppy hair. But again, lingerie, bustier, under a Lady Liberty frock, it’s too many ideas in one.
Pick a dress! And she’s such an easy, model type to dress. When you go wrong this way, it’s a wasted opportunity. I think that if they pulled the green over more, and just made it one Grecian dress in green. But Dior wanted it to be racy and wanted it to be kind of provocative, but instead. And then what’s going on from the neck up? It feels like haute couture Halloween. I don’t like the hair. It looks a little like a boy cut, huh? I don’t mind a boy cut. I like Zoe Kravitz, there are girls that I really do. Y’know she wears it a lot. She’s got a beautiful face, but there’s something about the whole look, I just, eww. Yeah. Including the necklace. I don’t care how much it was. (laughter) Anyway you all, is that it? Robert? I think that was a haute couture Halloween moment, and I love it. (laughter and applause) Thank you squad for being here. For more information on my panelists, go to wendyshow.com. (thumping bass music)

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